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Friday November 28, 2014

20:05 The Skeleton Twins at Friday, November 28, 2014 at 9:05 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 3 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Sexual Content, Coarse Language)
Runs: 93 minutes
Director: Craig Johnson
Country: US
Released: 2014
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson

"If `sad comedy' is a genre, Craig Johnson's thoughtful, touching film fits right in. Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader play Maggie and Milo Dean, a pair of long-estranged twin siblings reunited, in the film's opening moments, after Milo's suicide attempt. In fact, a call informing Maggie of Milo's suicide attempt comes just in time to stop her from her own plans for the day: swallowing a bottle of pills. Like I said, sad comedy. Though the film has many funny moments - most notably a priceless lip-sync performance to Starship's `Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' that brings the twins (and us) a moment of perfect happiness - the primary note struck here is one of quiet regret and, eventually, cautious hope. Reunited in their childhood hometown, where Maggie lives with her cheerful dude of a husband (Luke Wilson, delightful), the siblings sort through their troubled childhood, face middle-age disappointment and realize that the ordinary can be happy. Johnson maintains a difficult, delicate balance throughout; the story's darkness never quite overshadows its light. And, in casting Wiig and Hader, he's created an uncanny pair of siblings. We always believe these two share a past - particularly when they laugh together. Nothing's gonna stop them, it turns out, and that feels just right." - Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

