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Saturday June 25, 2016

01:22 HNIC rumors: yes, I want Ron MacLean back, like everyone else in Canada »John Cairns Blog
I have held off on commenting on the Toronto Star story earlier this week about Ron MacLean‘s pending reinstatement as host of Hockey Night in Canada — mainly because I was waiting for the official announcement to happen. But nothing’s officially announced yet. Seems like they are still working out the details.  Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann, one of […]
01:10 Mudmen ready for rivalry game with Halifax Tars »The Guardian - Sports
No matter how good you are, there's always someone better. It's something the P.E.I. Mudmen rugby club understands in its rivalry with the Halifax Tars, the three-time defending Nova Scotia Rugby League men's division 1 champ. After all, the Tars have beaten P.E.I. in the post-season three ...
01:00 The Parisian Flat »The Dominee Huisvrouw
00:58 [DM] "Some demographic perspectives on Brexit and the future United Kingdom" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At Demography Matters, I blog about Brexit. Suffice it to say I really do not see ways in which this will work to benefit the United Kingdom in the long run.

Friday June 24, 2016

23:38 Hundreds "walk for miracles" during Relay for Life in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Chris MacIsaac knows a miracle has been supporting him through his battles with cancer.
23:00 55+ games »Pedaling PEI
22:44 Maple Leafs take Matthews with No. 1 overall pick »The Guardian - Sports
Auston Matthews is a Toronto Maple Leaf. The American centre became the first No. 1 overall pick of the franchise in 31 years and instantly the most significant piece of an ascending rebuild in Toronto. Hailing from the unlikely hockey outpost of Scottsdale, Ariz., Matthews is viewed as a ...
22:44 Maple Leafs take Matthews with No. 1 overall pick »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Auston Matthews is a Toronto Maple Leaf. The American centre became the first No. 1 overall pick of the franchise in 31 years and instantly the most significant piece of an ascending rebuild in Toronto. Hailing from the unlikely hockey outpost of Scottsdale, Ariz., Matthews is viewed as a ...
21:53 KISH class of 2016  »Journal-Pioneer Local
The 2016 class of Kensington Intermediate Senior High celebrated with their friends and family Friday night.
21:36 Olde fashioned fun  »Journal-Pioneer Local
Hundreds of people congregated on the lawns of the Wyatt Heritage Properties in Summerside Friday afternoon for the city’s annual Olde Fashioned Carnival.
21:25 That Time I Tried Extreme Pillow Fighting »Misfortune Cookie

No, this is not a joke. Extreme pillow fighting is a very real thing and this week, I tried it. More accurately, I tried OUT for it at the Anchored Social Club in Toronto, which is kind of like where you’d expect a Canadian Fight Club to take place. A friend of mine, Brandy Dawley, […]

The post That Time I Tried Extreme Pillow Fighting appeared first on Stephanie Cooke.

21:00 Alma In the Apple Tree »justpictureit
photo - Alma In the Apple Tree

I think Alma will be staying on here. She has made her feelings quite clear. Since this has been settled, she is a tiny bit more receptive to my son, realizing he is not here to take her away. She is a terrible bully to Ruby and Purrl but they but up with her and have learned a few tricks to pass by her cranky moments. This old NFB film resurfaced after a search for the song.

20:00 Matthews, Laine headline intriguing group of top NHL prospects »The Guardian - Sports
With six of the first 10 picks, Canadian teams will be front and centre at this weekend's NHL draft in Buffalo. But it won't be Canadian players heading the group of top prospects in Friday's first round. Instead, those from the United States and Finland are likely to dominate the top of the ...
19:23 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS »Journal-Pioneer Living
See more Community Happenings listings in Events section at the bottom of the right-hand column of this page.
19:16 [URBAN NOTE] "A Look Inside the Buried Huron Village in the Heart of Toronto" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Torontoist's Erin Sylvester reports on a now built-over Iroquoian settlement in Toronto's Forest Hill.

