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Friday May 6, 2016

18:45 Older Than Ireland at Friday, May 6, 2016 at 6:45 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance
Runs: 81 minutes
Director: Alex Fegan
Country: Ireland
Language: In English with English subtitles
Awards: Winner Best Irish Feature Documentary, Galway Film Fleadh;Winner Best Documentary, Irish Times Ticket Awards

“Both wry treat and testament to the efficacy of modern medicine, Alex Fegan’s documentary rounds up 30 Irish centenarians, and invites them to hold forth on subjects from the civil war to Twitter. While sketching a turbulent national past, Fegan’s history leans towards the social, watching hardy sorts – caught at prayer, at bingo and in the hairdresser’s chair – offer entertainingly gossipy titbits on courtship, beauty and other everyday pursuits. You’ll shed a tear or two, possibly more.” - Mike McCahill, The Guardian (UK). “Utterly charming. Fegan lets their personalities shine through, from the woman who insists she never gets excited in between rattling off her life’s truly astonishing moments to Kathleen Snavley, Ireland’s oldest-ever person and an absolute spitfire... We can only hope everyone who makes it to her age is as saucy... Older Than Ireland is suffused with these kinds of moments, some beautiful, many sad, plenty sassy, all tremendously human. Towards the end, one of the few surviving men confesses that, even with 100 years on the earth, he doesn’t know any more about why we’re here; listening to each other, the documentary more than proves, is as good a reason as any.” - The National Post. “The film swells with indecent amounts of poignancy, wisdom and irreverent humour” - The Irish Times.

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

00:57 [MUSIC] Prince, "1999" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
There has been an astonishing flourishing of Prince's songs and music videos on YouTube in the aftermath of his death. This may or may not last, but while it does why not celebrate songs like his "1999"?

I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray
But when I woke up this mornin', could've sworn it was judgment day
The sky was all purple, there were people runnin' everywhere
Tryin' to run from the destruction, you know I didn't even care

Say say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine

I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast
But life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last
War is all around us, my mind says prepare to fight
So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen to my body tonight

He got it.
00:45 Services for P.E.I. seniors expands to Prince, Kings Counties »The Guardian - Local News
Annual funding of $717,000 will be provided, with start up the end of May
00:36 COWS donating all Mothers Day ice cream sales to Fort McMurray »The Guardian - Local News
Donating 100 percent of ice cream sales on May 8 to Red Cross to support those affected by recent tragic fires

Thursday May 5, 2016

23:58 Unionized workers on P.E.I. reject Cavendish Farms offer »The Guardian - Business
Company says although agreement has yet to be reached, two groups are working co-operatively
23:40 Time to dig into tasty P.E.I. fundraiser »The Guardian - Local News
Annual Stratford and Area Lions Club lobster sale now underway
23:16 MHL teams winless at Fred Page Cup »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Woodstock, Pictou County meet in do-or-die game Friday night
22:52 Storm loses open in Halifax »The Guardian - Sports
The Halifax Hurricanes came from behind to win Game 1 of the National Basketball League of Canada playoff series with the Island Storm 106-100 on Thursday. The Storm held quarter leads of 32-22, 58-42 and 79-76. Billy White scored 23 points to pace the Hurricanes while Joel Friesen had 16 and ...
22:52 UPDATE: Storm loses open in Halifax »The Guardian - Sports
The Island Storm led for 44 of the 48 minutes it played Thursday night but lost 106-100 to the Halifax Hurricanes at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax. The Hurricanes lead the National Basketball League of Canada best-of-five playoff series 1-0. Game 2 is tonight at 7 p.m. in Halifax. “They’re a ...
22:46 DOWN THE BACKSTRETCH: MacPherson leading the way at CDP »The Guardian - Sports
Canadian and United States horses of the year to battle Saturday in Ontario
22:15 Turk Gallant named a finalist for Jack Adams Award »The Guardian - Sports
Washington's Barry Trotz, Dallas' Lindy Ruff and Florida's Gerard Gallant are the finalists for the Jack Adams Award as the NHL coach who has “contributed the most to his team's success.” Members of the NHL Broadcasters' Association voted at the end regular season, with the top three designated ...
22:06 The anguish seemed to go on forever »The Guardian - Local News
Tuesday night seemed to stretch on forever for Richard and Elaine Shea of Anglo Tignish. The couple has a multitude of close family relations who have been driven from Fort McMurray by the wildfire disaster currently unfolding there. They have a son and grandson in that community, not to ...
21:58 'Tell Nannie that we’re safe...and she needs to be brave' »The Guardian - Local News
Summerside grandmother has family in the Alberta fire zone
21:55 Gallant named a finalist for NHL coach of the year »Journal-Pioneer Sports
21:00 Beaver Art »justpictureit
photo - Beaver Art