17:53 Work on former spa properly delayed »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Construction work on the Prince Alex Resort and Convention Centre has been delayed temporarily.
17:53 PEI’s CBC and Guardian a Media Tandem of “Liberal Party Spin” Crappola »
If today was any indication, the PEI CBC and Charlottetown Guardian have adopted the local media penchant for blowing sunshine up the backsides of anyone Liberal. CBC announced Wade MacLaughlin’s bid to be coronated as the first gay Premier of … Continue reading
17:18 Island Nature Trust bringing Piping Plover program to WP schools »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- To the casual beach-goer, that discarded, half-eaten sandwich might be food for a seagull or another animal, but to a piping plover it just might be the reason the endangered shorebird never lights on that beach again.
17:10 Wild looking to get back on winning track »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Saint John visits Community Gardens on Saturday
17:03 Flurries expected tonight across PEI »peistormchaser
Friday November 28th 5:00pm..  A low pressure system passing well east of the Maritimes tonight combined with an approaching area of high pressure from the west will maintain a northwesterly flow across the region. Flurries will persist where these winds … Continue reading
16:50 “No Public Money Involved” Wes Sheridan is a Liar Liar, Pants on Fire »
Mi’kmaq Confederacy press release today from “Executive” Director Don MacKenzie claims the conditional funding was provided which would be repaid from revenues. There were no revenues and no repayment. “No monies are owed by MCPEI”. It was public money that … Continue reading
16:32 P.E.I.’s Canada Games’ curling teams to be decided this weekend »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – P.E.I.’s curling teams for the 2015 Canada Winter Games will be determined this weekend.
16:26 MacLauchlan in as candidate to lead Liberals »Journal-Pioneer Local
Former UPEI president Wade MacLauchlan has stepped forward as the first contender for the Liberal Party of P.E.I.'s leadership.
16:18 Province commits $16 million for new UPEI school of Sustainable Design Engineering »Journal-Pioneer Local
CHARLOTTETOWN – The province announced Friday it would be providing $16 million to UPEI for a new school.
16:12 Halifax wins bantam A female hockey tournament »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – The Halifax Hawks won the Source for Sports Bantam A female hockey tournament at Credit Union Place recently.
16:03 Man shot in Valleyfield charged in connection to shooting incident »The Guardian - Local News
A 25-year-old Glenmartin man who was shot in the leg at a home in Valleyfield on Nov. 4 is facing several charges after he allegedly threatened the house’s occupant. In a news release, the RCMP alleged Jacob Johnston entered the home, threatened the occupant and assaulted him. Johnston has also ...
15:54 No time like the present »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
There’s something really unfair about holding legislative process hostage.
15:47 Coming and going on Brule Point Road »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
In November, the Brule Point Road is owned by the birds. Almost. Some eight kilometres outside Tatamagouche, on Nova Scotia’s north shore, the road meanders up into browned salt marsh and the Northumberland Strait, ending in a crooked finger topped with a small neighbourhood of summer cottages.
15:44 OpenHub, a place to call their own »The Guardian - Business
SUMMERSIDE — Virginia Doyle perches herself on her bar stool, typing away at her laptop as the denizens of downtown Summerside filter past the window in front of her. Doyle, a photographer by trade, recently decided to switch life gears and is trying her hand at starting a new web-based ...
15:36 Plenty of political activity on the horizon »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
By Andy Walker December tends to be a quiet month on the Island political scene.
14:04 Weekly Homeschool Report + Friday Link ♥ »Life on a Canadian Island
13:58 Kali Simmonds considering run at top Liberal post »The Guardian - Local News
Well-known naturopathic doctor Kali Simmonds is giving serious thought to running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of P.E.I. Simmonds, 42, of Charlottetown told The Guardian Friday that she has been discussing with her husband Pat the prospect of tackling a time-consuming leadership ...
13:33 NDP calls Liberal leadership candidate MacLauchlan 'elitist' in backhanded welcome »The Guardian - Local News
No sooner had the Liberal leadership race gotten its first candidate than the P.E.I. NDP had a backhanded welcome for the contender. NDP Leader Mike Redmond issued a news release less than 30 minutes after the Liberal Party of P.E.I. announced that Wade MacLauchlan will be vying for the ...
13:03 UPDATED: Wade MacLauchlan wants to be the next premier of P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
13:03 Wade MacLauchlan makes bid for Liberal leadership »The Guardian - Local News
Former UPEI president Wade MacLauchlan has stepped forward as the first contender for the Liberal Party of P.E.I.'s leadership. MacLauchlan announced his intentions to run for the post at a news conference at the North Shore Community Complex in West Covehead this morning. RELATED: Liberal ...
13:02 Growing plants indoors during winter rewarding »Journal-Pioneer Living
Indoor Gardening To garden successfully indoors you need more than just a good eye for decorating with plants. Providing proper growing conditions is very important. With the right care and located in the right place, your indoor plants will live a good long life.
12:50 Panthers eye rare win against X-Men »The Guardian - Sports
Teams play tonight in Antigonish, N.S.
12:46 Fire marshal reports on recent fires »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON – Prince Edward Island’s Deputy Fire Marshal Robert Arsenault has released his findings on two recent incidents, one in Kensington and the other in Hunter River.
12:37 The Oregon Coast » - Need peace? Go East!
19 Looking for tidal pools, agates, glass floats, and, of course, seaglass.
12:30 Optimistic minister still forecasting balanced budget »The Guardian - Opinion
Sheridan presents upbeat fiscal update despite $5 M higher deficit projections
12:28 Dragons’ Den better venue? »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Maybe the next time Finance Minister Wes Sheridan gets a vision (delusion?) for a business venture that will bring a gazillion dollars to P.E.I., he should try and get on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. They seem to have a pretty good record for sniffing out the scam artists.You know what they say, ...
12:26 Shooting first, then ask questions »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I remember fondly waking up on a chilly Christmas morning as a very young child, perhaps in the 1950s, and hearing my three brothers in an all out blaze of glory in our big country kitchen. Yes, it was gunfight at the OK Corral as they enjoyed shooting off caps in their new toy guns ...
12:25 Abortion pill dangerous drug »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Re: CBC’s story on the abortion pill RU-486: Previous RU-486 drug trials in Canada were suspended in 2001 when a participating Canadian woman died, among other women who have died from serious bacterial infection and sepsis following chemical abortions. Let’s hope the delay in Health ...
12:23 Top of mind ads bring awareness »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Russell Wangersky’s recent column in the Guardian, slamming ads by McDonald’s coffee and VW Passat were not thought out well enough. All ad companies use what is called TOMA (top of mind awareness). This is a process where their ad for the product pitched gets to the top of our ...
12:21 Scripture wording undergoes revisions »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Isn’t this such an exciting time of the year!I went to the dictionary to find the proper meaning of Advent: “A coming or arrival of an important event or person,” then too; “The Birth of Christ, the season including the four Sundays before Christmas.”Christians like to use these three ...
12:00 A Canadian conversationalist »The Guardian - Living
Gerry Dee searches his past and present for his slice of life stand-up comedy
11:56 Highs and lows on western leg of trip »The Guardian - Living
Alberta, B.C. feature stunning views and challenging weather
10:57 From the Civil Rights Act to the Disabilities Treaty »NJN Network
Ratification of the Disabilities Treaty helps break down those shameful walls of exclusion around the world
10:55 Join the Annual Jingle Bell Walk on Dec. 5 »City of Charlottetown
2014-11-28 The City of Charlottetown's Parks and Recreation Department will host the 19th annual
10:35 Keeping spirits bright on P.E.I. »The Guardian - Living
In keeping with holiday tradition, Patrick Ledwell and Mark Haines bring their show, The Island Christmas Review, to Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River


