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Thursday September 3, 2015

12:20 Total eclipse of supermoon »The Guardian - Living
On the evening of Sunday, Sept. 27, weather permitting, we here on the Island will experience one of the most thrilling celestial events — a total lunar eclipse. This eclipse will be even more spectacular due to the fact that it will be the eclipse of a supermoon. A supermoon is when a full or ...
12:17 Government seeking deal in negotiations with P.E.I. Teachers' Federation? »The Guardian - Opinion
The provincial government might be looking for a quid pro quo in its contract negotiations with the P.E.I. Teachers’ Federation. With the new school year starting next week, negotiations continue to drag on for 1,800 full-time equivalent, part-time and substitute teachers in P.E.I. The latest ...
12:04 Weak links in the supply chain »The Guardian - Opinion
When I was a kid in Halifax and the wind was just right, some mornings, I’d get a tang of the Dartmouth oil refinery. Not all the time, just on warm, damp, grey days when the wind was backing away from its usual direction.When the wind was that way and the sky smelled like spilled oil, people ...
12:01 Borden-Carleton man flees police during Summerside chase »Journal-Pioneer Local
A police pursuit Tuesday that ended in a potato field has resulted in charges against a Borden-Carleton man.
11:52 Crisis in P.E.I. classrooms »The Guardian - Opinion
Don’t be fooled by alleged reinstatement of teachers in P.E.I. schools
11:49 Protect useful plants, birds »The Guardian - Opinion
(Re: Weeds and other plants, August 8, 2015). The current discussion about chemicals for cosmetic control of lawns is very interesting. But why are we trying so hard to get rid of plants that offer so many benefits? Many common lawn and garden weeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, have ...
11:46 Encourage trade, don’t hinder it »The Guardian - Opinion
Gerard Comeau has been charged with illegally importing alcohol from Quebec to New Brunswick which is unconstitutional. When Canada was formed there was to be freedom of the movement of goods without tax or import duty and this is good for Canada. If one province can produce cheaper goods then ...
11:42 Sermons, studies avoid Numbers? »The Guardian - Opinion
R.A. Jenkins really is a gift to atheists and the pro-choice movement. His explanation of Numbers 31, verses 13-16 clearly shows why it is not a common talking point in sermons and Bible study.God in his view regards women worthy of little or no regard. In fact, according to R.A. Jenkins, all ...
11:37 Change contract with P.E.I. teachers »The Guardian - Opinion
The Guardian just reported that teachers would be returning to school without a contract. Good, the province can change the current contract and provide teachers with professional development days without pay. Have the teachers take their professional development days in July or August without ...
11:36 Let’s vote for premier »The Guardian - Opinion
A simple and elegant solution proposed by Shawn Landon (The Guardian, Sept. 2), it gives us a provincial leader who responsible to the whole Island instead of just a district and who depends on the votes of all Islanders not just those of a party. It would require only modest change to ...
11:28 Eels in fishermen's traps die in anoxic P.E.I. rivers »The Guardian - Local News
FORTUNE COVE - On a hundred-metre stretch of beach, along the east side of the Mill River, John Lane counted close to 60 dead eels. Many were clearly visible some were found by digging into mats of rotting seaweed. “It’s strange. Eels, they’re very tough” the Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association ...
11:00 Lot 7 ceilidhs continue with three shows featuring Acadian music »Journal-Pioneer Living
St. Mark’s Hall in Burton, Route 14, will present the next three shows with lively music from several accomplished Acadian musicians and dancers.
11:00 Summerside moves closer to cosmetic pesticide ban »The Guardian - Local News
SUMMERSIDE - The City of Summerside is a step closer to a cosmetic pesticide ban. Tuesday the committee of council passed a motion recommending that council enact a ban and implement its own integrated pest management strategy by Jan. 1, 2016. But the motion wasn’t what a working group of city ...
10:58 Former MADD Canada president sentenced to jail time for drunk driving »The Guardian - Local News
A former Summerside Police Services deputy chief and local MADD chapter president was sentenced in Summerside provincial court Thursday to five days in jail after pleading guilty to driving drunk. David Griffin, a 39-year veteran of the Summerside force before his retirement in 2011, was ...
10:45 UPDATED: Former Summerside deputy police chief, MADD president sentenced on impaired charge »Journal-Pioneer Local
A former Summerside deputy police chief and MADD chapter president was sentenced Thursday to five days in jail for driving drunk.
10:00 Finance Minister Al Roach 'cautiously optimistic' about P.E.I. economy »The Guardian - Local News
Canada may be in a technical recession, but P.E.I. Finance Minister Allen Roach says he is cautiously optimistic about the Island’s ability to weather the current economic storm. Roach points to positive indicators emerging from key economic sectors. P.E.I.’s exports are up, thanks to the low ...
10:00 Finance Minister Al Roach optimistic about P.E.I. economy »The Guardian - Local News
Canada may be in a technical recession, but P.E.I. Finance Minister Allen Roach says he is cautiously optimistic about the Island’s ability to weather the current economic storm. Roach points to positive indicators emerging from key economic sectors. P.E.I.’s exports are up, thanks to the low ...
08:57 Charlottetown street closures for Sept. 3 »The Guardian - Local News
The following is a list of planned street closures in Charlottetown for Sept. 3:- University Avenue will be restricted to south bound traffic only from Kirkwood Drive to Eden Street until 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 3.- Summer Street will be closed from University Avenue to Upper Prince Street, ...
08:45 Islanders send Blue to the mound tonight in Chatham »The Guardian - Sports
Tyson Blue gets the start tonight as the Charlottetown Gaudet's Auto Body Islanders look to take a stranglehold of their New Brunswick Senior Baseball League semifinal with the Chatham Ironmen. Game time is 7:30 p.m. in Chatham, N.B. The Isles lead the best-of-seven series 2-0 after winning ...
08:35 Police Investigating Discharging Firearm/Assault With Weapon »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police received a complaint yesterday evening regarding a male youth shooting another youth with a pellet gun; police are continuing their investigation and charges are pending. Victim sustained no serious injury.
08:29 Daily Specials for Thursday, September 3, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Thursday, September 3, 2015 are:

