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Friday November 24, 2017

14:13 The Hard Truths of Canada’s History »Acts of Volition
Speaking of the victims of residential schools in Newfoundland & Labrador, The Prime Minister of Canada said: “Many were sorely neglected and not properly fed, clothed, or housed. Others suffered physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. All were deprived of the love and care of their families, of their parents, and of their communities. These are … 
12:55 Xplornet »Island Musings
I had a number of inquiries regarding my satisfaction-or lack there of- of the Xplornet LTE high-speed Internet residential service. I was certainly reluctant given very negative reports and reviews for this company. Most of the negative reviews that I have read relate to their satellite Internet service. As previously mentioned the LTE service is&ellipsis;Read the full post »
12:39 Motor Vehicle Collision - Leaving Accident Scene »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
On November 23rd at 10:30pm, Charlottetown Police Services responded to a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of the Arterial Highway and St. Peter's Road. The male driver of one vehicle fled the scene on foot. Both vehicles sustained significant damage, no injuries were reported; police are continuing with their investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident may contact police at 902-629-4172.
12:34 Is there no limit »Island Musings
To our ability to go a’whoring.
09:38 Traffic Advisory: Delays on Kirkwood Street »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-24 Please be advised that the west bound lane on Kirkwood Street, between Queen Street and Willow Street
08:56 Warm-up begins tonight across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday, November 24th 9:00am.. An area of high pressure will slide by to the south of the Maritimes today and tonight. This feature will give sunshine to the island today with a light westerly wind. Winds will shift to the … Continue reading

Thursday November 23, 2017

22:01 Wasaga Boarders »justpictureit
photo - Wasaga Boarders

As promised, another look at the paddle boarders.

21:39 »Acts of Volition
The greatest feature of the Web may be that it ignores double spaces after a period.
20:34 Community Notices »Women's Equality PEI
Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, November 23, 2017 New listings this week: 1) Purple Ribbons and Posters Available! 2) Memorial Services for Victims of Violence 3) PEI Status of Women 2017 Fall/Winter Newsletter 4) #MYActionsMatter Campaign Launches the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence 5) Men Gather in Support […]
19:49 Trudeau - 2017 Symons Lecture/Medal presentation - The Canadian... »nathan rochford:blog

Trudeau - 2017 Symons Lecture/Medal presentation - The Canadian Press

19:47 It’s Thanksgiving in the USA (thank goodness)! »John Cairns Blog
Hey, folks, something to cheer about, finally! It is Thanksgiving in the USA! Hopefully, now we will finally get a brief respite from these never ending stories about crazy President Trump and American politics, or about sexual harassment scandals (I guess Charlie Rose was the latest to get whacked) and related nonsense. I understand even […]
16:25 Memorial Services for Victims of Violence »Women's Equality PEI
Don’t stand by. Stand with. Everyone has a part to play in preventing violence against women. The Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence (Campagne du ruban violet contre la violence) was initiated by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women in 1991 to remember the 14 women who were murdered at L’École Polytechnique in […]
16:11 2017-2018 Purple Ribbon Campaign »Women's Equality PEI
Don’t stand by. Stand with. Everyone has a part to play in preventing violence against women. The Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence (Campagne du ruban violet contre la violence) was initiated by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women in 1991 to remember the 14 women who were murdered at L’École Polytechnique in […]
14:52 Notice of Special Meeting of Council »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-23 A special meeting of Council will be held on Monday, November 27 at 5:30 p.m in Council Chambers
14:02 Wintertide Holiday Festival Tree Lighting to Have Extra Sparkle »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-23 The Wintertide Holiday Festival Tree Lighting, which takes place on Friday, November 24, will have
13:55 Sidewalk in Front of City Hall Closed Temporarily »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-23 The public is advised that a section of sidewalk at City Hall (199 Queen Street) will be closed today
10:59 5 Ways to Use Google Home for the Holidays »AmberMac
With Google Home in my house, I feel like I have an extra set of hands to make my life easier. I have Google Home in my main floor living room and Google Home Mini upstairs outside our bedrooms. When people ask me about Google Assistant, the software that powers Google Home, they often think […]
09:17 Annual Jingle Bell Walk to Take Place on December 1 »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-23 The City of Charlottetown's Parks and Recreation Department will host the 22nd annual Jingle Bell Walk
08:46 Accessible Parking Awareness Day on November 24 »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-23 November 24 is Accessible Parking Awareness Day and the City of Charlottetown is using it as
08:29 Christmas Shopping Safety »Charlottetown Police Public Announcements

Charlottetown Police Services would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to make certain your vehicle is locked, and any valuables are locked away Out of Sight.

