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Thursday October 2, 2014

09:24 RCMP remind drivers: Slow down for flashing lights »The Guardian - Local News
Law states drivers must slow to half the posted limit when encountering stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights
09:01 Proof is A Proof, Because Its Proven In Scotiabank vs McEachern »
Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien put it best, in a weave of words and wisdom only he could muster………… “No, a proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof, and when … Continue reading
08:59 Theft of Caterpillar Generator Update - *Recovered and Two Arrested* »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services have recovered the Caterpillar Generator stolen from the Buchanan Dr., area on the 22nd day of September. Generator was recovered on the Eliot Rover Road area in Emyvale after Charlottetown Police Services executed a search warrant on the premises. Police have charged two Emyvale area residents, a 36 year old female and a 43 year old male, with possession of stolen property. Both accused individuals will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
08:58 O’Brien has assist in second ringette game of season »The Guardian - Sports
The Atlantic Attack of the National Ringette League (NRL) recently opened the 2014-15 regular season with one win and two losses on the road. The Attack lost to the defending NRL champ Ottawa Ice 8-5 in the first of two games and 13-3 in the second contest. Souris native and defenceman Kendra ...
08:49 Slow down when passing pulled over police, RCMP »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Every time he gets out of his vehicle on the side of a highway, a little alarm bell goes off in RCMP Const. Jon Russell’s head.
08:41 Try harder to recruit doctors, says retired physician »Journal-Pioneer Local
The province’s efforts to recruit doctors to Prince Edward Island received some harsh criticism from a retired P.E.I. physician Wednesday.
08:38 P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley breaks arm in Norway »Journal-Pioneer Local
P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley is recovering in Ottawa after she fell into the water and broke her arm during a fact-finding trip to Norway.
08:35 Shaw Media proposing new Charlottetown TV newsroom »Journal-Pioneer Local
For the first time in decades, a new television newsroom could be opening in Charlottetown.
08:28 Woman jailed 30 days for defrauding Sears »The Guardian - Local News
Sherry Anne Rolfe, 33, returned almost $1,000 worth of items she never paid for
08:26 Work starts soon on new government garage »The Guardian - Local News
Work on a new government garage in Brackley could start soon after tenders closed for the initial site work, says Transportation Minister Robert Vessey.The government hasn’t awarded a contract yet, Vessey said Island Coastal had the lowest tender, although it still has to go to treasury board ...
07:57 Daily Specials for Thursday, October 2, 2014 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Thursday, October 2, 2014 are:

  • Cream of Tomato Herb Soup...$4.99
  • Pulled Pork and Cheddar Crepes with Hollandaise...$11.99 Served with house salad or fries

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

07:32 Province not trying hard enough to recruit doctors, retired physician says »The Guardian - Local News
Second specialist needed to treat growing number of Islanders with inflammatory arthritis
07:22 IRAC allows rent hikes »The Guardian - Local News
Tenants could face 1.75 per cent increase in heated premises
06:15 Dry conditions continue across PEI… »peistormchaser
Thursday Oct 2nd 6:15am...  High pressure remains stalled to our north while a couple of low pressure systems remain stalled to the south of NS over the next day or so. Precipitation could brush southern NS but dry conditions are … Continue reading
00:59 [LINK] "PrEP, The Pill, and the Fear of Promiscuity" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Ian Lekus' essay at Nursing Clio about the parallels between the hostile reactions nowadays to PrEP--the use of anti-HIV medications as a prophylactic measure--to preempt and prevent HIV infections and reactions in the 1960s to the contraceptive pill is thoughtful. Recommended.

Coming of age in the plague years of the 1980s, I could hardly imagine — who could? — that the arrival of a pill that prevented HIV infection would generate such controversy within gay male communities. Loud, pointed critiques of multinational pharmaceutical corporations, sure, I could easily expect that: when I teach HIV/AIDS: Politics, Culture, and Science to undergraduates born barely before the 1996 arrival of effective antiretroviral medications, my students learn plenty about the roles of pharmaceutical giants and grassroots protest over the course of the epidemic.

