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Friday October 24, 2014

21:10 Love Is Strange at Friday, October 24, 2014 at 9:10 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 9 days left to see this film.

Rated: 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language)
Runs: 98 minutes
Director: Ira Sachs
Country: US
Released: 2014
Starring: John Lithgow, Alfred Molina, Marisa Tomei

“Love may be weird, complicated and uncertain, but it is also wondrous. Love Is Strange makes that case with a remarkable blend of tenderness, wit and intelligence. A deftly written and sensitive film about a longtime New York City couple dealt professional, economic and emotional blows, it is, above all, terrifically acted by leads John Lithgow and Alfred Molina. Molina and Lithgow have terrific chemistry. We fully believe these vital older men have been together in a loving, committed relationship for nearly four decades. The film takes their long-standing romance in stride and opens on the day of their wedding... The ceremony is an idyllic moment in their lives, but things soon unravel. George loses his job as a music teacher at a Catholic school. His sexual orientation was an open secret, but once the couple made it official by taking vows, the archdiocese steps in and fires him. Without George's steady salary, the two are forced to sell their Manhattan apartment. Even with George's income from giving private lessons and Ben's pension, they can't afford to rent a place and also pay health insurance... Soon, the pair split up temporarily, compelled to reside apart with neighbors and relatives for significantly more than a week or two. George sleeps on the couch of former neighbors, a much younger - and rowdier - gay couple. Ben goes to stay in Brooklyn with his workaholic nephew Elliot, Elliot's wife/author Kate and their adolescent son Joey. Each is given makeshift accommodations and they all find themselves awkwardly in the way... Their union is put to the test. We feel their enduring love and the pain over their separation.... Love Is Strange is realistic and compassionate on all fronts... A deeply poignant and understated tale, with a pair of masterful performance at its core, Love Is Strange is a profoundly moving examination of love's ability to withstand adversity.” - Claudia Puig, USA Today. “An exceptionally thoughtful, elegiac nocturne of a film. It’s romantic without being cloying, it’s sad without being maudlin, it’s funny without winking at the audience, and above all, it’s real. Not a note feels inauthentic... It is full of breath-taking beauty, both visual and thematic, and the score, largely comprised of Chopin, is the perfect accompaniment. The penultimate scene just may be the most affecting you’ll see this year... This one sticks with you.” - Mark Rabinowitz, Paste Magazine

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

08:06 More than 500,00 children to get P.E.I. author David Weale's book »The Guardian - Local News
Island author David Weale has scored a literary coup. The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has chosen Weale’s book Doors In The Air for this year’s TD Grade One Book Giveaway, the largest free-book distribution program for school-aged children in Canada. All English and French Grade 1 students ...
07:38 More armed security, metal detectors considered for P.E.I. legislature »The Guardian - Local News
The Sergeant-at-Arms for the Prince Edward Island legislature says he would like to see more armed security officers at Province House in Charlottetown. Currently none of the ex-RCMP security guards on staff in the building are armed, and neither is the Sergeant-at-Arms. A plainclothes city ...
06:52 Soccer Hurricanes ready for ACAA championships »The Guardian - Sports
The Holland College Hurricanes soccer squads are knuckling down for the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) championships beginning Saturday in Fredericton, N.B.The men finished first with a 11-0-1 record while outscoring opponents 58-7, and face fourth-seeded Crandall University in ...
06:29 More rain expected today across PEI »peistormchaser
Friday October 24th 6:30am.. A low pressure system moved off the mid Atlantic states a few days ago has been stalled over moving very slowly NE over the past couple days. This system has brought very heavy rain to part … Continue reading
00:10 Lakers G Nash ruled out for the season with back injury »The Guardian - Sports
LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash has been ruled out for the season because of a back injury, putting the two-time NBA MVP's career in doubt. The Lakers and Nash announced their joint decision Thursday, less than a week before the start of what would have been the 40-year-old ...
00:03 distilled water? (12 Words) » | New Topics
Anyone know a good place to get it at a decent price?...

