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Saturday April 18, 2015

15:43 Rewarding loss »Journal-Pioneer Local
Take Off Pounds Sensibly organization recognizes weight-control successes
15:28 Justin Trudeau leaving P.E.I. abortion policy to Wade MacLauchlan »The Guardian - Local News
Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau appears to be taking a decidedly hands-off approach to the P.E.I. Liberal party’s abortion policy. During his visit in Prince Edward Island Friday, Trudeau faced questions about his abortion stance as a result of statements made earlier in the week by ...
13:25 ShOUT about it »Journal-Pioneer Local
ShOUT Standing conference explores gender identity issues and changing attitudes
13:01 Charlottetown Shopping transformed »The Guardian - Business
Best Buy replaces Future Shop, Target closes with more announcements to come this year
12:21 MacLellan Northeastern bound to play for NCAA Division 1 field hockey »The Guardian - Sports
Playing a sport she loves has provided Abbey MacLellan an opportunity she still can't believe. The 17-year-old Pownal resident has accepted a full scholarship to play for the Northeastern University women's field hockey team. "It's really cool that playing field hockey has opened this door for ...
11:00 P.E.I. man draws on his dreams »The Guardian - Living
A fascination with space exploration, coupled with artistic ability, inspires Beach Point resident Jamie MacKay to create web series, Our Universe at War, to be launched May 4
09:13 Fiddler's Facts: First-round predictions for NHL Stanley Cup playoffs »The Guardian - Sports
08:35 Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy release ‘One’ to enjoy »The Guardian - Living
Canada’s first couple of Celtic music finally marry their talents in the recording studio
08:31 Daily Specials for Saturday, April 18, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Saturday, April 18, 2015 are:

  • Chicken Vegetable and Rice Soup...4.99
  • Casa Mia Toro Burger...14.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

08:23 Friendly feedback »The Guardian - Business
How to make feedback more Effective
08:22 Bishop Grecco intrudes into campaign over abortion »The Guardian - Opinion
There is something about Justin Trudeau that causes some Catholics on P.E.I. to see red and not Liberal red. The intrusion of the Bishop of Charlottetown into the P.E.I. election campaign is proof of that. The bishop decided that Thursday was a good day to remind parishes of a directive he ...
08:18 Four books for young children »The Guardian - Living
“Sidewalk Flowers”, “Gertrude at the Beach”, “Work and More Work” and “Canadian Monster Club” are great new books for children from four to ten.“Sidewalk Flowers” by Jon Amo Brown with illustrations by Sydney Smith, a well-known Halifax artist, is an unusual little book whose full-page ...
08:17 The political dance of necessity »The Guardian - Opinion
It’s the season of awkward dances on Prince Edward Island, and I am not talking about upcoming high school proms. Anytime you survey a dance floor, it’s easy to point out the couples that look like they belong. They’re comfortable with each other, anticipate each other’s moves and know that ...
08:10 Headline Performance, not policies, key to elections. Sadly. »The Guardian - Opinion
No surprise, the talk was about the provincial election. That’s what you get when you put a political insider in a room with an interested observer. Olive Crane’s old riding? Up for grabs. Ron MacKinley’s old riding, same thing. Hal Perry, after his flip from the Progressives Conservatives to ...
08:07 Bishop Grecco wrong on rental issue »The Guardian - Opinion
The Catholic church in Stratford better take their 'For rent' shingle down. They cannot discriminate against any organization or institution. If this is the case, then we're going back 50 years. Just because this would-be renter in this case favours abortion should have no effect in renting ...
08:07 Congratulations NDP on exemption issue »The Guardian - Opinion
Congratulations to Mike Redmond and the NDP for being the first island party to try to correct a long overdue tax grab. By announcing that the NDP will increase the Basic Personal Exemption to $10,000.00 over the next two years, they are finally taking government’s hands out of islander’s ...
08:06 No respect for bullies »The Guardian - Opinion
I am writing in regard to the attack advertisements regarding the politicians running in the May election in P.E.I.. I am always amazed that some people use bullying when they want the prize. On one end of the spectrum, we have millions of teachers, children, teenagers and organizations trying ...
08:06 P.E.I. Potato farmers proud of product »The Guardian - Opinion
As an industry we feel the need to point out several misconceptions in a recent letter to the editor from Edna Arsenault. While the majority of farmers on P.E.I. follow a three-year rotation, there is, as mentioned, provision under the Agricultural Crop Rotation Act that allows for shorter ...
08:06 Soldier: duty-bound »The Guardian - Opinion
Government should think before putting armed force in harm’s way
08:05 Wade MacLauchlan playing politics »The Guardian - Opinion
It is plain to see with anyone with eyes to see: Wade MacLauchlan’s claim that he and the P.E.I. Liberal Party are being ‘bullied‘ by negative campaign ads is actually an act of reverse-bullying. The bullied, in fact, is the bullier. MacLauchlan is the aggressor here. He’s the one saying, in ...
08:03 Maclauchlan Robert Ghiz Team Encourage Offshore Tax Evasion in PEI »
Yikes, how bad can it possibly get? It appears to be documented proof, and even Jean Chretien knows, “You have a good proof, if is proven”. PEI Government encouraged a company to use offshore companies and skirt around or ‘evade’ Canadian taxes. PEI Finance looks more like ‘racketeering’, as the CMT lawsuit unfolds. Read some … Continue reading Maclauchlan Robert Ghiz Team Encourage Offshore Tax Evasion in PEI
07:32 If You’re Politically “Connected” In PEI, Do Not Dare Read It Before The Election ‘Day’ »
“The Lottery” is a short story by Shirley Jackson, written in June 1948 and first published in the June 26, 1948 issue of The New Yorker.[1] The story describes a small town in contemporary America which has an annual ritual known as “the lottery”. It has been described as “one of the most famous short stories in the history of American … Continue reading If You’re Politically “Connected” In PEI, Do Not Dare Read It Before The Election ‘Day’
07:30 Big lottery win on P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Gary McCourt of Kensington uses online entry with TAG to land $100,000 cheque
07:20 Uh oh »Island Musings
From The Globe and Mail: U.S. stocks tumbled the most in three weeks Friday, as a crackdown on margin lending in China ignited a global sell-off that found further momentum with the release of a batch of disappointing corporate earnings and signals of rising inflation in the world’s top economy. I predicted this four years&ellipsis;Read the full post »
07:04 RLM Submission For PEI Liberal PEP Rally, “Don’t Look Back, Or in Mirror” »
We have been ‘flooded’ with requests for our folk hit about Billy Dow the Bright Boy.   woody guthrie tribute song for PEI PNP……dig it……
06:41 Trudeau Lead Balloon Support For Ghiz-Maclauchlan Liberal Team Election Coverup »
It looked pretty easy at the time, seemed like a sure thing, Wade Maclauchlan would cover up everything while Robert Ghiz got out of town. Maclauchlan would sit like a rock on a garbage can lid, keeping the light of day out and hiding all the unpleasant reasons why Ghiz resigned. The Plan has failed, … Continue reading Trudeau Lead Balloon Support For Ghiz-Maclauchlan Liberal Team Election Coverup
06:00 Billy Dow, He’s A Bright Boy, Tangled Deception and Denial, Challenged In Facts »
“Keep your feet out of the ropes”, is understood by all the fishermen in PEI, the ropes are all along the deck and they will drag you overboard in a moment. Lawyers in Charlottetown have long since ignored all the ropes their feet, and their ‘Firms’ are tangled in. Conflicting statements will drag Bill Dow … Continue reading Billy Dow, He’s A Bright Boy, Tangled Deception and Denial, Challenged In Facts
01:03 Intentional Gratefulness v. 8 »Lot 65