But I did not anticipate a surge of hostility towards PrEP and its early adopters, especially given the urgency of developing multiple HIV prevention strategies that acknowledge falling rates of condom usage among men who have sex with men. In May, pioneering AIDS activist Larry Kramer condemned PrEP, declaring “There’s something cowardly to me about taking Truvada instead of using a condom.” More critics, from the blogosphere to gay social networking apps, have shamed PrEP users as promiscuous, as irresponsible – even as “Truvada whores.”

Perhaps, though, my historical training should have prepared me for such a backlash, given the public discourse surrounding the development of the Pill half a century ago.

Elaine Tyler May, in her history of the Pill, recalled how as a child, reporters swarmed around her father, Edward Tyler, a researcher testing the oral contraceptive at his private practice. “Would the pill make women promiscuous?,” they asked. He insisted that it would not. But while he disapproved of premarital sex, he believed that unmarried women would have sex with or without the Pill, and hoped the new contraceptive would reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Other pioneering birth control researchers openly scorned unmarried people, especially women, who might turn to the Pill. John Rock, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and one of the Pill’s most prominent proponents, declared that, “any high school kid can get other contraceptives and probably knows about Saran Wrap.” Such means of birth control were available “for naughty little girls who want to use them.”</blcokquote>

Wednesday October 1, 2014

23:12 Islanders lose 5-4 in shootout in Saint John »The Guardian - Sports
Nathan Noel scored the only goal of the shootout Wednesday as the Saint John Sea Dogs defeated the Charlottetown Islanders 5-4.Sebastien Auger stopped Kameron Kielly, Daniel Sprong and Filip Chlapik to give the host Sea Dogs the extra point in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League ...
23:12 Islanders lose 5-4 in shootout in Saint John »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Nathan Noel scored the only goal of the shootout Wednesday as the Saint John Sea Dogs defeated the Charlottetown Islanders 5-4.Sebastien Auger stopped Kameron Kielly, Daniel Sprong and Filip Chlapik to give the host Sea Dogs the extra point in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League ...
21:54 Vance, Lagace heading to Stars’ AHL team »The Guardian - Sports
Former Charlottetown Islanders defenceman Troy Vance was recently assigned to the Texas Stars of the American Hockey League. It’s the affiliate of the NHL’s Dallas Stars, which drafted Vance in the fifth round in 2011. Vance had nine goals and 29 assists in 87 games with the Islanders and its ...
21:42 Panthers ready for next step »The Guardian - Sports
UPEI men’s hockey team preaches hard work as it prepares to chase for a conference title
21:15 Islanders honouring breast cancer survivors »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Islanders two-game homestand will start with the fight against breast cancer taking centre stage. On Friday, the Islanders will take on the Val-d’Or Foreurs at 7 p.m. Members from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the CIBC Run for the Cure will be on hand selling ...
21:04 Soccer players named UPEI Panthers of the week »The Guardian - Sports
Danae Iatrou and Harminder Singh were named UPEI Panther athletes of the week on Wednesday Both play for the university’s soccer teams. Iatrou, a fourth-year student-athlete enrolled in the business administration program from Timberlea, N.S., was selected as the player of the game during ...
20:47 Match play championship to help determine Island’s players of the year »The Guardian - Sports
The Prince Edward Island Golf Association (P.E.I.G.A.) brings its 2014 competitive golf season to a close at the Glasgow Hills golf course this weekend with the annual Abegweit Outfitting Match Play Championship. The tournament will have 50 players competing in four divisions during the ...
20:29 Nominations needed for annual baseball awards »The Guardian - Sports
Baseball P.E.I. is inviting nominations for its 2014 awards which will be presented later this fall.Categories up for grabs this year are senior male athlete, intercollegiate male athlete, junior male athlete, junior female athlete, team of the year, coach of the year, the masters award, ...
20:04 [LINK] "Wild chimps learn from others to make new tools" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC reports on a recent paper suggesting that chimpanzees, like humans, can transmit elements of material culture between each other. We all learn, and share.

It's not just humans who want the latest gadget. Wild chimpanzees that see a friend making and using a nifty new kind of tool are likely to make one for themselves, scientists report.

"Our study adds new evidence supporting the hypothesis that some of the behavioural diversity seen in wild chimpanzees is the result of social transmission and can therefore be interpreted as cultural," an international research team writes today in the journal PLOS Biology.

