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Thursday August 21, 2014

16:40 [URBAN NOTE] On the departure of Karen Stintz from the Toronto mayoral race »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Not only will Stintz drop out of the election, she has announced her plans to drop out of politics altogether. From Torontoist:

After days of conspicuous campaign silence, Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) announced this morning her decision to exit the mayoral race.

“I knew more than anyone that I was in for a difficult race,” Stintz said during an 11 a.m. press conference at City Hall. She added, “I’m disappointed my vision and ideas did not gain the traction I had hoped.” Stintz also declared she will not run for city council: “After three terms I am proud of my accomplishments, and I believe I have served my city well.”

There was plenty of speculation this week that Stintz had been eyeing the exits. She’s been considered a non-factor in the race for some time, consistently polling in the single digits (earlier this month, Forum Research had Stintz at 4 per cent).

Stintz served as TTC chair before announcing her mayoral candidacy in February. During her tenure, the TTC introduced free wireless internet at subway stations, a new customer service charter, and the Crisis Link suicide prevention program. But Stintz was also criticized for changing her mind on the Scarborough subway-LRT debate, and throughout her mayoral campaign she struggled to differentiate herself from frontrunner John Tory.

See also blogTO's brief item.

The Toronto Star goes into greater detail, suggesting that this will benefit the campaign of ideological similar John Tory.

Stintz said she was proud of her campaign and her three terms as councillor for Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence), but said she will not jump back into the council race.

“It’s time to start a new chapter,” after 11 years in politics, said Stintz who first ran for council after answering a candidate-recruitment ad from a midtown ratepayers’ association. “My immediate plans are to get through the next council meeting and then to get my kids (Jackson, 9, and Hailey, 7) ready to go back to school.”

She took no questions and did not endorse any of her mayoral challengers. Her former assistant J.P. Boutros is now running to replace her in Ward 16.

[. . .]

Stintz had gained a high profile, first as TTC chair and then for her bruising battles over transit with Mayor Rob Ford (Open Rob Ford’s policard). However, she has consistently polled below five per cent support in the mayoral race, more than 25 points behind the leader and tied for fourth or fifth place.

Her campaign had been the quietest of the five leading contenders, and once-key operatives appear to have reduced their involvement in her team.