Friday April 17, 2015

23:47 Island meets challenge from Calgary Mayor Nenshi »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown and Stratford municipal council chambers rang out with fancy oratory this month in response to a challenge issued from Calgary. Both P.E.I. municipalities featured a local author reading poems at the start of their April council meetings. The readings are in response to a poetry ...


23:34 Baseball Islanders looking to fly »The Guardian - Sports
New Charlottetown head coach Keith Craswell aims at making noise in senior baseball circuit
23:25 Checking the cheques: Duffy trial wraps second week on where the money went »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA - Mike Duffy seemed a lot more interested in what the Internet thought of him than he was in the attitudes of the people he represented in the Senate, court heard Friday as the second week of the suspended senator's trial came to a close. Long before 2009, when he was appointed by the ...
23:25 Islanders GM has faith team moving in right direction »The Guardian - Sports
Some Charlottetown Islanders went to the hospital after games in the first round for intravenous. General manager Grant Sonier said the team tried to keep the impact of the flu bug going through its dressing room as quiet as possible during the series. The team also lost its MVP, goaltender ...
22:41 Commandos MHL champions »Journal-Pioneer Sports
TRURO, N.S. - The Dieppe Commandos are the 2014-15 champions of the MHL (Maritime Junior Hockey League).
21:10 '71 at Friday, April 17, 2015 at 9:10 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language, Graphic Violence)
Runs: 97 minutes
Director: Yann Demange
Country: UK
Released: 2014
Starring: Jack O'Connell, Sean Harris, Sam Reid

“Jack O’Connell is mesmerizing as British soldier Private Gary Hook, who’s left behind by his squad when a riot breaks out in strife-torn 1971 Belfast... Over the course of one impossibly dramatic night on the street, Hook survives explosions, gunshots, knife wounds, and betrayals by dirty cops on both sides of the Troubles... First-time director Yann Demange matches Spielberg’s or Hitchcock’s knack for heightening the you-are-right-there tension... This could be 2015’s most invigorating directorial debut.” - Joe McGovern, Entertainment Weekly

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

21:03 POLL - 2015 Election. (13 Words) » | New Topics
Please use this thread for voting, and place all "discussion" in other thread....
21:03 Provincial Election 2015 (476 Words) » | New Topics
Wow....... has this place died?

In the midst of a PEI Provincial Election, and not 1 thread dedicated to it? There is a bit of relevance in the "Ghiz et al." thread, but let's dedicate this space to "coffee shop" chatter.