The findings suggest that the ability of individuals to learn from one another originated long ago in a common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans, the researchers add.

"This study tells us that chimpanzee culture changes over time, little by little, by building on previous knowledge found within the community," said Thibaud Gruber, a co-author of the study, in a statement. "This is probably how our early ancestors' cultures also changed over time."

Scientists already knew that chimpanzees in different groups have certain behaviours unique to their group, such as using a particular kind of tool. They suspected that wild chimpanzees learn those behaviours from other chimpanzees within their group, as scientists have observed in captive chimps. But they could never be sure.

The new study documents the spread of two new behaviours among chimpanzees living in Uganda's Budongo Forest. It shows that chimps learned one of them — the making and use of a new tool called a moss sponge — by observing other chimps who had already adopted the behaviour. Chimps dip the tool in water and then put it in their mouth to drink.
19:59 [LINK] "Bloc's drop in Quebec a big chance for NDP and Liberals, polls suggest" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Writing for CBC, Éric Grenier suggests, on the basis of two recent polls, that the popularity of the separatist Bloc Québécois is continuing to collapse and that the Liberals and NDP--especially the Liberals--are taking advantage.

The polls were conducted by Quebec-based pollsters CROP (for La Presse) and Léger (for Le Devoir), each surveying 1,000 Quebecers via the firms' internet panels. CROP was in the field between Sept. 17 and 22, while Léger polled between Sept. 22 and 25. As these surveys were conducted online, a margin of error is not applicable.

The Léger poll pegged support for the BQ at just 16 per cent, the lowest registered by the company in more than a year. CROP, meanwhile, had the Bloc at just 13 per cent, confirming the historic low it had reported in its previous survey in August.

This is not just a case of fatigue with federal politics, but rather disinterest with the Bloc Québécois itself. Before removing the undecideds from the sample, both CROP and Léger estimated support for the provincial Parti Québécois to be 18 per cent. The very same people polled by the two firms gave the Bloc between 11 and 14 per cent support. In other words, roughly a third of respondents who would otherwise cast a ballot for the separatist PQ at the provincial level opted to support a federalist party at the federal level.

[. . .]

The Liberals have made inroads at the expense of both the Conservatives and NDP since the last election, as CROP and Léger placed the party at 34 and 39 per cent support respectively (up from 14 per cent in 2011). The NDP was down to 29 and 36 per cent respectively from the 43 per cent they scored at the ballot box 3½ years ago.
19:56 [LINK] "How Alexander Sodiqov was freed following espionage charges" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC's Jennifer Clibbon reports on the circumstances behind the release of University of Toronto graduate student Alex Sodiqov from detention in Tajikistan on charges of treason. The academic community, including Sodiqov's adviser Edward Schatz, fought for his liberation and won.

[Sodiqov's] fate galvanized scholars around the world because they felt it signals a chill for scholarly research in the former Soviet sphere. They set up a global petition, signed by thousands, to lobby the Tajik government.

"In the past you'd get a message that you're in dangerous territory. Now there's no warning that it's going to come," Sodiqov told CBC News."They are blaming foreign governments for things they can't control."

At the University of Toronto, Schatz and other graduate students set up a website, produced a video, gave interviews to the media, and used social media to post updates on Sodiqov's case." Their hashtag, #freealexsodiqov, kind of went viral," said Swerdlow, in an interview from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

"Schatz was strategic," says Tracy MacDonald, a professor of Russian history at McMaster University. "He never let it go. He kept the campaign public. It would have been embarrassing for the Tajik government had anything happened to Alex while in custody."

[. . .]

Two weeks ago, the Tajik secret police in Dushanbe called up Sodiqov and said he was now free to return to Canada. "I was shocked," he said.
19:52 [LINK] "U.S. Company [Livejournal] Helps Russia Block Prominent Putin Critic" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Sisi Wei's ProPublica article from last month noting how Livejournal has blocked access to Alexei Navalny's Livejournal blog inside Russia makes unsurprising use. It does represent many fears, legitimate or otherwise, of Livejournal users of undue Russian influence on the site.