  • Cream of Carrot Soup...$4.99
  • Chicken Curry...12.99 Served with basmati rice.

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

08:21 RCMP officer hurt on Confederation Bridge transferred to QEH »Journal-Pioneer Local
An RCMP officer who was injured in an incident on Confederation Bridge Tuesday has been transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown. The 33-year-old officer was being treated at Prince County Hospital in Summerside for injuries that include a broken femur after being dragged by ...
08:11 Community raises almost $100,000 for Summerside boy with cancer »Journal-Pioneer Local
A little community support can go a long way. And when a family in need receives help that exceeds all expectations, it's truly remarkable. Organizer Crystal Cormier estimates about $100,000 has been raised for the Read family of Summerside. Ten-year-old Griffin Read was diagnosed with ...
08:00 P.E.I. fisherman recovering in Halifax after line severs hand »The Guardian - Local News
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT WEST POINT - It happened all-so-quickly. A West Point fishermen was working early Saturday afternoon trying to free lobster traps at the bottom of the ocean floor. Suddenly, the trap line flew up in the air. Trent Livingstone threw his hand up to prevent the rope ...
07:48 Path near Browns Court in Charlottetown blocked by gate »The Guardian - Local News
Many residents in Charlottetown will have to find another way to get to work and school now that the path between Queen Street and Browns Court has been permanently closed. The path, which starts at Queen Street, is a city right of way that leads to the private property line of the apartment ...


06:46 New-look Panthers ready for Mulligan Cup »The Guardian - Sports
A new generation of UPEI Panthers will start to take on larger roles on the men’s soccer team starting Friday. The team begins its pre-season games at home with the fourth annual Vince Mulligan Cup invitational and soccer festival. It will be a different looking team than the last one to wear ...
00:00 All Islanders benefit from safe, lawful ATV use »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
As all-terrain vehicle (ATV) traffic increases on Prince Edward Island, the provincial government and the RCMP urge riders to know and follow the rules for their safe use.'ATV laws exist to keep users and other motorists safe and also to protect property whether it is farm land, environmentally sensitive areas, the Confederation Trail, or residential areas,' said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar. 'Proper protective...
00:00 All Islanders benefit from safe, lawful ATV use »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
As all-terrain vehicle (ATV) traffic increases on Prince Edward Island, the provincial government and the RCMP urge riders to know and follow the rules for their safe use.'ATV laws exist to keep users and other motorists safe and also to protect property whether it is farm land, environmentally sensitive areas, the Confederation Trail, or residential areas,' said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar. 'Proper protective...
00:00 All Islanders benefit from safe, lawful ATV use »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
As all-terrain vehicle (ATV) traffic increases on Prince Edward Island, the provincial government and the RCMP urge riders to know and follow the rules for their safe use.'ATV laws exist to keep users and other motorists safe and also to protect property whether it is farm land, environmentally sensitive areas, the Confederation Trail, or residential areas,' said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar. 'Proper protective...
00:00 Minister hears of optimism in primary industries »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Prince Edward Island's primary industries of agriculture and fisheries are optimistic about the future of the province's food sector, says Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac. 'Since becoming minister of agriculture and fisheries, I've been able to meet with many of our Island fishers, farmers and industry representatives who have expressed optimism and confidence about government's emphasis on growing our primary resources and Island...

