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Monday September 22, 2014

03:46 How I Write A Book… »Doug Hall's Innovation Engineering Leadership blog
Good Morning, Every morning I greet the sunrise with a cup of espresso and the joy of giving voice to ideas that have emerged from my subconscious during the night.  Book writing is the most rewarding and difficult thing I do.  It’s just you and the page. For years I tried to write only good [Read the full post...]
02:03 Don't hold back CBC... (64 Words) » | New Topics
From CBC radio's Mainstreet twitter:

"[i]Oh man Having an event for a former CBC colleague and @MikeDuffy shows up What a way to ruin a party #pei[/i]"

If it's a joke, I don't get it. I assume the former colleague may be Wayne Collins and there is the PC connection to Duffy but I'm still not sure what it means, if anything....
01:15 Hurricanes blow away opposition on the diamond »The Guardian - Sports
Most baseball teams can hold a five-run first inning lead and the Holland College Hurricanes were no exception in an 11-0 rout of the St. F.X. X-Men on Sunday in Charlottetown.Hurricanes first baseman Nick MacPhail had a two-run double in the first that broke the X-Men backs and provided all ...
01:13 Hurricanes rally to win home football opener »The Guardian - Sports
The Holland College Hurricanes remain undefeated after beating the UNB Fredericton Red Bombers 37-20 Sunday afternoon at the UPEI Alumni Canada Games Place. The Hurricanes struck first on their first possession of the game. After a long kickoff return by Stephen Knapton, running back Jamal ...

Sunday September 21, 2014

22:40 Casey advances to final of Shorty Jenkins Classic »The Guardian - Sports
Olympic gold-medallist defeats P.E.I. rink
22:11 Driftwood in New Brunswick » - Need peace? Go East!
22:00 Woodland Wonders »justpictureit
photo - Woodland Wonders

Cladonia chlorophaea, club moss and mystery mushroom. Lichen, mosses and mushrooms are so beautiful in their miniature habitat in the amazing forest.

21:23 [NEWS] Some Sunday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Al Jazeera notes the quilombos of Brazil founded by escaped slaves and looks at the strength of the separatist vote in Scotland's largest city of Glasgow.

  • Bloomberg notes continuing tensions between North Korea and Japan over Japanese abductees, looks at Russian state subsidies to sanctions-hit companies, suggests a softening of Polish foreign policy versus Russia, and notes how Johannesburg is flourishing as gateway to Africa despite high crime and inequality.

  • The Bloomberg View notes separatist concerns depressing yields of Catalonian and Spanish bonds, and wonders if Gujarat's industrial economy might serve as an example for all India.

  • CBC notes that national newspapers are no longer being sold in Yellowknife, looks at the case of an Iroquois girl refusing chemotherapy, and notes that the Angelina Jolie effect boosting breast cancer screening endures.

  • Open Democracy examines Catalonian separatism, looks at India's changing Palestinian policy, considers trends in ideology in Hungary, wonders if Jordan will be next to succumb to the Islamic state, and examines anti-Syrian sentiment in Lebanon.

  • Wired examines teletext and notes the strength of China's Alibaba.

21:01 Narragansett nails Summerside feature event »The Guardian - Sports
Cheverie records a driving triple
20:53 Ghiz Team Ignore Crisis, ‘Brain Trust’ Scrambles to Gamble, Vegas “Comp Suite” »
Maybe it gets brought up during dinner something like this, “Well Daddy has a big crisis on his hands as Premier, so cousin Bill Dow and best pal Brooke MacMillan will arrange a complimentary room in Las Vegas for a … Continue reading
20:43 A walk in the right direction »The Guardian - Local News
A Climate Justice March was held at Province House in Charlottetown Sunday giving Islanders a chance to join in solidarity and to voice their concerns of climate change. Sunday was International Peace Day and across the world several peace walks took place with the biggest one in New York ...
20:18 Narragansett nails Summerside feature »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Cheverie records a driving triple
20:13 Panthers sweep games from Moncton »The Guardian - Sports
The UPEI men’s soccer Panthers are back in the hunt following a convincing 2-0 win over the University of Moncton Sunday in Moncton. Both teams had to contend with a blustery wind, UPEI in the first half and Moncton in the second. The Panthers took control in the first half in the35th minute ...
20:09 [BLOG] Some Sunday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO notes an interesting play being put on at Buddies in Bad Times about a same-sex couple's divorce.