Stintz’s centre-right, business-friendly platform appealed to the same pool of voters, donors, volunteers and organizers as that of John Tory, the radio host and former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader who recent polls say has a narrow lead over former NDP MP Olivia Chow.
16:36 Chlapik in Charlottetown and ready to get on the ice with new team »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Islanders’ top pick in the Canadian Hockey League import draft is in town. Filip Chlapik arrived in the wee hours of Thursday morning. “The first words out of his mouth when he got here were, ‘When can I go to the rink?” Sonier said. “He’s anxious to get going and we’re ...
16:11 Volunteers needed for next week's Canadian fast pitch championship »The Guardian - Sports
Organizers of next week’s Canadian senior and master men’s fast pitch championships in Charlottetown are calling for volunteers to sign up. The championships will be held from Tuesday to Sunday, Aug. 31, at Central Fields. “Our organizing committee has been working for the past year planning, ...
16:11 Volunteers needed for next week's Canadian fast pitch championship »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Organizers of next week’s Canadian senior and master men’s fast pitch championships in Charlottetown are calling for volunteers to sign up. The championships will be held from Tuesday to Sunday, Aug. 31, at Central Fields. “Our organizing committee has been working for the past year planning, ...
15:50 The Lyrics: Since 1962 The Definitive Dylan Lyrics »NJN Network
Bob Dylan's lyrics get major update in new comprehensive and highly collectible addition to the official Dylan canon
15:43 Almost, but not quite »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
To the Editor, When I read the story in the Journal-Pioneer about the mayor and deputy-mayor questioning the prices and rational behind the purchasing oftwo new unmarked police service vehicles, one would almost get the impression the mayor and deputy-mayor were practicing due diligence and ...
15:41 Barbarians at the gate »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
To the Editor, Another corporate-funded private think-tank, the Fraser Institute, is spewing the evils of taxation.
15:40 Summerside city council should support home mail delivery »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Is Summerside city council overstepping its mandate should it become involved in the nationwide dispute of the elimination of door-to-door delivery by Canada Post?
15:39 Slammers awarded 2016 Fred Page Cup »Journal-Pioneer Sports
15:33 Bantam Chevys win wild opener »The Guardian - Sports
VAUGHAN, Ont. – The Summerside Chevys won their opening game at the Baseball Canada national bantam championship in wild and dramatic fashion on Thursday morning.The P.E.I. representative rallied for six runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to overcome a five-run deficit and edge Manitoba ...
15:17 PEI Kayaking Adventure »Welcome PEI!
My better half and I recently visited Victoria by the Sea. As I drove through the quaint village to the water, I couldn’t help but feel like I was transported back to the Victorian era. Charming tree lined streets and beautiful traditional homes make this the perfect seacoast village to … More
14:57 Bloc's free fall opens up Quebec race »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
With the Bloc Quebecois tottering on the brink of implosion the question no longer is whether a sizeable chunk of its vote will be up for grabs in next year's federal election but rather which of the other three main parties stands to benefit from its sovereigntist rival's decline.
14:53 Don’t blame police alone on this one »The Guardian - Opinion
Defence, Crown didn’t view all taped interviews so why is Police Services under such criticism?
14:44 Atom Spartans schedule first two practices »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – The Summerside Cox and Palmer Atom Spartans of the Moncton Minor Football Association will hold their first two practices of the season at Eric Johnston Field on Tuesday, Aug. 26, and Thursday, Aug. 28.
14:25 Crown wants to try teen as adult in Charlottetown murder case »The Guardian - Local News
The Crown wants a 17-year-old woman to by tried as an adult in the stabbing death of a Charlottetown man last month. Crown attorney Valerie Moore voiced her intention in provincial court Thursday morning to seek an adult sentence. The teen is charged with first-degree murder. Her case has been ...
14:23 Sierra Club supports call for pesticide-free buffer zones on P.E.I. »The Guardian - Opinion
By Tony Reddin (guest opinion)
14:23 What is “undue risk to society”? »Women's Equality PEI
Dear editor: The recent decision of the Parole Board of Canada to grant unescorted passes to convicted murderer Kevin McMurrer reopens old wounds and raises concerns about the Parole Board’s acceptance of patterns of violence against women. The Parole Board assesses that Mr. McMurrer does not “present an undue risk to society.” This seems an […]
14:08 [BLOG] Some Thursday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO lists five classic Toronto signs at risk of disappearing.

  • Centauri Dreams discusses plans for really, really big telescope arrays.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes that young star HD 169142 appears to be forming both a brown dwarf and its own planetary system.

  • The Dragon's Tales reports on the use of a laser by the US Navy to accelerate a projectile to speeds of one thousand kilometres a second.

  • Far Outliers' Joel reports on the last major uprising of the Ainu against the Japanese, in 1789.

  • Joe. My. God. notes a report from some American homophobes claiming that lesbians, owing to their left-wing ideological commitments, are a big threat than gay men.

  • Language Log examines a sign blending Mandarin and Cantonese.

  • Marginal Revolution links to a news report suggesting readers absorb less from online reading than they do from paper.

  • Peter Rukavina maps his travels over the summer.

  • Spacing Toronto notes concerns over the cost of the high-speed rail connection to Pearson airport.

  • Torontoist notes Rob Ford's newest conflict of interest allegations.

  • Towleroad talks about Luxembourg's openly gay prime minister, set to marry his partner.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy notes problems regarding the protection of eagles and religious freedom issues regarding holding eagle feathers for religious reasons.

  • Window on Eurasia reports on claims by activists that Russia must federalize or disintegrate.

