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Saturday February 6, 2016

23:04 Huskies down Panthers at MacLauchlan Arena »The Guardian - Sports
Francis Menard had a goal and two helpers Saturday as the Saint Mary's Huskies defeated the UPEI Panthers 6-2 in Atlantic University Sport men's hockey action. Former P.E.I. Rocket Ben Duffy, Matt Tipoff, Michael Curtis and Stephen MacAulay each added a goal and an assist at MacLauchlan ...
23:04 Huskies down Panthers at MacLauchlan Arena »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Francis Menard had a goal and two helpers Saturday as the Saint Mary's Huskies defeated the UPEI Panthers 6-2 in Atlantic University Sport men's hockey action. Former P.E.I. Rocket Ben Duffy, Matt Tipoff, Michael Curtis and Stephen MacAulay each added a goal and an assist at MacLauchlan ...
22:29 Kielly records four points in Islanders win »The Guardian - Sports
Kameron Kielly had a goal and three assists Saturday to lead the Charlottetown Islanders to a 6-4 win over the Halifax Mooseheads. Defenceman Alexis Vanier had two power-play goals while Jake Coughler had two even-strength markers in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action in Halifax. Dexter ...
22:29 Kielly records four points in Islanders win »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Kameron Kielly had a goal and three assists Saturday to lead the Charlottetown Islanders to a 6-4 win over the Halifax Mooseheads. Defenceman Alexis Vanier had two power-play goals while Jake Coughler had two even-strength markers in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action in Halifax. Dexter ...
21:00 Saturday Snow 1 »justpictureit
photo - Saturday Snow 1

On Saturday, 30 January morning, we awoke to quite a strange sight. A storm had been forecast and happened with some areas of the Maritimes getting rain while other got snow. Everywhere else (PEI) it was inbetween. All places got Northeast winds, a Nor'easter. We must have received rain and then snow with the temperature change being just right to create heavy snow laden branches. I went to the park and golf course in my community for some shots until the battery pack in my camera died. This shot of sky and trees is from home as I was leaving. It looked like the sun could break through any minute. I was hoping to get shade and sun later. This is sooc - straight out of camera but for large left side blemish on my sensor which I always try to correct.

20:44 St. FX wins both basketball games with UPEI on Saturday »The Guardian - Sports
The UPEI Panthers were swept Saturday by St. FX in Atlantic University Sport basketball. The women's Panthers lost 70-65 to split their weekend games with the X-Women while the men lost 96-90 to drop their second in as many days in Antigonish, N.S. The men's Panthers trailed 25-21 after the ...
18:07 P.E.I. could get more snow Monday »The Guardian - Local News
Special weather statement released for province
17:18 [URBAN NOTE] On the shooting of the Drake and Rihanna video "Work" at The Real Jerk »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
blogTO let me know last night that Toronto's Drake and Rihanna were shooting the video for the song "Work" at east-end restaurant The Real Jerk. The Toronto Star had more today.

A local eatery received the kind of PR that money just can’t buy, thanks to some homegrown talent.

Fans of Drake and Rihanna flocked to the The Real Jerk restaurant located at 842 Gerrard St. E. on Friday night for a chance to glimpse the superstars. RiRi was reportedly in town filming scenes for her latest music video “Work,” featuring Drizzy.

The restaurant tweeted Friday morning that they would be closed until Saturday at noon, but did not specify why.

An open casting call was held in Toronto last week looking for dancers to appear in the music video.

Rihanna has previously released in-progress footage of “Work” to her Snapchat account, but Drake has not been seen, leading fans to speculate that his scenes will take place in The Real Jerk.
17:18 Food lawyer Dan Kutcher to be inducted as next chamber president »Journal-Pioneer Local
Dan Kutcher, a lawyer from Cox and Palmer, will be the 116th president to lead the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce.
17:15 [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s Michelle DuBarry on being the oldest performing drag queen" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
In The Globe and Mail, Brad Wheeler interviews DuBarry, the oldest performing drag queen not only in Toronto but the world.