Theft is a crime of opportunity, please ensure valuables are locked away to ensure you don't become a victim.

The Charlottetown Police Services wishes all citizens a Safe and Happy holidays.

Wednesday November 22, 2017

21:01 Bridge »Pedaling PEI
21:01 Milkweed Seedpods »justpictureit
photo - Milkweed Seedpods

I brought home milkweed seeds like these to spread around my area hoping to attract monarchs. It is so strange that each time I get monarchs they around the lids of trashbins. I have checked the invasive species list and they are perfectly fine to plant here.

15:34 Traffic Advisory: Closure on Victoria Row »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-22 Victoria Row (from Queen Street to Great George Street) will be closed for the day on Thursday
15:24 Transit to Change Schedule for Special Events This Weekend »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-22 T3 Transit has announced plans to temporarily change its schedule to accomodate special events
12:57 The Capital City’s Annual Christmas Parade is on November 25 »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-22 The City of Charlottetown's 19th annual Christmas Parade will take place at 5 p.m. on Saturday,
12:27 Man Charged Attempted Murder - Euston Street »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Last week the Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint regarding a disturbance at an address on Euston Street. After an investigation by the Charlottetown Police Services Major Crime Unit, a 27 year old Charlottetown area male has charged with attempted murder, arson and assault with a weapon. Victim's, one male and the other female, received facial lacerations requiring medical treatment. Damage to the residence was the result of an intentional fire. Accused has been remanded into custody, and will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
12:01 Past Christmas/Winter Teas »Aiken House & Gardens
11:40 REMINDER: Wintertide Holiday Festival Tree Lighting on November 24 »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-21 The City of Charlottetown's Wintertide Holiday Festival kicks off this week with the annual Wintertide
07:25 Rain, wind and mild temps expected tonight across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Wednesday, November 22nd 7:20am.. A ridge of high pressure oriented North-south over western Newfoundland continued to give mainly clear skies to this island this morning but clouds will quickly increase today as a developing low pressure system off Cape Hattaras … Continue reading
06:57 How much data »Island Musings
Ever wonder how much data you send and receive over the Internet? Yesterday I had installation of LTE wireless access. In a 12 hour period I used 7 gigs of data. That included 3 hours of streaming TV. One hour was at very high definition and two hours of medium definition. I also did numerous&ellipsis;Read the full post »
00:25 Lots of deaths to report: David Cassidy, Charles Manson etc. etc. »John Cairns Blog
What a last few days for deaths of well-known people. Here is a brief rundown: First, notorious mass murderer Charles Manson. Dead. AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young. Dead. Della Reese from Touched by an Angel. Dead. And just today, David Cassidy of Partridge Family fame. Even though this was widely expected, I feel the same way […]

Tuesday November 21, 2017

22:01 New Feature Trial »justpictureit
photo - New Feature Trial

One of the most interesting aspects of Wasaga Beach, Ontario is the constant changing of water colour, from hour to hour from day to day, always changing. My aunt and uncle live on the end of the beach nearer the #10 road and the main comercial beach is at the pin on the map. My other aunt lives in Barrie from where I have shown boats, beaches, gulls and along a boardwalk and will continue to do so. I added a second map to show how far north Peter is from there. I chose to keep Toronto and Ottawa on the map to show the size of that huge province.

16:15 Holiday How-To: Make Your Own Photo Tree »AmberMac
I have thousands of photos on my phone, so I was looking for a fun way to share some family favs. In partnership.with HP Canada, I created my very own photo tree. It took me a couple of hours to plan and print (using the $159.99 HP Sprocket portable printer & ZINC paper, which has […]
16:09 Traffic Advisory: Closure on Victoria Row »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-21 Victoria Row (from Queen Street to Great George Street) will be closed for the day on Wednesday,
16:08 Traffic Advisory: King Street Section Closed on November 22 »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-21 King Street, between Queen Street and Great George Street, will be closed for the day on Wednesday
14:02 How I Meditate with Mala Beads »Life on a Canadian Island
06:42 Warm-up begins today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Tuesday, November 21st 6:40am.. A ridge of high pressure oriented north-south is currently located through Quebec. This feature will drift eastward today and should cross the island late this afternoon. Skies will begin to cloud up as a warm front … Continue reading

