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Wednesday April 16, 2014

19:00 About Last Night at Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 3 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Sexual Content, Coarse Language)
Runs: 98 minutes
Director: Steve Pink
Country: US
Released: 2014
Starring: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant

“Broader, cruder and raunchier than the original. What is surprising it that's also much, much funnier... this version scores enough rude laughs to satisfy men as well as their dates” - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter. “Sexy, witty and romantic, About Last Night is a remake of the 1986 film adapted from David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago... This one has a lot more steam in its dialogue. Danny and Debbie have a one-night stand that results in a ‘friends with benefits’ situation in which neither admits to having feelings for the other. In turn, their friends, Bernie and Joan, have a screaming, sometimes-drunken, intense relationship with fireworks. This is always contrasted with the more gentle flame that burns for Danny and Debbie. Bernie and Joan provide most of the laugh-out-loud comedy because they’re so outrageous... Early and Bryant have a wonderful chemistry. Hall and Hart are delightful as the loud, hard-drinking, motor-mouthed couple whose patter is so snappy and profane that you might miss out on some jokes along the way because you’ll be laughing so hard... Sophisticated, with a terrific ensemble, About Last Night is worth revisiting.” - Linda Cook, Quad City Times

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

09:00 Downtown Charlottetown could see more outdoor patios »The Guardian - Local News
There could be more outdoor restaurant patios and new rules for businesses that sell food out of trucks or carts in Charlottetown this summer. City council gave first and second reading to its street vendors bylaw at its regular public monthly meeting on Monday night. The process opens issues ...
08:48 Learn Windows 8.1 Update Charms in 4 Minutes »NJN Network
Here's a quick way to learn the Charms features in Windows 8.1 Update 1
08:30 Summerside lifter heading to world event »The Guardian - Sports
Tilman Gallant of Summerside has his goals set for this week’s World Masters Bench Press Championships in Northumberland, England.Lifting in the master three, 83kg category, Gallant wants to win a medal and break a national and a commonwealth record. “I believe that I do have a chance to bring ...
08:26 Province House protest calls for more addictions services »Journal-Pioneer Local
“People are dying – there’s no treatment here for people that are suffering with mental illness and addiction,” a mother told a crowd of supporters during a protest at Province House Tuesday.
08:22 Transportation minister says repairs will be made to rocky Plan B highway »Journal-Pioneer Local
Driving on the realigned portion of the Trans-Canada Highway through Bonshaw is going to get smoother as the weather improves.
08:20 Easter Seals ambassador kicks off P.E.I. school tour »Journal-Pioneer Local
Applause erupted in the gymnasium at West Royalty Elementary School in Charlottetown as Brett Robinson made his way to the front of the room.
08:13 Ghiz commits to addictions facility, but only if recommend by chief addictions officer »Journal-Pioneer Local
Premier Robert Ghiz has committed to immediately amending this year’s budget to build a new addictions facility – but only if the province’s chief mental health and addictions officer recommends it.
08:09 Sheridan cleared in ruling by House Speaker »Journal-Pioneer Local
Finance Minister Wes Sheridan did not commit a breach of privilege in his accounting of the $25-million HST transition payment from Ottawa, House Speaker Carolyn Bertram has ruled.
08:04 Environment Canada issues special weather statement for P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Queens County as recent warm temperatures are expected to come to a sudden end. A cold front is moving across P.E.I. and Environment Canada expects rain to turn to freezing rain or ice pellets. Parts of P.E.I. could see 10-15 ...
05:20 Construction on schedule at Souris K-12 school »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper
Story by: 
Luke Arbuckle

Despite earlier concerns that construction at the new Souris K-12 school might fall behind schedule, students at both Souris Consolidated and Souris High School will be out three weeks early this year to keep construction of the new K-12 school on schedule.

Tyler Richardson, manager of building design and construction with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said earlier this year, the department was concerned the school might be falling behind schedule.

“In January and February, we were concerned that we were just finally getting the third floor for the K-6 wing enclosed, but we’ve made up some of the time and we’re right on schedule now,” Mr Richardson said.