There was a time when it was a drag for men to wear dresses, but times have changed. Last month, Toronto’s Michelle DuBarry (a.k.a. Russell Alldread) was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest performing drag queen. We chatted with the celebrated performer by phone.

It’s improper to ask a lady her age, but is it okay to ask a drag queen?

Of course it is. I’m a man who wears dresses, and I’m 84 now. I don’t feel 84, actually.

Well, you don’t sound a day over 78. Can you talk about your early days as drag queen in Toronto?

Well, it was illegal in the 1950s, of course. We started off having little shows, wearing suits and ties, with a rose in the lapel. We would mime songs. Then we began to wear dresses, which started things. When the police came by to see what was happening, they wanted to charge us. They didn’t, but they did make sure we had men’s underwear on. [Laughs.]

So it was an underground thing?

I never thought of it as underground. I was doing what I wanted to do. In the fifties, I did midnight Shakespeare at the Trinity Quadrangle, where I was on stage with Lorne Greene. I was holding a spear. In the sixties, I got into professional drag at Club 511 [on Yonge Street]. It was all about loving theatre and doing miniature Broadway shows in drag. And, of course, there were Halloween nights at the St. Charles Tavern, where the crowds were out throwing ink and everything else.
17:13 [URBAN NOTE] "The challenge of getting to the bus stop" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Spacing Toronto's Sean Marshall notes the role of often overlooked, but critical, bus routes in mass transit in the Greater Toronto Area.

In the Greater Toronto Area, we have a fixation on building transit, especially subways, but we’re less interested in transit operations, especially local bus routes. But the majority of TTC riders take buses at least once daily, and the local bus stop is the first point of contact with the transit system for many riders. Sadly, there’s often very little thought put in to accessing local bus stops.

Needless to say, transit has a harder time in the suburbs. Suburbs are built for the car, laid out with crescents, cul-de-sacs and winding street systems meant to discourage through traffic in residential areas. Backyard fences line arterial roads, safe pedestrian crossings might be a ten or fifteen minute walk down the road. These factors, often known as the “last mile problem” can make it difficult for people living in subdivisions and near busy streets to easily access a nearby bus stop. GO Transit’s solution to the last mile problem was simple: it built giant parking lots and garages and developed a successful commuter rail system that expected its riders to park their cars at its stations.

Last year, Streetsblog USA asked its readers to vote for the sorriest bus stop in America, and some of the submissions are truly awful. But in the Greater Toronto Area, there are many examples of poorly designed or located bus stops. I’ll mention two: one in Brampton and one in Scarborough, but there are hundreds of stops in the Greater Toronto Area that could use some attention.

Intersections like the one at Steeles Avenue West and McMurchy/Malta Avenue in Brampton, which, granted isn’t as bad as the StreetsblogUSA submissions, is just one example of how not to get people out of cars and onto public transit. Some thought into placing bus stops and improving access to local transit is necessary.

I like Brampton Transit and what they’ve been doing over the last decade in my hometown. Since 2005, the suburban transit agency began to re-organize its routes into a grid system, improved schedules, and introduced new connections to Toronto and Mississauga. In September 2010, Brampton Transit introduced Züm, a network of limited-stop bus routes. My hometown’s bus system was no longer a joke.
17:11 Satisfaction » from peter rukavina

These days the bulk of my personal satisfaction in life comes from success at roof raking.

Last night, during a storm that dumped 50 cm of snow on the city, I made two trips out, followed by a more complete rake this morning. The result, with the cooperation of the bright sun today, is a good metre of bare roof on the front, and very little, if any, ice damming. Success!

Tomorrow I fly away for a week in New Hampshire and Ontario and I have to rely on the good graces of others to keep the roof clear in my absence.

17:10 [URBAN NOTE] "Metrolinx reconsidering Union Pearson Express fares as ridership sinks" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Tess Kalinowski reports on the continuing underperformance of the Union Pearson Express.

Toronto’s new airport train is struggling to attract riders amid continuing criticism that the $456 million Union Pearson Express is simply too expensive.

