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Wednesday March 4, 2015

06:08 Snow ending and turing milder today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Wednesday March 4th 6:00am.. Snow spread across the region overnight ahead of a warm front which is approaching from the west. This front is oriented NE -SW and currently extending from northern NB down through Halifax and southeastward. This front … Continue reading
00:59 [URBAN NOTE] "Redevelopment of Honest Ed’s in Toronto holds several surprises" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Globe and Mail's Alex Bozikovic describes how the plans for redeveloping Honest Ed's actually seem quite forward-thinking, even exciting in their ambition.

“There’s no place like this place… anyplace.” That’s one of the many slogans hand-painted on the facades of Honest Ed’s; and the plans to redevelop the discount store, and the adjacent group of buildings called Mirvish Village, will live up to that slogan in ways Ed Mirvish wouldn’t have expected.

On Tuesday night, the developer that owns the 1.8-hectare downtown Toronto site, Westbank, and its architect, Vancouver’s Gregory Henriquez, presented their plans at a public open house. While the project’s design is in flux, the plans include several surprises: 1,000 rental apartments, many of them family-sized, and no condominiums for sale; a permanent public market; and retail space largely divided into small units that mimic the scale of existing storefronts on Bloor Street.

[. . .]

The project, which has not yet been submitted to the city for approval, would raze Honest Ed’s. Mr. Henriquez’s office has designed new buildings that form solid street walls along Bloor and Bathurst and along Lennox Street to the south. They would incorporate three towers of 29, 22 and 21 storeys. Behind them would be a low, glass-roofed Mirvish Village Market (selling food and crafts). To the south, two pedestrian-only laneways would cut the block, lined with small retail and live-work spaces filled with the help of the Centre for Social Innovation.

The promise of about 1,000 rental apartments is dramatic news. Developers have recently begun building rentals in Toronto again. According to a report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp, about 1,100 were built in the region from 2013 to 2014. This would add 1,000 in one place – and Westbank promises half will be two-, three- or four-bedroom units.

The plan would leave intact most of the houses and small commercial buildings on Markham Street. These would become destination restaurants, expanded discreetly and served by a bike valet service that connects to an underground bicycle shop and service area. Ms. Rosenberg imagines Markham Street with one consistent swath of paving, integrating the road and sidewalk and with an 11-metre space for patios. (Her firm has three ideas for what it would look like, including one inspired by the crooked floors of Honest Ed’s and the colour-field painting David Mirvish showed at his gallery on Markham Street in the 1970s.)

Tuesday March 3, 2015

23:56 [DM] "On the potential demise of the quinquennial census of Australia" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At Demography Matters I link to The Guardian's Oliver Milman reported last month that the Australian Bureau of Statistics might reduce the frequency of national census-taking. At present, an Australian census is held every five years, the most recent being in 2011. The plan to shift to a ten-year census cycle, with frequent surveys in between censuses to maintain data, is apparently quite controversial, for the same sort of reasons that I recognize in Canada in the debate over the long-form census. I do admit to wondering if a five-year census is practical, but I also admit to envying Australia its thorough data-collection processes.
22:26 High school basketball teams shoot for gold on Wednesday »The Guardian - Sports
Teams shooting for P.E.I. School Athletic Association basketball titles will be aiming for gold Wednesday in the senior A division at Charlottetown Rural High School.Bronze medal games in midget AA are also set for today at Stonepark school in Charlottetown.In senior A, Charlottetown Rural 2 ...
21:59 Rough day for P.E.I.'s Casey rink at Brier »The Guardian - Sports
CALGARY – It was a day to forget for the Adam Casey rink.The P.E.I. representatives at the 2015 Tim Hortons Brier dropped two games on Tuesday to a pair of the pre-tournament favourites. Alberta’s Kevin Koe doubled Casey 8-4 in the morning draw, and defending Olympic gold-medallist Brad Jacobs ...
21:18 Anne of Green Gambling? Third Globe and Mail Story on PEI Corruption In 3 Days »
While CBC features Wade Maclaughlan affirming his confidence in the part time security the Premiers office maintains, the new Premier has effectively shot himself in the head, as they say. Maclaughlan is intent to improve the image of PEI both Nationally and Internationally, he is off to a terrible start. Maclaughlan claims he is a … Continue reading Anne of Green Gambling? Third Globe and Mail Story on PEI Corruption In 3 Days
21:09 White outs cause crashes in parts of P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
ELMSDALE — West Isle Towing operator Dale Gallant was struggling to keep up with the demand Tuesday afternoon. No time to talk, he said. He got his first call at 4 a.m. and had been going flat out ever since. He estimated it would be close to midnight before he gets to respond to the ...
21:04 New Emergency Radio System by Fall 2015 (69 Words) » | New Topics
Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Beware all you scanner owners out there.......