“But, we’re making up time now and there is some great progress being made. I’d say that we’re right on schedule with the school’s construction.”

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05:20 Extreme fee increases for access to mail »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper
Story by: 
Angus McPhail

A Rollo Bay resident who has to pay for mail delivery is noticing that her fees are greatly increasing with no significant increase in service.

Anne McPhee operates a rental business out of Souris.

She requires mail delivery, as some residents in her units have their rent paid for by government programs like social assistance. These methods of payment only come through post delivery and are not made online.

However, due to snow build-up during the winter at her residence in Rollo Bay, she cannot keep a rural route delivery year round as her mailbox is often covered with snow or even destroyed accidentally by passing plows.

As such, she keeps a Post Office box at the Souris Post Office, but she has noticed her fees have increased with no increase in service.

Ms McPhee has been paying for her post office box since 2001. At that time, she paid $60 a year.

“This year by bill was $171,” she said.

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05:20 Fishing season opened Tuesday »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

Ryan and Hunter LeBlanc were out on the first day of fishing season, just three days before Hunter’s ninth birthday. Although they hail from Cornwall, Ryan has been coming to the bridge on Riverside Drive in Montague ever since he was two years old. “This is the spot,” he said as he waited for his first catch of the season.

Angus McPhail photo


05:20 Local powerlifter sets Canadian record »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

Cara MacKenzie of Souris recently won a gold medal and created a new Canadian record in the deadlift at the 2014 Canadian Powerlifting Championships in St Catherine’s, Ontario. MacKenzie, a Grade 12 student at Souris Regional High School, successfully defended her 2013 national title. She finished her competition with a total lift of 285.5 kg (630 lbs) and a new Canadian deadlift record of 145.5 kg (320 lbs). Overall, she ended the championships 3rd in the Women’s Subjunior division, taking a gold medal in the 72 kg weight class and qualified to compete for Team Canada at the 2014 IPF Classic World Championships in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Submitted photo


05:20 MRHS springs second leak this year »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper
Story by: 
Luke Arbuckle

Damage was done to the Montague Regional High School again when a drain pipe came apart earlier this month.

John Cummings, director of corporate services with the English Language School Board, said the leak resulted in minor repairs needing to be done.

“We did have another incident where we had a drain pipe come apart at the joint in the ceiling cavity over the staff room of the high school,” he said.

“We did have water come into the staff room. It impacted that area and the classroom below was impacted as well.”

Mr Cummings said the leak was repaired and work began to repair the damage done to the rooms.

“I believe there is still a little bit of minor work to be done in the staff room, they did have to do some work around the base of the Gyprock, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s completed or not yet,” Mr Cummings said.

“If it’s not, it should be very shortly.”

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05:20 Residents blame government changes to MacLure’s Dam for basement flooding »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper
Story by: 
Angus McPhail

Some Murray River residents are having their basements flooded and are blaming recent government changes to MacLure’s Dam.

Bud Lowe is a 70-year-old resident of Murray River. He said the changes by the government implemented to MacLure’s Dam have caused water levels to rise too high and nobody is able to control the flow of the dam.

Mr Lowe said he and other concerned residents want to know who has control of the water levels in the dam. Without a sump pump, his basement would completely flood.

“I’ve never seen it this bad,” he said, referring to the water levels.

Mr Lowe said he has contacted people in municipal, provincial, and federal governments, but no one seems to be able to tell him who is in charge of making sure the water levels in the dam do not reach levels that are too high.

“That’s the idea of a dam, to lower and raise the water flow.”

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05:20 Wayne Spin returns to Town Council »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper
Story by: 
Luke Arbuckle

Councillor Spin Returns

Councillor Wayne Spin was welcomed back to his seat at the Montague Town Council meeting on Monday and wanted a moment to thank the council and the community for their support.

Mr Spin had been away while recovering from a heart attack he suffered in February.

“Thank you for carrying the weight while I was away,” he said to council jokingly.

“But honestly, I do want to thank the council and the citizens of Montague for their love and support. On behalf of myself and my family, I want to say thank you.”

After Mr Spin’s welcome back, council set to the issues at hand.