Around 950 years ago, the summer sun would have risen over a settlement in what is now Forest Hill. The approximately two-hectare site would likely have been surrounded by a wooden palisade, encircling several longhouses. It’s unknown how many people would have lived there, but they were probably a southern branch of the Huron, or Wendat, people. According to Tales of North Toronto, a 1948 history book by Lyman B. Jackes, there was also a fresh water spring flowing by the village. He also claims that the hills in the area are more recent and were created by covering old sites where food was stored.

Today, children play in a schoolyard where longhouses once stood. There’s no indication of what used to be: a tall, brick building houses young students, a Canadian flag flaps in the wind out front, and children and teachers go about their days.

What we know about the site from the few artifacts and from what Jackes writes is probably as much as we will ever know about this settlement and the people that lived there. The Jackes or Eglinton archaeological site, so named because it was on the land of Lyman Jackes’s family near Eglinton Avenue West, where the village once was, has been erased, buried under the Allenby Public School.

The artifacts that were found at the site have been dated from anywhere between 1450 and 1475. In Tales of North Toronto, Jackes writes that some human remains found at the site seemed to have been burned, possibly when a longhouse caught fire and collapsed.
19:14 [URBAN NOTE] "On sobering day for Toronto transit plans, city put on notice to find funding" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Globe and Mail's Oliver Moore reports.

Ontario is demanding that Toronto show it can pay for its share of Mayor John Tory’s key transit proposal, even as the two governments continue to joust over the scope of his plan and other projects keep climbing in price.

Included in more than 700 pages of transit reports released Tuesday is a sobering picture of the difficulties facing Toronto. Timelines are lengthening and costs are mounting.

The one-stop Scarborough subway extension, costed at $2-billion a few months ago and pegged as recently as Friday at about $2.9-billion, will actually cost $3.16-billion. The additional cost is attributed to the price of extending the life of the current transit serving the region and then decommissioning it. The extension is not likely to open until late 2025, two years later than expected, assuming construction starts in 2020.

The Downtown Relief Line, which experts have long described as the city’s top transit priority, has more than doubled in price. A high-level estimate has long put the cost of the project at $3.2-billion. Staff say now it would be more likely to cost $6.8-billion. This assumes the line would be service by 2031, with construction taking about a decade, though there is no funding currently attached to it.

The bright spot on Tuesday was the province and Mr. Tory announcing four new GO stations in Toronto, two of them in the sections of the rail system that Mr. Tory has dubbed “the SmartTrack network.” A similar announcement is expected Wednesday, offering the prospect of easier access to GO rail service within the city.
19:12 [URBAN NOTE] "Bowmanville Zoo to close this year" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Noor Javed of the Toronto Star's reports on the impending end of Bowmanville's zoo, open since 1919.

The exotic animals of the Bowmanville zoo — wolves, tigers, and baboons to name a few— will be looking for new homes after the east-end facility announced Thursday it will be closing at the end of the 2016 season.

At a press conference, zoo officials said recent “allegations” made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had led to a “catastrophically” low number of visitors— resulting in financial problems.

Earlier this year, the zoo’s director Michael Hackenberger stepped down after being charged with animal cruelty. The charges were due to a video released by PETA in December which appeared to show him hitting a tiger with a whip during a training session.

“Untrue allegations made by PETA in regards to a tiger incident have created a climate in which the zoo can no longer operate,” said Angus Carroll, the zoo’s director of communications, who estimated attendance is down 65 per cent since last summer.

“The zoo attendance is down dramatically, and in fact that hardly captures it. Catastrophically. So, there just isn’t enough money to run this zoo at this time,” he said.

In an interview, Brittany Peet, PETA Foundation’s director of captive animal law enforcement said “the blame lies solely on Michael Hackenberger.”
19:10 [URBAN NOTE] "Ottawa seeks ways to cool hot GTA, Vancouver housing" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
And so it begins? The Toronto Star's Sunny Freeman reports.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has announced the creation of a working group to study the hot housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto, signaling that concerns about overheating are largely isolated.

“We have real pockets of risk,” he said at a Toronto breakfast speech.

Morneau spoke with the provincial finance ministers of Ontario and British Columbia and called the mayors of Toronto and Vancouver earlier this week to discuss the creation of the working group.