PEI is upgrading their radio system to a new digital one by fall 2015, similar to the one that just went into operation in Nova Scotia. Not only will all users be digital, but major users of the system (RCMP and Police) are expected to be 100% encrypted.

Official announcement: [url][/url]...
21:03 My Cupboard of Brown & White Transferware »Aiken House & Gardens
21:01 PC Party leadership vote went to second round »The Guardian - Local News
The PC Party's first leadership vote to use preferential ballots had to go to a second round in order to determine a winner. But what the actual vote counts were is still a secret because it's information the party won't release. PC Party president Peter McQuaid said the party decided not to ...
21:00 The Primrose's Pride »justpictureit
20:16 Town of Kensington seeking naming rights partner for Community Gardens Complex »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON —Community Gardens Complex could soon have a new name.
19:33 [URBAN NOTE] "The rise and fall of the Kingston Road motel strip" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Alex Butt and Vincent Panepinto had an informative and photograph-heavy essay in NOW Toronto describing the decline of the motel strip along east-end Scarborough's Kingston Road. Apparently these motels have shifted away from hosting travellers and are now housing Toronto's homeless.

Kingston Road, also known as Highway 2, has been integral to the Scarborough area since it was established in 1817, its name signalling that it was the sole route connecting Toronto and Kingston. What was then a post road for mail coaches turned into a bustling thoroughfare for automobiles moving between Toronto and eastern Canada.

Like Route 66 in the U.S., Kingston Road was marked by the 50s and 60s heyday of motor hotels. Cars were relatively inexpensive, easier to drive and safer than ever before. The newly introduced options of air conditioning and power steering made the prospect of a road trip more appealing for young couples and families looking for a little adventure. You could cruise through Pickering and have a refreshing cocktail in the grassy courtyard of the Lido Motel, enjoy the soda fountain and in-room television at the Avon, grab a medium-rare hamburger in the spacious dining room of Andrew’s Motel or take a dip in the outdoor pool at the Roycroft.

The Paragon Motel boasted 42 fully modern units, a convention hall, restaurant and children’s playground. Built in 1949, it became the Wellington Motel in 1973 and the East Side Motel in 1987. The east half of the property is now the Comfort Inn.

But completion of Highway 401 changed the way Canadians travelled by car. And while Kingston Road still stretches to Pickering, the motels that lined the street became more redundant with each passing decade as chain hotels and service stations popped up along the former superhighway. The amorality of development means that the prosperity of one area may force another to flounder, and by the 80s the Kingston strip had noticeably decayed.
19:27 [URBAN NOTE] "BIKE THINK TANK: Ridership numbers continue to grow" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Spacing shares a report arguing that biking is really taking off in Toronto, especially in some downtown neighbourhoods. (Some are close to mine, even.)

Although we don’t know exactly who has started to bike in the last few years, we do know just how much things have changed. And they have changed a great deal: Our first hint came when the Toronto Cycling survey released in 2011 by the city’s Transportation Department showed that 29 percent of Torontonians were utilitarian cyclists. Next, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation and Share the Road released their 2013 survey results, showing that 5.7 percent of Torontonians cycle regularly. Most recently, in September of 2013, Cycle Toronto, working with the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank, measured the number of cars and cyclists using College St. at Spadina during afternoon rush hour. What we found was extraordinary: approximately equal numbers of cars and bikes used College at this time on the two study days – though the bikes used only a fraction of the road space, of course. That’s a 74 percent cycling increase on this street in just three years.

Finally, an analysis of the National Household Survey data from 2011 shows astonishing figures for cycling mode share in some census tracts – nearly 20 percent in Seaton Village near Christie Pits and in Dufferin Grove, with other areas of the west end following closely. These figures are for work and school trips only, so the total share of cycling trips might be even higher.

So now we know for certain – Torontonians are getting on their bikes in unprecedented numbers. These increases seem even more significant considering the poor curbside conditions, general lack of separated lanes, meager painted bike routes, and shortage of bike parking, especially back in 2011 and 2012 when most of these data were collected. Way to go, Torontonians – we know that the more of us who cycle, the safer it gets, and so we expect collision rates to be declining and emissions and commercial vacancies to be going down, while fitness, disposable income and business revenues increase.</blockqutoe>
19:26 [ISL] 'Ada Kaleh, an Ottoman Atlantis on the Danube" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Strange Maps' Frank Jacobs describes the strange Ottoman pseudo-enclave of Ada Kaleh, a Turkish-populated island on the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria that remained autonomous and linked to Turkey for almost a half-century after the Ottoman Empire's withdrawal from the region.