On Friday, Metrolinx, the provincial agency that runs the train, said it will consider price adjustments among other options for building ridership.

The standard one-way adult fare on UPX is $27.50 but riders paying with a Presto card can board for $19.

Six months after it launched, Union Pearson Express (UPX) ridership levels were down significantly from the summer, hitting a low of 65,593 riders in November, 13,000 fewer passengers than the October high of 79,000.

A report to the Metrolinx board on Wednesday, argues that it will take time to change the ingrained habits of travellers accustomed to driving or taking a cab to the airport.
15:12 Hurricanes, Mounties set for court battle on Sunday »The Guardian - Sports
The Holland College Hurricanes basketball teams host the Mount Allison Mounties in Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) action Sunday in Charlottetown. Game times are 2 p.m. for the women and 4 p.m. for the men. The women's Hurricanes enter the weekend with 11 straight wins and lead ...
14:26 Environment Canada retracts original snowfall report of 51 centimetres »The Guardian - Local News
Weather agency says province “realistically” received closer to 39 cm rather than originally reported 51
14:26 Storm creeps up on Islanders and then drops 51 centimetres of snow »The Guardian - Local News
The most recent storm to hit P.E.I. Friday got off to a slow start and it even stopped snowing for a time in the afternoon, but when Islanders awoke Saturday they were facing the task of digging out from 51 centimetres of snow. In fact, Prince Edward Island bore the brunt of the storm in terms ...
14:19 Off-reserve, non-status native people need support, says leader »The Guardian - Local News
Dwight Dorey, national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples in Charlottetown for meetings
14:15 Entrepreneurs look to make it big by signing up for Dragons’ Contest »Journal-Pioneer Local
More than a dozen people applied to the new francophone Dragons’ Contest, much to organizers’ delight.
14:03 [BLOG] Some Saturday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Gerry Canavan shares his curriculum for his course on the lives of animals.

  • Centauri Dreams reflects on Pluto.

  • The Everyday Sociology Blog notes the predominance of "dead white guys" in sociology.

  • Geocurrents notes the awkward position of Tatarstan, caught between Russia and Turkey.

  • Joe. My. God. notes same-sex marriage will be available in Greenland from the 1st of April.

  • Language Hat reacts to the controversial French spelling reform.

  • The Map Room Blog links to a site of judgemental maps of cities.

  • Marginal Revolution notes the surprisingly strong resistance to anesthesia in the 19th century.

  • Towleroad notes that the time Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana went to a London gay bar will be made into a musical.

  • Window on Eurasia notes one response to separatism in the Russian Far East.