To finish off the beaver pond series this week, I have left the boats in the water and off this page. Boats, waterways, and harbours were very busy as lobster season began last Saturday. Tara, my daughter's friend who fishes with her dad is bringing me 'a feed' this Saturday, for Mother's Day. She has done it since she was in school, sweet thing.

20:41 [MUSIC] "Beyond the 6: Drake’s global vision" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At MacLean's, Renato Pagnini reviews Drake's new album Views. I like how Pagnini explains Drake as partly the product of Toronto and its various scenes, rooted in a multicultural reality perhaps not yet fully recognized by all.

Each project since Drake’s 2010 major label debut Thank Me Later has felt progressively more indebted to Toronto. The city and how it shaped him became more of a focal point in his lyrics (“My heart is cold, it’s probably ’cause I’m from the snow” he raps on 2015’s “6 Man”). Drawing from a number of hip-hop hotbeds, especially the sweltering haze of Houston rap, Drake’s sound grew into what is now known as the “Toronto sound,” an aqueous and reflective form that prioritizes wide-open spaces and sombre moods, the perfect backdrop for the Millennial angst that Drake has made his name peddling.

“Drake has been aggressive with his civic boosterism throughout his career,” says Jamieson Cox, a writer for The Verge and Pitchfork who has kept an eye on Drake since he first started making music after leaving his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. “He’s really worked it into the fabric of his music in a lyrical sense, and now increasingly in a sonic sense too.”

Views feels like the culmination of his life-long love affair with Toronto, as well as his first serious bid for global domination. Drake’s always had one foot in pop music—his songs that have charted highest, “Best I Ever Had” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” are among his catchiest—but now there’s an increased focus on expanding the parameters of his sound, which was beginning to feel stifling. Moving away from the dark, muted sounds he’s been most comfortable with up until now, Views presents some of the brightest music of Drake’s career, working with livelier tempos and more colourful production.

The album sales tell the story: In just one day, Views sold more copies than Beyoncé’s recent album Lemonade, released less than a week before, did in its entire first week. Views is on target to smash Drake’s previous first-week sales, and insiders have speculated it might even move one million units in its first week, an occurrence seen with dwindling frequency these days as music sales continue to shrink, and subscription numbers of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music continue to increase.

Plus, Views' album cover by Caitlin Cronenberg is spectacular.

20:33 [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto to celebrate first Pride Month with slew of events as Pride Parade marks 35" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CP24's Joshua Freeman wrote about some of the events scheduled for Toronto's Pride Month this coming June.

Pride Month will feature 60 signature events, some of which will commemorate and explore the raids.

The events will include a June 7 human rights panel at the 519 Community Centre remembering the raids. The panel will be headlined by author Margaret Atwood.

A launch party at the Art Gallery of Ontario with avant-garde queer performances guest curated by Bruce LaBruce will kick things off on June 2.

A fair helping of star power is also expected throughout the month, with events featuring actors George Takei of “Star Trek,” singer/actor Joe Jonas, singer Lila Downs and “Queer As Folk” actor Randy Harrison.