[Y]ou'll find yourself in the Iron Gates, a stretch of the river winding its way through a spectacular set of gorges, about 40 straight miles north of the point where Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria meet. Set in the middle of Europe's mightiest river and surrounded by these spectacular outcrops of rock, Ada Kaleh's location was as exotic as it was strategic.

One mile long and a quarter mile wide, the island was a spit of sand and gravel thrown up by the Danube's meandering flow. Some claim that the island was known to the ancients as Cyraunis, an island mentioned in the Histories (5th c. BC) as “covered in olive trees.” Although blessed with a Mediterranean microclimate — figs and almonds thrived on the island, but so did vipers and scorpions — it is more likely Herodotus was referring to the Kerkennah archipelago off the Tunisian coast.

[. . .]

Because of its location, the island became strategically significant during the struggle between the Austrian and Ottoman empires for dominance on the Balkan Peninsula. In 1689, Austrian troops built a pentagonal fortress on the island, which they called Neu-Orschowa. The fortress was destroyed by the Ottomans two years later (with a little help from their Hungarian vassals). Undeterred, the Austrians built another fortress after they regained the island in 1692. Perhaps they shouldn't have: in 1699, the Ottomans took over the island for most of the next two centuries.

The Austrians did make two comebacks. In 1716, during the Second Austro-Turkish War, they took over again and, as if they couldn't help themselves, again started reinforcing the fortress. It didn't do them much good: after a four-month siege in 1738, during the Third Austro-Turkish War, they were kicked out again. The Austrians came back again briefly in 1789, during the Fourth Austro-Turkish War, but returned the island in the Treaty of Sistova (1791).

That treaty concluded the long series of Austro-Turkish conflicts that had started in 1526 with the Battle of Mohacs. In the 19th century, Ada Kaleh would gradually lose its strategic importance, even as Ottoman power in the Balkans waned. But the island remained a magnet for history-book events. In 1804, Serbian rebels led by Milenko Stojković caught and executed the Janissary junta who had fled Belgrade and taken refuge on the island. It was plundered by the Russian army during the Turkish-Russian war of 1806-1812. Lajos Kossuth, the leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, found refuge on the island after its collapse.
19:21 [LINK] "The Ecology of What We Write" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Savage Minds features Anand Pandian's essay arguing that writing is necessarily embedded in the dynamic environment of the writer.

One day last summer, a caterpillar dropped from the rim of my desktop monitor. A peculiar little creature—no more than an inch long, clothed in a jacket of wispy white, a jaunty pair of lashes suspended well behind a tiny black head.

The visitation was unexpected. It’s not as though I work in a natural wonderland. The walls of this office are made of painted cinderblock. The window is fixed firmly in place, completely sealed from the outside. Peculiar odors sometimes drift from the vent above my desk, possibly from the labs upstairs.

The caterpillar seemed unhappy with the windowsill, where I placed it for a closer look. So I scooped up the errant traveler and stepped outside the building, wondering, for a moment, whether there was anything more palatable in the turfgrass. Then I went back to writing, back to whatever I could forage for my monitor that day.

We tend to think of writing as a lonely task. “The life of the writer—such as it is—is colorless to the point of sensory deprivation,” Annie Dillard writes. “Many writers do little else but sit in small rooms recalling the real world.”

There is, no doubt, a limpid truth to so much of her prose. But this, though, how could it be? Whether Dillard’s Venetian blinds slatted against the vista of a graveled rooftop, or some other more porous and inviting space, writing always happens in a sensible world of sounds and textures, an atmosphere of tangible things and diaphanous beings.
19:19 Virgin Gaming Was Brought To PEI But They Flew Away After Seeing the Goon Squad »
The Virgin Gaming Group, looked closely at PEI as a base for on line gambling and participation with the gaming initiates of Robert Ghiz and Wes Sheridan. The company was invited to the island by Mr. Paul Maines. When things started to unfold on the Gaming Initiative under Sheridan, Virgin Gaming quickly left town. Virgin … Continue reading Virgin Gaming Was Brought To PEI But They Flew Away After Seeing the Goon Squad
19:17 [LINK] "The Putin Effect on Post-Soviet Economies" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg View's Leonid Bershidsky observes that the collapse of multiple currencies in the former Soviet Union can be traced substantially to instability from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and from Russia's conflicts more broadly. The costs of integration seem high.