  • Centauri Dreams features a guest post from Andrew Lepage examining habitable exomoons.

  • Crooked Timber notes the exceptionally high voter turn-out in Scotland.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes China's attempts to construct a new security architecture in Asia.

  • Eastern Approaches notes that Poland's Radek Sikorski is now foreign minister.

  • A Fistful of Euros' Edward Hugh notes that the Eurozone is set to become Japan-like economically.

  • Far Outliers has a whole slew of posts on Romanian history, noting early Romanian history, the autonomy of the Danubian principalities from Ottoman rule, and the complex relationships in Transylvania and with central Europe.

  • Geocurrents notes that one Islamic State map was made from a computer game.

  • Joe. My. God. notes that the final segment of New York City's High Line park is complete.

  • Language Hat notes the Scots dialect of Yiddish.

  • Marginal Revolution looks forward to the complexities of Catalonian separatism.

  • Registan notes Kazakhstan's concerns with Russia.

  • The Search examines methodologies for preserving E-mails.

  • Towleroad notes that a Grindr poll in Scotland accurately predicted the outcome of the Scottish referendum and also notes Grindr's concern with Egyptian police use of the app.

  • Understanding Society considers the idea of turning points in history. Do they exist, or not?

  • The Volokh Conspiracy's Ilya Somin comes out in favour of allowing informed teenagers--16 years and older--to vote.

  • Window on Eurasia notes Russification in the Gagauz leadership and observes Russophilia among Ukrainian evangelical Protestants.

  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell imagines likely issues with devolution in the near future in the United Kingdom.

19:56 Islanders seek livable income »The Guardian - Local News
Getting all Islanders above the poverty line was the focus during a symposium on social justice at Holland College this weekend. The first annual Cooper Institute Social Justice Symposium took place at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology in Charlottetown Saturday and surprised ...
19:55 I call you “The Super Omelette”. #nomnomnom... »

I call you “The Super Omelette”. #nomnomnom #afterracehunger #armyrun2014 (at 26 Nepean)

19:42 Casey advances to final of Shorty Jenkins Classic »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Olympic gold-medallist defeats P.E.I. rink
19:42 UPDATED: Casey advances to final of Shorty Jenkins Classic »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Olympic gold-medallist defeats P.E.I. rink
19:25 Kenya is a tense country of rival ethnic groups »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Many Prince Edward Islanders know about Kenya through the work of Farmers Helping Farmers, a group founded in 1979 that is involved with various small-scale agricultural projects in that country, particularly in Meru.
19:22 Coming out in support of Pesticide-free P.E.I. »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Editor, My concern is the extensive, unnecessary and avoidable pesticide applications — lawn and potato field — on this not any longer so gentle Island.
19:19 So much to celebrate at harvest time »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
When it comes to harvest time, no one province and its farmers and fishers do it better than Prince Edward Island.
19:06 RCMP warn of spike in thefts from unlocked vehicles »The Guardian - Local News
RCMP officers are warning Islanders to lock their vehicle doors after a string of thefts during the past month. Police in both Queens and Prince counties said they have seen a spike of theft reports from unlocked vehicles during the past few weeks. Officers said that the targeted vehicles have ...
18:53 Planting trees for a greener community »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Thanks to some of its residents, Summerside is now a little bit greener.
18:50 Atom Spartans have successful debut »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Pull out nail-biting win before big crowd at Eric Johnston Field
18:48 A healthy welcome »Journal-Pioneer Local
Organic farm welcomes visitors as part of Open Farm Day
18:48 Bridgewater exacts revenge on Cobequid in KISH Volleyball Extravaganza »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Vikings prevail in rematch of last year’s final
18:42 Running for Africa »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON – A newly organized walking and running event was held in the town of Kensington on Saturday to support a school in Kenya.
18:01 Athletics defeat Bombers in Game 1 of KCBL final »The Guardian - Sports
The P.E.I. Brewing Company Athletics defeated the Peakes Bombers 9-8 Sunday to take Game 1 of the Kings County Baseball League final. They lead the best-of-seven final 1-0. No date has been set for Game 2. The Athletics scored three runs in the bottom of the first inning at MacNeill Field in ...


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