Pride Month will lead up to the 10-day Pride Festival which begins June 24. The events will culminate with the Pride Parade, which will take place on July 3.
20:24 Maybe Its Not How It Appears? Who is Reg Trainor Anyhow, all shiny new Trucks? »
Go big or go home sounds great but not where many contractors rely upon a bit of seasonal work from government spending. The PEI government seem complicit with larger ‘Party’ contractors, eliminating the small independent dump trucks. M and M Resources is owned by Reg Trainor, his uncle Gerard Fitzpatick was the Official Agent of … Continue reading Maybe Its Not How It Appears? Who is Reg Trainor Anyhow, all shiny new Trucks?
20:14 Gurus cultivate interest »Journal-Pioneer Local
Eptek Art & Culture Centre gathers gurus to spring gardening enthusiasts into action.
20:09 Kellogg's cereal declines, Wal-mart brings back greeters »The Guardian - Business
Package of short business highlights from Thursday, May 5
19:50 Fox Meadow pro Trevor Giggey becomes Holland College golf coach  »The Guardian - Sports
The Holland College Hurricanes golf teams hope local flavour in the form of new head coach Trevor Giggey will bring tasty results when the school hosts the Canadian collegiate nationals in the fall.Giggey is the head pro at Fox Meadow Golf Club in Stratford where the nationals land Oct. 17 to ...
19:39 Crash victim flown to Halifax »Journal-Pioneer Local
A 43-year-old man had to be flown to Halifax Tuesday after firefighters and Island EMS extracted him from a SUV that had left the road and came to rest on the driver’s side in Springfield West.
18:45 [URBAN NOTE] "Syrian refugees find comfort at Toronto's Depanneur" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
NOW Toronto</u>'s Mary Luz Mejia writes about how one west-end Toronto restaurant opened up its kitchen to Syrian refugees.

Sanaa Alhamad beams at the bounty before her. Parsley, mint, lemons, garlic, tahini paste in tall jars – this is the food she knows and loves. The mother of four from Aleppo arrived in Canada in January with the United Nations’ help.

She busies herself finely chopping the parsley for a huge batch of fresh citrusy tabouleh, the salad accompaniing the baharat-spice-infused kibbeh, or ground beef fritters, and hummus being prepared.

“Cooking here today, it makes me happy. It makes me feel useful,” she says, smiling.

Alhamad is one of 10 women attending the latest session of Len Senater’s Newcomer Kitchen program. For many here today it’s the first time they’ve been on a subway, an escalator or inside a Canadian grocery store. The women, who shopped for ingredients to prepare a luncheon feast at Senater’s west-end food haunt, the Depanneur, are all newly landed Syrian refugees.

Most of them have been living in hotels for at least a month, an arrangement that got Senater thinking. “One of the worst things about long-term hotel stays is you don’t usually get to eat properly because there’s nowhere to cook. I wondered, what are they eating? Are they going to the gas station and buying Doritos?”

The Depanneur’s working kitchen isn’t used during the day. “Let them come and cook!” became Senater’s goal.
18:43 [URBAN NOTE] "A love letter to Toronto's alleyways and lanes" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
blogTO's Derek Flack has another great photo essay, this one dedicated to the laneways of Toronto.

The Toronto laneway is the vein to the artery that is the city's streets. There are over 250 kilometres of laneways and alleys spread across the city, though you wouldn't know it without looking at a map. You could pass by the entrance to a laneway for months without taking notice of it, relegated as they are to background status.

Yet, it's precisely the degree to which our laneways are overlooked spaces that makes them so intriguing. This is messy urbanism at its finest. I'm not just talking about graffiti, but the strange process that takes place when people share urban space that's outside of everyday view.

If the front yard is all about putting on a face, the laneway is about utility. From irregular garages, fences, and trellises to coach houses, car ports, and basketball nets, you can learn more about a person's life by strolling through these spaces than past the manicured lawns that face the street.

Go to the site, please. There are plenty of beautiful photos, to say nothing of the words.
18:41 [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Zoo Considers New Train Technology to Replace the Old Monorail" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Torontoist's Anda Zeng reports on an interesting proposal for the Toronto Zoo. Why not a cool maglev in place of the monorail?

Robin Hale, the Toronto Zoo’s chief operating officer, remembers riding the Domain Ride and is often asked whether the Zoo plans to bring it back. Better known as the monorail, the distinctive ride opened with the Zoo in 1976 and travelled along a 5-kilometre concrete guideway in a loop around the grounds. But after a couple of severe accidents in the early 90s and financial inability to ensure its safety, the Zoo closed the ride. Now, more than 20 years later, the Zoo is considering bringing back the monorail, complete with some significant, notably futuristic, upgrades.

