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Saturday April 19, 2014

16:37 Kitchen Party welcomes special guests »Journal-Pioneer Local
Weekly Legion event a real Easter treat
16:23 Choir presents Choral Music on a Holy Day »The Guardian - Local News
Members of the Confederation Singers perform Good Friday at Trinity United church in Charlottetown. The annual Choral Music on a Holy Day concert is a production of Confederation Centre of the Arts.
15:15 Hop to it! »Journal-Pioneer Local
Easter scavenger hunt downtown
14:33 [BLOG] Some Saturday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO describes Toronto's Great Fire of 1904.

  • Centauri Dreams and D-Brief react to the discovery of Kepler-186f, The Dragon's Gaze linking to a paper that models potential climates on the world.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes, as does io9, that an Earth-like planet doesn't need a stabilizing moon to be habitable. If anything, a shifting axis may help a planet avoid ice ages.

  • Eastern Approaches notes that the Czech Republic isn't getting a Russian corporation to renovate its nuclear power plants.

  • Geocurrents notes the ongoing maritime border dispute between Romania and Ukraine.

  • Language Log notes an example of Chinese characters being used as annotations for Vietnamese script.

  • The Map Room's Jonathan Crowe links to a copy of the only fantasy literature setting map needed. (The cliches are cringe-worthy.)

  • Marginal Revolution takes note of the ongoing real estate boom in Vancouver.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer notes that Ukraine needs to keep Odessa, not only because of the city's importance as a coastal port but because of its oil refinery.

  • The Russian Demographics Blog links to a paper analyzing the different kinds of processes of depopulation in European Russia.

  • Towleroad notes that a photo exhibit showing same-sex couples kissing in Catholic churches, closed down in Rome, is now up in New York City.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy notes that it's quite rare to actually see police officers suffer serious penalties for lying.

  • Window on Eurasia points readers to the writings of Andrey Piontkovsky, who argues that Putin's push for territorial annexations is more destabilizing (because more uncertain) than the Cold War.
  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell observes an uncanny congruence between maps of England showing ancient patterns of Viking settlement and contemporary patterns of areas with benefit cuts.

14:00 Business women’s association implements new strategic plan »The Guardian - Business
The P.E.I. Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA) is on a quest to make life better for women in business. Since launching its strategic plan in September, the organization has been working hard to implement its goals. These include delivering quality business advisory services across the ...
13:24 Health P.E.I. spending $320M on salaries »The Guardian - Local News
Salaries of doctors, nurses and other health professionals more than half of Island's total health spending
13:03 Any metaphysical stores? (46 Words) » | New Topics
Im still new to PEI and wondering if there were any metaphysical stores around? Im looking into buying a deck of tarot cards and a few healing crystals. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Are there any other metaphysical enthusiasts out there? Thanks (;...
13:00 Duets features some of Linda Ronstadt’s most memorable collaborations »The Guardian - Living
Earlier this month Linda Ronstadt was inducted into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame. The Tucson-born Ronstadt was recognized as one of the most versatile, most influential singers in the history of pop music, the only artist to win Grammy Awards in four different categories, pop, country, Mexican ...
13:00 Easter joy found within these books »The Guardian - Living
Although none of these four books is specifically about Easter, all of them abound in joy. And joy is supposed to characterize the 50-day Easter season. Two of these books are for the children, two for older children, teenagers to you. All originate in St. John’s, which sometimes seems Canada’s ...
12:56 WOW, some of the best service experiences ever??? »Gimmemyketchup's CUSTOMER SERVICE Blog
12:41 [PHOTO] Looking south on downtown Toronto from Bathurst at Davenport »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Looking south on downtown Toronto from Bathurst at Davenport

I was walking south on Bathurst Street when I almost reached Davenport Road, realized the vista that the utility poles were framing, and took a picture.
11:37 P.E.I. family battling three rare cancers »The Guardian - Local News
Three members of the Welsh family of Warren Grove were diagnosed on the same day


11:03 The War on Savers (222 Words) » | New Topics
Governments around the world, in order to reduce the carrying costs of their irresponsible deficits and debts, and to encourage us to 'consume' more, have abandoned savers and investors. Central banks’ rock bottom interest rate policies means that you are literally paying the bank to store your money.

By investors, I mean the people who start businesses and hire people, the job creators, not stock market speculators.

Neil MacDonald, in his recent CBC series '“The 'monarchs of money' and the war on savers” 'explains:-

[i]“Probably the most painful of the consequences of quantitative easing has been borne by the elderly.

Most of that generation grew up believing that if you save and exercise prudence that you will earn at least a modest return on your hard-earned money to keep you comfortable in your old age, perhaps along with a pension.

But the money-printing orgy of the last five years looks to have shot that notion to smithereens.

