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Sunday February 1, 2015

09:02 Both the 9:45 and 11:00am at Alberton Elmsdale United Church Pastoral Charge are cancelled for today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Caticizum Classes at Sacred Heart Parish in Alberton are cancelled for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 Native Council of Prince Edward Island's Annual General Assembly delayed opening for one hour due to road conditions »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 O'leary Church of the Nazerne service cancelled for this morning »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
09:02 O'leary West Cape Pastoral Charge church services at 9:30 and 11:00 are »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
Both services cancelled for today...
09:02 St. Patrick's Church 8:30am Mass in Grand River is cancelled for this morning »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
00:13 Kensington – Bedford friendship continues »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Generations benefit from 47 years of exchanges

Saturday January 31, 2015

21:01 Cold Apples »justpictureit
19:48 Can you believe it? Another storm for overnight Monday into Tuesday »The Guardian - Local News
The gods must be really angry with P.E.I. and the rest of the Maritimes because another storm is forecast to hit the region overnight Monday into Tuesday and Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the Island. A low pressure system will approach the Maritimes on Monday and ...
19:36 Demon Elvira »The Monkey Rodeo
For some reason this idea never occurred to me earlier. I was trying to think of iconic female characters that could easily be Demonized and that would be recognizable to a wide audience - Elvira of course is a brilliant idea. So it took a while to organize, but it eventually happened.
That hardest part of this, oddly enough was the dress. Amidst all the other overly skankified Halloween costume you'd think an Elvira costume would be simple, it normally is cut pretty low, but the costume version was cut just below the collar bone. We had to adjust it in order to accommodate the massive prosthetic boobs I made just for this shoot.
They weren't properly fitted to the model, Heather, but they worked pretty well in the end. In fact none of the prosthetics were fitted to her, not the boobs, not the cowl or the brow - but it more or less worked and I'll admit there was some photoshopping to clean up some problem areas.

I have a couple more that turned out really well I might do up at some point to use for some odd purpose, but for now I'm settling on these.
19:02 Bingo World at Murchison Centre inCharlottetown will be closed this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
19:02 Red Shores Charlottetown will open at 5pm this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
19:02 Red Shores Summerside will remain closed for the day, Red Shores Charlottetown will open at 5pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
19:02 Robbie and Joel's Musical Chairs Night in Stratford cancelled this evening »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
19:00 Business optimism climbs in P.E.I. »The Guardian - Business
Business optimism in Prince Edward Island climbed another four points in January to 69.8 — matching a post-recession high for the province, says the Canadian Federation of Independent Business or CFIB. Short-term employment plans have improved markedly, with 12 per cent of owners expecting to ...
18:40 Ffrench leads Panthers to victory »The Guardian - Sports
Ellis Ffrench had 37 points, seven assists and six rebounds to lead the UPEI Panthers to a 96-89 victory Saturday over the Cape Breton Capers.It broke the Panthers' two-game losing streak in Atlantic University Sport men's basketball play.Tyler Scott had 14 points and nine rebounds, Stefan ...
18:05 Panthers' bench key in women's basketball victory at Cape Breton »The Guardian - Sports
The UPEI Panthers' depth was the difference Saturday in defeating the Cape Breton Capers 69-67 in Atlantic University Sport women's basketball action. Kiera Rigby had 14 points to lead the Panthers as UPEI's bench outscored Cape Breton's 43-16. Anne Kiberd added 11 and Terrilyn Herrick eight as ...
17:45 Leadership hopefuls vexed by attacks on farmers »The Guardian - Local News
Darlene Compton drew an outbreak of applause from the province’s largest farm organization Friday after pulling on the rubber boots and wading into a stream of sentiment. The Conservative leadership hopeful had 10 minutes to address the annual meeting of the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture and ...
17:27 “Every day is a gift” »The Guardian - Local News
UPEI Relay for Life surpasses $15,000 goal
17:04 Ellis scores twice in ECHL contest »Journal-Pioneer Sports
KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Morgan Ellis of East Bideford opened and closed the scoring for the Wheeling Nailers on Friday night.
16:54 IJHL, junior C games called off due to weather »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – The weather continues to affect local hockey schedules for Saturday night.
16:21 Spud minor hockey tourney in full swing »The Guardian - Sports
The 40th edition of the Spud minior Hockey Tournament is in full swing at Charlotetown area rinks. The finals will be played Sunday. The rinks used are: McLaughlanArenas (CARI A B) at the UPEI CampusSimmons ArenaCody Banks ArenaCharlottetown Civic CenterPownal Arena (2 rinks) located in ...
16:20 Plows remain off side roads west of Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Local
Effects of snow, drizzle, snow likely to be worsened by severe cold as winds shift
16:20 Plows removed from side roads west of Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Local
Department of Transportation informed RCMP at about 3 p.m. that only main roads would continue to be plowed.
15:42 Dr. Keefe appointed new dean of Atlantic Veterinary College »Journal-Pioneer Local
The University of Prince Edward Island’s Board of Governors has appointedDr. Greg Keefe as the dean of the Atlantic Veterinary College.
15:02 Cornwall and Area Figure Skating Club, Star Skate and Can Skate cancelled for today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
14:39 [CAT] "Gay Man Creates $50,000 Indoor Playland for His 15 Rescued Cats" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
From Towleroad:

Peter Cohen, Manuel Flores, and Hiroyuki Furumoto have built an indoor playland for their 15 rescue cats which is unlike anything you've ever seen.

CatguysThe playland consists of dozens of platforms, tunnels, nooks, spiraling ramps, and holes that look like a shark's gaping mouth on which the cats can scratch their backs. It even has closets with filtration systems and exhaust fans to hold the many litter boxes as well as constantly cleaning Roomba vacuums.

Cohen, who lives in Goleta, California (near Santa Barbara), says that he has spent as much as $50,000 on the project.
14:29 [CAT] "Vietnam Seizes Thousands Of Cats Smuggled From China For Consumption" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Shuan Sim's International Business Times article about thousands of cats caught from smugglers makes for distressing reading.

Police in Hanoi saved thousands of cats from potentially becoming barbecue after seizing a truck in Northern Vietnam carrying more than 3 tons of live cats smuggled in from China. While the cats will have to be culled in accordance with local laws, officers on Thursday indicated reservations about saving the cats bound for restaurants, only to have to kill them anyway.

"After receiving a tip, we searched the truck and discovered the cats inside," Cao Van Loc, deputy chief of police in Hanoi's Dong Da district, told German press agency dpa on Wednesday. "The owner, also the driver, said he bought the cats at the border area of Quang Ninh province," Loc said, adding that all of the cats were from China.

Photos and videos from the local An Ninh Thu Do newspaper showed the cats crammed into wooden crates with their limbs and tails sticking out. Loc told dpa that local laws dictate smuggled goods – that includes the cats – have to be destroyed. But the next day he told Agence France-Presse that they were undecided on killing the cats because there were so many. Loc said the driver will be fined around $350 for transporting goods without the correct documents.

The smuggling of cats from China into Vietnam is on the rise, according to local media reports, as cat meat has grown in popularity in recent years. Known locally as “little tiger,” cat meat is usually fried or barbecued, and served with rice wine at festive occasions or eaten as a snack in Northern Vietnam. Cat meat is seen as a delicacy and is typically eaten at the start of each lunar month, unlike dog meat, which is eaten at the end, according to AFP.
14:23 [CAT] "India's Tigers May Be Rebounding, in Rare Success for Endangered Species" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Brian Clark Howard's National Geographic feature is hopeful.

More money has been spent on tiger conservation than on preserving any other species in the world, yet wildlife biologists have been seemingly unable to stop the decline of the iconic big cat in the face of poaching and habitat loss.

That appeared to change Tuesday, when the government of India—the country is home to most of the world's wild tigers—announced preliminary results of the latest tiger census that reveal a surge in the number of the big cats in its preserves over the past seven years.

India's environment minister, Prakash Javadekar, announced that its scientists had counted 2,226 wild tigers in the country, up from 1,411 seven years ago, a rise of nearly 58 percent. The country now hosts about 70 percent of the world's wild tigers, Javadekar said, calling the increase "a great achievement … the result of the combined efforts of passionate officers, forest guards, and community participation."

"The tiger community is thrilled to finally hear some good news," says Sharon Guynup, an author who writes about tigers, including co-authoring the recent book Tigers Forever for National Geographic.

A new global survey of tiger numbers is expected in about a year, says Guynup. Until then, scientists estimate there are around 3,000 living in the wild, down from an estimated 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century.