10:32 Province almost ready to post nursing home inspections online »The Guardian - Local News
More than six months after Health Minister Doug Currie pledged to put nursing home inspection reports online the provincial government still hasn’t done it.But Currie says posting of those reports is not far off.“Almost ready but not quite,” he said.Last spring, independent MLA Olive Crane ...
10:20 Digital Signage Made Easy for Automotive with ScreenScape Connect »ScreenScape Official News
ScreenScape Connect is changing the way businesses think about digital signage. This simple plug & play device is not only cost-effective. It really helps to simplify the setup process so you can tap into the power of place-based marketing without the pain of a messy IT project. Our friends at Xtreme Tire Garage were kind […]
10:20 Land use symposium rescheduled due to weather »The Guardian - Local News
The past and present state of Island land use policy will be the subject of an upcoming public symposium held at UPEI. The event has been moved to Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. in the Alex H. MacKinnon Auditorium, room 242 of Don and Marion McDougall Hall.Weather forced the delay. It was ...
09:12 Snow for the first time »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Someday, Thalia and Elias Al Ashkar will be able look back with their as yet unborn niece and tease her about having to brave a Canadian winter to see her for the first time.
08:48 Charlottetown woman pleads guilty to robbery »The Guardian - Local News
Lisa Dawn Sherren, 25, to be sentenced Feb. 11
08:45 Olive Crane's plans end with legislature »The Guardian - Local News
Independent MLA planned to table amendment to Employment Standards Act to include sick days
08:39 P.E.I. legislature closes after just 10 days »Journal-Pioneer Local
The fall session of the legislature came rushing to a close Thursday after only 10 days of deliberations and less than half of government’s bills passed.
08:30 Neighbours reach out after Hunter River fire »Journal-Pioneer Local
A group of Hunter River residents are trying to help Diane Smith get back on her feet.
08:04 Fibre Op Modem Settings? (117 Words) » | New Topics
We just had Bell's Fibre Op installed. When I type in 192.168 etc into the browser I see the "user name & "password" isn't filled in & I can't get to the settings.

We're older & don't know a lot about computers but I do remember reading awhile back that this can cause a security problem, am I wrong?

Should we add a user name & password & if so are there any settings we should add?

It says right now the firewall is "NAT only? We aren't sure what this means. Hopefully there are some of you fellow Islander's who now more than we do & can give us some advice.

07:42 What Exactly Does “Liberal Party” Stand For, Other than Elections, Members Ask? »
The most common question of Liberal party members is, “Who the Hell Are We and what do ‘We’ Stand for”. Candidates are quick to appear at the hint of an election but the conflicting examples of the party in the … Continue reading
07:38 How the P.E.I. government inked a deal with a company that became embroiled in a securities investigation »The Guardian - Local News
This is Part 2 of The Guardian’s investigation into P.E.I.’s failed E-gaming plan. For Part 1, visit: How Prince Edward Island almost made millions from Internet gambling
07:28 Neighbours reach out after Hunter River fire »The Guardian - Local News
Group of friends and neighbours hope to raise money, items for woman who lost everything she owned in Wednesday fire
06:49 Daily Specials for Friday, November 28, 2014 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Friday, November 28, 2014 are:

  • Creamy Leek and Carrot Soup...$4.99
  • Smokehouse Monte Cristo...$11.99 Grilled ham, smokey bacon and melted swiss cheese between 2 slices of golden french toast...served with spicey mayo and your choice of house salad or fries

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

06:27 [PHOTO] "But they weren't doing much, so we killed them all ... ?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
"But they weren't doing much, so we killed them all ... ?"

This May 2013 photo was taken as I was walking with my father down the former course of Garrison Creek, along Bathurst Street near Fort York. On the side of a stairway leading from the street towards the fort, builders had erected a wall with a potted history of the Toronto area, the only entry relating to native peoples being a notation that First Nations settled the area circa 9000 BC. Below that entry, someone had scrawled some graffiti: "But they weren't doing much, so we killed them all ... ?"

First Nations erasure is a major problem in Canadian history. In this particular case, the graffiti artist missed a singular point about Toronto's pre-European history, that there were no mass killings of indingenous peoples by Europeans, that the main mass killings were conducted by other indigenous peoples. The mid-17th century Beaver Wars fought for control of the North American fur trade ended up seeing the dispersion of the native groups indigenous to south-central Ontario, notably the Huron. C.M.W. Marcel's 2006 Counterweights essay goes into interesting detail about the ephemeral Iroquois colonization of the northern shores of Lake Ontario. This settlement included two villages in modern Toronto's boundaries, Teiaiagon on the eastern shore of the Humber River in west-end Toronto and Ganatsekwyagon in east-end Toronto on the Rouge River. That first village later hosted the Mississaugas, an Algonquian-speaking Ojibwa group that has since been displaced from the area. (Wayne Roberts' 2013 NOW Toronto essay is recommended.)

History is interesting.
06:26 Crowd Sourcing “Legal Advice” in CBC Lawsuit Against Human Rights Process »
CBC Charlottetown has been locked into a Human Rights Commission battle against a wheelchair advocate for over 5 years. The legal tactics of the CBC lawyer handling the case raises many questions about the Public Broadcaster. The strategy of lawyer … Continue reading
05:35 Randy Newman is 71 November 28 2014 »NJN Network
Intelligent, musical, and satirical Randy Newman is an enigma who created great music his own way
05:35 Short People Got No Reason »NJN Network
Intelligent, musical, and satirical Randy Newman is an enigma who created great music his own way
05:35 Short People Songwriter Randy Newman Turns 71 Today »NJN Network
Intelligent, musical, and satirical Randy Newman is an enigma who created great music his own way


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