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Tuesday September 2, 2014

17:06 Moose meat (13 Words) » | New Topics
Looking to buy a few moose steaks.. Anywhere I can get them ??...
17:06 Oil Cost of heating (127 Words) » | New Topics
Hi everyone

I live in a house thats 960 sq feet. I installed a boiler and was wondering what my expected oil consumption might be. Its been 3 years and I am not sure what to expect since it was the boiler was installed wrong but its been fixed this year. Last year I was over 3500 bucks for oil but it was full of ash due to bad install.

960 sq foot house. - has basement to unfinished but there are 3 rads in the basement
mid grade insulation
boiler I think runs at 87 percent. not to shabby but need to get a heat pump
only heat I got electric hot water....
16:55 Five seeking Egmont Liberal candidacy in November »Journal-Pioneer Local
Convention site may need to be expanded
16:33 [LINK] "Why Edmonton’s growth is outpacing Calgary's" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
In an article jointly authored by the Calgary Herald's Jason Markusoff and the Edmonton Journal's Elise Stolte, the prospects of economic hub Calgary and political capital Edmonton are examined. Apparently the latter city is starting to grow slightly faster than the larger Calgary.

That smaller city to the north — you know, the one with the legislature and that megamall — is now growing at a faster clip than booming Calgary.

There are 877,926 Edmontonians, according to the city’s 2014 census released Friday. While that remains a far cry from Calgary’s nearly 1.2 million, the capital’s two-year growth rate of 7.4 per cent is greater than Stampede City’s 6.7 per cent.

While each city is being propelled by the energy boom, Edmonton is faring better in job creation than the city where the corporate headquarters are, said ATB Financial economist Todd Hirsch.

“It’s orders of magnitude. Both cities are kind of the envy of the nation,” he said Friday. “But Edmonton’s unemployment rate is just a touch lower, a lot of service jobs around the oilpatch.”

[. . .]

If Edmonton continues growing at this pace, it will top one million people in 2018 — a milestone Calgary surpassed in the 2007 population count.

If both Calgary and Edmonton each somehow keep growing at their respective rates — for argument’s sake, setting aside their boom-bust cycles and sheer urban capacity for the sake of argument — the capital would be on track to become Alberta’s largest city in 2110, when Edmonton becomes first to hit 27 million. Ottawa is the next largest city in Canada. The 2011 federal census found their population was 883,391, but the city’s internal estimates place their population at 944,900 in 2014.
16:32 Uncle Sam reaches into Canada for tax revenue »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Thomas Jefferson is famously believed to have defined the price of freedom as eternal vigilance.
16:28 [LINK] "Inside the Brazilian all-woman village desperate for men" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Telegraph's Harry Wallop describes in the National Post how the Brazilian village of Noiva do Cordeiro, located in Minas Gerais, has a shortage of men. (Selective male migration to larger centres seems to be the main issue at hand.)

The village of Noiva do Cordeiro is nestled in Belo Vale, which translates as “beautiful valley.” And it is not hard to see why.

About 300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, in south-east Brazil, the valley is dotted with groves of thick-skinned, sweet tangerines, banana plants, and ipe trees covered with bright yellow flowers.

But it is not just landscape that catches the eye in Noiva do Cordeiro. It is the inhabitants. Or, specifically, its women.

That is because the majority of the village’s residents are female and as gorgeous as the bougainvillea plants that blossom in the valley. This area of Brazil is famous for producing great beauties. More than that, many are single and in search of love.

Nelma Fernandes, 23, had pleaded: “Here, the only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us; everyone is a cousin. I haven’t kissed a man for a long time. We all dream of falling in love and getting married.”
16:24 [LINK] "Who'll Win the Fight Between Russia and Ukraine? Maybe China" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Vice's Ryan Faith argues that one beneficiary of the emergent Russo-Ukrainian war will be China. The disruption of the Soviet-era military industries shared by Russia and Ukraine will leave China, inheritor of much Soviet technology, in a great position to expand its market share in the arms trade.

The once-mighty Soviet Union has fallen on hard times, and has fragmented into a motley collection of countries, enclaves, vassal states, and fiefdoms. As a result, the vast network of factories, technical expertise, and supply chains that once powered the Soviet military machine has disintegrated. Previously intertwined industries are now divorced, living in different countries. Entire supply chains vital to one national military are in countries completely out of the control of that military.