In 2014, Edmonton-based company Magnovate began courting the Toronto Zoo with the proposition to retrofit the old guideway, equipping it with a magnetic levitation (maglev) train. The new technology would feature sleek, driverless single vehicles hovering above an electromagnetic track. Two years after approaching the Zoo, Magnovate submitted a full proposal in March.

The plan outlines how the company would rebuild a section of the original guideway loop, construct maglev rails, and get 12 vehicles up and running and powered by solar panels on the stations and infrastructure. The estimated price tag: $25 million for Magnovate, at no cost to the Zoo or the city.

Magnovate pitched the idea on April 7 to the Zoo’s Board of Management, which approved it for the next stage: an open call for proposals. The procedure invites other companies to make a better offer than the unsolicited bid, which Magnovate could match or exceed—a procurement process known as a Swiss Bid.
18:34 Summerside players drafted by USHL teams »Journal-Pioneer Sports
18:04 Dobson ranked as first-round QMJHL pick »The Guardian - Sports
Summerside defenceman Noah Dobson is ranked to go in the first round of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft June 4 in Charlottetown. The league’s central scouting released its first-round prospects on Thursday with the complete list being available Friday. Dobson, 16, played with the EC ...
18:04 Dobson ranked as first-round QMJHL pick »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Summerside defenceman Noah Dobson is ranked to go in the first round of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft June 4 in Charlottetown. The league’s central scouting released its first-round prospects on Thursday with the complete list being available Friday. Dobson, 16, played with the EC ...
17:59 Childcare workers in P.E.I. getting two per cent raise »The Guardian - Local News
Early childhood educators who work at provincial early years centres are getting a two per cent raise, starting in July. It’s the first wage increase these childcare workers have received in six years. Sonya Hooper, executive director of the Early Childhood Development Association, says this is ...
17:59 Early childhood workers in P.E.I. getting two per cent raise »The Guardian - Local News
Early childhood educators who work at provincial early years centres are getting a two per cent raise, starting in July. It’s the first wage increase these childcare workers have received in six years. Sonya Hooper, executive director of the Early Childhood Development Association, says this is ...
17:47 Autism funding on P.E.I. being slowly cut by stealth, says opposition »The Guardian - Local News
Number of cases steadily going up, but budget allocation for grants unchanged for past five years, says Trivers
17:45 Healthy Eating Alliance forced to close its doors »The Guardian - Local News
organization and government are at odds over how future funds will be allocated.
17:40 Joe Ghiz and His University Buddy, Two Careers Follow Liberal Dots to Fame & Money »
Most people know how Joe Ghiz made out after University, he married well and worked his way to fortune and fame with the ‘Party’. The ‘Party’ is the only game in town in PEI, follow the dots and see how well his college buddy Gerard Mitchell made out. Random Judge Gerard Mitchell ‘Bullet’ Points; University … Continue reading Joe Ghiz and His University Buddy, Two Careers Follow Liberal Dots to Fame & Money
17:18 Prince County families continue to watch Alberta fires in horror »Journal-Pioneer Local
“Tell nannie that we’re safe and that she needs to be brave.”
16:58 City farming out engineering, maintenance services for electric utility »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE — The city’s electrical utility is farming out its specialized engineering services to an outside company to the tune of almost $35,000.
16:41 Air-filling station for Summerside fire department to cost $57,000 »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE —The city will spend little over $57,000 to replace its fire department’s breathing apparatus air-filling station.
16:40 Replacement of lift truck for city's electric utility under budget »Journal-Pioneer Local
Summerside Electric is getting a new lift truck.
16:31 Liberal Party Hack Profiles, Gerard Fitzpatrick Official Agent of Patronage and Looting »
Official Agent of the Liberal Party of PEI under Joe Ghiz, Gerard Fitzpatrick has a continuing and ever flourishing stream of business, handouts and appointments, all from the almighty Liberal ‘Party’ of PEI. Gerard is a great example, there is never to much at the trough. Gerard J Fitzpatrick Official Agent of the PEI Liberal … Continue reading Liberal Party Hack Profiles, Gerard Fitzpatrick Official Agent of Patronage and Looting
16:17 Islanders in Fort McMurray recount evacuation of burning city »The Guardian - Local News
They were told to pack their bags and prepare to flee as the city around them smoldered. Shawn Kennedy says the situation became "extremely dangerous" after his family was told the wildfires in Fort McMurray were forcing a mass evacuation of the city's 80,000 residents. His car was low on fuel, ...
15:56 Curb replacement tender comes in over budget »Journal-Pioneer Local
Tenders to replace more than 1,000 metres of curbs throughout Summerside have come in over budget.
15:36 P.E.I. government wants judicial review of discrimination ruling »The Guardian - Local News
The P.E.I. government wants a judge to overturn a human rights panel's ruling that the province discriminated against a woman with paranoid schizophrenia. On April 29, the P.E.I. government filed an application for a judicial review of the panel's decision, saying it erred in finding ...
15:27 Brick-inator wins 2016 Burger Love contest »The Guardian - Local News
Month-long promotion generates $2.2 million in sales from 163,170 burgers sold
15:26 Sidewalk tender comes in more than $60,000 over budget »Journal-Pioneer Local
Some city sidewalks won't be replaced this year as a result
14:52 Community Notices »Women's Equality PEI
Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, May 5, 2016 New listings this week: 1) Tonight: Midwifery Meeting 2) Police Services Review – Islanders Encouraged to Provide Input and Feedback on Policing and Emergency Response 3) Proportional Representation (PR) Action Team Campaign Kickoff 4) CancerConnection Free Webcast 5) CAPO conference is May […]
14:40 [NEWS] Some Thursday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Bloomberg notes the collapse of a Petrobras boomtown in Brazil, notes that Serbian bonds are resistant to Brexit fears because of Serbia's non-membership in the European Union, and wonders about the future of the smartphone market.