The company, LiveJournal, shows an error message to users inside Russia who try to read a blog maintained by prominent activist and politician Alexei Navalny, a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Navalny uses the service to post about Putin, the Russian government and politics. Users in other countries can read Navalny’s blog without seeing the error message.

[. . .]

An early social media pioneer, LiveJournal was once popular in the United States but is now dwarfed by sites like Tumblr and Wordpress. The site does retain a smaller, dedicated following among Americans users, including George R.R. Martin, author of A Game of Thrones, who regularly posts on his LiveJournal blog. In Russia, LiveJournal is the most popular blogging platform – so popular, in fact, that the Russian name for LiveJournal has become synonymous with "blogging.”

LiveJournal has a history of being blocked by Russian authorities, and may be self-censoring to minimize the parts of their site that are unavailable inside Russia. The entire service was blocked in parts of Russia at least twice as a result of regional court decisions meant to block individual users. On March 13 of this year, Navalny’s blog, along with three Russian news sites, were officially ordered to be blocked by Russia’s telecom agency at the request of Russia’s Prosecutor General.

When it was blocked by the government, users inside some Russian cities trying to visit the banned LiveJournal site would have seen an error message from their Internet provider, saying that the page was not accessible.

But in the current case, the error message appears to come from LiveJournal itself, at a LiveJournal URL and on a page that includes the company’s logo and design. The error reads, “The page is blocked due to the decision of authorities in your area.” The error message is in English, though Navalny’s blog is in Russian. Attempts to reach Navalny’s blog from a U.S. Internet connection were successful.
19:47 [LINK] "instead of chasing Ello, why not push LJ?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I'm planning on posting an extended look at Ello later this week. I'm on there and I find the site interesting, but I'll reserve judgement. Meanwhile fengi's post suggesting that Livejournal fills a niche is worth noting. Livejournal's ongoing efforts to reestablish itself in the non-Russian blogosphere might come to fruition. Or, they might not: as one ex-Livejournaler noted on Facebook when I shared the link, people left LJ for a reason.

It has the features ello testers and disgruntled Facebook users want now. After 15 years of experience, it has slowly learned from drama and errors. It survived the original dot bust and seems ready for the next one.

The free-to-paid membership model has provided ad-free, adult-friendly options for a decade plus, something earnest manifestos usually don't (see tumblr's broken promise).

So why deal with more inflated startup promises and fumbling? Say goodbye to Facebook and hello to Livejournal -- a customizable global social network that doesn't require real names and provides an easy, logical way to avoid ads. [Forgive me for the infomercial language.]