Restaurant owner concerned over food vendors

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05:15 Alberton fire district fails to sign contract after due increase »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
05:15 McNeills Mills Road resident wants province to step up after extensive ditch flooding »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
05:15 Provincial budget investment welcomed by diabetes patients »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
05:15 Where paint brush meets canvas »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper

25 seniors from the Deblois Seniors Club participated in an eight week LEAP arts program at the Le Conseil Rev S-E Perrey Inc in Deblois, taught by artist Lynn Gaudet. At the conclusion of the eight weeks, the Le Conseil Rev S-E Perrey Inc hosted a expo for everyone’s finished works. Shown from the left, with samples of their art, are Freda Benard, Jean Murphy and Linda Arsenault.

Zack Metcalfe photo


05:10 ADAPT board holds retreat to discuss future »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Andy Walker

As this issue went to press, members of the board of directors of the PEI ADAPT Council were holding a retreat to plan the future of the organization.
Since 1997, the council had been delivering federal programs aimed at helping the agriculture industry adapt to new challenges through a series of five year funding agreements. The last of that funding, the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program, expired at the end of March.
“We are still in existence but we are not sure just what happens next,” said Executive Director Phil Ferraro. “We hope to be able to make an announcement in May.”
The council, one of 14 similar organizations across the country, received the news in the 2012-2013 budget, that the program funding was ending. For a while, it looked like the council was going to morph into a new agency called PEI FarmWorks.

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05:10 Agriculture Committee wants moratorium to stay in place »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Andy Walker

Keep the moratorium on deep water wells in place – at least for now.
That was the recommendation the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Forestry had for their fellow MLA’s when Chair Paula Biggar tabled its report in the legislature. The committee spent more than a month hearing from groups and individuals on both sides of the issue.
Lifting the moratorium, which has been in place since 2002, has been a hot topic in the province since last summer, when PEI Potato Board Chair Gary Linkletter called on government to lift the ban following two dry summers. There were rumours the ban was to be lifted in December, setting off a flurry of letters to the editor against the ban. The Potato Board responded with a public relations campaign of its own.

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05:10 Blueberry growers optimistic as coming season looms »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Andy Walker

As they wait for the last of the snow to melt, blueberry growers in the province were decidedly upbeat when they gathered in Cornwall recently for the annual meeting of the PEI Wild Blueberry Growers Association.
There was a record harvest in 2013 and prices were relative good. Association President Dave MacNearney also noted Wyman’s Canada (the major processor in the province) is now in the midst of a major expansion to its capacity. He said that obviously shows the company (which has its head office in Maine), has confidence in the long term future of the Island industry.
The snow cover provided by the worst winter in over 40 years has growers optimistic there will be little in the way of winter plant loss. MacNearney said many growers made significant improvements to their production practices over the last decade, and that is one of the reasons for the increased yield.

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05:10 Cavendish growers agree to price cut while seed growers face added costs »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Andy Walker

With the 2014 growing season just around the corner, there have been significant changes that will impact the bottom line of both processing and seed growers.
Producers who grow for Cavendish Farms have approved a deal which sees a 3.3 per cent reduction in the base price. Potato Board General Manager Greg Donald  noted there are also some differences in the contract language and the actual financial impact will vary from producer to producer.  While nobody obviously likes a decrease, Donald said growers had been expecting a tough round of negotiations. An increase in production volumes, coupled with less than expected market growth, has resulted in significant reduction in volumes throughout North America.

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05:00 A game of “What If” »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Ian Petrie

Montreal Expos fans (guilty) have been playing a little “what if” recently. It’s been 20 years since a group of players that had slowly developed over two years under the patient guidance of manager Felipe Alou became the best team in baseball.
This dream season ended in mid August, 1994, when bitterness between team owners and players over collusion and a salary cap, led to a strike that went on until the following year, wiping out the World Series. Ten years later, the Expos were gone to Washington.

