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Monday April 27, 2015

23:00 World War 1 - The Lusitania Part 1 - Frances Stephens and "Baby" John »Robert Paterson's Weblog
This is the house of my great great Aunt, Frances Stephens. It is on Dorchester Street in Montreal where Place Ville Marie is now. She was, in 1915, a widow and the second wife and sister of the first wife...
23:00 World War 1 - The Lusitania Part 2 - The Trip from Montreal to New York »Robert Paterson's Weblog
The Lusitania sails on May 1st 1915. On April 28th, or earlier, Aunt Marguerite Lady Allan and her two daughters must have set out from Montreal. It would make sense to me for them to arrive in New York at...
22:18 Abortion on P.E.I. major topic for leaders’ debate »Journal-Pioneer Local
Tories, “no,” Liberals, “we’ll see,” Green and NDP “yes.”
21:00 Morning Fog »justpictureit
photo - Morning Fog

From Sept. 2011 For those interested in soil, here is a great documentary, Symphony of the Soil.

18:49 C2E2 Wrap Up »Misfortune Cookie

For the last three years I’ve been trying to make it to Chicago for C2E2. I love the city itself and I had heard nothing but good things about the Reed Pop convention. Every year something had come up just before to prevent me from attending but the stars aligned for 2015 and I wound […]

The post C2E2 Wrap Up appeared first on Stephanie Cooke.

18:11 Court overturns Dr. Coull's professional misconduct ruling »The Guardian - Local News
A former P.E.I. doctor who was fined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons has successfully appealed a finding of professional misconduct. In a unanimous decision issued April 24, the P.E.I. Court of Appeal quashed the college’s earlier findings against Dr. Robert Coull. Coull, speaking to ...
17:29 Getting back on track! Healthy eating here I come »Unmodern Mom

So I know I’ve blogged before about running.  I absolutely love it.  It certainly has its challenges in the winter in Ontario.  I know there are people who run outdoors year round… and I will go for an occasional run

The post Getting back on track! Healthy eating here I come appeared first on UnModern Mom.

17:08 Taxed, but not too much »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
The rain came down Sunday, came down in sheets, and I was reminded how much I love having a roof over my head. And that I’m lucky to both have that roof, and, in a strange way, to be taxed because of my ability to have that roof.
16:57 Seven-year suspension imposed »Journal-Pioneer Local
West Prince man with lengthy impaired driving record sentenced
16:54 Snow expected tomorrow across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Monday April 27th 5:00pm… The cold wet weather continues even some wet snow mixed in across the island as the cut-off low pressure system lingers over the Maritimes. Waves or spokes of energy are rotating around this system over the … Continue reading
16:30 Record number vote in first advance poll »Journal-Pioneer Local
CHARLOTTETOWN – A record number of people cast votes in the first advance poll o the 2015 provincial election.
14:08 Charlottetown man found not criminally responsible in stabbing case »The Guardian - Local News
A 23-year-old Charlottetown man has been found not guilty of two counts of attempted murder after being deemed not criminally responsible. Kyle Jason Dean Blaisdell had been charged with attempted murder following a double stabbing in the city last month. A psychiatric assessment of the accused ...
13:35 things writers need »FurtherMo
  As I sit the airport bar in Charlottetown, I consider my life as a writer. I wonder which glimmering cloud, which formative happenstance has allowed me to become the writer that I am today? I know that there have … Continue reading
13:33 Prince County co-ops mulling over Sobeys’ Co-op Atlantic proposal »Journal-Pioneer Local
Deal could mean change in supplier for local co-ops
13:01 Cheers & Jeers »The Guardian - Opinion
Jeers: To the federal department of fisheries and oceans for announcing a delay in the spring lobster fishery in two zones around the province without consulting the president of the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association beforehand. Mike Avery expressed his disappointment the industry wasn’t consulted ...
12:58 Rural voices ignored, issues not being addressed in P.E.I. election »The Guardian - Opinion
By Bobby McNally (guest opinion)
12:54 Simple stop sign at Stanley Bridge intersection will save money »The Guardian - Opinion
According to the article in The Guardian, the proposed roundabout in Stanley Bridge is going back to the drawing board as local businesses say it would restrict access to their properties. A valid concern, and one the government must address.While it’s on the drawing board, I suggest the ...
12:52 Robbing Peter to pay Paul »The Guardian - Opinion
Was the recent budget in Ottawa for all Canadians or just for the Tories to get re-elected? To help balance the budget and win the next election Harper took $2 billion from the contingency or emergency fund and $1.8 billion from the EI fund.Give Harper a majority and say bye bye to EI.Eric ...
12:51 Society’s vulnerable must be protected »The Guardian - Opinion
I’m writing in response to the article published on April 20, 2015 about a student advocating for abortion access at a Liberal party event held at UPEI. I was alarmed to see this young woman state that “younger generations do not see abortion as a controversial issue” and “that it’s outrageous ...
12:42 All four party leaders strong on environment »The Guardian - Opinion
The four parties contesting this election should be thrilled with their leaders. Tuesday evening's Leaders Form on the Environment held at Holland College had questions ranging from pesticides, land use, water, oil and gas drilling, fracking, food, energy, and a range of others submitted from ...
12:25 Honouring veterans of fateful campaign »The Guardian - Opinion
Saturday (April 25) marks the 100th anniversary of one of the major military debacles of the First World War. British, Australian, New Zealand and Newfoundland troops were landed at dawn on the beaches of Gallipoli in Turkey in a failed attempt to capture the Dardenelles for the Allies. An idea ...
11:24 P.E.I. politics is in our DNA »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
I am 67 years young, and was told when I returned to P.E.I., in 1993, that I was a Conservative because Mulligan's are Conservatives. I had gone to Toronto at age 18 and came back home to live 26 years later.
11:22 Time to talk child poverty »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Child Poverty is a problem on P.E.I. In 2012, 17.5 per cent of children on the Island were living in poverty.
11:04 Journey North Mystery Class 2015 ~ Our Answers »Life on a Canadian Island
10:17 Co-op Atlantic to sell some assets to Sobeys »The Guardian - Business
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09:48 The New Type Holder Moderne 2 » from peter rukavina