The Moldovan leu lost more against the U.S. dollar last week than in all of 2014. The tiny nation, squeezed between Ukraine and Romania, could no longer handle a deep structural imbalance in its economy. It buys about 70 percent of all its consumer goods from abroad, so its imports are about twice as high as its exports. The shortfall was partly covered by remittances from migrant workers, which reached $1.61 billion last year. In the fourth quarter, however, the remittances fell by 20 percent, because many of the Moldovan migrants work in Russia, and as the ruble lost value, they weren't able to send as many dollars and euros home. Moldova's exports to Russia almost halved last year, both because of the latter's economic problems and because Moscow was trying to pressure Moldova to stay within its economic orbit rather than integrate with the European Union.

Adding to these problems, the previous Moldovan government spent part of its meager foreign reserves to bail out three large banks, a move the country's leftist parliamentary opposition described as a money-laundering scam. Moldova's international reserves now stand at less than $2 billion, their lowest level since 2011. The leu devaluation is likely to continue because there's no plausible way to stop it.

The core of Azerbaijan's problem is that it's an oil exporter. Since 2011, it had pegged its currency, the manat, to the U.S. dollar, but as the oil price fell, the peg became expensive to maintain. On Jan. 31, the country's foreign reserves stood 11 percent lower than a year before. The devaluation would not have needed to be as sharp as it was, however, if Russia hadn't been the country's biggest export market. Those exports fell sharply last year -- by 30 percent in the third quarter, the last one for which data are available.

As for Georgia, its exports to Russia actually increased last year, at least in the period for which the IMF has data. Yet exports to Ukraine, which had become a major trading partner when Georgia's relations with Russia were particularly strained last decade, have fallen by about half over the past year. In total, Georgia's exports in January were 20 percent lower than the year before. For this tiny economy with less than $2.5 billion in foreign reserves, that drop made devaluation inevitable.

Belarus, Russia's closest ally, is completely dependent on Moscow for extra-cheap energy imports. So it predictably suffered more than others -- except Ukraine -- when Russia effectively started a price war with its neighbors by devaluing its currency.blockquote>
18:21 School on Friday »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMEDRSIDE - The English Language School Board advises that there will be regular classes for senior high schools on Friday, March 6.
18:16 Potato tampering investigation ongoing »Journal-Pioneer Local
CHARLOTTETOWN -- The investigation into a food tampering case involving sewing needles inserted into potatoes is still active, reports Prince Edward Island RCMP spokesperson, Sgt. Leanne Butler.
17:54 Gardeners invited to Summerside library for seed exchange »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – The Summerside Rotary Library is getting to be a seedy place these days. As in gardening. Plants. Greenery.
17:53 PEI Conservative Party Show Remarkably Little Interest In Gaming Initiative Disclosure »
The PEI Conservative just finished an excellent leadership contest that managed to sort out a new leader and bring the party together as a united front for the upcoming election. The party however has shown no interest in asking questions or any disclosure on the corrupted Gaming Initiative which forced Robert Ghiz to resign. The … Continue reading PEI Conservative Party Show Remarkably Little Interest In Gaming Initiative Disclosure
17:44 Optimistic mood at PEIFA annual »Journal-Pioneer Local
CHARLOTTETOWN -- The new president of the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association said he observed an upbeat, optimistic mood at the Association’s annual convention on the weekend.
17:40 Canada Games judo medalist wants to inspire others »Journal-Pioneer Local
LENNOX ISLAND -- Brandon Bernard is hoping the bronze medal he brought home from the Canada Games in Prince George, BC will help inspire more people to get into the sport he loves.
17:34 Acadian Museum inaugurates update of permanent exhibition »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – The update of the contemporary section of the Acadian Museum's permanent exhibition will be celebrated on Sunday, March 8, at 2 p.m., in Miscouche.
17:18 Maclaughlan Can Deliver Transparency on Gaming Corruption At The Push Of A Button »
Red Like Me solution, Maclaughlan can put the Gaming Initiative all behind him at the push of a single button, print out where all the money went. Transparency is not a big challenge if you are ready to provide the answers. Wes Sheridan established himself as a liar saying, “There were no Public funds in … Continue reading Maclaughlan Can Deliver Transparency on Gaming Corruption At The Push Of A Button
17:10 Caps look to keep playoff hopes alive »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Need to win and get some help from Truro
16:49 Ready, Butler named Hurricanes’ athletes of the week »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – Volleyball players Laura Ready and Brett Butler have been chosen as the Holland Hurricanes’ athletes of the week for the week ending March 1.
16:45 Alberta's Koe doubles Casey rink at Brier »The Guardian - Sports
CALGARY – Alberta’s Kevin Koe took full advantage of the hammer to defeat P.E.I.’s Adam Casey rink 8-4 at the 2015 Tim Hortons Brier on Tuesday. Koe opened the game with a deuce in the first end, counted a triple in the third end to go up 5-1 and scored two more with last-rock advantage in the ...
16:04 Stonepark girls, Queen Charlotte boys win midget AA titles »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – The Stonepark Tigers and Queen Charlotte Coyotes are the 2014-15 P.E.I. School Athletic Association midget AA basketball champions.
16:02 [BLOG] Some Tuesday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • The Big Picture looks at the uses of oil barrels around the world.