Thursday October 23, 2014

23:29 Summerside mayoral debate fills Harbourfront Theatre »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Summerside held a mayoral debate and many came.
23:26 Belvedere golf club appeals to IRAC to allow condominium »The Guardian - Local News
Needs money to stay in business but has earlier been denied by city council
23:26 Belvedere Golf Course says needs to sell land to survive »The Guardian - Local News
Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown needs to sell land for a condominium development in order to stay in business, says the course’s president. It’s a development Charlottetown City Council rejected in July, which led to developer Hanmac Inc. appealing the decision. Jeff Ready, the course’s ...
23:11 Nine pilot whales get in trouble off P.E.I. beach »The Guardian - Local News
Two die after beaching, some free themselves, some rescued as people struggle to help
23:03 Panthers looking to show they belong with AUS top teams »The Guardian - Sports
UPEI entering weekend after strong second half against Acadia
22:35 McGuigan to coach Capitals again »The Guardian - Sports
Four days after firing head coach Tim Schurman, the Summerside Western Capitals have filled the void by hiring Billy McGuigan. McGuigan was the team’s bench boss for two seasons before heading to the Western Hockey League last season. “I wanted to be back coaching hockey on Prince Edward Island ...
22:26 McGuire looking to get back to CIS cross-country championship »The Guardian - Sports
Connor McGuire has a chance Saturday to get back to the university nationals for the last time.The 23-year-old Summerside native will be competing with Lakehead University’s cross-country team at the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championship in Kingston, Ont.“I don’t have any really big ...
22:22 Hurricanes baseball game postponed »The Guardian - Sports
Wet weather forced the cancellation of the first day of action Thursday at the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association championship in Montreal. The Holland College Hurricanes play UNB today at 3 p.m. and Montreal at 9 p.m. On Saturday it plays Saint Mary’s at 2 p.m. All times are Atlantic.
22:15 Down The Backstretch: Campbell, Hughes battling for top spot »The Guardian - Sports
The race is tight for top driver at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway as Atlantic Canada’s two leading drivers are neck and neck.Marc Campbell is the top reinsman at the Prince County oval with 43 victories while Jason (The Blue Knight) Hughes sits in second place with 41. Hughes racked up ...
22:13 Gaudet, Gaudet take home junior C weekly honours »The Guardian - Sports
Traven Gaudet of the Tignish Perry's Construction Aces and TyGaudet of the North River Island Excavators Flames are the offensive and defensive players of the week, respectively, in the Razzy's P.E.I. Junior C Hockey League.Gaudet had four goals, including a hat trick against the Souris Hawks, ...
22:11 Maniacs finish strong in victory against Falcons »The Guardian - Sports
The Montague Total Assets Fitness Maniacs scored four times in the third period and came away with a 6-3 win over the Sherwood AS Scrap Metal Falcons in Island Junior Hockey League action Wednesday at Cody Banks Arena.With the game tied 3-3 in the final frame, Chase MacLeod, Alex Gallant (2) ...
22:08 [URBAN NOTE] "Immigration and Visible Minority Status Shape Toronto Election Turnout, Study Finds" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Desmond Cole's analysis at Torontoist, illustrating with numerous telling charts, of nationality and ethnicity and race as factors in Toronto politics, is telling. Plenty of links at the Torontoist site.

In their publication “Who Votes in Toronto Municipal Elections?” Ryerson University professor Myer Siemiatycki and geographic analyst Sean Marshall explore how immigration, visible minority status, income, and home ownership affected residents’ likelihood of voting in the last three municipal elections. Their findings show that neighbourhoods and wards with higher proportions of immigrants and visible minorities tend to have lower turnout rates.

Siemiatycki ranked Toronto’s 44 wards by turnout and then looked at the percentage of immigrants in each ward. In the 10 wards with the lowest turnout, immigrants comprised an average of 63 per cent of the population, visible minorities 62.7 per cent. Immigrants made up 37 per cent of the population of the top 10 wards for voter turnout, visible minorities just 27 per cent.

“The short answer is, not enough of us turn out to vote,” said Siemiatycki in an interview earlier this month. The report states that “voter turnout over the last three Toronto municipal elections averaged 42.7%, compared to a 61.6% turnout average in the last three federal elections.” But Siemiatycki expressed particular concern about the lower turnout rates among immigrants and residents of visible minority status.

“One very likely explanation is that the composition of elected officials and candidates is not representative of the communities,” Siemiatycki explained, noting that only five of Toronto’s 45 city council members belong to a visible minority group, and that this pattern of disproportionate representation exists across the GTA. “This sends a signal that our elections and politics are the domain of some people and not others,” said Siemiatycki.
22:03 Billy McGuigan returns as Capitals head coach »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – Just four days after firing head coach Tim Schurman, the Summerside Western Capitals have filled the void with the hiring of Billy McGuigan.
19:48 [LINK] "The case for Northern devolution" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Writing for Open Democracy, Paul Salveson makes an argument for the establishment of devolved regional assembly in the North of England, part of a more general federalization of the United Kingdom and a response to the marginalization of the north. It's worth noting that reactions in the comments is hostile to this idea, with an English Parliament being mooted as an answer.

What do the English want?