It will study factors affecting supply and demand, affordability and the long-term stability of the housing market. The group will not include officials from other provinces, nor any private sector experts such as bank economists or academics.

“We want people to understand that while the federal government has some levers under its control we don’t have all of them,” Morneau said.

“This is a shared responsibility with provincial governments and municipalities, having regulatory and taxation powers to respond to unique local concerns,” he said.
19:08 [ISL] "Meddling with Invisible Borders? How Brexit will affect the island of Ireland" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Open Democracy's Polly Lavin writes about how Brexit will hit the divided island of Ireland.

With the advent of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 new opportunities opened up for cross border cooperation and trade. At the time border checkpoints and military lookouts were positioned across the North and border counties of the island. These days, the checkpoints and military towers are long gone. If you drive from Northern Ireland into Southern Ireland, blink and you will miss the fact that you have crossed an ‘invisible’ international border. You would be in good company though, a total of 14 million trips are made across the border every day between Dundalk in Ireland and Newry in Northern Ireland for business and shopping and more. The two economies of the island are inextricably linked and commerce is strong with Tourism equating to 2.1m visitors (1.7m North to South/400k South to North) and Cross Border trade in manufacturing accounting for €3.1 billion in 2014 (€1.75bn North to South and €1.3bn South to North). Agri-food sectors are also vitally important to both jurisdictions and trade in food and drink moves both ways.

In terms of jobs almost 15,000 people commute to work on a daily cross border basis consisting of 8,300 North to South and 6,500 South to North. The 2011 Census highlighted that ‘Proportionally twice as many (0.4 per cent) Northern Ireland residents commuted to Ireland to work or study as commuted from Ireland to Northern Ireland (0.2 per cent)’. A total of 3,064 students are studying in both jurisdictions from either side of the border which breaks down into 719 North to South and 2,345 South to North. The north of Ireland is reliant on the Southern Irish economy and cross border trade is up 7% since 2013 an economy that was in recovery since 2010.

Infrastructure initiatives have also benefitted both sides of the island and facilitated cooperation such as the development of the Dublin-to-Belfast transport corridor, the fibre optic communications networks “Project Kelvin” and investment by both governments into City of Derry Airport which sees 38% of its passengers being from the Republic of Ireland. The Single Electricity Market (SEM) is also under development and will lead to lower costs which at present are some of the highest in Europe. The Good Friday Agreement also saw the creation of 7 new North / South Bodies amongst them InterTrade Ireland and Tourism Ireland. Economic benefits have also come by cross border programmes including Interreg, Peace, European Fisheries Fund etc. and a total of nearly £2.5billion came into Northern Ireland during the last EU funding round (2007 – 2013).

Challenges exist for both jurisdictions which could be affected by the UK voting to leave the EU. They are both two very different economies and are competing against one another for business/foreign direct investment (FDI) but have shown strong commercial cooperation when they are exporting. Outside of the Belfast/Dublin corridor connectivity is poor across the island and there are significant policy anomalies in some key areas e.g. VAT on tourism is 20% in Northern Ireland v.s. 9% in the Republic of Ireland. There is also exchange rate volatility.
19:05 [URBAN NOTE] "What Brexit Means for the City of London" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Wall Street Journal's Simon Clark and Anuj Gangahar report on the potential for catastrophe in the post-Brexit London financial industry.

London risks losing thousands of finance jobs to other European cities following the U.K.’s historic vote to leave the European Union.

Keeping those jobs here depends on the U.K.’s ability to strike a political deal that allows it—now as an outsider—to access the trading bloc’s single market, according to a senior official at the City of London Corp.

The City of London Corp. has governed the square mile around the Bank of England and St. Paul’s Cathedral for centuries. Its leaders campaigned to remain in the EU in the run-up to Thursday’s referendum. Their stance was backed by many executives at the big global banks and other financial companies. Together they wanted to retain access to the EU’s single market of more than 500 million citizens.

Hundreds of thousands of people work in the City of London district, and thousands more work in finance jobs elsewhere in the U.K. capital.