  • blogTO wonders if the Annex is ready for a condo boom.

  • Centauri Dreams features a guest post from Andrew Lepage noting how odd spectra on Mars were misidentified as proof of life.

  • Crooked Timber notes a student occupation of the University of Amsterdam's headquarters.

  • Discover's The Crux makes a poor argument that space probe visits to Pluto and Ceres will lead to the redefinition of these worlds as planets.

  • The Dragon's Gaze looks at an odd pulsating hot subdwarf B star with a brown dwarf.

  • The Dragon's Tales suggests chemical mechanisms for life on Titan, and explains the differences in water plumes between Europa and Enceladus.

  • A Fistful of Euros notes political conflict in Germany.

  • Discover's Inkfist notes that birds from harsher climates are smarters.

  • Joe. My. God. shares Madonna's critique of ageism.

  • Languages of the World examines the genesis of the English language.

  • Marginal Revolution notes Japanese funerals for robots, suggests Facebook usage makes people less happy, and notes family formation in Europe.

  • John Moyer examines punctuation.

  • Steve Munro maps out routes for a Scarborough subway.

  • The Planetary Society Blog looks at science on Pluto.

  • pollotenchegg maps the distribution of ethnically mixed households in Ukraine.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer looks at how Panama successfully made use of price controls, and why.

  • Progressive Download's John Farrell wonders what is the rush for three-parent IVF therapy.

  • Transit Toronto explains how old TTC tickets can be exchanged.

  • Window on Eurasia notes the importance of Belarus for the Baltic States, notes the newly-debatable borders of the former Soviet Union, suggests Tatarstan is unhappy with Russian federalism, and looks at the small grounds for Russian-Ukrainian hostilities.