It’s widely recognised that England is a highly centralised nation with power and resources increasingly concentrated on London and the south-east. The historic ‘north-south’ divide is getting bigger and virtually every index of deprivation shows the North (Yorkshire and the Humber; North-West and North-East) becoming poorer in comparison to the South-East. The Scottish referendum campaign has forced the political establishment to accept further devolution for Scotland and the ‘English Question’ – how to re-balance England itself so London and the South-east becomes less dominant – has shot up the agenda. The response from the political establishment has been to avoid creating any new directly-elected bodies but instead to devolve some powers and resources to ‘combined authorities’ in Northern city regions. Some of these already exist, for example in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. They bring together the local authorities in their respective areas, with the council leaders forming a leadership group. They have growing budgets covering a range of sectors, including transport and economic development. While it could be argued these are a pragmatic response to existing needs, their big problem is the lack of accountability. Indirectly-elected bodies such as these give greater powers to officers and effectively remove any semblance of popular participation. Further, almost by definition, ‘city regions’ have an excessive focus on the main city conurbations and less emphasis on the more peripheral urban centres and rural areas.

The alternative is ‘democratic devolution’ to the regions, with elected assemblies having similar powers to Wales and Scotland. They should be elected by PR to allow a better balance between town, city and rural hinterland. It has been suggested that this merely creates ‘another tier of bureaucracy’ but surely regionalisation should be an opportunity to radically reduce the size of the central civil service, with fewer MPs at Westminster. Further, it should involve a fundamental re-organisation of the dogs’ dinner that is English local government, with smaller and more accountable local authorities which reflect people’s local identities. Again, critics have said that there is no ‘public appetite’ for regional assemblies and cite the 2004 referendum in the North-East as proof. Yet ten years is a very long time and we’ve since seen the success of devolution in the UK. And the original ‘offer’ in 2004 was not only a top-down fix but offered little concrete advantages.

Popular regionalism needs to reflect strong historic identities and be of a manageable size. In the North of England, it means accepting that there are three ‘regions’ – Yorkshire, the North-east and North-West (at least). They have many things in common and need stronger physical links – through improved transport infrastructure and telecommunications – but also economic and other forms of co-operation. The political implications of this are assemblies for Yorkshire, the North-East and North-West who co-operate with each other on a number of issues.
19:44 [LINK] "Are Digital Magazines Dead?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
My reaction to Ryan Jones' article republished in Wired was something like "Are digital magazines actually a thing at all?" (Are they?)

When pondering the future of digital magazines, the “I’m not dead yet” scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail may come to mind. Is the digital magazine industry ready to be carted off with the rest of the dead? Gregg Hano, CEO of MAG+, wrote a great piece pointing out the fact that we are actually just in the infancy of digital magazines. Digital magazines at the moment only represent a small portion of total magazine circulation, but their subscriber base doubled from 2012 to 2013 (AAM semiannual periodical snapshot report). Coincidentally, there is a rise in the number of digital magazines published each year, especially in international markets.

It is often forgotten that the digital publication industry has only been around since 2010. This should come as no surprise considering it is also the birth year of the modern tablet industry. As is to be expected with any emerging market, it takes several years for the pioneers of the digital magazine age to develop an earnest understanding of the underlying technologies. At the same time, digital magazines are far less static than traditional publications, given the devices they are viewed on and the intimacy of the user experience. Understanding how to properly produce content for such a new, yet familiar medium has been an exercise in passion and patience requiring a set of skills that takes years to develop.

Digital publications must also deal with a number of barriers that other publishing avenues have never encountered. Unlike their print counterparts, these publications have to abide by the consumer uptake of a small subset of digital devices. A mere 3% of the US population owned a tablet following the initial iPad release in 2010. In the first part of 2013 that number approached 34% (Pew Research Internet Project). The barriers for digital magazine distribution are thus decreasing. At the same time digitizing platforms are broadening the scope of where digital magazines can be published, such as within websites and on smartphones.
19:42 [LINK] "As Online Viewing Soars, Internet TV Will Soon Be the Only TV" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Wired's Marcus Wohlson predicts the collapse of broadcast television.

More people are watching TV online than ever—a lot more. Viewers may not be cutting the cable cord altogether, but growth in the number who want to watch TV over a different set of pipes is surging, according to a new report from Adobe. If anyone was still wondering why HBO and CBS plan to offer an online-only option, the trend is clear: the internet is where people want to watch. In more and more homes, online TV isn’t a geeky novelty, a sidelight to the traditional version. It’s just what TV looks like now.

Adobe is in a position to know because its software runs the platform that nearly all US cable customers use to log into the online versions of their subscriptions, according to the company. Researchers tracked 165 online video views and 1.53 billion logins over a year, and they found that total TV viewing over the internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 compared to the same time a year earlier—a near-quintupling. And the increase is more than just a few diehards binge-watching: the number of unique viewers well more than doubled, growing 146 percent year-over-year.