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05:00 Farm Price Index down »Island Farmer publication

The Farm Product Price Index (FPPI) was down 7.3% in December from December 2012, mainly because of lower crop prices.
This was the fifth consecutive year-over-year decrease, as the decline in the crops index continued to exceed the gain in the overall livestock and animal products index.
The crops index was down 15.5% in December compared with December 2012. The drop in crop prices began in August 2013, following a growth trend that had started in September 2010. The largest decreases were recorded in grains (-25.5%), oilseeds (-13.9%) and fruit (-22.7%). Grain and oilseed prices came under pressure as the United States and world production recovered while Canada harvested record breaking crops for many of the major grains and oilseeds in the fall of 2013.
Apples, Canada's largest fruit crop, returned to more normal production and price levels in 2013, following a 30.6% drop in production in 2012.

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05:00 Food Bank receives donation »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

The Southern Kings and Queens Food Bank received a generous $1,000 donation from the Valleyfield Community Improvement Council Monday morning. Lawrence Millar, left, presented the cheque to Lawrence Power of the food bank. The money will go towards feeding hungry mouths and giving kids lunches to bring to school.
Angus McPhail photo


05:00 Ghiz commits to addictions facility, but only if recommend by chief addictions officer »The Guardian - Local News
Premier Robert Ghiz has committed to immediately amending this year’s budget to build a new addictions facility – but only if the province’s chief mental health and addictions officer recommends it. Addictions was once again a topic of heated debate in the P.E.I. legislature Tuesday night after ...
05:00 Jim Flaherty, a warrior of words »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

“May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.”
....Old Irish Blessing

Well boyos, today’s the day they bury Jimmy Flaherty, with a state funeral for the burial no less: all pomp and circumstance and just the third time such an honour is bestowed in Canada, beyond a narrow list of governors - general, sitting cabinet ministers and past Prime Ministers.

There wasn’t a whole lot of him in a physical sense. He was vertically challenged at five foot three inches in socks and shoes, something he often poked fun at, while others made jest at the often godawful green neckties he sported.

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05:00 Livestock estimates down in 2014 »Island Farmer publication

Canadian farmers reported 12.2 million cattle on their farms as of January 1, down 0.7% from January 1, 2013. Hog producers reported 12.7 million hogs, a 1.1% increase over January 1, 2013, while the number of sheep fell 1.0% to 893,000 head.
Overall, cattle prices rose and feed costs declined in the second half of 2013. However, this did not translate into farmers increasing their herd. The 0.7% decline reported on January 1 offset the modest gains observed on the same date in each of the previous two years. Cattle inventories have been stable recently following several years of steady decline. The cattle herd at January 1 sat 18.2% below its peak level seen on January 1, 2005.

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05:00 Lobster Trap Bonspiel in Souris »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

Stephen Fay, Suzie Fay, Linus Bungay, and Alan Fay were the winners of the A division in the Lobster Trap Bonspiel in Souris this weekend. Also pictured, MLA for Souris-Elmira Colin LaVie. Angus McPhail photo


05:00 Memorial United Church band to release original music »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

A new CD of original Christian Rock music, “Anarchy in the Narthex,” will be released at Memorial United on Easter Monday, April 21.

Keith Gale is minister at the Memorial United Church in Murray River. He is part of the group “The Rock,” which is releasing a CD of original Christian music. The group started by playing versions of rock songs by artists like ACDC, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles changed to have a Christian message. They then began writing original music.

“We’ve recorded that original material,” Minister Gale said.

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05:00 National Farmers Union Youth launch new video series »Island Farmer publication

The National Farmers Union Youth launched a video series that addresses major concerns with the proposed changes to Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights Act included in the omnibus agriculture bill, The Agricultural Growth Act (Bill C-18), which is currently before Parliament.
“The three short videos highlight key mechanisms in Bill C-18 that increase the power and control of large breeders and severely restrict farmers’ autonomy and Canadian food sovereignty,” explained BC farmer and NFU Youth President, Alex Fletcher. ”These videos feature fellow NFU farmers and seed experts speaking from the heart, from experience and from their extensive knowledge about this issue.”