Any thoughts so far?

Wade and Ranald sparing?

Rob's attack ads?

Wade asking for the stop of attack ads?

Peter's signs vandalized?

Trudeau campaigning on the Provincial front?

Do I feel that the Green Party or NDP have a chance at winning even one seat? No. I feel that they will have stronger showings in certain ridings, but not enough to win a seat.

Personally, I feel that the Liberals are running scared. Perhaps this is for good reason. Wade has said that he wants transparent government, but will not promise to look into his predecessors actions on e-gaming, PNP, etc...... This is anything but transparent. I have heard somebody refer to him as Wade McGhiz, and perhaps this is fitting as the contempt for the people of PEI seems to be same old, same old as the last administration.

Do I condone the attack ads the PC's are running? No. Do I feel that the information is relevant, and should be relayed to the population? Yes. I understand that Wade has not been the Premier for long, and that most of the big questions happened before him. When Wade won the leadership of the Liberal party (coronation......but that is another story), he inherited the right to be Premier of PEI without one single person voting for him. This gave him a distinct advantage entering this election. He has been able to be in the spotlight, as Premier, for a few months making announcements, and setting PEI policy as he sees fit before he called an election. Do I fault him for this? No. In the same breath, as he inherited the advantages of being the party in power, he also inherited the downside.......the baggage.

I feel very strongly that it is the job of the 3 non-governing parties to hold the governing party's feet to the fire, and demand answers for their actions during the last term. This is what democracy is all about. The governing party has no right to ask the electorate to put on blinders and vote for them only on promises going forward. I feel that it is the right of the electorate to have explanations regarding the past decisions made by the governing party, and any attempt to cover over these answers scare me. I feel by not providing answers to the questions, it proves that there is no will to improve on transparency....
21:00 From the WayBack Machine »justpictureit
photo - From the WayBack Machine

I have been going through an old hard drive recently and here is a shot taken in 2008 of Kenz, the perfect poser, on the infamous tree branch. I still miss this wonderful cat.

20:01 Maybe Prince Edward Islanders Have Been Calling the Wrong Police? »
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is under investigation by the Provincial Police, for candidate rigging in the past election. Identical rigging in PEI, by surrogate Premier Wade Maclauchlan, trading a top advisors posting for his riding, goes unmentioned. Emasculated Robert Vessey quickly handed over the reins in the riding. Maybe Islanders can get Ontario Police to … Continue reading Maybe Prince Edward Islanders Have Been Calling the Wrong Police?
19:31 A gem of a show on P.E.I. »The Guardian - Living
Elaine Harrison’s retrospective exhibition sparkles with colour, vibrancy at Eptek Centre
19:24 PEI Conservative Candidate Ratted Out By Member of His Own party? »
A PEI Conservative candidate was kicked out of the party and off the ballot for the upcoming election. The timing and circumstances indicate that Driscoll was outed by persons in the party who wanted to replace Driscoll on the ballot, he was ejected for a 7 year old bench warrant for impaired driving. Mr. Driscoll … Continue reading PEI Conservative Candidate Ratted Out By Member of His Own party?
18:57 Calgary Reader Sees Similar Elections in Alberta and PEI »
There are striking similarities between the seemingly flailing Alberta Conservative party in the lead up to their spring election and the Wade MacLauchlan led Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island as they go to the polls. Both parties had a sort of “coronation” after both ruling parties previous leaders resigned amid scandal. For the Alberta Conservatives, … Continue reading Calgary Reader Sees Similar Elections in Alberta and PEI
18:50 Hernewood students gearing up for mock vote »Journal-Pioneer Local
Hear from District 25 provincial candidates
18:12 No cable commitment from Trudeau »Journal-Pioneer Local
Liberal leader discusses potential for power cable deal
18:00 Democracy with class please »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
If parties can’t score political points on their own strengths nobody wins. Every so often there appears a photo or a video showing a bully getting a taste of his own medicine. To some, the punishment is seen as justified: The ‘if he can dish it out, he should be able to take it’ sort of philosophy.
17:56 Summerside family joins TOPS club and sheds weight »Journal-Pioneer Living
In 2009, Vincent MacRae and his wife, Cathy Guitare, were searching way to lose weight. They soon found the Take Off Pounds Sensibly club (TOPS).
16:47 Bastards »Island Musings
‘Unprecedented‘ amount of complaints’ They got caught and the arrogance. They say they will do it again.  Time for King Harper to stand up to these types of corporations.
16:43 P.E.I. export leader in Atlantic Canada »Journal-Pioneer Local
Aerospace and pharmaceuticals top exports
16:33 EASTERN PASSAGES: Duty-bound »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
I talked to a warrant officer on an airplane. (Fly much in the Atlantic provinces and you’re bound to end up sitting by someone from the Forces.
16:25 CAPITAL BEAT: Setbacks on the road to political civility »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
When they ran for the leadership of their respective parties, both Rob Lantz and Wade MacLauchlan placed a great deal of emphasis on doing politics differently.


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