13:27 Traffic running smoothly »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Confederation Bridge is currently open to all traffic after yesterday's storm.
13:00 Man who owes P.E.I. over $1,000 in driving fines speeds past police »The Guardian - Local News
Glen Allan MacQuarrie, 45, of North Winsloe gets three months in jail for driving while prohibited
11:04 December Reflections ~ The Last Half {A Little Late!} »Life on a Canadian Island
11:00 Joe Punzo opens new barber shop in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Business
Local barber, displaced by fire last year, decides to go into business for himself
10:55 iCanSoccer’s Player of the Day »Journal-Pioneer Sports
10:44 Super Bowl 50 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
A look at the keys for both teams in all three phases of the game
10:41 Great opportunity awaits Birt at Scotties »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Room for improvement with Caps’ schedule
10:39 Update on three Prince County hockey players »Journal-Pioneer Sports
All pick up assists in Friday’s action
10:28 Wild finish in Cape Breton »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Cooper scores in OT as Isles regroup for victory
10:11 The clean-up begins after 25-40 cms snow fall across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Saturday February 6th 10:10am.. The storm system that brought 25-40 cms snow across parts of PEI is now located just east of Newfoundland and continues to move away, meanwhile a ridge of high pressure is approaching from the west and … Continue reading
10:00 Nine tries at breath sample gets five days jail for Charlottetown man »The Guardian - Local News
Wendell Miller MacQuarrie, 48, was seen by police speeding, driving in middle of road
09:00 Adult colouring books popular on Prince Edward Island »The Guardian - Living
New colouring books on sale from Island artists Renée Laprise, Ambika Gail Rutherford, Nadine Staaf
08:29 FIDDLER'S FACTS: Prophet picks Denver to buck overwhelming consensus »The Guardian - Sports
Super Bowl poll shows Carolina team to beat, but Prophet has doubts
08:25 Wade MacLauchlan's comments leave electoral reform on life support »The Guardian - Opinion
On one hand premier pushes for reform, but on the other, he tries to guide Islanders toward unpopular option
08:20 A well-deserved tantrum »The Guardian - Opinion
Pets wiggle their way into our hearts; losing them is like losing a valuable member of the family
08:20 Man's Best Friend, a well-deserved tantrum »The Guardian - Opinion
Pets wiggle their way into our hearts; losing them is like losing a valuable member of the family. I had a temper tantrum a few days ago. You know, the kind where you mentally lash out at what you perceive as the unfairness and injustice of the world and what’s happening around you - “you” ...
08:14 Journalism is never a popularity contest »The Guardian - Opinion
“Rick, there’s someone for you on line two,” said Debbie over the intercom. As an editor, I’d learned over the years it’s always best to know who is on the other end of the line when you pick up the telephone. Like most life lessons, I learned it the hard way. I picked up the phone once to find ...
08:12 Islanders paying unnecessary tax »The Guardian - Opinion
There is recent speculation that we might be looking at an increase in the HST in P.E.I. Close to 15 years ago a tax was levied on us in a stealth manner. It was one we didn’t see coming, unlike raising the HST. In 2002, the province starting using a separate form from the feds. This was an ...
08:12 Mentoring: Gaining wisdom without risk »The Guardian - Business
A coach or mentor who encourages you, and sincerely wants you to do your best, is the best asset any manager can have. I found that out the hard way many years ago. As a new manager at a Fortune 500 company I took the attitude that the reason I got promoted over the others was because I was ...
08:07 Beautifully illustrated children's books tell cultural stories »The Guardian - Living
Each of the three books reviewed this week comes from a different culture. "Thundermaker" by Alan Syliboy (Nimbus, $19.95) represents the Mi'kmaw, "Le Pit a Papa" by Angele Arsenault, Marie-France Comeau, and Marie Cadieu represents the Acadians, while "Explosion Newsie" by Jacqueline Halsey, ...
08:06 Island weather: The need to be safe or the need to make money? »The Guardian - Opinion
I read with interest the letter from Ryan Faulds (Toronto snowy winters) and felt compelled to respond. I too am from Mississauga/Toronto and have been on the island for 13 years. It is a fact that most people in Toronto and area do not have snow tires on their cars. They feel as they don't ...
08:06 Mi'kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I. has no connection to CMT lawsuit »The Guardian - Opinion
In regards to The Guardian's article "E-gaming lawsuit dismissed" (February 5, 2016), which reported on the recently dismissed lawsuit between Capital Market Technologies and the Government of Prince Edward Island, as well as various named parties - none of whom have any connection to the ...
08:06 Time for IRAC to just say no to Maritime Electric »The Guardian - Opinion
P.E.I. has no energy policy. Maritime Electric remains the Island’s primary electrical utility leaving consumers with lack of choice with the utility sustaining its monopoly. This utility’s only interest is to shareholders’ returns at customers’ expense. It collected $21 million in overpayment ...
07:22 Helping »Island Musings
An acquaintance has asked for support. 
07:00 P.E.I. needs a survival plan for heart attacks »The Guardian - Local News
Without AED, chance of survival drops by seven to 10 per cent with each passing minute, says expert
06:49 Daily Specials for Saturday, February 6, 2016 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Saturday, February 6, 2016 are:

  • Potato-Leek Soup...$4.99
  • Triple Threat Breakfast Skillet $14.99 Our signature hash pan fried with 3 vegetables (red and green peppers, and onions) 3 meats (sausage, bacon and ham) and topped with 3 eggs over easy and a 3 cheese blend. Comes with a side of holly and 3 and a half pieces of toast.

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440



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