The big cats used to live in 23 countries but have been reduced to 11. Most recently, they disappeared from the wild in Cambodia and Vietnam in the past few years.
13:33 Wild game called off due to weather »Journal-Pioneer Sports
KENSINGTON – The weather conditions have resulted in the postponement of a New Brunswick/P.E.I. Major Midget Hockey League game.
13:25 Motorists advised to stay off P.E.I. roads »Journal-Pioneer Local
RCMP are advising motorists to stay off P.E.I. roadways due to deteriorating weather and road conditions.
13:02 Murphy Centre will open at 5pm this evening including Murphy's Bowling Centre »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Zoomba Master Class postponed until tomorrow 2-4pm in Summerside »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:02 Boys and Girls Club of Summerside's Walter Gretzky Legacy Ball Hockey Program cancelled for today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
13:00 No business, like snow business in P.E.I. »The Guardian - Business
Second storm in week sees shovels fly off shelves
12:32 Island man assaults two people on train »The Guardian - Local News
A P.E.I. man who assaulted two people on a Via Rail train in early December will spend three more months behind bars after being sentenced in a Miramichi, N.B. provincial court on Friday. Allan James Broderick, 43, pleaded guilty to the assault charges on Dec. 29. The assaults took place on ...
12:17 Worn tires, poor road conditions factors in fatal collision, police conclude »The Guardian - Local News
Police have concluded worn tires were a factor in a motor vehicle collision that claimed the life of a 44-year-old Belle River woman earlier this month. The Kings District RCMP cite the primary causes of the fatal collision on Jan. 9 on Rte. 4 in Commercial Cross as deteriorating road ...
12:17 Voice mail »Island Musings
Anonymous message on my voice mail saying gas going up 4.5 cents tonight. 
12:00 Cross craft on P.E.I. »The Guardian - Living
Rev. Scott MacIsaac takes his calling to a new level with his A Handmade Cross shop
11:36 New wellness strategy commits $100,000 to encourage better health »Journal-Pioneer Local
Wellness ambassador Heather Moyse leads “Every little bit helps.” campaign
11:10 UPDATED - Extreme cold warning issued for Prince County »The Guardian - Local News
Freezing rain warnings ended for Queens and Kings counties
11:10 UPDATED - Freezing rain warning issued for most of P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Winter storm warning remains in effect for Prince County
11:10 Winter storm underway across P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Hazardous winter conditions are expected.A low pressure system south of Nova Scotia will intensify as it tracks northeastward today to lie over the Gulf of St. Lawrence by overnight tonight. This disturbance will spread heavy snow and blowing snow across the region beginning early this morning. ...
11:05 How to Start a Nuclear War (990 Words) » | New Topics
And our Harper neo-cons will have us right in the middle of it!

'How to Start a Nuclear War
by Eric Margolis
Jan 31 2015

The United States has just made an exceptionally dangerous, even reckless decision over Ukraine. Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader who ended the Cold War, warns it may lead to a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Rule number one of geopolitics: nuclear-armed powers must never, ever fight. Yet Washington just announced that by spring, it will deploy unspecified numbers of military "trainers" to Ukraine to help build Kiev’s ramshackle national guard. Also being sent are significant numbers of US special heavy, mine resistant armored vehicles that have been widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US and Poland are currently covertly supplying Ukraine with some weapons.

The US soldiers will just be for training, and the number of GI’s will be modest, claim US military sources. Of course. Just like those small numbers of American "advisors" and "trainers" in Vietnam that eventually grew to 550,000. Just as there are now US special forces in over 100 countries. We call it "mission creep".

The war-craving neocons in Washington and their allies in Congress and the Pentagon have long wanted to pick a fight with Russia and put it in its place for daring to oppose US policies against Iran, Syria and Palestine. What neocons really care about is the Mideast.

Some neocon fantasies call for breaking up the Russian Federation into small, impotent parts. Many Russians believe this is indeed Washington’s grand strategy, mixing military pressure on one hand and social media subversion on the other, aided by Ukrainian oligarchs and rightists. A massive propaganda campaign is underway, vilifying Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin as "the new Hitler".

Back to eastern Ukraine. You don’t have to be a second Napoleon to see how a big war could erupt. Ukrainian National Guard forces, stiffened by American "volunteers" and "private contractors", and led by US special forces, get in a heavy fire fight with pro-Russian separatist forces. Washington, whose military forces are active in the Mideast, Central America, the Philippines, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Korea, has been blasting Moscow for allegedly sending some 9,000 soldiers into neighboring Ukraine.

The Americans, who have never been without total air superiority since the 1950’s Korean War, call in US and NATO air support. Pro-Russian units, backed by Russian military forces just across the border, will reply with heavy rocket fire and salvos of anti-aircraft missiles. Both sides will take heavy casualties and rush in reinforcements. Does anyone think the Russians, who lost close to 40 million soldiers and civilians in World War II, won’t fight to defend their Motherland?

Heavy conventional fighting could quickly lead to commanders calling for tactical nuclear strikes delivered by aircraft and missiles. This was a constant fear in nearly all NATO v Warsaw Pact Cold War scenarios - and the very good reason that both sides avoided direct confrontation and confined themselves to using proxy forces. Tactical nuclear strikes can lead to strategic strikes, then intercontinental attacks. In a nuclear confrontation, as in naval battles, he who fires first has a huge advantage.