Wednesday September 2, 2015

23:25 KCBL semifinals: Athletics defeat Jays; Bombers double Chevies »The Guardian - Sports
The Stratford P.E.I. Brewing Company Athletics struck early in taking Game 1 of their best-of-five Kings County Baseball League semifinal with the Charlottetown Jays. The regular season champs, who had a bye in the first round, scored a deuce in the first inning, four in the second and tagged ...
22:00 Plant Identiy Anyone? »justpictureit
photo - Plant Identiy Anyone?

I am hoping a gardening friend might be able to identify this plant for me. My daughter bought it in spring with instructions to bring it inside for the winter. We would love to be able to know a bit more about it, starting with it's name.

21:41 P.E.I. Tories on tour »The Guardian - Local News
Caucus tours districts looking for economic solutions
20:03 Yoga in August ~ Daily Yoga + 5 Challenges »Life on a Canadian Island
19:48 [BLOG] Some Wednesday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO notes that John Tory wants private industry to fund a Toronto bid for the Olympics.

  • Centauri Dreams notes a paper suggesting that the effects of panspermia might be detectable, via the worlds seeded with life.

  • The Dragon's Gaze links to a paper suggesting that the Earth's geological composition is likely to be unique.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes the technological advancement of Neanderthals in Spain.

  • Far Outliers notes the extent to which some opposition to the Anglo-American invasion of Europe in the Second World War was motivated by pan-European sentiment.

  • Geocurrents dislikes very bad maps of human development in Argentina.

  • Language Hat notes that Jabotinsky wanted Hebrew to be written in Latin script.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money reports on the Sad Puppies.

  • The Russian Demographics Blog notes a book talking about a specifically Orthodox Christian take on demography.

  • Spacing Toronto looks at the first ride at the CNE.

  • Torontoist notes a Toronto libraries "passport".

  • Understanding Society notes M.I. Finley's excellent book on the dynamics of the Roman Empire.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy notes a bizarre article published in a journal arguing that professors are equivalents to terrorists.

  • Why I Love Toronto recommends Dream in High Park.

19:40 Chinese on P.E.I. mourn those killed in massive explosions »The Guardian - Local News
Buddhist monks conduct prayer ceremony
19:18 Newfoundland crying unfair over P.E.I. tuna quota »The Guardian - Local News
Gail Shea says if Newfoundland and Labrador wants to catch more, it must enter a review process
19:17 Friday ceilidh in Emerald welcomes Kelley Mooney and Norman Stewart »Journal-Pioneer Living
Courtney Hogan will be welcoming this week’s guests, Kelley Mooney and Norman Stewart, to the Emerald Boxcar Pub Grill this Friday evening.
19:14 Meet the artist Sally Blake Hooff at exhibit opening »Journal-Pioneer Living
Island artist, Sally Blake Hooff, will present an exhibition and sale of her work at Gallery 18 in New London.
19:10 Upstreet Brewery presents free block party in Charlottetown »Journal-Pioneer Living
Upstreet Craft Brewery has announced a free event for the Island community. On Saturday, Sept. 5, the first Upstreet Block Party will take place at 41 Allen Street, Charlottetown.
19:09 Woman jailed for breaching P.E.I. court order again »The Guardian - Local News
Amy Elizabeth Picket, 35, of Charlottetown stopped meeting with probation officer
19:00 Mountie hurt on P.E.I. bridge undergoing tests »The Guardian - Local News
RCMP officer injured on Confederation Bridge Tuesday has been transferred to hospital in Charlottetown
19:00 Mountain Men at Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 7:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language, Substance Abuse)
Runs: 89 minutes
Director: Cameron Labine
Country: Canada
Starring: Chace Crawford, Tyler Labine, Britt Irvin