Eventually cable will follow bunny ears into the basement of dead technology, and online TV will be called something else: plain old TV.

According to analyst Tamara Gaffney, three factors are drove this growth: more apps and sites for watching, more content to watch on those apps and sites, and the World Cup. Sports act as as kind of “appetizer” whetting viewers’ appetites for the flexibility and breadth of online TV, Gaffney says. The World Cup was an especially strong lure because the internet was the only way to watch so many games that traditional TV lacked the bandwidth to show. But Gaffney said once viewers came for sports, they stayed for everything else.

“Households generally connect because of sports,” she says. “But then when they start to use online television, they start to branch out.”
19:40 Feeling safe again »Journal-Pioneer Local
OTTAWA -- The constant texts and phone calls from family and friends back home in P.E.I. provided her with comfort and support during Wednesday’s lockdown, Ottawa University student Shelby Hamill said Thursday.
19:39 [URBAN NOTE] "Class divisions at heart of this campaign" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Spacing Toronto's John Lorinc write a nice post examining quieter issues of class and race which contaminate Toronto politics.

During the scrum following Friday night’s shouty debate about priority neighbourhoods, a Global News reporter asked John Tory if he believed that white privilege exists. Tory, in a clip that ricocheted around the city all weekend, denied it, and then attempted to backtrack by talking about the importance of giving people living in communities like Jane-Finch a “hand up.”

At another debate at the C.D. Howe Institute a few weeks ago, Tory also stated that racism wasn’t a factor. Yet despite such denials, discussion over the role of race in this election — which began with the deluge of odious attacks against Olivia Chow — only intensified after Ward 2 candidate Munira Abukar, who is challenging Rob Ford and Andray Domise, tweeted disturbing images of a campaign flyer with her face scrawled out above the words, “Go home.” Kristyn Wong-Tam has also received a stream of hateful correspondence that blends racism and homophobia.

Anyone who professes surprise that the election has exposed this side of the city needs to re-examine their assumptions. Yes, Toronto is a remarkably diverse, and impressively peaceful, city. We haven’t had the sort of racially-fueled riots that tore up suburban areas in Paris and London in recent years. But it doesn’t follow that the absence of such explosive responses to grinding poverty, social exclusion and racial profiling means that all is well.

Still, the racism narrative is complicated. The Fords gave a lot of people permission to publicly express themselves in ways that they might not have indulged in a different political climate. Moreover, the psycho-geography of racism in Toronto is linked to culture, religion, location, and the social-professional origins of specific newcomer communities. This story plays out in lots of different ways.
19:36 [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto subway stops that will never happen" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
blogTO's Derek Flack linked to designer Jon Toews' collection of photos of imaginary subway stops, places that would have been built if only the TTC had been mroe ambitious: Parkdale, Roncesvalles, Garrison Creek ...
19:18 Stephen Harper waited with MPs, terrifying unknown on other side of caucus room »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA — For a few moments that must have felt like an eternity, the prime minister of Canada stood hiding in a closet-like space within the Conservative caucus room. The Mounties who are assigned to protect him on a daily basis initially stood on the other side of the doors to that ...
18:47 Extra Life 2014 »Misfortune Cookie

This year, along with my fellow Missfits, I’ll be participating in Extra Life. I learned about the event last year and hadn’t really planned on being a part of it this year, but Melissa Megan made her case and the whole thing was very near and dear to her, so I’m all in. Last year […]

The post Extra Life 2014 appeared first on Stephanie Cooke.

18:33 Shea comments on terrorist attack »Journal-Pioneer Local
OTTAWA -- Egmont MP and regional minister responsible for P.E.I., Gail Shea, has released a statement concerning Wednesday’s terrorist attack on Parliament Hill.
18:24 Taking flight in P.E.I. »The Guardian - Living
Instructor Tatiana Kachira is helping Islanders reach their sky-high dreams


18:06 Ottawa U student from P.E.I. stayed out of downtown during crisis »Journal-Pioneer Local
MILL RIVER EAST -- A Mill River East resident who is enrolled in courses at Ottawa University was finding the mood around campus more subdued Thursday, one day after a gunman shot and killed an army reservist on Parliament Hill.
18:03 Western Community Curling Club schedules Open House »Journal-Pioneer Sports
ALBERTON -- The Western Community Curling Club has scheduled an Open House for October 28, 29 and 30. During those days there will be curling instruction and practice sessions at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
17:41 Man gets 90 days on impaired charge »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – A 48-year-old Summerside man, who’s alcohol readings were four times the legal limit, was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty in Summerside provincial court Thursday to impaired driving.


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