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05:00 No health concerns found in foods tested for Acrylamide »Island Farmer publication

As part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) routine testing of various food products, a study released recently did not find acrylamide in any samples of high carbohydrate foods at levels that would be considered unsafe for consumption.
The CFIA tested a total of 897 high carbohydrate food samples such as dried fruits and vegetables, crackers, condiments, soup powder, taco seasonings, molasses, syrups, and nut butters. The samples were collected from Canadian retail stores.
Acrylamide is an industrial chemical produced for a variety of uses such as water treatment, and the production of glue, paper and cosmetics. It may also be formed naturally, but unintentionally, in high carbohydrate foods which are cooked or processed at high temperatures (e.g., fried, baked, toasted, grilled and roasted).

05:00 Opposition presents agricultural motions »Island Farmer publication
Story by: 
Andy Walker

The opposition Progressive Conservatives tabled motions on family farming, support for the hog industry and deep water wells on the opening day of the spring legislature session.
Agriculture Critic Colin LaVie is urging his fellow MLA’s to support the declaration of the United Nations making 2014 the International Year of the Family Farm. He noted the 2011 census listed 1,500 farms primarily engaged in growing crops and raising livestock in the province.
LaVie wants the legislature to “show our support for our family farms, which have been the mainstay of this province’s economic growth and our rural Island communities, and join with nations all across the world in acknowledging the important role that family farms play in ensuring food security for our populations now and into the future.”

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05:00 Souris Group Home accepts Gold Mine cash »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

Montague Rotary Club members, Maureen O’Hanley and Lori Murphy present a check for $4092.24 to Lynda MacAulay of the Souris Group Home. Ms. MacAulay picked up the check, which represented the charity proceeds of the week # 108, March 28th draw, on Monday, April 7th in Montague. The Rotary Gold Mine Draw has donated over $472,000 to more than a dozen charities in Eastern PEI since it began in March of 2012. All 19 & over are invited to play the weekly $2 lotto- please see the Gold Mine message on page 6 of this week’s Eastern Graphic for a list of where to play. Sharon Riley photo


04:15 Alberton recreation director plans to leave in July »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 Bloomfield students and staff hit the stage with PEI’s 150 year history »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 Island egg industry rolls with punches in changing times »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 Maple syrup off to slow start this season in West Prince »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 New business owner wants to create energy independence for all »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 Nitrate levels in Mill River caused 88 per cent by agriculture, says biologist »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper
04:15 Preparation is the key »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper

Everyone knows that the tried and true way to get in better shape is it eat right and exercise. Sounds simple enough but a huge percentage of people who attempt it do not get the results desired because they abandon their efforts. This frequently happens because of mistakes made in the way they go about it.
Like everything else, best results come from having a plan. Here are some tips on how to finally get those results you have been after.
First off, educate yourself. If you know what works and what does not you will be more apt to succeed. Take some time to learn what exercises will give you the results you want, how to properly execute them, how often and how long to train etc. By having this knowledge when you start you will be less likely to make mistakes that will hinder your progress. It pays to work hard at your exercise program but it is so much more efficient when you also work smart.

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04:15 Prime real estate »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper

By Zack Metcalfe
With all due respect to municipal policy, I think restrictions on the size and shape of houses are a little foolish. Building for safety makes good sense, but condemning a home’s design for the sake of appearance is silly. For example!
A passive solar house is a structure built on a slope, with the roof beginning on ground level and inclining until it reaches the crest of the building. The open side of the house is all glass facing south. This unusual shape allows the building to absorb sunlight like crazy, to the point that indoor heating becomes redundant. I’ve been in such a home on a cold November day; there wasn’t so much as a log on the fire and I was almost sweating.
From what I understand, a series of bylaws make passive solar homes near impossible on the Island; its only crime is facing the sun, rather than the road.

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04:15 Tignish Hockey Team are P. E. Island Champions, 1947 »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper

“A scrappy Tignish school team, led by fourteen year old Cliff Bernard and coached by Father Emmett McInnis, made their journey to Charlottetown a most successful one when they defeated the West Kent squad 4-3, thereby clinching the Hawley Crockett trophy, emblematic of the Provincial School Championship.” “Summerside Journal,” 31 March 1947.
“The members of the Tignish hockey team were: Goal: Earl McRae; defence: T. Arsenault, and Kenneth McRae; forwards: Clifford Bernard, B. Kinch, D. Pike, Val Arsenault, A. Gavin, C. Callaghan, J. Bagnall, J. Kinch, and E. DesRoches; referee: McInnis.”
“Members of West Kent School team were: Goal: L. Howatt; defence: H. Howatt, B. McGregor, McNeill, McNevin; forwards: Carver, Jardine, Dalziel, Brown, Bevins, and Glover; referee: Kane.”