As a longtime user and occasionally harsh critic, I think LJ is flawed but less adversarial and predatory towards users than Facebook, Google and others. Yes, it has an "old meme" image and notorious past service dramas, but in the long term it's become a solid product.
19:10 Eddie Curran Questioned On Affidavits, Scotiabank vs McEachern »
Redlikeme. I congratulate you Eddie. You have done a tremendous job with a meteoric rise in the financial community. Curran: Thank you Redlikeme : It’s amazing that you go from a low level government job in Innovation PEI to being … Continue reading
19:05 New business centre takes shape in Montague »The Guardian - Local News
Thinking Big Inc., a full service technology, company first tenant in business centre at former Somers building
19:00 Friskey »Life a la jen mac
Despite having little to do this summer, I haven't blogged very much with the exception of a bunch of posts sitting in a draft folder. One thing I wanted to write about was Friskey. He was my family's cat from 1993 until, sadly, 2014. I received Friskey as a gift from my brother in mid December 1993. Our family, specifically Jeff, had a cat prior to that. He name was Charlie and he was a "
18:58 Low blood supply could delay P.E.I. surgeries »The Guardian - Local News
Canadian Blood Services issues urgent call for donations. Official says inventory at its lowest since 2008.
18:53 TV network plans new Charlottetown newsroom »The Guardian - Local News
Owner of Global News asking CRTC for licence to operate 24-hour all-news channel with a large bureau in P.E.I.
18:49 Farmers Helping Farmers luncheons Thanksgiving weekend »Journal-Pioneer Local
NEW GLASGOW -- Since starting her Thanksgiving weekend fundraising luncheons in 2008, Chef Emily Wells has helped raise more than $25,000 for P.E.I.-based Farmers Helping Farmers in support of Kenyan schools.
18:41 Initial tuna allocation right to the wire for some fishermen »Journal-Pioneer Local
Fishery reopens Friday for 73 boats
18:37 'Hockey Night in Canada' gets new home as Rogers unveils new NHL studio »The Guardian - Living
The iconic “Hockey Night in Canada” show is getting an expensive new home. Rogers Sportsnet unveiled its new $4.5-million Hockey Central studio on Monday. The flashy, modern studio will make its debut Oct. 8 when the NHL season opens and will anchor Rogers’ NHL broadcast package, which includes ...
18:19 Four Islanders recognized on National Seniors Day »Journal-Pioneer Local
Summerside’s Dick Wedge, Julie Simmons among those honoured
18:10 P.E.I. Humane Society hosting microchip clinic Sunday »Journal-Pioneer Living
CHARLOTTETOWN —The P.E.I. Humane Society is holding a low-cost microchip clinic on Sunday from 1to 3 p.m. at the Southport Animal Hospital in Stratford.
18:00 Adopt a Veteran program launched by Summerside Legion »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE —LeRoy Gamble wants to welcome Summerside Second World War and Korean War veterans back home.
17:58 Music P.E.I. launches ‘Deep Roots In Red Dirt’ compilation »Journal-Pioneer Living
Special concert Friday to celebrate launc
17:49 [LINK] "Putin Has Destroyed Europe Trust in Russia: German Envoy" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's Indira A.R. Lakshmanan notes the continuing breakdown in Russia-European Union relations, as stated by the German ambassador to the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine has destroyed Europe’s trust in Russia, leaving politicians and businesspeople feeling that “we are not partners anymore,” German Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Wittig said.

“A lot of trust was destroyed by Putin’s policy,” Wittig said at a Bloomberg Government lunch in Washington yesterday. “And I think it’s a challenge to regain that trust.”

Germany was Russia’s biggest trading partner after China last year, with 6,000 German companies that have commercial ties with Russia, netting $88 billion in trade between the two nations, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

While it wasn’t in the self-interest of German industry to support economic sanctions to punish Russia for dividing Ukraine, “the leadership of the business world made it clear that Putin didn’t leave us any other choice,” Wittig said.

[. . .]

At the start of this year, “nobody had anticipated that Putin would take such a momentous decision” to seize Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and back armed separatists in eastern Ukraine, creating a rift between Russia and the U.S. and its European allies that “would take us back to a Europe before 1989” and the demise of the Soviet Union, said Wittig, who previously served as Germany’s ambassador to the United Nations.

“Now we are asking ourselves” about the future of “East-West” relations, Witting said. “Putin has signaled that he has renounced” the “partnership that we had.”

In Berlin yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invoked the 40-year history of communist East Germany as an historical example, saying the EU and the U.S. may be in for a “long haul” in their face-off with Russia, and that there’s no reason for the allies to soften their demands on Putin.
17:39 It’s hard to argue with Suzuki’s latest quest »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Love him or lump him, David Suzuki makes a good point.
17:28 Fall art gala celebrates four new exhibitions at Confederation Centre Art Gallery »Journal-Pioneer Living
CHARLOTTETOWN — The Confederation Centre Art Gallery is celebrating the opening of four new exhibitions with apublic reception Sunday at 3 p.m.
17:27 Apple social planned for Milton Community Hall »Journal-Pioneer Living
NORTH MILTON —The smells of fall will be in the air Thursday at Milton Community Hall as it hosts its apple social.
17:26 Benefit Saturday for Katelyn Fitzgerald »Journal-Pioneer Living
SUMMERSIDE — A benefit is planned for Saturday night in aid of Katelyn Fitzgerald, a young woman unable to work due to a neurological condition.
17:25 Benefit Saturday for John McCoubrey »Journal-Pioneer Living
NEW LONDON — A benefit evening of entertainment, auctions and food is set for Saturday night in aid of John McCoubrey of New London, who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia.
16:33 Possession with intent to traffic results in 30-day sentence »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – A 30-year-old Summerside man was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty in Summerside provincial court, Tuesday, to a charge of possession with intent to traffic.
16:29 P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley breaks arm during trip to Norway »The Guardian - Local News
P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley is recovering in Ottawa after she fell into the water and broke her arm during a fact-finding trip to Norway. Hubley and several other members of the fisheries and oceans committee were recently near Bergen, Norway on their way to fish cages when she fell while ...
15:41 Caseley running for mayor of Kensington »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON – Rowan Caseley, deputy mayor of the Town of Kensinton, has announced he’s gunning for the top job.
15:38 Summerside Boys and Girls Club vying once more for Aviva funding »The Guardian - Local News
Club once again looking for votes for Youth Engagement Centre
15:30 [LINK] On Canada keeping Russia and China from the 65th International Astronautical Conference »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
MacLean's shared a Canadian Press article noting that Canada did not give visa to Russian delegates to the 65th International Astronautical Congress.