14:07 P.E.I. French projects get big infusion of federal money »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE –Prince Edward Island’s Acadian and Francaphone community received a substantial infusion of Federal cash Wednesday.
14:04 Bantam Chevys win wild opener »Journal-Pioneer Sports
VAUGHAN, Ont. – The Summerside Chevys won their opening game at the Baseball Canada national bantam championship in wild and dramatic fashion on Thursday morning.
13:37 Tryon highway realignment work expected to start any day »Journal-Pioneer Local
TRYON – The realignment of the Trans Canada Highway in Tryon is expected to get underway any day now.
13:14 Cape Breton fiddler Buddy MacMaster dies at age 89 »The Guardian - Living
JUDIQUE —Buddy MacMaster, a master of the Cape Breton fiddle, has died at age 89. In a phone interview from his home in Judique in February, MacMaster said that he was honoured to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Folk Alliance International and to join a prestigious list of award ...
12:56 Pro-Choice PEI video »PEI Curmudgeon's Blog
Here’s a new video promoting abortion access as a right for all women—including those living on PEI. This is a basic medical service for women that the PEI government refuses to offer. Again and again we have seen that abortion … Continue reading
12:41 Wasting money on blue frogs »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: The Town of Stratford is wasting up to $ 1.9 million to install a Blue Frog system to deal with the stench of its waste treatment lagoon. With the Charlottetown Waste Treatment Plant just across the river it’s very short sighted for Stratford to create a lagoon, let alone spend ...
12:38 Having a party »The Guardian - Living
Rededication celebration for the Souris Hospital to raise funds for foundation
12:32 Best Buy May Give $150 Off Surface Pro 3 »NJN Network
Best Buy are allowing the $150 Microsoft student discount on a Surface Pro 3 on open box units with an up-charge.
12:28 Slemon Park Plex launches new NFL fundraiser »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SLEMON PARK – Think you know the National Football League (NFL)?
12:24 City to Host Tribute Event for Veterans »City of Charlottetown
2014-08-21 The City of Charlottetown will pay tribute to veterans and commemorate the 100th
12:19 Funny men in a risky business »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: With so much publicity being made over Robin Williams’ death and the fact that he died by suicide, I did some research on comedians committing suicide. Some of the comments I found in news stories were, "There is not a funny person who isn’t tortured or broken." Or "Find a comedian and ...
12:13 Taylor hits grand slam to help Stratford past Kensington »Journal-Pioneer Sports
STRATFORD – Winning pitcher Tyler Taylor hit a grand slam to help Stratford to a 16-7 victory over Kensington in a P.E.I. Mosquito AA Baseball League playoff round-robin game recently.
11:59 California offers drought example »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: A few weeks ago, television viewers were informed on drought problems in the state of California. Due to the scarcity of fresh water many orange groves are being intentionally destroyed. Most interesting, for me, had to do with deep-water wells being used to water and irrigate the ...
11:58 MacNeill has big game for Cardigan peewees »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CARDIGAN – Logan MacNeill had a hot night at the plate to lead Cardigan past Stratford 6-5 in a P.E.I. Peewee AA Baseball League game recently.
11:09 [PHOTO] Red dirt road, Gardens of Hope, New Glasgow »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
11:05 Fish kill email gets no reply »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: On August 11, I sent an email to the following members of the provincial government — Robert Ghiz, Premier; Janice Sherry, minister of Environment; and Sonny Gallant, my local MLA. Guess what? Not a word, nothing in response, just silence. I suppose it’s what I should have expected, ...
10:50 New Summerside resident starting Christian business group »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – When Damion Steen and his family left their house in Ontario’s Niagara region for a new home in P.E.I. they did so for the express purpose of creating community.
10:25 Tax incentives could be the answer for downtown Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Summerside is in a good place these days.
10:14 Suspect arrested in Montague »The Guardian - Local News
RCMP report they have arrested a suspect this morning in connection with the incident Wednesday evening that left two men dead on the St. Mary's Road. Kings District RCMP, with the P.E.I. Major Crime Unit and the Emergency Response Team, arrested the person without incident at about 7:40 a.m. ...
10:14 UPDATE: Suspect arrested in double homicide investigation »The Guardian - Local News
The RCMP have arrested a suspect in connection with a double homicide investigation after a father and his adult son were found dead in a home near Montague. RCMP Sgt. Leanne Butler said the arrest was made at 7:40 a.m. with help from the province's major crimes unit and the emergency response ...