15:59 Bone chilling cold predicted to break tomorrow. »The Guardian - Local News
For Islanders who have not gone south to get warm and to take a break from the never ending cold of this winter, the breaking point is getting closer with every day there is bone chilling cold - cold so bad it almost hurts to be outside. But take heart because after some snow Wednesday morning ...
15:50 Koe beats Casey 8-4 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CALGARY – Alberta’s Kevin Koe took full advantage of the hammer to defeat P.E.I.’s Adam Casey rink 8-4 at the 2015 Tim Hortons Brier on Tuesday.
15:50 UPDATED: Rough day for Casey rink »Journal-Pioneer Sports
At Canadian men’s curling championship
15:02 Alberton TOPS PE 50/50 meeting is cancelled for this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
15:02 O'Leary West Cape Pastoral Charge session will be cancelled for this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
15:02 Service Canada O'Leary Centre will remain closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
14:39 Souris boathouse destroyed in fire »The Guardian - Local News
SOURIS — A well-known area fisherman lost significant equipment when his boat house caught fire here Monday — but luckily his vessel wasn’t inside. Jamie Bruce, a member of the Bruce Brother’s tuna charter operation, was away from his house when he got the call just around noon that his ...
14:12 White-outs lead to vehicle collisions »Journal-Pioneer Local
KILDARE -- Alberton Fire Chief described the scene when he and members of the department arrived on the Montrose River Bridge in Kildare Tuesday morning.
14:00 The increasing chaos in Libya »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
It’s been more than three and a half years since the brutal Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi met his end in a drainage pipe outside his native city of Sirte.
13:58 ‘Canadian lobster’ claws back at packaging rules »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Editor, RE: “homarus canadianus loses lobster name game”
13:54 Rescheduled Kensington Winter Carnival events set for March 15 »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON —Several Kensington Winter Carnival events cancelled due to inclement weather have been rescheduled.
13:19 Wade MacLauchlan pledges new conflict of interest guidelines »Journal-Pioneer Local
CHARLOTTETOWN – New conflict of interest guidelines are coming for some Island civil servants as part of an emphasis on openness and transparency in government, says Premier Wade MacLauchlan.
13:14 CFIB warns merchants of credit card fraud »Journal-Pioneer Business
CHARLOTTETOWN —March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is issuing a warning to merchants following a surge in credit card fraud being reported in the region.
13:11 Matinee of ‘The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree’ added »Journal-Pioneer Living
Tickets moving quickly for March 7 musical from dance umbrella
13:02 Academy of Learning College in Summerside and Charlottetown closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Airsoft-Crossfire Paint Ball Night is cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 All patient appointments at the O'Leary Health Centre are cancelled for the afternoon »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 All three offices of PEI Council of People with Disabilities closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Alzheimer's Society of PEI office will be open at Noon today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Alzheimer's Society office will be closed until Noon with a further at 11:30am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Career Development Services in Montague and Souris closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Career Development Services in Summerside closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 CUPE Charlottetown office delayed opening until 1pm with a further at 11am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Early Years Evaluation at Westwood Primary is cancelled for today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Family Place in Summerside closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Family Place in Summerside closed until Noon with further at 12:30pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Late French Immersion parent information meeting postponed until Wednesday evening at 7pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 PEI Association of Newcomers to Canada will open offices across the province at 10:30am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 PEI Career Development Services in Bloomfield closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 PEI Food Security Network Alternative Food Marketing Workshop postponed until Thursday at the same time »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 PEI Food Security Network workshop postponed until Thursday, March 5th , 1-4pm at Farm Centre »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Positive Parenting from Two Homes Group in Charlottetown is going ahead for the evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Service Canada, O'Leary office will remain closed until 12:30 with a further at 11:30am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Study Abroad Canada Language Institute in PEI closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 The presentation on the Role of Nurse Practitioners at The Shamrock Club in Ft. Augustus is cancelled for this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Update: CUPE Area office closed for the remainder of the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Update: Stars for Life Foundation day programs closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Update: Study Abroad Canada Institute closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
12:49 Globe and Mail Forgot To Mention Some Crucial Facts About PEI Scotiabank Executives »
The Globe and Mail investigation of PEI Gaming left out an important fact about two Scotiabank executives, they seem like whistleblowers but that is patently untrue. The two Scotiabank Officers created a fictional victim, Investigator Bruce MacDonald looked for the woman for six months and does not believe she ever existed. The complaints to the … Continue reading Globe and Mail Forgot To Mention Some Crucial Facts About PEI Scotiabank Executives
12:47 Jason Aspin sugguests Million acre organic farm for P.E.I. »The Guardian - Opinion
Island businessman issues challenge to make province environmental leader
12:45 Summerside tunnel draws worldwide attention »The Guardian - Local News
Flurry of feedback greets Marcel Landry and Stephanie Collicutt's attempts to dig out vehicles
12:45 Making women’s equality a reality »The Guardian - Opinion
Commitments the easy part; implementation the major challenge
12:41 Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Is the Painfully Pretty Future of British Luxury »shift+drive

This concept is where Bentley sees itself heading in the future and they couldn't have picked a better canvas than a British two-seater sports car to show their craftsmanship and artwork.

The post Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Is the Painfully Pretty Future of British Luxury appeared first on SHIFT&DRIVE.