In some cases, old armament factories operated as if little had changed except for the drop in production volume. Russia was, until this year, the biggest single export market for Ukrainian defense manufacturers, just as Ukrainian imports were the single biggest share of Russian defense imports. For example, most of Russia's helicopters are powered by engines made by the Ukrainian company Motor Sich. Conversely, the biggest use of Motor Sich's engines has been in Russian helicopters.

But once fighting broke out between Ukraine and Russia — or more accurately, a few months after fighting broke out — the defense trade between the countries ground to a halt.

Although China has grown in technological sophistication, a lot of the old standards and technologies have left their mark. Much of the equipment and parts still in production are compatible with Soviet-era standards, and China has close relationships with the defense industries of both Russia and Ukraine. But the rupture between the two countries — the engines powering the remnants of the Soviet military-industrial machine — has, as Jane's points out, put China in a very advantageous position.

First, Ukrainian and Russian manufacturers alike are eager to replace revenue lost from the end of their relationships with one another, and will be looking to sell to China instead. In fact, Ukrainian and Russian companies could find themselves in competition for business while their governments compete on the battlefield and in the international political arena. This competition means it's a buyer's market for China, and may give Beijing access to a lot more technology and design expertise at lower cost than was previously possible.
16:24 The corruption of ideas »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
To the Editor, Recently there has been a series of letters to the editor, dealing with the UPEI and whether it was proper for it to host a conference on abortion.
16:21 [URBAN NOTE] "Strip club owner spawns rivals as Bloordale tidies up on his watch" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Aaron Harris notes an apparent local furor in Bloordale over local strip joint House of Lancaster. The House of Lancaster has been present in this neighbourhood for 27 years, and its owner Spiro Koumoudouros has played a major role in promoting this now up-and-coming neighbourhood. It's now unwelcome.

At one time, Bloordale was a hot spot for cheap drugs, street prostitution and arrests. Vestiges remain, but major changes have been underway for years on the stretch of Bloor St. W. between Dufferin St. and Lansdowne Ave.

The old Dale’s, a diner of ill repute, is now a trendy brunch spot. There’s no Starbucks yet, but among the psychic dens, cash-for-gold joints, laundromats and the token Coffee Time, you’ll find a gourmet sandwich counter, hip bars and a bakery that ominously proclaimed “the vegans are coming!” in its window before opening.

Property values have gone up 35 per cent, according to realtor Tasi Farquhar, with one detached house fetching $1,070,000 recently. Where it used to be littered with needles, a playground was installed at the Susan Tibaldi Parkette to accommodate families.

The old butts up against the new in Bloordale. And the long-standing House of Lancaster strip club is right in the middle.

Owner Spiro Koumoudouros has been a member of the BIA for 27 years and at the helm for as long as anyone can remember. He takes credit for cleaning up Bloordale and making it more inviting for newcomers. But now some say it’s time for him to go. Koumoudouros says without him, the BIA would collapse.

“(Spiro) was one of the only people who would chair the BIA so we have to give him kudos for that. But it doesn’t mean he has to continue,” said Liza Lukashevsky, who formally joined the BIA this year but has owned the Nuthouse health food store since 2010.

“This seems like a natural time for change to happen to reflect what’s happening already organically in the neighbourhood,” she said.
16:17 [URBAN NOTE] "Iranian-connected house in Toronto at centre of international showdown" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Jacques Gallant reported last month about how a piece of north Toronto real estate now features in a lawsuit regarding Iranian sponsorship of terrorism. As described at the time by </i>MacLean's, this location back in 2010 was briefly the host of a controversial and apparently Iranian-sponsored Centre for Iranian Studies, so there clearly is some kind of Iranian state connection.

It’s rather hard to believe that the empty red-brick backsplit house on Sheppard Ave. W. with the overgrown grass and damaged roof finds itself at the centre of an international showdown.

And yet, a Toronto judge ruled earlier this year that the house, along with a commercial building in Ottawa, is “beneficially owned” by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and can be seized by victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism.

The ruling, which also named as defendants the Iranian Ministry of Information and Security and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is just one of several cases slowly moving through Canadian and American courts, demanding damages for bombings and kidnappings dating back more than 20 years throughout the Middle East that have been linked to Iran.