09:58 Male and Female Arrested For Trafficking Crack Cocaine »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services have charged a 22 year old Charlottetown area female, and a 43 year old Charlottetown area male with possession of crack cocaine for the purposes of trafficking. Arrests were made after a vehicle stop on St. Peter's Rd., at 12:30am this morning, and retention of a a search warrant. Accused male and female will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
09:21 High pressure dominates the east coast into early next week. »peistormchaser
Thursday Aug 21st 9:30am..The low pressure system that has plagued the region over the past few days is now located over eastern Newfoundland and continues to move away to the east but some cloud associated with this system  and maybe … Continue reading
08:59 Home wreckage fire blankets Tryon area in smoke »Journal-Pioneer Local
TRYON– Firefighters from around the Crapaud area were called to a fire in Tryon Wednesday evening.
08:55 Break and Enter Residence »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint early yesterday afternoon at 12:53pm regarding a break and enter at a residence on Brittany Dr, near Strathmore St. Police were informed that within the previous two hours thieves broke into residence and stole a quantity of jewelery. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Charlottetown Police Services 629-4172 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.
08:25 Double homicide near Montague »Journal-Pioneer Local
Kings District RCMP have confirmed they are investigating a double homicide on St. Mary’s Road near Montague.
08:25 RCMP make arrest in double homicide near Montague »Journal-Pioneer Local
The RCMP has made an arrest in the Montague double homicide case.
07:46 P.E.I. lifts ban on Sunday VLTs »The Guardian - Local News
Gamblers in Prince Edward Island who like to use video lottery terminals can now play anywhere in the province on Sundays. Previously, VLTs could only be operated on Sundays at the Red Shores casinos in Charlottetown and Summerside. All other machines across the Island were dark on Sundays. But ...
07:44 Ebola Media Hype Ignores 250,000 Malaria Deaths Every Year »
Sure Ebola is a disaster but the medias efforts to enlighten the public have been the real sign of disaster. According to The Economist magazine Ebola cannot become a pandemic.  There has been about 1,000 deaths so far since the … Continue reading
07:36 RCMP investigating double homicide near Montague »The Guardian - Local News
Kings District RCMP have confirmed they are investigating a double homicide on St. Mary’s Road near Montague. The RCMP responded to a 911 call Wednesday around 9:15 p.m. and found two people dead inside the home. Sgt. Leanne Butler said foul play is suspected. "What I can tell you at this time ...


07:19 Atlantic Lotteries Lose Over 20 Million, Executives Want To Develop Consulting »
The appointed executives of Atlantic Loto in the past have openly rejected any intrusive questions about responsible management. Millions are spent on hare brained schemes which invariably fail. The millions is provided by skimming the 6-49 and Loto Max mainstays. … Continue reading
06:45 Ghiz Financing Homburg Again, More More More »
PEI Premier Robert Ghiz has jumped into financing Richard Homburg yet again. Now for the same portfolio of distressed properties dumped on Homburg by Mike Arnold and Dyne Holdings. Mike Arnold is the contact who brought Homburg into Charlottetown. Homburg … Continue reading
02:45 Double shooting near Montague »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE — RCMP is investigating the discovery of two victims shot by an assailant along a rural road near here. Details are very sketchy, but police blocked off roads south of Montague to contain the scene. The Guardian spoke to a nearby resident who confirmed that a father and son were found ...
01:25 P.E.I. Privateers look to grow minor football, but need a place to call home »The Guardian - Sports
Football club finalist in TSN's Kraft Celebration Tour
01:21 Three Islanders on N.B. team at senior baseball nationals »The Guardian - Sports
MacLean, McDonald and Stevenson picked up by Chatham Ironmen
01:17 Yetman, Beaton clear waivers after being released by Islanders »The Guardian - Sports
Forwards Nathan Yetman and Zach Beaton cleared waivers after being released by the Charlottetown Islanders on Monday. “We’ll wait and see where they want to play,” Islanders general manager Grant Sonier said Wednesday. The Summerside Western Capitals own the junior A rights for both ...
01:16 Magical night for Barrieau at Summerside Raceway »The Guardian - Sports
SUMMERSIDE — It was the Gilles Barrieau Show at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway on Wednesday night.The veteran driver, known as the Maritime Magic Man, made four trips to the winner’s circle on a card dominated by the Lady Slipper Stakes for two-year-old fillies and the Joe O’Brien Memorial ...
01:15 Athletics, Brewers pick up wins in KCBL »The Guardian - Sports
Marshall Ellis hit two home runs with three RBIs to lead the P.E.I. Brewing Company Athletics to a 9-4 win over the Peakes Bombers in Kings County Baseball League action Wednesday night. Josh Kirpatrick went the distance on the mound and chipped in with two hits, including a two-run homer. Rob ...
00:59 [LINK] "As Ebola Crisis Spreads in West Africa, Liberia's Deterioration Stands Out" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
National Geographic's Dick Thompson writes about the situation in Liberia, where the ongoing West African Ebola epidemic is apparently particularly intense.