12:33 Praise for Russia is misplaced »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Re Sanctions Unfair To Russians (Friday, Feb. 27):Lloyd W. Pickering has for months been waving the Russian flag. He praises the likes of Vladimir Putin while disparaging Stephen Harper to no end. Never in a million years would I have thought there was a Pravda correspondent on our ...
12:28 Time for minister Valerie Docherty to leave cabinet »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: As recently suggested by the newspaper that letters to the editor be brief, I will keep my observations terse.I realize that our new premier has had little time to spend on specifics when designing a new and smaller cabinet. In my opinion his selections were right on — with one glaring ...
12:27 Tragedies in Montague prompt trauma gathering »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE — Following a host of tragic events, eastern P.E.I.’s largest town is investing some travel money to help bring a shock and trauma specialist to the community. Town council agreed to contribute $500 towards a project by the regional high school to bring Dalhousie University professor ...
12:26 A tip of the hat to snow heroes »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the first responders, caregivers and good Samaritans who persevered during the crippling snowstorms of February. Thanks to the snow plow/removal crews who worked to clear the roads and streets, while facing much criticism from the public and ...
12:26 PEI Government Point Man On E Gaming A Clown With G Mail Account? Bad Optics »
The fabulous gaming initiative of PEI, saw fit to make Paul Jenkins the ‘Point Man’  for all correspondence. Jenkins denied he had any knowledge of a company which he was a registered Director of, he refused interviews with the Globe and Mail investigation and now he complains of not being able to tell his story. … Continue reading PEI Government Point Man On E Gaming A Clown With G Mail Account? Bad Optics
12:23 Eric Fullerton believed in human rights »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Thanks to The Guardian for the fine article about an exemplary Canadian clergyman for whom P.E.I. was home (Feb. 26, 2014).I knew and worked with Eric Fullerton as a fellow United Churchman for over 25 years. Eric’s dedication, persistence and hard work in the congregations and ...
11:06 Nigel Wright, former PMO staff, senators, MPs to testify at Duffy trial: CBC »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA — There's word Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, senators and Conservative members of Parliament have received subpoenas to testify at the trial of suspended Sen. Mike Duffy.The CBC quotes sources familiar with the Crown's witness list as saying David ...
11:05 West Prince RCMP telling Islanders to stay home »Journal-Pioneer Local
The RCMP in West Prince is telling residents to stay off the roads as blowing and drifting snow is causing whiteouts and closing some roads.
10:59 Beckingham’s goal in double OT gives Lynx 2-0 series lead »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – The Southside Lynx have taken a stranglehold in their Razzy’s P.E.I. Junior C Hockey League semifinal series.
10:32 PEI Premier Maclaughlan Is Supposed To Be An Expert on Constitution? Pathetic Spin Dr. »
As suggested in an article last night, Wade Maclaughlan will prove to be a fool, he will make Ghiz look smart. If Maclaughlan is a Constitutional expert, he has no regard for the rights it assures Canadians and he has watcheded Robert Ghiz trample on the Constitution daily in Public Accounts of the PEI Legislature. … Continue reading PEI Premier Maclaughlan Is Supposed To Be An Expert on Constitution? Pathetic Spin Dr.
10:30 Varsity Reds, X-Women open AUS hockey finals with wins »Journal-Pioneer Sports
FREDERICTON – The UNB Varsity Reds and St. Francis Xavier X-Women opened their respective Atlantic University Sport (AUS) hockey championship series with wins Monday night.
10:24 *Fraud Alert* - Publishers Clearing House »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint yesterday regarding an individual posing as a representative of Publishers Clearing House. Complainant received a phone call stating that they had won a third place prize from Publishers Clearing House. In order to claim their prize $350 would have to be sent via Western Union, and the prize would be delivered to them by a representative of the F.B.I. Please contact police if you are victimized by these fraudsters.
10:07 CBC Will Investigate Itself Again On PEI? »
Red Like Me is being read at CBC in Toronto, to the horror of the legal department. CBC lawyers asked Red Like Me for details of an investigation which has been buried in PEI. CBC Charlottetown has been burying news, now the lawyers will investigate?   in the mail to red like me… Helen Daniel … Continue reading CBC Will Investigate Itself Again On PEI?
09:57 P­.E.I. RCMP warning drivers to use extra caution on roads today »Journal-Pioneer Local
Prince Edward Island RCMP are warning drivers to be careful if out on the roads today.
09:48 Montague schools claim three gymnastics team titles »Journal-Pioneer Sports
KENSINGTON -- A total of 285 gymnasts representing schools in all four zones across the province, treated approximately 450 spectators to exciting routines Saturday at the P.E.I. School Athletic Association’s 2015 provincial gymnastics championships.
09:39 Infiniti Reveals QX30 Compact Crossover in Geneva [w/ video] »shift+drive

Infiniti has officially taken the wraps off their next concept fully expected to make its way to production.

The post Infiniti Reveals QX30 Compact Crossover in Geneva [w/ video] appeared first on SHIFT&DRIVE.

09:03 Laptop good deal? (248 Words) » | New Topics
This dell laptop is on sale at Future shop for 449 good deal or not? is there something better out there for about the same price?