“Mountain Men is a film centered on estranged family dynamics. Cooper returns to a small mountain community for the weekend to attend his mother’s wedding. Cooper’s brother Toph has other plans, he wants to bond with his estranged brother... Toph convinces Cooper to investigate a reported squatter at the remote family cabin... Due to a miscalculated (and hysterical) accident, the two get stranded on the mountain without transportation and without shelter. Crawford and Labine play off each other wonderfully. Cooper is closed off, hiding a secret or two and has a chip on his shoulder. Toph is hilarious, deals weed and also carries a secret or two... This film delves into comedy, delivers heartfelt human moments and turns into a tale of survival.... There is much to enjoy in Mountain Men.” - Adrian Charlie, Next Projection. “Mountain Men is particularly memorable for its mix of comedy and drama. Labine manages the balance of the script exceptionally well and he has a great cast that brings it all together....A hugely enjoyable drama that challenges expectations and works as both an affecting family drama, a tale of personal discovery as well as an effective thriller which doesn't skimp on laughs.” - Marina Antunes, Quiet Earth

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

18:51 What goes into a football training camp? »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Spartans head coach discusses processes
18:50 Trap line severs hand »Journal-Pioneer Local
Mother describes accident at sea
18:43 Summerside a step closer to possible cosmetic pesticide ban »Journal-Pioneer Local
Committee recommends council adopt cosmeticban and integrated pest management policy
18:43 Caps back in action »Journal-Pioneer Sports
MHL team begins busy stretch at home Thursday
18:30 Summerside native McKenna headed to Austria »The Guardian - Sports
Will join Red Bull Academy’s under-18 team
18:30 Summerside native McKenna headed to Austria »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Will join Red Bull Academy’s under-18 team
18:00 Saint John Eatery »justpictureit
photo - Saint John Eatery

I have been away on a holiday and it lasted longer than planned. I visited my daughter's family outside of Saint John, New Brunswick and she is a mistress of persuation - in other words she had me wrapped around her lttle finger so I stayed a few extra days. We had a lunch uptown one day and I loved one of the signs the restaurant sported.

16:50 [LINK] "Obama's Denali Divide" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg View takes a look at the controversy surrounding the restoration of Denali as the name of the highest peak in Alaska.

For decades, this has been a low-profile dispute pitting Ohio Republicans (who have been loyal to the assassinated president from the Buckeye State) against Alaskans of all political stripes -- most of them Republicans -- who used the older name. No less a partisan conservative than Sarah Palin has referred to “nature's finest show -- Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun.”

But as soon as Obama became involved, many Republicans from the lower 48 who probably couldn't tell you what state the mountain was in last week started protesting against the gross abuse of power intended to erase white people from U.S. history.

One of the stronger findings about the presidency from political scientists is that when presidents associate themselves with an issue, voters -- Democrats and Republicans -- tend to line up strongly for and against it based on party loyalty. This isn't just about Obama; the same thing happened on small and big things alike when George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were presidents. (Democrats turned against a mission to Mars when Bush proposed one, for example.)

[. . . W]hen all that’s needed is to win over members of his own party, presidential speeches that polarize can be extremely helpful. This was true during Obama’s first two years in office, when Democrats had majorities in the House and Senate. It has also been the case recently with the Iran deal: Obama may have deliberately chosen a partisan path to ensure that Democrats in the House and Senate stayed on board.
16:48 [LINK] "Rich Gay Men Wanted: Spain’s Conservatives Make Tourist Appeal" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's Maria Tadeo writes about how even Spanish conservatives are welcoming GLBT tourists, if for straightforward economic reasons.

Each August, Spain’s second city [of Barcelona] hosts Europe’s largest gay festival, attracting 71,000 visitors this year. During the two-week party Barcelona is plastered in posters featuring male models advertising parties aimed at gay visitors and stores carry signs with special offers, from sun-beds to free gym passes as the city is taken over by non-stop clubbing and pool parties.

With full-access tickets selling for 360 euros ($406), organizers say the events generates 150 million euros for the local economy. After eight years, the festival is expanding to Ibiza this year and the Canaries in 2016, catering to increasing demand for gay and lesbian events.