“The City will remain a major international financial center whatever, but clearly the nature and its size will depend on what we can negotiate,” Mark Boleat, the City of London’s policy chairman, said in an interview on Friday morning after the result of the referendum became clear. “There was never going to be a mass exit of banks in terms of numbers. The question for us is whether they are here with 15,000 staff or 5,000.”
19:00 We Arrived in Paris! »The Dominee Huisvrouw
19:00 A Hologram for the King at Friday, June 24, 2016 at 7:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 8 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Language May Offend, Sexual Content)
Runs: 98 minutes
Director: Tom Tykwer
Country: UK
Starring: Tom Hanks, Ben Whishaw, Tom Skerritt, Sarita Choudhury

“There may be no opening sequence this year more exhilarating than the Talking Heads-inspired musical number that the director Tom Tykwer dreams up to introduce his gleaming take on Dave Eggers’s novel. Tom Hanks gives a terrific performance as Alan, a struggling, desperate American salesman of holographic software who travels to Saudi Arabia to broker a deal with the King, who wishes to expand his rapidly growing tech sector. While waiting for the King to appear, Alan and his team chat in often comical I.T. jargon and meet a few local characters - notably, his wisecracking Saudi driver and his doctor and love interest - who keep the ‘Godot’-like proceedings buoyant. The story, about Alan’s impending midlife crisis while he awaits the deal, offers a shaky, America-in-decline vibe as well as a technophobic undercurrent... The unusual tone and arresting visuals hold interest.” - Bruce Diones, The New Yorker

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

18:57 Leafs nearing first No. 1 pick in 31 years »The Guardian - Sports
Auston Matthews widely expected choice
18:43 Scotiabank Cup: Eagles squad battles through extra-innings thriller in semi-final before capturing title »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The Domino's Eagles won the recent Under-16 Division of the second annual Scotiabank Cup in O'Leary.
18:31 Summerside trumps Sherwood-Parkdale »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Summerside upended Sherwood-Parkdale 19-13 in recent Peewee A baseball action.
18:29 Chevys top Mustangs in Bantam AAA baseball action »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The Summerside Bantam AAA Chevys defeated the Mid-Isle Mustangs Wednesday for the second time in three days.
18:28 Doing the talk and the walk »Journal-Pioneer Local
Woodside doubles as Governor General’s medal recipient, valedictorian
18:28 New registration survey created »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Hockey P.E.I. wants to hear from females interested in playing hockey next season.
18:26 Summerside, Hillsborough play to scoreless draw »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Hillsborough United and Summerside United played to a 0-0 draw in Subway PEISA Premier Girls Under-14 action on Thursday at the turf in Summerside.
18:17 Sharing achievements »Journal-Pioneer Local
Twins reflect on years at Westisle
18:10 New playground equipment opens at Victoria Park in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
The fences are down and the work is completed on the play structure near the splash pad in Victoria Park in Charlottetown. The new playground equipment includes slides, climbing structures and many interactive activity panels, such as a set of bongo drums. The landscaping around the new ...
18:05 Teen starts mustard pickles business »The Guardian - Business
A dilly of an idea
18:05 Teen starts mustard pickles business »Journal-Pioneer Business
A dilly of an idea
18:02 Three men arrested for Summerside home-invasions »Journal-Pioneer Local
Three men have been arrested for robberies in Summerside this past winter.
17:57 Final Tragically Hip concert to air in Victoria Park in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Islanders wanting to watch the Tragically Hip play in Charlottetown this summer will get their chance. Sort of. The City of Charlottetown announced Friday plans to broadcast live the band’s final concert on Aug. 20, which is airing on CBC as the band plays in Kingston, Ont. Fans will be able to ...
17:20 [NEWS] Some Friday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Bloomberg notes Venezuela is considering dollarization in order to save its auto industry, and looks at the possibility of an OAS intervention.

  • Bloomberg View looks at the anti-immigrant mindset.

  • The Inter Press Service notes political crisis in Nicaragua and examines the plundering of African fisheries by foreign fleets.

  • MacLean's notes Conrad Black's seeking an emergency hearing to let him sell his home.

  • National Geographic investigates the origins of the stars which produced the first detected gravitational wave.