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04:15 Water, water everywhere »West Prince Graphic weekly newspaper

With rising temperatures, the mountains of snow have been decreasing by the minute. Puddles vary from the size of a basketball to the size of a small lake. Residents inside community limits are battling with the direction of the melting snow, while others are comparing notes and amounts of infiltrated water in their basements.
Some are lucky and water has not found its way in their homes, while others are not so lucky. Whether their basement is finished or not, water has leaked in to cause havoc.
One thing that has been questioned throughout every community and rural area by concerned residents; who’s responsibility is it to redirect melting water flows?
One can drive down any rural road and homeowners are spotted everywhere, digging out their backed up ditches in hopes of solving a never ending spring issue. Some homeowners are convinced this spring is the worse they have ever seen for water infiltration problems.

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02:04 Canadian champs off to winning start at Players' Championship »The Guardian - Sports
SUMMERSIDE – The 2014 Canadian curling champions are off to winning starts at the 2014 Players’ Championship.Rachel Homan defeated Heather Nedohin 7-2 in six ends while Kevin Koe made a clutch hammer shot in the final eighth end to edge Steve Laycock 7-6. In other Draw 1 games at Eastlink Arena ...
02:04 Wrestler Veronica Keefe named Concordia’s top female athlete »The Guardian - Sports
North Winsloe wrestler Veronica Keefe was named Concordia University female athlete of the year at the Montreal-based school's recent athletic awards banquet.Keefe, a fourth-year biology student, won a gold medal in the 72 kg weight class at the national championship last month at UNB and ...
02:00 Island boxers perform well on mainland »The Guardian - Sports
Three boxers from the Ko-Ed Boxing Academy in Charlottetown turned in some good performances recently at a card in Dartmouth, N.S. Colton Perry, one of the Academy’s brightest talents, moved up two weight categories to fight local favourite Tamimi Jorche, and handed the Dartmouth boxer his ...
02:00 Stratford golfer finishes fourth in Arkansas »The Guardian - Sports
Greg MacAulay recently finished tied for fourth at the First Federal Bank Invite in Mountain Home, Ark.The Stratford golfer shot rounds of 73 and 74 for a 147, five shots back of the leader at the par-72, 7,241-yard course. The field included 64 other golfers.MacAulay and his Lindenwood team ...
01:00 Gettin' My Food On »All Shanadian (Shannon Courtney)
Tonight I thought I permanently misplaced one of my cats. Thankfully, I was wrong and therefore have a few spare moments to do something other than freak out and traipse around Charlottetown trying to find a black and white feline. I decided to take these spare moments to do some writing, including a wee blog post (ta da!) and something other yet-to-be-determined prose (I'm going to pull out