“This influx of visitors trickles down to local bars, gyms, even taxi drivers want to be involved,” said organizer Tes Cuadreny in an interview from his office in Barcelona. “They know this benefits everyone.”

Such initiatives have made Spain Europe’s market leader ahead of France which generates $6.6 billion of revenue, according to LGBT Capital, an investment firm based in the British Virgin Islands that focuses on gay-themed assets. The U.S. is the global leader with $21.5 billion of revenue.

In Madrid, even the conservative regional government is jumping on the bandwagon. Regional President Cristina Cifuentes flew the rainbow flag, symbolizing support for gay people, from institutional buildings for the first time following her election victory in May. In 2005, her colleagues from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party led 100,000 protesters in a march against legalizing gay marriage.
16:46 [LINK] "Egypt's Nubians refuse to allow heritage to fall through cracks of history" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Ayah Aman's Al Monitor article looks at how many of Egypt's Nubians, despite their displacement from their ancestral homeland on the current Egypt-Sudan border by the Aswan High Dam, are facing assimilation.

It has been 51 years since the Nubians were displaced by the 1964 building of the Aswan High Dam in southern Egypt. Back then, waters flooded their homes and ancient Nubia disappeared into the depths of Lake Nasser. Yet, the Nubian people refused to allow their heritage and culture to be forever lost under the water that flows behind the High Dam.

In the town of Kom Ombo in the Aswan governorate there is the village of Balana (meaning “beautiful queen” in Nubian), the inhabitants of which were the first to be displaced as the High Dam rose. Amina Ibrahim, a village woman in her 60s, still carries vivid memories of the old country that thrived on the banks of the Nile — memories that form the essence of stories about her family’s heritage and past, which she never hesitates to recount to neighbors, sons and grandsons.

Al-Monitor met with Ibrahim at her home, which consists of four rooms overlooking a large central courtyard on the walls of which she tried to replicate and draw Nubian decorations and carvings that once adorned the ancient Nubian mud-brick dwellings of the village, with their distinctive domed roofs designed to dissipate some of the overbearing heat.

Nubian is the language of choice for Ibrahim, her children and her grandchildren. “Language is our life and the only legacy that remains of our ancestors. Preserving our language and teaching it to my children and grandchildren who never lived on their forbearers’ land became my main mission in life after our deportation, on my quest to safeguard and maintain our generational legacy. I always tell my grandchildren that losing our Nubian language would mean losing our identity and roots.”

The question of preserving the Nubian language is atop the priorities of most Nubians in their attempts to safeguard their heritage and identity. However, they do mesh with Egyptian society and utilize Arabic in their daily dealings, with new generations failing to practice this language that is barred from schools and public institutions.
16:43 [LINK] "How We Can Tame Overlooked Wild Plants to Feed the World" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Wired's Hillary Rosner describes intriguing efforts by some scientists to produce wholly new food crops, using promising plants from the wild and breeding them into more useful forms.

A hand-painted wooden sign marks the entrance to Steven Cannon's community garden, tucked between a sidewalk and some train tracks in Ames, Iowa. It depicts the iconic image of a seedling poking from a mound of dirt. At the far end of the garden, Cannon, a tall and reedy geneticist for the US Department of Agriculture, digs into the soil with a shovel and then his bare hands, pulling up fistfuls of lumpy roots. Strip the scene to its essence—ignore the cars driving past and the power lines strung overhead—and you could be watching a Neolithic farmer. They collected seeds from wild plants, buried them near their homes, and harvested the crop, hoping it would be bigger and better than the last one. That simple act—agriculture—came to define us as a species.

Cannon isn't trying to re-create the past, though. He's inventing the future. On this fall afternoon, his team is harvesting tubers that resemble dark-skinned fingerling potatoes. They're called Apios americana, the potato bean—a legume endemic to North America. Native Americans gathered them and may even have served them at the first Thanksgiving. European settlers found them thriving in their cranberry bogs—places with low light, few nutrients, and bad soil. But they didn't bother domesticating them into an agricultural staple.

After a couple hours of labor, Cannon's harvest is complete. A dozen rubber bowls overflow with dirt-crusted tubers. Still, he is disappointed. “We were hoping for a little better yield,” he says. “This is about average.” Average is fine if you're just messing around in a kitchen garden. But Cannon is up to something far more essential. The potato bean is part of his plan for remaking our food supply from the ground up. He doesn't want to just grow Apios. He wants to turn it into a new crop that could help feed the world.