  • The National Post notes Bolivia's interest in a new chronology.

  • Open Democracy examines the British Chinese perspective on Brexit and looks at the tremendous alienation in British society.

17:19 P.E.I. Earthship 2.0 »Journal-Pioneer Local
Off-grid home built with old tires being constructed in Hope River
17:15 [BLOG] Some Friday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Centauri Dreams considers the oceans of Pluto and Enceladus.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes a disintegrating exoplanet.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes that the American military can't afford Iron Man suits.

  • Language Hat notes a study of fragmented language.

  • Language Log looks at multilingual signage in Manhattan.

  • The Map Room Blog shares a typographic map of San Francisco.

  • Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen reports from the Belgian neighbourhood of Molenbeek.

  • Steve Munro looks at SmartTrack.

  • The New APPS Blog considers Brexit in the context of regulations and austerity.

  • Torontoist notes the importance of Pride for people just coming out.

  • Understanding Society looks at how organizations deal with their errors.

  • Window on Eurasia argues Georgia is sacrificing its relations with the North Caucasus.

17:03 Graduation: Surviving while finding our way »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Regardless of the words they use, the message that comes out of high school graduation ceremonies at this time of year almost always boils down to something like this: “The future is yours.”
16:43 Veseys Seeds donates trees to help Fort McMurray teen replant city »The Guardian - Local News
Fort McMurray is going to look a little greener thanks to a 14-year-old girl and some trees from P.E.I. Caitlyn LePine wanted to bring some life back to Fort McMurray after a wildfire destroyed homes and burned trees around the city. To do that she reached out to Veseys Seeds in P.E.I. Veseys ...
15:10 City of Charlottetown to Host Tragically Hip Event »City of Charlottetown
2016-06-24 Iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip didn't include an Atlantic
15:00 Serendipi-Tea and a Good Book »Rose Chintz Cottage
13:56 More ferry crossings added in Wood Islands after customer concerns »The Guardian - Local News
WOOD ISLANDS, PE - After consultations, NFL adding night sailing of MV Confederation ferry, plus offering earlier sailings on weekdays
13:55 UPDATE: Car sensors will help Charlottetown police in storefront crash »The Guardian - Local News
Computer chips all through modern cars can be read by crash-data software
13:27 Brexit “Leave” vote tanks the markets, claims David Cameron’s scalp »John Cairns Blog
So after the disastrous Brexit results came in I went to bed, but kept the iPad tuned to the BBC. So, when I inevitably woke up again in the middle of the night, it was just in time to tune in live to David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister — effective in three months.   I […]
13:18 The DEW Line, for Theatre » from peter rukavina

So I built myself this:


It’s an early warning system for performances in The Guild theatre, which sits mere inches from my office. It uses this schedule-harvesting code to pull an iCalendar version of the theatre schedule, and then this PHP iCalendar parser to look for what’s playing next. It runs in on a Raspberry Pi browser, and sits at the end of my office.

So now I’m never caught unawares by heartfelt belting outs of of passionate musical theatre anthems.

12:55 Police move fast in Cornwall, P.E.I. last night to make drug arrest »The Guardian - Local News
Man, 19, selling drugs to teenagers, out of car in Cornwall Plaza
12:31 [NEWS] Some early Brexit reaction links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Bloomberg notes the leaders of the other 27 member-state governments will be meeting soon to discuss their response, while China calls for calm.

  • In the blogosphere, Crooked Timber, Joe. My. God., Marginal Revolution and the Volokh Conspiracy react.

  • Bloomberg View calls for civil negotiations, and notes the need for EU reform.

  • MacLean's notes that the UK might well find itself staying anyway.

  • Open Democracy calls for a "reverse Greenland", allowing Scotland to stay after the United Kingdom leaves.

  • Charlie Stross mourns what will be happening to his country.