The massive effort to get control of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the most devastating in history with more than 1,350 dead to date, has taken some bizarre turns in Liberia. The country's government on Tuesday quarantined a slum in Monrovia, the capital, provoking clashes there between angry residents and authorities.

The country's public health officials had already been reduced to rounding up patients that angry mobs "liberated" from an isolation facility last weekend, imposing a nationwide curfew of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., and fighting the pernicious rumor that the hemorrhagic fever still raging through West Africa is a hoax.

The situation in Liberia has been described by an experienced member of one response team as being in "free fall," while Doctors Without Borders said the situation in Monrovia is "catastrophic." Liberia now has more cases and more deaths than any other country, with 576 patients dead, compared to 396 in Guinea and 374 in Sierra Leone. Dozens of health care workers in the country have been infected with the virus.

The deadly Ebola virus has been leaving its mark on Africa since the first outbreak in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A total of 2,473 cases and 1,350 deaths have been recorded in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria since the World Health Organization began reporting Ebola cases in March 2014. Several countries have imposed bans on airline travel.

Doctors Without Borders says there are reports that most of the country's hospitals are closed because fearful or ill health workers stopped reporting to work, and bodies are lying in the streets and in houses waiting to be collected.
00:48 Double murder near Montague »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE — RCMP is investigating the discovery of two victims shot by an assailant along a rural road near here. Details are very sketchy, but police blocked off roads south of Montague to contain the scene. The Guardian spoke to a nearby resident who confirmed that a father and son were found ...
00:28 Eagles take first game »The Guardian - Sports
Joel Rogerson proved the importance of having a short memory Wednesday on a Charlottetown ball field. The Summerside Chrysler Dodge Eagles right-fielder’s error in the top of the sixth inning led to the go-ahead run scoring for the Charlottetown John Brown Grille Fawcetts. “It was a little ...
00:28 Eagles take first game »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Joel Rogerson proved the importance of having a short memory Wednesday on a Charlottetown ball field. The Summerside Chrysler Dodge Eagles right-fielder’s error in the top of the sixth inning led to the go-ahead run scoring for the Charlottetown John Brown Grille Fawcetts. “It was a little ...

Wednesday August 20, 2014

23:51 [NON BLOG] A fundraiser to get people out of Gorlivka, Ukraine »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Friend of the blog Will Baird, of The Dragon's Tales and The Dragon's Gaze, is trying to fundraise five thousand American dollars to get some people out of the embattled eastern Ukrainian city Gorlovka/Horlivka. Below is the latest update.

Once again, I am continuing the fundraiser to extract the individuals from Gorlovka. We have made some progress, but we need a significantly larger amount than we have received so far to extract them.

The reason for needing to pull them out is the local militants (I have other words to describe them) have taken notice of our contacts. Given the militants have started disappearing people, our contacts need to be pulled out asap. We have someone who will do so, but it will cost in order to go and extract them.

The reason for the original date on the fundraiser was to try to get the funds into a usable form by this friday. Since there isn't a sufficient amount to do even the minimum quite yet, I'll keep reposting at 6 or 7 PM each night for this week at least until Monday.

Please use my email address (anzhalyu at gmail There are no dots or other characters, just to warn you except for the obvious final extension) for both questions and where to send the funds to on paypal. I can take cryptocurrencies, but, please, email me first. That's a little more complicated.

Through people's generosity, we are getting there. We still have $3,270 of the $5,000 goal left to raise. I will keep a running tally.

Anyone who has contributed may ask for any post they wish. I'll whip one up almost immediately.

Thank you for your help.

If you can donate, please do so.
23:50 Barrieau puts on show »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Kensington-owned horse records fastest mile
22:05 Driveway sealing (40 Words) » | New Topics
I had arranged for a guy from New Brunswick(he was going door to door in the neighborhood) who was suppose to seal my driveway last month but he never showed. Has anyone had any experience with any local driveway sealers?...
22:02 [LINK] Two notes on changing party allegiances in Québec »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The other day, Facebook's Mike kindly linked to Chantal Hébert's Toronto Star article, "Bloc Québécois MPs unlikely to stick around for next election". Continuing to lose support in Québec's regions, among non-Francophone communities, and among unions, the Bloc may plausibly disappear come the next election.