We need new crops. Thousands of years of breeding and decades of genetic modification have made the crops we sow predictable, easy to harvest, and capable of feeding more than 9 billion people. But they are also vulnerable to disease, pests, and the whims of weather. That's troubling, because global warming is bringing more disease, more pests, and more whimsical weather. On current trend lines, global wheat and soybean harvest yields could fall by nearly 30 percent by midcentury. Corn yields could drop by 7.5 percent. In the baking-hot European summer of 2003, plant growth fell by 30 percent. By 2050, that kind of summer will be the new normal. “Suppose the US breadbasket ends up with a climate like Texas,” Cannon said at a genetics meeting last year. “We need to look to species already adapted to extremes.”

The potato bean is one of those species. Versatile like a potato, protein-rich like a bean, with a flavor vaguely like a starchy peanut, Apios does well in both dry and soggy soils. And there are plenty of others like it. Roughly 18,000 species of legumes grow around the world. They're packed with protein and help fertilize the soil. Yet people have domesticated fewer than 50, and commonly eat only half that many. Cannon has assembled a short list of additional candidates: marama beans, yehub nuts, lupine, and a bunch of other so-called orphan crops, wild edible plants that could change the face of agriculture if someone could just turn them into reliable crops.

The article goes into much more detail, providing among other things recipes.
16:40 [LINK] "The Beaverton pulls controversial article on Ashley Callingbull" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC reports on a misstep by Canadian humour website The Beaverton. They meant well, perhaps, but they did not consider the First Nations reaction.

A satirical news website that used a Cree woman's victory at an international beauty contest to draw attention to national coverage of missing and murdered indigenous women has withdrawn the article and apologized to its readers.

On Sunday, Ashley Callingbull, whose married name is Burnham, from Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta was named Mrs. Universe, the first First Nation woman to win the title.

The Beaverton's article, headlined "Mrs. First Cree Woman To Gain National Coverage If She Disappears," said make-believe judges "cited her good looks, upbeat attitude, and glitzy uncontroversial profession in awarding her the top prize of one day's coverage on most major Canadian news outlets should she suddenly vanish without a trace.

"Burnham is showing all those aboriginal girls out there that as long as you look like a supermodel and get on TV, you too can get the same news coverage as a white girl should you ever be abducted," the article continued.

In its apology, The Beaverton said it wrote the satirical story to "call out the Media for their failure to properly cover missing and murdered Aboriginal women …"
16:37 [LINK] "FYI: Giving Birth in the Ocean with Wild Dolphins is *Still* a Fantastically Awful Idea" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Science Sushi's Christie Wilcox reposted a 2013 article on the continuing popularity of the idea of giving birth admist dolphins. This might be a good idea if the dolphins were actively consenting to this activity. One wonders what the hell they think is going on.

Let’s talk about dolphins for a moment. I get it — they’re stunning creatures. These sleek, smart, playful animals are almost universally loved by people. Dolphin interactive experiences are hot sellers at tourist locations worldwide, and we naturally want to trust their cheeky, smiling faces. So many people I know got into marine science because of their affinity for dolphins and other marine mammals. I understand why a to-be mother might want to calm her nerves by having a dolphin in the tub during an underwater birth. I can even stretch my imagination and see why a woman would enjoy swimming with a pod of dolphins and giving birth while watching the beautiful displays of these majestic animals.


Because of their friendly disposition and common occurance in aquariums, we tend to think of dolphins as trustworthy, loving creatures. But let’s get real for a minute here. Dolphins don’t eat sunshine and fart roses. They’re wild animals, and they are known to do some pretty terrible things.

Et cetera.
16:34 [LINK] "Ivory Coast Has `No Fear' of Euro Peg, Maintains Growth Targets" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's Olivier Monnier reports that, at least officially, Côte d'Ivoire has no concerns with potential negative consequences for its exports coming from the pegging of the CFA franc to the Euro.

Ivory Coast’s economy has benefited from the stability of a currency pegged to the euro and has so far escaped any fallout from the economic slowdown in China, Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan said.