12:28 Out of control young woman spent last night in P.E.I. jail »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown police called to a disturbance in area of Westridge Crescent, later find drugs on suspect
12:11 Trees to celebrate P.E.I. immigration »The Guardian - Local News
Three citizenship ceremonies will celebrate 160 newcomers in next few days.
12:09 1916 – The Year the Great War Came to Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Living
Recruitment and Enlistment
11:45 GARY MACDOUGALL: Dreaming in slow motion »The Guardian - Opinion
Members of Terry Fox Trail Enhancement Group in Cornwall plan to turn trail into a leafy celebration of Mother Nature
11:41 RUSSELL WANGERSKY: Cue the CPP counterarguments »The Guardian - Opinion
When the provinces and the federal government announced they had reached a deal to expand the Canada Pension Plan, I knew there would be corporate pushback. And it didn’t take long in coming. Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, was out of the gate pretty darned ...
11:30 Victoria Park Playground Opens to the Public »City of Charlottetown
2016-06-24 The fences are down and the work is completed on the play structure near the
11:26 Clow murder case adjourned until October after new lawyer hired »The Guardian - Local News
The first-degree murder trial for a man accused of killing a woman in Pleasant Grove was adjourned today until October after he hired a new lawyer. Joel Clow made a brief appearance in P.E.I. Supreme Court where his case was held over until Oct. 21 to set a date for trial. The court heard Clow ...
11:24 TODD MACLEAN: A rollicking time in Dundas at Festival of Small Halls »The Guardian - Living
The Boxcar Boys and Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys keep the joint jumping
11:18 NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Bernier staking out his turf in race »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
On a day-to-day basis, few Parliament watchers pay attention to Levis-Lobtiniere MP Jacques Gourde. On the Hill, his main claim to fame is to have been the only Conservative from Quebec to not make the cut of Stephen Harper's last cabinet.
11:17 ‘Til Death Do Us Part »PEI History Guy
G’day there! Boy oh boy, do I ever have a good yarn for you this week. As is my custom, I was in the midst of trawling through issues of The Guardian, on the hunt for information regarding my intended subject. Instead, I found this and as soon as I read it…well, I just knew it was […]
11:12 ‘Annekenstein’ returns to The Guild in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Living
Sketch comedy show that ran for seven years and developed its own cult following is back after 19-year absence
11:10 CAPITAL BEAT: Don't bet the farm on senator resigning »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Being acquitted in a court of law is one thing but it is much harder to overturn a verdict in the court of public opinion.
11:06 Legislation So Premier Can Drive Over Municipalities At His Pleasure, Dictator Of PEI »
PEI Fairy tale Premier Wade Maclauchlan has been extending his power to every reach of politics. New legislation allows the Cabinet to amalgamate Municipalities without any discussions. Looking more like a dictator every day. The decision for communities to amalgamate may no longer be left to municipal authorities under proposed legislative changes. The move would … Continue reading Legislation So Premier Can Drive Over Municipalities At His Pleasure, Dictator Of PEI
10:53 Abandoned Irish cemetery - New Brunswick »nathan rochford:blog