Canada’s refusal to allow Russian delegates to attend a prestigious international astronautical symposium has angered Moscow, which said the decision flies in the face of international space co-operation and amounts to politicizing space exploration over the conflict in Ukraine.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy on Tuesday called Ottawa’s decision to deny visas for the delegates — including one of the country’s most renowned astronauts — unfortunate.

“In this regard, we can only express regret that a number of members of the Russian delegation did not get their visas,” Kirill Kalinin, second secretary at the Russian embassy in Ottawa, told The Canadian Press.

[. . .]

Ottawa initially declined to discuss the issue, citing privacy concerns, but on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada confirmed some applications were denied, while others were still being reviewed.

“Each will be assessed on its merits by professional, non-partisan public servants in accordance with Canada’s security and immigration laws,” Nancy Caron said in an email.

The CBC goes further, noting that Chinese as well as Russian delegates have prevented from getting visas.

The leaders of Russia's and China's space agencies were conspicuous by their absence at the opening plenary session in Toronto, sparking questions from among the thousands of participants.

The questions initially landed in the lap of Berndt Feuerbacher, past president of the International Astronautical Federation, who was moderating the session featuring the heads of space agencies.

"They were foreseen to be here with us, they have been with us in the past, and they will be with us in the future," Feuerbacher said.

"It is just unfortunate, due to problems especially in the visa area, that we couldn't have these delegations here. I apologize for this."

The issue came amid much delegate talk about the importance of international co-operation in the space-exploration field as symbolized by the International Space Station. Russia plays a key role in the space station — its capsule brought home Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield — but has drawn the wrath of countries such as Canada and the U.S. for its aggression against Ukraine.

"How do you want to succeed talking about global space co-operation without involving representatives from Russia and China?" delegates asked Feuerbacher.

"This is not our intention," he responded.

Walter Natynczyk, head of the Canadian Space Agency, was unable to explain what had gone wrong.

The retired general said he had only been alerted to the visa problem in the past couple of days.