Very deliberately, the central bankers have punished savers, pushing interest rates so low that any truly safe investment — and older people are always advised to play it safe — yields a negative return when inflation is factored in.”[/i]

Read his excellent article here - ... -1.1358047

11:00 A crackin' good P.E.I. collection »The Guardian - Living
Marilyn MacPhail adores Easter. In fact, this consummate collector has an egg collection adorning her Cornwall home that would rival even Peter Cottontail’s most ambitious stash. “(At last count) it was over 1,000, but I just say now that I have hundreds and hundreds because I’ll never count ...
10:40 Baker excited to attend UPEI, play for the Panthers »The Guardian - Sports
The UPEI Panthers women’s rugby team has added a player with experience playing for Nova Scotia’s provincial team.Emma Baker is coming to Charlottetown in the fall to study science and play for the Panthers.Her father, Ken Baker, is from the capital city, attended Charlottetown Rural and UPEI. ...
09:03 Drug seizure in Souris results in two arrests »Eastern Graphic weekly newspaper

On April 17, two Souris men were arrested after a search of the car they were in resulted in the seizure of approximately 3/4 of a pound of marihuana.

Members of the Kings District Street Level Drug Unit conducted a stop on a small black car and officers suspected occupants of trafficking as the drugs were packaged for resale.

Subsequently, a 30 year-old from Church Avenue and 23 year-old from Main Street, are facing a number of charges related to the trafficking of drugs and will appear in court at a later date.

In a news release RCMP said drug activity often involves violence that puts innocent citizens of Prince Edward Island at risk.

The Kings District Street Level Drug Unit investigates complaints and targets people involved in the purchase and sale of drugs within the area.

read more

08:06 Showers expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Saturday April 19th 8:00am… Skies clouded over during the night time hours as a low pressure system approached from the west. This system is located In northern Maine this morning and has spreads some showers and flurries into central and … Continue reading
07:58 The Conflicted Environmentalist »PEI Curmudgeon's Blog
Theodor Seuss Geisel who wrote under the pen-name Dr. Suess, created many memorable characters including the environmental campaigner, The Lorax. The book has continued to influence the battle between environmentalists and commercial interests since its publication in 1971. But what … Continue reading
06:18 Montague waterfront group shows support after Dewar leaves in tears »The Guardian - Local News
Owner of Sir Isaac's Restaurant wants in on signage plans for the area
01:10 Datsyuk scores winner late as Red Wings beat Bruins 1-0 »The Guardian - Sports
BOSTON — Pavel Datsyuk scored at 16:59 of the third period, moments after Jimmy Howard’s best save of the game, and the Detroit Red Wings beat the top-seeded Boston Bruins 1-0 in the opener of their Eastern Conference playoff series Friday night.The Bruins won the Presidents’ Trophy for the ...
01:06 Cabrera gets four hits in Blue Jays 3-2 win over Indians »The Guardian - Sports
CLEVELAND — Melky Cabrera had four hits and scored Toronto’s go-ahead run in the seventh inning on Edwin Encarnacion’s single, and the Blue Jays held on for a 3-2 win over the Cleveland Indians on Friday night.The Blue Jays trailed 2-1 in the seventh before Munenori Kawasaki hit an RBI single ...
00:59 [PHOTO] Jim & Susan's Motel, by Ken Lum, at the Drake Hotel »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Jim & Susan's Motel, by Ken Lum, at the Drake Hotel

I rather liked Ken Lum's 2000 mixed-media work, displayed inside the Drake Hotel; as part of its permanent collection. Whimsy is nice.
00:26 McEwen caps perfect round robin at Players' Championship »The Guardian - Sports
Gushue to play on Saturday night for spot in Sunday's final
00:26 McEwen caps perfect round robin at Players' Championship »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Gushue to play on Saturday night for spot in Sunday's final
00:21 Women’s quarter-finals set at Players' Championship »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Tirinzoni, Sigfridsson earn byes to semifinals
00:17 Perseverance pays off for Gallant »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Summerside native rewarded with NHL regular-season debut with Islanders

Friday April 18, 2014

23:42 Bourque scores twice to lift Montreal to 2-0 series lead over Tampa Bay »The Guardian - Sports
TAMPA, Fla. — In Game 1, the Montreal Canadiens controlled the puck. After Game 2, they control the series.A second straight strong performance coupled with the dominance of Carey Price added up to a 4-1 victory over the Lightning on Friday night at Tampa Bay Times Forum and a two games to none ...
23:38 Fiddler's Facts: Breaking down the first-round Stanley Cup matchups »The Guardian - Sports
The Stanley Cup playoffs got underway Wednesday on various fronts shifting the spotlight away from the Toronto Maple Leafs where the jury still can’t figure out what went wrong. Let’s take a closer look at the playoff matchups.Eastern ConferenceDetroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins — The ...
23:19 [PHOTO] Looking south at the CN Tower and the Shangri-La Toronto »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Looking south at the CN Tower and the Shangri-La Toronto