Abandoned Irish cemetery - New Brunswick

10:50 THE GREEN FILE: Some vegetables perform better in cool weather »Journal-Pioneer Living
Can you imagine yourself picking a wonderful harvest of food this summer and fall? If so, this weekend would be a very good time to act.
10:26 Charlottetown man surrenders guns »The Guardian - Local News
William James Huestis, 30, who was charged after confrontations with snowmobilers, has charges stopped
10:19 “Things” I won’t learn on the Internet anymore.. »I Used to be on TV (Jeff Hutcheson)
As of this writing, I can tell you I’m more than overwhelmed at how many of you are out there taking my blog for a test drive. Over 190,000 views in under three weeks and almost 650 of you have taken the time to comment. Some have written short one line well wishes, while others … Continue reading "“Things” I won’t learn on the Internet anymore.."
10:09 Dr. Gifford Jones' medical column past due date? »The Guardian - Opinion
Dr. Gifford Jones in his column asked readers what they thought of 42,000 addicts taking a daily dose of methadone at free clinics and he supported many ignorant replies. However one good reply said punishing drug addicts is outdated theory and punishment should be doled out to doctors who ...
09:59 Bill C-14: Contradictory message »The Guardian - Opinion
On Friday, June 17, the Canadian Senate approved the Liberal government’s final version of Bill C-14, which states the criteria for the circumstances in which Canadians can be legally assisted to kill themselves, or be euthanized. This bill does not protect those experiencing mental illness ...
09:44 Controlled Drugs and Substances Act »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
On Thursday, June 23rd 2016 Charlottetown Police Services responded to a report of an out of control female in the area of Westridge Crescent. Members located and identified the subject of complaint who also had a warrant for her arrest. As a result of the arrest, police located a number of controlled substances in the females position. The female, a 20 year old Charlottetown resident was lodged at the Provincial Correctional Centre for the night and will appear before the court on Friday, June 24th.
09:23 Assault »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
On Thursday, June 23rd 2016 Charlottetown Police Services responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Police responded and conducted an investigation which resulted in a 26 year old Charlottetown man being arrested. The man was charged with assault, mischief (damage to property) and failing to comply with probation. The man will appear in Provincial Court on August 25th to answer to the charges.
09:22 CPP reforms a hot potato »The Guardian - Opinion
This week’s agreement between federal and provincial finance ministers has produced widely differing opinions. There doesn’t seem to be any common ground. Which is odd, because the agreement in principle to revamp the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a compromise that treads very carefully down the ...
09:17 Traffic Collision »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
On Thursday, June 23rd 2016 CPS, CFD and EMS responded to a business on Capital Drive where a vehicle had been driven through the front window. The initial investigation found the driver lost control while attempting to park. Only minor injuries were sustained by the involved parties. The vehicle was towed from the scene to have the crash data analysis performed.
09:06 An ugly truth behind CPP »The Guardian - Opinion
Phillip Cross, a senior at Macdonald Laurier, wrote an article about the ugly truth behind the reason to raise the Canada Pension Plan.The private sector in Canada is expected allow the Canada Pension Plan to pay the unfunded portion of public service pensions. The federal government can change ...
08:38 [PHOTO] Harbord Fish & Chips »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Harbord Fish & Chips #toronto #harbordstreet #restaurants #ttc #94wellesley

I took this picture of Harbord Fish & Chips standing in the aisle of the eastbound 94 Wellesley bus. I really should try this place.
08:27 Bear spray used to assault driver taking P.E.I. woman to get methadone »Journal-Pioneer Local
Bethany Lynn Trainor sentenced to 135 days in jail after pleading guilty to seven charges
08:24 Sunny weekend ahead for PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday June 24th 8:25am.. A weakening trough of low pressure oriented NE-SW is currently crossing the island and is giving some shower activity. This feature will move east today allowing an area of high pressure to build in from the … Continue reading
08:24 P.E.I. Senator keeps up pressure against Confederation Bridge tolls »Journal-Pioneer Local
Percy Downe speaks to Rotary Club about making tolls an election issue
07:56 Benefit tonight for P.E.I. man crushed under  mini-home »The Guardian - Local News
Leo MacKenzie working under home May 23 when it came crashing down, pinning him
07:14 Stephen Harper Senators Take Their Turn Kicking Senator Duffy Around, Hypocrites Indeed »
The Duffy coda: The hypocrites hit back What part of ‘acquitted of all charges’ don’t these people understand? By   Michael Harris   The Harper Conservatives never did have much for use for judges who didn’t see things their way. We can now add Justice Charles Vaillancourt’s name to the list. Remember Stephen Harper’s attack … Continue reading Stephen Harper Senators Take Their Turn Kicking Senator Duffy Around, Hypocrites Indeed
07:13 Bear spray used to assault driver taking P.E.I. woman to get methadone »The Guardian - Local News
Bethany Lynn Trainor sentenced to 135 days in jail after pleading guilty to seven charges
07:01 P.E.I. Senator keeps up pressure against Confederation Bridge tolls »The Guardian - Local News
Percy Downe speaks to Rotary Club of Hillsborough about making it election issue
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Best news in months - only the region of Londonistan voted to stay.
All the long faces at the CBC and their lefty sadness and their reporting tone - how about just reporting the news and leave the left leaning spin alone.
Fuck globalism, fuck the E.U., Screw Cameron and Boris way to go citizens of England !!!!...