15.6 in
Native Screen Resolution 1366 x 768
LED Backlit Display Yes
Touchscreen Display Yes
3D Capable Display No
Processor Type AMD A6-6310
Processor Speed 1.8 GHz
Processor Cache 4 MB
Storage & Memory
Hard Drive Capacity 1 TB
Hard Drive Speed (Revolutions Per Minute) 5400 rpm
SSD Function Not Applicable
Solid-State Hybrid Drive No
RAM Size 8 GB
RAM Speed 1600 MHz
RAM Slots 1
Optical Drive DVDRW
Built-in Memory Card Reader Yes
Memory Card Reader-Compatible Memory Types SD; SDHC; SDXC
Graphics Chipset Integrated
Video Memory Configuration Integrated
Wireless Display (WiDi) Capable No
Speaker Wattage Varies
Integrated Microphone Yes
Microphone Input Yes
Digital Audio Output Yes
Hardware Volume Control Yes
Inputs & Outputs
Webcam Yes
Keyboard Language Bilingual
Numeric Keypad Yes
Backlit Keyboard No
Type of Pointing Device Touchpad
Number of Touchpad Buttons 2
Type of Modem Not Applicable
VGA Output No
HDMI Output Yes
HDCP Compliant No
IEEE 1394 Input/Output No
eSATA Port No
ExpressCard/34 Input No
ExpressCard/54 Input No
IR Receiver No
Other Input or Output Ports HDMI 1.4a; 1 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0; Security Slot; Media Card Reader (SD; SDHC and SDXC); Headphone/Microphone
Ethernet Port 10/100
Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11n
Integrated Bluetooth Yes - 4.0
Approximate Battery Life 6.5 Hours
Battery - Capacity 40 Wh
Energy Star Qualified No
Pre-loaded Operating System Windows 8.1 (64-Bit)
Operating System Language Bilingual
Physical Features
Colour Black
Laptop Thickness (closed) 2.5 cm
Laptop Depth 26.7 cm
Laptop Width 38.1 cm
Laptop Thickness (closed) (Inches) 1 in
Laptop Depth (Inches) 10.5 in
Laptop Width (Inches) 15 in
Laptop Weight (including battery) 2.4 kg
Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)...
09:02 All Holland College Centres across PEI are closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 All PEI council of people with disabilities offices delayed to noon, further at 11 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Alzheimers Society delaying opening to 10:30 further by 10:00 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Big Brothers/ Sisters delayed opening to 10:00 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Career development services in Montague and Souris delayed to noon, further at 11 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Career development services in Summerside delayed to noon, further at 11 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Chances Family Centre drop and play progams are cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Confederation Bridge is currently open to all traffic. »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 CUPE Ch'town delayed to 10 a.m., further at 9 a.m. »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Families First Montague closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Grace Christian School closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Libraries in East & West Prince, Kings, and Queens (excluding Charlottetown) delayed until 10:30. Update by 9. »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Morell Credit Union Ltd. delaying opening until 10:30 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Native Council of PEI offices delaying opening until 10:30 with a further update at 9am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Nobody`s Perfect training in Charlottetown cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 P.E.I. ANC delaying opening to 10:30, further at 9:30 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Scholastic book fair event at Spring Park postponed to Wednesday afternoon »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Service Canada O`Leary delaying to 10:30 further at 9:30, Wellington outreach office closed »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Stars For Life day program delayed to 10 A.M. further at 9 »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Study Abroad Canada delaying opening until 10 further at 9 a.m. »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Update: Little Scholars Christian Preschool closed »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Update: UPEI is delaying opening until 1 pm with a further announcement at 11:30 am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
08:43 P.E.I. man accused of threatening premier sent for psychiatric assessment »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Crown Monday highlighted a history of bizarre behavior by the man alleged to have threatened Premier Wade MacLauchlan’s life.
08:35 French and English language schools closed today »Journal-Pioneer Local
Due to today`s adverse weather conditions, the French and English language school boards have decided not to open for the day.
08:31 Delivery of the Journal Pioneer may be delayed »Journal-Pioneer Local
Due to this morning`s adverse weather conditions, delivery of the Journal Pioneer and Guardian may be delayed.
08:13 Easter Seals ambassador ready to hit the road »Journal-Pioneer Local
The whole room smiled as Jacob MacNeill delivered his maiden speech Monday as P.E.I.’s 2015 Easter Seals ambassador.
07:55 Guardian newspaper delivery may be delayed »The Guardian - Local News
The Guardian's drivers are reporting whiteout conditions as they attempt to deliver the morning news. As a result, newspaper delivery may be delayed to some homes. Of particular note are the Morell, St. Peters and Souris areas. Subscribers are reminded that they have access to the e-edition, ...
07:42 Easter Seals ambassador ready for tour »The Guardian - Local News
Jacob MacNeill eager to attend campaign's fundraising events
07:30 GE Oil & Gas to Pay EEOC $5,300 for Contempt »NJN Network
GE Oil and Gas Failed to Comply With Court Order in Race and Age Bias Case
07:30 Prince Edward Island schools on a one-hour delay »The Guardian - Local News
Schools in the English and French language school boards across Prince Edward Island are on a one-hour delay this morning, with a further announcement at 8 a.m. While there are no alerts or warnings in the Environment Canada forecast, the temperatures are frigid. There is a cold wind chill ...
07:30 Whiteout conditions on Prince Edward Island roads today »The Guardian - Local News
With winds gusting across Prince Edward Island, visibility in many areas is limited. Emergency personnel have already responded to several motor-vehicle accidents this morning as vehicles become stuck in drifts or whiteouts mar visibility. One accident has closed the St. Peters bridge and ...


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