This south-facing photo at Queen and University takes in the CN Tower in the background, and the tall steel-and-blue Shangri-La Toronto hotel/condos to left. As the hotel's Wikipedia page notes that the building is a landmark: one of Toronto's tallest towers, one of its deepest-dug foundations, one of several that has seen falling glass.
23:15 Olympian Kevin Martin retires from curling »The Guardian - Sports
TORONTO — Former Olympic curling champion Kevin Martin has announced his retirement. The Edmonton skip will leave the sport to become a broadcast analyst for Sportsnet. A four-time Brier champion, Martin won Olympic gold in Vancouver in 2010, and won the World Curling Championship in 2008. He ...
23:15 Olympian Kevin Martin retires from curling »Journal-Pioneer Sports
TORONTO — Former Olympic curling champion Kevin Martin has announced his retirement. The Edmonton skip will leave the sport to become a broadcast analyst for Sportsnet. A four-time Brier champion, Martin won Olympic gold in Vancouver in 2010, and won the World Curling Championship in 2008. He ...
22:46 Women’s quarter-finals set at Players' Championship »The Guardian - Sports
Tirinzoni, Sigfridsson earn byes to semifinals
21:34 Coaching in Morrison's blood »The Guardian - Sports
Scott Morrison named coach of year, father George was bench boss for Hurricanes squad named top team
21:22 Final two men’s playoff berths to be decided tonight »The Guardian - Sports
McEwen, Gushue earn byes to semifinals
21:17 Final two men’s playoff berths to be decided Friday night »Journal-Pioneer Sports
McEwen, Gushue earn byes to semifinals
21:00 Easter Caturday »justpictureit
photo - Easter Caturday

"Cats can get bored. They show their boredom by excessive licking, chewing, or biting. Social cats that are neglected can become depressed." I have been babysitting Mr. Pickles and Alma and it has been a pleasure. The two are great friends and will sit or lay together when given the opportunity. Mr. Pickles has agreed to be my Easter Bunny though the one below was in try-outs. Photo found on Pinterest

20:15 Cyclists itch to return to the roads after a long and bad winter »The Guardian - Local News
Prince Edward Islanders have just passed through one of the worst winters in recent memory so they can be forgiven for becoming somewhat giddy as the warm spring weather approaches and thoughts turn to outdoor activities such as cycling. As the sun climbs higher in the sky and people need to ...
19:05 Lawton grabs final women’s playoff spot »The Guardian - Sports
Koe, Gushue get big wins on men’s side
19:03 Cell Phone power usage (53 Words) » | New Topics
I have a Motorola Cell phone that requires daily charging when home using Aliant's service, but while down in NC we're using AT&T and my phone only requires charging once a week, and we're using it more often. Is it possible that it requires more power to access Aliant's cell towers than AT&It's?...
18:30 Like Father, Like Son at Friday, April 18, 2014 at 6:30 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance
Runs: 120 minutes
Director: Kore-eda Hirokazu
Country: Japan
Released: 2013
Starring: Masharu Fukuyama, Machiko Ono, Yoko Maki
Language: In Japanese with English subtitles

“A married couple sit in silence, grappling with the terrible truth they have just learned: their bright-eyed 6-year-old only child, Keita, is not their biological son, but was switched at birth with another baby at the hospital. ‘Why didn’t I see it?’ the wife, Midori finally asks, in soft anguish. ‘I’m his mother.’ Those three words are at the root of Like Father, Like Son, a moving drama about parenthood from Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda. Midori and her husband, Ryota, a well-off couple who live in a sleek high-rise, soon come to meet the other couple involved: the easygoing Yukai and his wife, Yukari, who live in a working-class neighborhood with their three small children, including Midori and Ryota’s biological son, Ryusei. Differences are quickly apparent: Ryota, a workaholic perfectionist, is obsessed with how the mistake could have been made, Yukai focuses on the potential settlement money. Meanwhile, Midori and Yukari eye each other fearfully. ‘Is there a manual for this situation?,’ the latter dryly asks. No one here is a villain, but every character is nuanced. Ryota, a somewhat absent father who has high expectations for his son, comes to realize how much he treasures the child even in the absence of blood ties; Yukai, who initially seems to be taking it all rather lightly, is heartbreaking as he tersely asks Ryota, ‘Please fly kites with Ryusei.’ And Ono, the quiet soul of the movie, has some beautiful scenes: one wordless, as she sadly fits her hand into her child’s plaster handprint, and another on a train, as she wistfully asks Keita, ‘Shall the two of us run away together? Somewhere nobody knows?’ The film ends gently, without firm answers, but we sense that these children - and parents - have found their home.” - Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

18:27 Lawton grabs final women’s playoff spot »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Koe, Gushue get big wins on men’s side
17:57 Saturday's editorial cartoon »Journal-Pioneer Opinion


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