When a pointer to The New Type Holder Moderne 2 came to my attention via Briarpress, I had to order one: I do not give into indulgences often, but this is a tool that seems as though designed specifically for me. It arrived in the post today, and it is as truly wonderful – finely-machine, cleverly-designed, lovingly-packaged.

Japanese Type Holder

09:27 City Hosts Public Forum on Cosmetic Pesticides Tonight »City of Charlottetown
2015-04-27 The City of Charlottetown wishes to remind the public of the forum tonight (April 27)
09:18 Fire displaces Summerside area family »Journal-Pioneer Local
TRAVELLERS REST – The Canadian Red Cross is reporting that a family of six has been displaced following a fire Sunday night in Travellers Rest.
09:18 UPDATED: Fire displaces Summerside area family »Journal-Pioneer Local
TRAVELLERS REST – A family of six has lost almost everything after their home was destroyed by fire late Sunday night.
09:14 CBC Should Reality Check PEI Election Promises »NJN Network
No one is fact checking PEI election promises which swing wildly from $18 to $58 million
09:08 Island-born medical students return to P.E.I. to practise »Journal-Pioneer Local
They say there’s no place like home.
08:57 Family of six displaced by Travellers Rest fire »The Guardian - Local News
TRAVELLERS REST — A family of six has been temporarily displaced after a fire late Sunday night extensively damaged a two-storey house in the community of Travellers Rest. No one was home at the time of the fire, which occurred at 26205 Route 2, outside of Summerside. A woman and four children ...
08:51 Island-born medical students return to P.E.I. to practise »The Guardian - Local News
They say there’s no place like home. And thanks to new programs, some young Prince Edward Island doctors will be finding their own places in their home province as they set up practices here and help address the Island’s lack of doctors. Megan Burns is a one of those doctors. Burns is involved ...
07:37 Daily Specials for Monday, April 27, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Monday, April 27, 2015 are:

  • Tomato and Dill Soup $4.99
  • Casa Mia Toro Burger...14.99
  • T-4 DAYS OF BURGER LOVE UNTIL IT'S OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!! You can do it...just 4 days to try more burgers then you can take a break from burgers... for a day or two at the very least!!! Thank you for your support and patience as this year our burger love entry was/is very popular!

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440



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