"We can’t allow Russia to keep Crimea", goes another favorite neocon mantra. Why not? Hardly any Americans could even find Crimea on a map. Crimea belonged to Russia for over 200 years. I’ve been all over the great Russian naval base at Sevastopol. It became part of Ukraine when Kiev declared independence in 1991, but the vital base was always occupied and guarded by Russia’s military. Ukrainians were a minority in the Crimea whose original Tatar inhabitants were mostly ethnically cleansed by Stalin. Most of those Russian troops who supposedly "invaded" Ukraine actually came from the giant Sevastopol base, which was under joint Russian and Ukrainian sovereignty.

Only fools and the ignorant can have believed that tough Vlad Putin would allow Ukraine’s new rightist regime to join NATO and hand one of Russia’s most vital bases and major exit south to the western alliance. Two of Crimea’s cities, Sevastopol and Kerch, were honored as "Hero Cities" of the Soviet Union for their gallant defense in World War II. Over 170,000 Soviet soldiers died in 1942 defending Sevastopol in a brutal, 170-day siege. Another 100,000 died retaking the peninsula in 1944. In total, well over 16 million Soviet soldiers died in the war, destroying in the process 70% of the German Wehrmacht and 80% of the Luftwaffe. By contrast, US losses in that war, including the Pacific, were 400,000.

One might as well ask Texas to give up the Alamo or Houston as to order Russia to get out of Crimea, a giant graveyard for the Red Army and the German 11th army.

In 2013, President Putin proposed a sensible negotiated settlement to the Ukraine dispute: autonomy for eastern Ukraine and its right to speak Russians as well as Ukrainian. If war or economic collapse is to be avoided, this is the solution. Eastern Ukraine was a key part of the Soviet economy. Its rusty heavy industry would be wiped out if Ukraine joined the EU - just as was East Germany’s obsolete industries when Germany reunified.

So now it appears that Washington’s economic warfare over Ukraine is going to turn military, even though the US has no strategic or economic interests in Ukraine. Getting involved in military operations there when the US is still bogged down in the Mideast and Afghanistan is daft. Even more so, when President Barack Obama’s "pivot toward Asia" is gathering momentum.

Didn’t two world wars at least teach the folly of waging wars on two fronts?

Eric Margolis is the author of [i]War at the Top of the World [/i]and the new book, [i]American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.[/i]...
11:02 All Holland College Centres closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 All Waste Watch collection scheduled for today cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
For more information please contact 1 888 280 8111 or
11:02 Atlantic Fitness Centre, Kent Street closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Beginners Tai Chi classes at Murphy Centre cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Canadian Tire in Summerside will remain closed today, reopening Sunday at 12Noon »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Charlottetown Curling Club program for the morning cancelled »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Charlottetown Legion Branch #1 Honours and Awards Banquet Dinner postponed until Feb 6th at 7pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Children's classes at the PEI Pottery Studio cancelled for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Cornerstone Baptist Church Family Fun Carnival at Stratford Town Hall cancelled for today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Coronation Street themed pub night at King's Playhouse postponed 'til Feb 7th at 7pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Demi Pointe Dance Shop will open at Noon today »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Dr. Phelan's office in Summerside closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Global Pet Foods in Summerside closed today, Charlottetown open »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Maritime Junior Hockey game between Woodstock and Summerside postponed 'til Tuesday, Feb 3rd at 7pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 National Music Charlottetown open until noon today, Montague location closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Native Council of PEI Assembly postponed until Sunday »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 PEI Humane Society closed to the public today, open on Monday at 11am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 PEI School of Guitar closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 PEI School of Guitar closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Red Shores Charlottetown and Summerside closed until 5pm with further notice at 3pm »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Root Cellar on Queen Street and Confed Mall delayed opening until 11am with further notice at 10am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Root Cellar's in both locations will open today at 11am »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Royal Canadian Legion St. Anthony's Washer Toss postponed until February 7th »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Update: CIBC Branches in Charlottetown will remain closed for remainder of the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Update: Kennedy's and the Essence of You will be closed for the day »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 UPEI Fencing Club closed for the day, next class is Tuesday »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
11:02 Visiting for late Morton A. Wolfe postponed until Feb 1st 10:30-12:30 with funeral following at 1:30pm at McLean Funeral Home, Swan Chapel »CBC Storm Centre - PEI
10:56 UPDATE: Caps’ game Saturday postponed »Journal-Pioneer Sports


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