Of the four MPs who survived the NDP wave three years ago, two have since turned their backs on the Bloc. A fifth who crossed over from the NDP after the election is not expected to run again.

Ahuntsic MP Maria Mourani was shown the door by then-leader Daniel Paillé in the heat of the debate over the Parti Québécois’ proposed secularism charter last fall. She has since renounced sovereignty.

Jean-François Fortin who represents the eastern Quebec riding of Haute-Gaspésie—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia slammed the door on his way out last week. In a statement that was more akin to a manifesto than to a resignation letter, Fortin had nothing but harsh words for new leader Mario Beaulieu whose approach to sovereignty the MP described as folkloric.

Claude Patry was elected in Jonquière—Alma on Jack Layton’s ticket three years ago only to decide he did not belong in a federalist caucus a year later. But now he is chaffing under Beaulieu’s leadership and the new leader scrambled on Monday to talk him out of following Fortin out the door. Under any scenario, few expect this MP to seek re-election next year.

Of the remaining MPs, one — Richmond—Arthabaska’s André Bellavance — has yet to say a supportive word about his new leader since he narrowly lost the leadership to Beaulieu in June.

That leaves Richelieu MP Louis Plamondon who will celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first election (as a Tory) on Sept. 4. At 71, he is both the dean of the House of Commons and the most (only?) likely Bloc incumbent to stick around for another election. If he does he may get to turn off the lights on the party that he helped create almost twenty-five years ago.

CBC's Michelle Gagnon, meanwhile, wonders in "">"Never mind the West, can Justin Trudeau crack Fortress Quebec?" exactly that question. Will the Liberals progress or will the NDP consolidate its gains? Much comes down to how the Trudeau name is perceived.

Belonging, of course, is key to politics in Quebec. The nationalism that divides party support provincially often cuts across partisan lines in the federal arena.

Being a native son, as Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney were, or a reinstated one as le bon Jack Layton became, can often be a deciding factor in winning Quebec and forming a national government.

True, Stephen Harper's Conservatives have won successive governments without much backing from Quebec. But Conservative MP Denis Lebel's current 12-day charm offensive to court Quebec voters suggests that even they know the province is not to be discounted.

By all measures, Trudeau is undeniably from here, from Montreal in particular, where he spent his teen and university years after his father retired from politics.

His French is flawless, and his knowledge of the province's set-piece political battles almost intimate.

More, his stance on abortion, legalizing marijuana, and LGBTQ issues feel homegrown, in line with Quebecers' more progressive instincts.

But he is also the son of a man considered by many here to have betrayed his own. First, by invoking the War Measures Act during the 1970 October Crisis, and then by outmaneuvering Quebec and leaving it on the sidelines during the 1982 constitutional negotiations.
21:00 Cows, Please Look Up »justpictureit
photo - Cows, Please Look Up

Beef cattle have some pretty great views to look out on in PEI, if only they would look up.

20:12 Devine has new role with Buffalo Sabres »The Guardian - Sports
Charlottetown's Kevin Devine is the Buffalo Sabres new director of player personnel, the team announced on Wednesday.It was part of a number of new roles for people within the organization.Devine, who is beginning his 17th season with the NHL team, had served as director of amateur scouting and ...
20:00 First Nations carver brings old wood to life in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown is losing many of its stately old elm trees to disease, but the dead wood that is left after the trees are taken down is being used by a First Nations carver, who is making the wood live again in his artwork. Master wood carver, Levi Cannon, has been hired by the City of ...
17:55 Bantam Chevys become Team P.E.I. »Journal-Pioneer Sports
For Baseball Canada national championship in Ontario
17:43 Race analyst calling ‘The Taxi’ Red Shores’ feature favourite »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – Hail The Taxi will seek to fend off seven foes in the feature pace at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park on Thursday.
17:34 Provincial peewee AAA champions to be crowned »Journal-Pioneer Sports
17:20 Bayern FC wins Champions league final »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – Bayern FC captured the P.E.I. Senior Men’s Champions League final in penalty kicks.


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Today's photo from Today in the Life of Eastern Kings:

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