There is a rationale for Russia, at least. But China? I would have thought that cultivating space links with China, or at least keeping connections alive, would have been a priority for the Canadian government.
15:03 Bars in Charlottetown (33 Words) » | New Topics
Hi I am thinking of visiting Charlottetown in a couple weeks and was wondering is there any bars for 30 year olds or are they all for the 19 year olds? Any recommendations?...
15:03 Looking for wood (23 Words) » | New Topics
I am looking to see if anyone knows of someone I can get wood from. Dried if possible, 8-18 cord, hardwood included...
15:03 Porktoberfest is back!!!!!!!!! (7 Words) » | New Topics
27 pulled pork creations in 31 days...
15:03 Redoing my bathroom - Is Bathfitter reliable? (44 Words) » | New Topics
A company called "Bathfitter" operates in PEI remodeling bathrooms. I am considering having them redo mine. Seems they have a shell that recovers the tub to make it new again plus can redo floor, walls, etc.
Anybody have any experiences with them?...
14:55 Summerside Boys and Girls Club seeks Aviva funds »Journal-Pioneer Local
14:47 Customer Appreciation Days are BACK! »New Glasgow Lobster Suppers
To help us say thank you for your continued support we are currently offering our Customer Appreciation Days special. Our 1lb lobster dinner is now  $29.95 regularly $31.95. Your meal includes all you can eat fresh out of the oven rolls, homemade seafood chowder & tomato basil soup, salads, desserts and bottomless  soft drinks and […]
14:47 Customer Appreciation Days are BACK! »New Glasgow Lobster Suppers
To help us say thank you for your continued support we are currently offering our Customer Appreciation Days special. Our 1lb lobster dinner is now  $29.95 regularly $31.95. Your meal includes all you can eat fresh out of the oven rolls, homemade seafood chowder & tomato basil soup, salads, desserts and bottomless  soft drinks and […]
14:43 Coffin not seeking third term as Kensington mayor »Journal-Pioneer Local
KENSINGTON –Gordon Coffin announced Tuesday he will not be seeking a third term as mayor of the Town of Kensington.
14:13 An Abortion Debate »PEI Curmudgeon's Blog
Yesterday I posted my support for the ‪#‎MenForChoice‬ campaign. In response, I was handed a graphic picture from someone who is extremely anti-choice. Here is the entire exchange, but I must warn you, the image is extremely graphic, and is the first … Continue reading
13:40 P.E.I. Porktoberfest returns »The Guardian - Business
Once again this October, local chefs will be vying for the title of Best P.E.I. Porktoberfest Chef. Using PEI pulled pork as the signature ingredient, 27 Island restaurants have created one-of-a-kind sandwiches in hopes of winning the title. The versatility of pulled pork is in full display as ...
12:07 [BLOG] Some Wednesday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO recommends things to do on the Danforth.

  • Centauri Dreams notes the importance of the discovery of water in the atmosphere of exoplanet HAT-P-11b.

  • Crooked Timber goes on at length about Kevin Williamson's statement as noted by Joe. My. God. that women who have abortions should be executed.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes plans for futuristic architecture in Shenzhen.

  • Eastern Approaches observes the travails of a Roma soccer team in the Czech Republic.

  • Far Outliers notes two different movements of Romanian intellectuals responding to relative backwardness, pasoptism referring to the post-1848 effort at modernization and protocronism referring to efforts to claim all was invented first in Romania.

  • Marginal Revolution notes that in France, added years of education associated with avoiding conscription don't produce different job results.

  • Spacing Toronto notes the failed visit of Upper Canadian reformer William Lyon Mackenzie to London in 1832.

  • Torontoist notes building regulations prevent Toronto from making use of green roofs.

  • Towleroad links to a study discussing the economic impact of anti-LGBT laws on Americans.

  • Why I Love Toronto talks about the importance of having a local barber.

  • Window on Eurasia notes that Russians will begin to draft first Chechens then Crimeans,
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<li>blogTO <a href=""><U>recommends</u></a> things to do on the Danforth.</li>
<Li>Centauri Dreams <a href=""><u>notes</u></a> the importance of the discovery of water in the atmosphere of exoplanet HAT-P-11b.</li>
<li>Crooked Timber <a href=""><u>goes on at length</u></a> about Kevin Williamson's <a href=""><U>statement</u></a> as noted by Joe. My. God. that women who have abortions should be executed.</li>
<li>The Dragon's Tales <a href=""><u>notes</u></a> plans for futuristic architecture in Shenzhen.</li>
<li>Eastern Approaches <a href=""><u>observes</u></a> the travails of a Roma soccer team in the Czech Republic.</li>
<li>Far Outliers notes two different movements of Romanian intellectuals responding to relative backwardness, <a href=""><U>pasoptism</u></a> referring to the post-1848 effort at modernization and <a href=""><u>protocronism</u></a> referring to efforts to claim all was invented first in Romania.</li>
<li>Marginal Revolution <a href=""><U>notes</u></a> that in France, added years of education associated with avoiding conscription don't produce different job results.</li>
<li>Spacing Toronto <A href=""><U>notes</u></a> the failed visit of Upper Canadian reformer William Lyon Mackenzie to London in 1832.</li>
<li>Torontoist <A href=""><u>notes</u></a> building regulations prevent Toronto from making use of green roofs.</li>
<li>Towleroad <A href=""><U>links</u></a> to a study discussing the economic impact of anti-LGBT laws on Americans.</li>
<li>Why I Love Toronto <A href=""><u>talks</u></a> about the importance of having a local barber.</li>
<li>Window on Eurasia <a href=""><u>notes</u></a> that Russians will begin to draft first Chechens then Crimeans, <a href=">"<U>notes</u></a> increased state spending on Russia Today, <A href=""><U>observes</u></a> the belief among some Russians that Ukraine is somehow not really a nation, and <a href=""><U>suggests</u></a> that Belarus is cracking down on pro-Russians.</li>
12:02 MLAs should reject raises at this time »The Guardian - Opinion
Indemnities and Allowances Commission should take a holiday from deliberations
12:00 Issue #153: 3 Reasons We Love Comics & Interview with Marguerite Bennett »Misfortune Cookie