  • CBC notes soaring real estate prices in the suburbs of Toronto and Vancouver.

  • The Inter Press Service notes efforts to boost research and development in Africa.

  • MacLean's notes, polemically, the importance of Canadian history in relation to current issues, like interprovincial limits on beer.

  • The National Post notes a Russian initiative to try to promote Siberian settlement by offering its citizens free land, and looks at the decline of tea at the expense of coffee in the United Kingdom.

  • Wired looks at the student art of Siberian indigenous students at a boarding school.

14:38 [BLOG] Some Thursday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO notes the legalization of Uber in Toronto and reports on city council's approval of Bloor Street bike lanes.

  • In a very personal essay, the Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly explains why she does not celebrate Mother's Day.

  • D-Brief notes research into whether bears are put off by drones.

  • Dangerous Minds looks at Japanese pop star Kahimi Karie.

  • Joe. My. God. notes that the governor of North Carolina said he might be looking for a new job.

  • Language Hat notes multilingual libraries. (Toronto has quite a few, of course.)

  • The LRB Blog tackles the question of Labour anti-Semitism.

  • The Map Room Blog shares maps of Canadian wildfires.

  • Peter Watts posts some evocative art.

  • The Planetary Society Blog shares images of Mars' giant volcanos.

  • Window on Eurasia notes declining social mobility in Russia.

14:35 EASTERN PASSAGES: Will eat bugs for clicks »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Almost 11,000 people watched a video of a team of National Post reporters trying to eat 64 slices of American cheese in a single sitting last month. The 20-minute video was shot as something of a homage to the cartoon character Homer Simpson — who, after his 64th slice of cheese in a Season 5 ...
14:04 GUEST COMMENTARY: Corporate welfare bad for national unity »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Bombardier is on bit a roll these days. Large deals with Air Canada and Delta Air Lines for its marquee CSeries planes have boosted confidence in the company. Yet, despite this good news, the debate over a federal bailout for Bombardier rages on.
13:53 City to lease land to Generation XX for radio-controlled car park »Journal-Pioneer Local
Soon, it will be off to the races for members of Generation XX and other area radio-controlled car enthusiasts.
13:42 Federal government to match Red Cross donations for Fort McMurray »Journal-Pioneer Local
13:20 IndieWeb in the Sunshine » from peter rukavina

At the end of an afternoon of wandering around Malmö discussing, among other things, the IndieWeb and its various glories, it seemed vital to place a marker here for the occasion.