Tuesday April 15, 2014

23:28 Canadian champions off to winning starts at Players' Championship »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Tirinzoni, Muirhead, McEwen also victorious
23:26 Olympic gold-medallist to meet fans Wed. »Journal-Pioneer Sports
23:22 Express defeats Storm to force Game 7 of NBL final »The Guardian - Sports
Turnovers cost the Island Storm early and often Tuesday in losing Game 6 of the National Basketball League of Canada final in Windsor, Ont. The Storm turned the ball over 13 times in the first half to find itself behind by 16 at the break and could not close the gap, losing 107-88 to the ...
23:22 Express defeats Storm to force Game 7 of NBL final »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Turnovers cost the Island Storm early and often Tuesday in losing Game 6 of the National Basketball League of Canada final in Windsor, Ont. The Storm turned the ball over 13 times in the first half to find itself behind by 16 at the break and could not close the gap, losing 107-88 to the ...
23:22 Express defeats Storm to force Game 7of NBL final »The Guardian - Sports
The National Basketball League of Canada final is going the distance. The Island Storm could not close out the best-of-seven series Tuesday in Windsor, Ont., losing 107-88. The host Express jumped out to an early lead, and never let the Storm back into the game to even the best-of-seven series ...
23:22 Express defeats Storm to force Game 7of NBL final »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The National Basketball League of Canada final is going the distance. The Island Storm could not close out the best-of-seven series Tuesday in Windsor, Ont., losing 107-88. The host Express jumped out to an early lead, and never let the Storm back into the game to even the best-of-seven series ...
22:27 MLB marks 67th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking colour barrier »The Guardian - Sports
NEW YORK — Marking the 67th anniversary of the day Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s colour barrier, the Rev. Jesse Jackson praised Commissioner Bud Selig for the strides the sport has taken in minority opportunities over the past two decades.Jackson travelled to baseball’s 1992 winter meetings ...
22:22 Florida Panthers win first pick in NHL Entry Draft »The Guardian - Sports
TORONTO — The Florida Panthers won the NHL Draft lottery on Tuesday, granting the team the first overall pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.Florida had an 18.8 per cent chance of winning the draft lottery, second only to the Buffalo Sabres’ 25 per cent odds.Barrie Colts defenceman Aaron Ekblad is ...
21:35 Wednesday's editorial cartoon »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
21:31 Easter Seals ambassador kicks off P.E.I. school tour »The Guardian - Local News
Applause erupted in the gymnasium at West Royalty Elementary School in Charlottetown as Brett Robinson made his way to the front of the room. Brett, 15, is the 2014 P.E.I. Easter Seals ambassador and his entourage embarked on a six-day school tour on Tuesday. As part of the Tim Hortons school ...
21:22 New Building Canada Plan will continue to fund infrastructure »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Editor, We have read with particular interest the article about federal infrastructure funding published on Monday, April 7, (Journal Pioneer) and would like to address the questions it raises.
21:15 Players' Championship-Grand Slam underway »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - The Players' Championship got underway Tuesday evening at Credit Union Place's Eastlink Arena.
21:08 Transportation minister says repairs will be made to rocky Plan B highway »The Guardian - Local News
Robert Vessey says contractor will be applying a seal coat to the surface at no cost to taxpayer
21:00 Resting Geese »justpictureit
photo - Resting Geese

Taken one year ago, on 12 April, 2013 Remembered these cloud photos I had made into puzzles for my far away grandchildren. I posted another one here a few years ago. Hope it still works. I dont think it worked this time so here is the link: Puzzle

20:20 Carlyle remains the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs - for now »The Guardian - Sports
TORONTO — Randy Carlyle couldn’t shed any light on the Toronto Maple Leafs’ most pressing off-season question — his future with the NHL club.Moments into his season-ending news conference Tuesday, Carlyle was asked if he’s returning as Toronto’s head coach. It’s a question he couldn’t ...
20:11 New format among 10 storylines to watch during Stanley Cup playoffs »The Guardian - Sports
Here are 10 storylines to watch in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs:1. The formatThis is the first year of a new divisional playoff format, which means no more re-seeding and defined opponents for teams in the next round. In each of the four divisions (the Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and ...
19:59 Protesters call for more services for addicted Islanders »The Guardian - Local News
Premier commits to addictions facility if recommended by mental health & addictions officer
19:59 Rally helps mother grieve as she pleads for better addictions services »The Guardian - Local News
Approximately 100 people came to Province House Tuesday evening to help a mother grieve for her son as well as to plead with politicians to enhance addictions facilities in the province. Dianne Young's son,Lennon Waterman, jumped from the North River Causeway last November and Young believes if ...
19:12 Tax data shows P.E.I. one of busiest baby-making provinces »The Guardian - Local News
A person’s taxes can indicate a lot about their life and claims for the child tax credit puts Prince Edward Island as the second busiest baby-making province in the country. According to tax software company Turbo Tax Data, Nunavut is at the top of the list with 26.7 per cent of the population ...
18:56 Cornwall residents invited to fight to save bus transit this week »The Guardian - Local News
Linda Bain inviting supporters to attend regular monthly council meeting on Wednesday


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