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Monday December 5, 2016

00:06 European election news: far-right loses in Austria, and “no” wins in Italy »John Cairns Blog
Another week, another trip to the polls in Europe.  So, here is the latest European election results news: the far-right candidate for president of Austria, Norbert Hofer, lost today. As for Italy, their constitutional referendum question went down to a massive defeat, prompting Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign.  You know what that means; the Euro […]
00:06 Law news: Dallas PI attorney Brian Loncar, the “Strong Arm”, is dead »John Cairns Blog
I’m interested in legal profession news as you know, and also interested in advertising, and this story involves both.  Unfortunately, it’s more grim news. While I was rummaging around on these legal news sites I was surprised and stunned to learn about the sudden death today of Dallas personal injury attorney Brian Loncar. Loncar was […]

Sunday December 4, 2016

22:54 College football playoff matchups announced: arguments ensue »John Cairns Blog
The college football playoff final rankings were announced Sunday and it will be No. 1 Alabama versus 4. Washington, and 2. Clemson versus 3. Ohio State. Despite beating Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game yesterday, Penn State was left out. And they deserve to be out; the Nittany Lions have two losses, while these […]
21:00 Get Me Through December »justpictureit
photo - Get Me Through December

The photo is from my beloved unassigned bin. I am writing this on 26 November and we have no snow at this time. I suffer from December Affective Disorder. My whole adult life has been fraught with depression in December. I know that Christmas is the favorite season for many but not for me. I am filled with dread, despair, depression and feelings of doom. Normalcy returns in January. Weird, I know. Since 2000, I have had a friend that helps me get through this month. A song. Music does soothe the soul. I play this beautiful song all month long.

15:35 Holland College Human Services Program » from peter rukavina

Did you know that Holland College offers a 2-year Human Services program here in Charlottetown?

I did not.

The program describes its program like this:

You will acquire basic knowledge of a variety of intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, and learn the practical skills critical in assisting individuals with a disability through their life span to live to their full potential.

Thanks to the kindness of another parent, I found out about this program, and turned to one of the instructors for help finding a community aide to work with Oliver under the School-Age Autism Funding program of the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture.

Within 30 minutes of sending the request I had the first resume in my in-box, and over the next few days it was joined by three more.

We’ve now identified two students of the program to spend time with Oliver, and they’ve proved capable, compassionate and flexible: just the right kind of person to walk in the footsteps of Oliver’s workers-past.

I post this here just in case others might profit from this; it really is a much-too-hidden gem!

15:15 [BLOG] Some Sunday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Beyond the Beyond's Bruce Sterling looks at the art scene in Istanbul.

  • Crooked Timber takes issue with Tyler Cowen's support for school vouchers.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes signs that the ephemeral Martian lakes were temporary creations of methane outbursts, and considers how to use WISE to hunt for Planet Nine.

  • Far Outliers looks</u> at Britain's contracts with petty German states for soldiers.

  • The Frailest Thing's Michael Sacasas looks at Trump in the context of the conflict between orality and literacy.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes Donald Trump's complication of the United States' China policy and reports that Seattle's new minimum wage has apparently not led to job loss.

  • The LRB Blog reports on The Gambia on the eve of the elections.

  • Marginal Revolution notes that truth is essential for liberty and freedom.

  • From the Heart of Europe's Nicholas Whyte looks at the strange history of an enclave on the border of Belfast.

  • pollotenchegg maps language in Ukraine.

  • Savage Minds announces that the blog will seek a new name, and that they are looking for suggestions.

  • Window on Eurasia notes that Russia's fertility uptick will not alter the dynamics of population loss, and reports on a Russian radical's astonishing suggestion that Russia is now in the same position versus Ukraine as Nazi Germany was versus Poland.

12:21 Old »Island Musings
It is windy and cold. I am old and lame and Tom told me when yer retired ya don’t gotta do stuff. Agreed. 
11:04 [OBSCURA] Toronto, 1971 »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

I found this black-and-white photo depicting the Toronto skyline circa 1971 at Tumblr's Fuck Yeah Toronto. I could not find a source for this image, which is a pity since it does provide a lovely overview of downtown Toronto in the early 1970s. The skyscrapers of the Financial District are mostly there, but the CN Tower is still under construction and vast wastes stretch out to the Lake Ontario shoreline.
10:48 [PHOTO] Looking north, Rosedale, 1 December »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Looking north, Rosedale #toronto #ttc #rosedale #night

The platform of Rosedale station, open to the air, can be quite photogenic if you know where to look.
09:43 Onshore flurries expected next few days across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Sunday December 4th 9:40am.. Not much to talk about over the next few days. A large area of high pressure located on Ontario this morning is drifting eastward and should crest over the Maritimes on Wednesday. A light NW-N wind … Continue reading
09:00 Tatto Artist (52 Words) » | New Topics
Hi all. im looking for the tattoo artist that made my fathers backpice. approx 1996-97. he was a deckforemann on HLV Svanen. under the construction of Confederation bridge. His name was Frank Wexoe ? thx in advance

Love from Denmark ":D"...
08:04 TV »Island Musings
I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy winding down the day watching something. With Kodi I can watch just about every movie or TV show ever produced and I still struggle finding something that will hold my interest. 
07:42 Daily Specials for Sunday, December 4, 2016 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Sunday, December 4, 2016 are:

  • Steak and Eggs Skillet $14.99 5 oz of beef tenderloin with our signature hash, two eggs over easy and toast.
  • Roasted Pepper Soup $4.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440