I began the day with neither coffee nor food in the house; fortunately I am staying in the same neighbourhood as I did during my 2013 visit, and I recalled that the excellent № 6 café was nearby. There was some doubt, what with Swedes gathered in solemn recognition of the Ascension1, that it might be closed. But it was not. And so by mid-morning I was enjoying a hearty cortado and croissant and feeling that, suddenly, all was right with the world.

Once sated, I joined Olle and Luisa on a walk about town (it’s 17ºC and sunny here today), followed by a stop for lunch near the train station. Luisa decamped for home midafternoon and we were joined by special guest star Jonas at Te & Kaffehuset where more excellent coffee was had. We then walked about in the late afternoon sunshine through Slottsparken where the aforementioned IndieWeb was central to our discussion.

As I type it is after a brief respite of potato salad and roll before I rejoin my party for an early evening cocktail.

Te & Kaffehuset

1. This is not, technically speak, true. It is Ascension Day, and it is a holiday, but apparently there is little solemnity left.

13:03 Confederation Centre offers new kind of gallery experience »The Guardian - Living
Charlottetown art gallery presents, afterimage, a visual art and dance party over multiple floors on Friday, May 13


12:42 Federal government to match Red Cross donations for Fort McMurray »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government of Canada will match all donations to the Red Cross to assist people displaced by the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alta. The House of Commons is holding an extraordinary debate on the devastating fire, which is now in its third day and ...
12:34 [PHOTO] East side of OISE, seen from St. George TTC station »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
East side of OISE, seen from St. George #toronto #ttc #oise #stgeorge #universityoftoronto #architecture #brutalism

Looking up yesterday evening from St. George station's Bedford Road bus platform, I saw to my west the towering Brutalist building of OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. I have seen this exact view many times before, but this time, I decided to take a photo.
12:32 Police warn people in Nova Scotia about sex offender dubbed the 'pants puller' »The Guardian - Local News
ANTIGONISH, N.S. - RCMP in Nova Scotia are warning people about the release of a high-risk offender dubbed the “pants puller.” They say 29-year-old Gavin Sean Griffiths has served a sentence for sexual assaults and has convictions dating back to 2005 for sexual assault and other ...
12:21 Go Girl Fashions applies for vendor's license for ‘fashion mobile’ »Journal-Pioneer Local
Go Girl Fashions will soon be on the go throughout the city.
11:52 Crawford House: Cardigan residents reject costly proposal »The Guardian - Opinion
By John Macdonald (guest opinion)
11:47 Emergency Plan Templates Released to Mark Emergency Preparedness Week »City of Charlottetown
2016-05-05 The City of Charlottetown Fire Department, in partnership with New York
11:44 Improving a decaying model of healthcare in Atlantic Canada »The Guardian - Opinion
By Jackson Doughart (guest opinion)
11:30 Making the most of Mother's Day »The Guardian - Living
From good food to gifts from the heart, there are many ways to honour moms
11:00 I've written an article about the surprising way … »Acts of Volition
10:59 Cosmetic Pesticides: Just say it, don't spray it »The Guardian - Opinion
Let's talk about cosmetic pesticides. I have fond memories growing up in downtown Charlottetown. My brother and I used to climb the trees, play tag, and run around in our sometimes-brown-sometimes-green-full-of-weeds front yard. I am thankful to have not had limitations as a kid on where it was ...
10:56 Situation remains volatile for residents, first responders in Fort McMurray »Journal-Pioneer Local
An ever-changing, volatile situation is fraying the nerves of residents and officials alike as a massive wildfire continues to bear down on the Fort McMurray area of northern Alberta.
10:55 HST rebate boosts home construction »The Guardian - Opinion
Recently the Home Builders and other groups recommended HST rebates for new homes. This would help the new home construction industry, employing locals and many of the Alberta workers who live on P.E.I., and are facing a downturn in employment. These people are already living on P.E.I. ...


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