Issue #153: An Interview with Marguerite Bennett Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link Welcome back Talking Comics-ers! It’s a brand-new week and that means a brand-new podcast and we have a very special guest on the show, the fabulous Marguerite Bennett. This gal seems to be writing absolutely everything these days and she’s doing one […]

The post Issue #153: 3 Reasons We Love Comics & Interview with Marguerite Bennett appeared first on Stephanie Cooke.

11:59 Women seeking special preference »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says Canada needs more women in Parliament so she proposes federal ridings should be split to include one woman and one man elected to each riding. There isn’t any evidence that stacking Parliament with more women will improve the performance of the ...
11:53 Fond memories of Rustico school »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I am writing in regards to the possible demolition of the Belcourt Centre, formerly St. Augustine’s Convent in Rustico. I have many memories of growing up in Rustico and going to school at the Convent. I moved away many years ago, married and now live in the eastern part of P.E.I. I go ...
11:51 Chamber delegates sing Island praises »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: As the delegates to the Canadian Chamber’s 2014 annual general meeting head home, I want to express a word of thanks to the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce and to the people of P.E.I. for making us all feel so welcome.This was the first visit to P.E.I. for over half of ...
11:49 Lawbreaker defends trees »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I am a lawbreaker. Yes, I am confessing. I have knowingly planted trees within the road allowance. Of course the fact that I live in a field, in a very rural area, where my husband and I are the only ones for eight months of the year seems to make no difference. Or that it is a dead end ...
11:48 Downe fails to give credit to CRA »The Guardian - Opinion
By Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay (guest opinion)
11:31 Past actions hurt Campbell »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I am writing in response to a comment made by former Prime Minister Kim Campbell while she was recently on the Island. I am somewhat at odds with her comments regarding the atmosphere of the Canadian Parliament (too combative and partisan) and how that deters women from entering ...
11:26 P.E.I. judge deals with full docket of impaired drivers »The Guardian - Local News
A 56-year-old Charlottetown man charged with impaired driving twice in the space of six weeks was sentenced Monday in provincial court to serve six months in the provincial correctional centre.David Alan MacNeill was sentenced to two months in jail on the first charge of impaired driving, which ...
11:24 Reflections on Scottish independence referendum, P.E.I. democracy »The Guardian - Opinion
By David MacKay (guest opinion)
10:58 Quick breads moist, sweet »The Guardian - Living
Quick breads. My impulse, always, is to call them sweetbreads because many of them are sweet, and I have to remind myself that sweetbreads are something entirely different. While quick breads are loaves that can be made quickly, since they are leavened with baking powder or baking soda instead ...
10:57 Fishermen concerned about pressure from mussel farms »The Guardian - Local News
Increases in aquaculture leases in and around Malpeque Bay would directly impact and displace local fish harvesters in an area where lobster, herring, crab and eel have been harvested for more than a century, the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association maintains. The PEIFA made a presentation to the ...
10:01 Spaceship smells and races on ice — I’ve been everywhere, well sort of »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Write a regular column about the Atlantic provinces, my bosses said. Write about the issues we all have in common.
09:47 Eddie Curran “Sworn Affidavits” As Filed By DiPaolo for Scotiabank Against Red Like Me »
09:38 Former UPEI Student Union employee pleads guilty to role in fraud »The Guardian - Local News
Nicole Lee Gallant faces sentencing Nov. 17 for allowing boyfriend to use student union credit card


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