Monday November 20, 2017

23:19 Tweet tweet tweet! Spent the weekend working; occasionally watched important sporting events (CFL, NASCAR, etc.) »John Cairns Blog
I have no life at the moment and therefore I have no time to post, so instead here are Retweets of important happenings from the weekend, starting with the ‘Riders… That's a wrap on 2017, #RiderNation. Congratulations to the @TorontoArgos on an incredible game.#RiderPride — Sask. Roughriders (@sskroughriders) November 19, 2017 And then NASCAR… […]
22:01 Autumned Areas »justpictureit
photo - Autumned Areas

I was not out autumn shooting per se but when I returned from my vacation autumn leaves were at their peak. Simple errands took me to beautiful scene after beautiful scene. What pleasure these autumn days give.

21:46 What’s important counts »Acts of Volition
In the extraordinary documentary, The Vietnam War by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, an ‘Army Advisor’ named James Willbanks says: “If you can’t count what’s important, you make what you can count important.” This is true in more than war.
16:51 Victorian Christmas Weekend Traffic Advisory and Details »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-20 The Victorian Christmas Weekend will take place from Friday, November 24 until Sunday, November 26
12:15 No shame »Island Musings
I encountered this when I called Bell on a service issue. They tried to sell me call blocking, which is not available from Bell on pei.
11:02 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! »Rose Chintz Cottage
09:47 Final Preparations Underway for Annual Charlottetown Christmas Parade »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-20 Final preparations are underway for the 19th annual Charlottetown Christmas Parade, taking place
09:25 10 PEI Views You Need to See »Welcome PEI!
There’s no question that Prince Edward Island is well-known as a scenic destination – from the red soil to the rolling hillsides, there’s no shortage of incredible landscapes to see. Sometimes though, a small change in perspective can make it seem like you’re in a totally different world. PEI has … More
09:06 Cloudy and cool conditions expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Monday, November 20th 9:00am.. A low pressure system approached and passed west of the Maritimes yesterday and is now located over western Labrador. This system brought the rain and mild temperatures to the island but a cold front extending southward … Continue reading
08:51 Victorian Christmas Weekend Returns November 24 - 26, in Charlottetown! »City of Charlottetown
2017-11-20 Victorian Christmas Weekend returns to historic Charlottetown this year and, for the first time ever

Sunday November 19, 2017

21:01 Riverside Stroll »justpictureit
photo - Riverside Stroll

The riverside is special. As Brian might put it, I've added a teaser for a week in the future. All of the grass shots in this collection are SOOC. The light was magnificent.

18:43 Top Holiday Helper Apps for 2017 »AmberMac
It’s that time of year again when we’re all juggling a million different personal and professional tasks. To make this season a little bit easier, here are five apps that can help you with everything from making a better to-do list, tracking your shopping orders, sending Santa to a new location, find the right festive […]
16:27 Why »Island Musings
Why do I have to press one for English when you’re just going to transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway?
10:19 Man Assaulted With Knife - Female Arrested »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint Friday night, regarding an assault occurring at an address on Fitzroy St. Police arrived and determined a woman had stabbed a man in the facial area with a knife. Police subsequently arrested a 28 year old resident of Charlottetown for assault with a weapon. Accused female was jailed and will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date; victim sustained non life threatening injuries.

Saturday November 18, 2017

22:01 Waterfront Clouds »justpictureit
photo - Waterfront Clouds

Toronto Trail from a bus window.

19:01 Tree lights »Pedaling PEI
11:36 A thunderous pucker »Island Musings
PayPal has been directed to hand over information regarding its Canadian business holders to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). The digital payments giant announced that it has been served with a federal court order to disclose relevant information within 45 days to the CRA, information that identifies account holders and describes the total amount and&ellipsis;Read the full post »
08:38 Diminishing NW winds today across PEI »peistormchaser
Saturday, November 18th 8:30am.. A low pressure system drifted slowly eastward along the north shore of PEI yesterday and is now located over the Cabot Strait. Brisk-strong NW winds developed across the island as the  system passed. Falling temperatures resulted … Continue reading
07:27 Educational Technology and Education Conferences for January to June 2018, Edition #38 »EdTechTalk (Dave Cormier)

Educational Technology and Education Conferences

for January to June 2018, Edition #38

Prepared by Clayton R. Wright, crwr77 at, November 12, 2017

read more

Friday November 17, 2017

21:01 Life for Purrl »justpictureit
photo - Life for Purrl

Not in time for Halloween this year but not forgotten.