“There is no fear” about any major pressures being exerted on the CFA franc, the currency used by Ivory Coast and 13 other smaller African economies, Duncan said in an interview in Abidjan, the commercial capital, on Monday. The common currency “is beneficial for our economies. Those who have tried their own money have had some ups-and-downs with some difficulties.”

The stability from the common currency has made it easier to keep investors in Ivory Coast, avoiding the sell-off in emerging market assets sparked by the surprise decision by China to devalue its yuan in August. The move, which fueled concern authorities are struggling to combat a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, prompted Kazakhstan to abandon its currency peg and intensified speculation that African nations would do the same.

China is the nation’s third-largest trade partner, after Nigeria and France.

The CFA franc has depreciated 7 percent against the dollar this year, compared with the 24 percent decline in the Ugandan shilling and 29 percent plunge in the Zambian kwacha, Africa’s worst performers.</blockquote>
16:22 No halibut before Sept. 9 »Journal-Pioneer Local
Season delayed due to wind forecast
15:46 City Pools Close for the Season »City of Charlottetown
2015-09-02 The City of Charlottetown Parks and Recreation Department would like to notify
15:36 Lincoln Driven to Give event raises $10,000 for Special Olympics PEI »Journal-Pioneer Business
On Aug. 26 over 200 people took a test drive and supported Special Olympics P.E.I.
15:31 Drop-off/pick up service starts Sept. 9 »Journal-Pioneer Local
Once-a-week service planned until library's permanent location resolved
15:25 P.E.I. government expands inspection services in Summerside »The Guardian - Local News
Anyone needing inspection services will have more available at the Summerside Access P.E.I. location. Home heat tank identification tags and inspections will be available at the Access P.E.I. office in Summerside and it will accept inspection forms. The office will also issue plumbing permits ...
15:25 Library location unresolved »Journal-Pioneer Local
Town wants it at Old Stone Station; library board wants it left on Main Street
15:19 Eastern Passages: Weak links in the supply chain »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
When I was a kid in Halifax and the wind was just right, some mornings, I’d get a tang of the Dartmouth oil refinery. Not all the time, just on warm, damp, grey days when the wind was backing away from its usual direction.
15:17 Oysters in the spotlight »Journal-Pioneer Local
At Fall Flavours signature event
14:49 Paint-a-Birdhouse Event – Saturday, September 19th from 10am-12pm »sawig
The Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group is hosting another birding event after a tremendously popular birding series! Come out and paint-a-birdhouse for the 2016 nesting season, and have some fun with your family at the Stratford Farmer’s Market at the … Continue reading
13:51 Pig & Whistle Dance to feature music of Kim Albert »Journal-Pioneer Living
The popular Pig Whistle Dance hosted by Gary Chipman is at New London Community Complex this Thursday Night, Sept. 3. The dance will feature a reunion of the remaining members of P.E.I.’s first rock 'n' roll band, The Tremtones, as well as special guest vocalists, Kim Albert, and bass player ...
13:47 Ross Family comes to entertain at Acadian Festival in Abram-Village »Journal-Pioneer Living
Stephanie, Danielle and Johnny comprise the Ross Family lineup who will be appearing at the Centre Expo-Festival, Saturday, Sept. 5. With a blend of Acadian and Scottish influences, the three siblings grew up playing traditional tunes and step-dancing together at home and local stages.
13:42 Island Waste Management Commission plans expansion in Wellington »The Guardian - Local News
About 20 people turned out for an open house Tuesday evening in Miscouche where Island Waste Management Commission (IWMC) detailed plans for a proposed height extension to its East Prince waste management facility. The biggest contingent was from the Wellington fire department, expressing ...
13:00 Scotchfort woman sentenced to jail time for assault with a weapon »The Guardian - Local News
A 27-year-old Scotchfort woman was sentenced recently in provincial court to six months in the provincial correctional centre on each of two charges of assault with a weapon. The sentence, which was subsequently reduced to just 33 days in recognition of time spent on remand, was imposed in the ...
12:13 Residents must step forward in Mount Stewart »The Guardian - Opinion
Alarming acts of arson and vandalism have plagued the village of Mount Stewart and nearby Cherry Hill for much of this year. Several charges were finally laid last Friday which might signal a long-awaited break in the crime spree which has sent shivers of fear through the community. Two ...
12:10 Future challenges: Confronting climate change through human rights lens »The Guardian - Opinion
By Peter McKenna (guest opinion)


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