Although it did not participate in any of the proceedings leading up to the March 17 ruling by Superior Court Justice David M. Brown, Iran is now fighting back and has retained Toronto lawyer Colin Stevenson.

The Iranian government maintains that the house at 290 Sheppard Ave. W. in north Toronto and the building at 2 Robinson Ave. in Ottawa are legally owned by active corporations, and that there is no evidence they were held in trust for Iran, Stevenson told the Star. He said Iran will argue state immunity. The next court dates are scheduled for December.
15:51 Tough isn’t enough »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Despite all of the pleas from authorities, the agony of the victims, and fines and other hardships for the perpetrators, Islanders still are not getting the message: Driving drunk kills and isn’t worth the risk.
15:41 Big weekend of drag racing »Journal-Pioneer Sports
OYSTER BED BRIDGE – With motorhomes, trailers and racecars stretched the full length of the facility, Raceway Park was a busy place over the Labour Day weekend.
15:35 Acadian golf tournament of P.E.I. returning to Mill River »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Fund-raising event slated for Sept. 13
15:26 Nova Scotia golfer records ace at Mill River »Journal-Pioneer Sports
MILL RIVER – Wayne Myers of Lake Loon, N.S., recorded a hole-in-one at the Mill River Golf Course on Sunday.
15:16 Retired peacekeeping vets marching for PTSD awareness »Journal-Pioneer Local
Three retired Canadian Forces veterans are continuing their march across Canada Tuesday and Wednesday in P.E.I.
15:14 New Democrats call on director of public prosecutions to review Duffy case »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA — The NDP is asking Canada’s director of public prosecutions to look at the evidence collected by the RCMP in the Mike Duffy case to determine if charges should be laid against other people as well.The Mounties have filed 31 charges against Duffy related to his housing and travel expense ...
14:44 Two MHL teams crack top-20 pre-season rankings »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CALGARY, Alta. – Two teams from the MHL (Maritime Junior Hockey League) cracked the Canadian Junior Hockey League’s top-20 pre-season rankings.
14:37 ROSEBANK -- If you got lost in the woods, how would you find your way out? Look for a brook, Loretta Ross instructs. »Journal-Pioneer Local
Ross coordinated a seven-week project for the Native Council of P.E.I., assisting the Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association with tree-planting and other activities. The Native Council project also included an educational component, teaching area youth about plants, animals and survival. “There’s ...
14:33 In-Flight Safety 
launches fall tour in Charlottetown Friday »Journal-Pioneer Living
Set to release new album, ‘Conversationalist,’ Sept. 9
14:03 Junior C league schedules initial meeting »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CHARLOTTETOWN – The initial league meeting for the Razzy's Junior C Hockey League has been moved to Wednesday, Sept. 10.
13:48 [PHOTO] Island mud by the shoulder of the road, Summerside »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
13:32 Wine development board coming for Nova Scotia »The Guardian - Business
The Nova Scotia government and stakeholders are creating a new wine development board to capitalize on one of that province’s fastest growing industries.The Nova Scotia Wine Development Board will highlight opportunities, identify barriers and provide advice on legislation, regulation and ...
12:24 Sullivan seeks Ward 8 council seat »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - A long time city businessman and resident of Summerside, has decided to run for city council in the up-coming civic election.
12:23 Natasha Dunn vies for Alberton mayor »The Guardian - Local News
ALBERTON — The mayoralty race in the Town of Alberton is unofficially underway. Incumbent councillor Natasha Dunn announced Monday that in the November municipal election she will be seeking the seat currently held by Mayor Michael Murphy. Dunn entitled her press release announcing her ...
12:02 Chamber hosts Age Friendly Community luncheon »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE –The concept of Age Friendly Communities will be the topic of a luncheon being held by he Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce.
11:42 McColeman seeks return to Summerside city council »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - Former Summerside city councillor Norma McColeman has announced she plans to seek election in the city's Ward 6 seat.
11:21 Family restaurants separated from bars under liquor bylaw »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown city council has relaxed regulations a bit for restaurant liquor licences, and recalculated formulas affecting green roofs.One of the bylaw and Official Plan amendments covered during a recent housekeeping session was for restaurants wanting to serve wine or beer with meals.Under ...
10:43 [PHOTO] Riding the Skyride at the CNE »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Riding the Skyride at the CNE

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...]">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<center><a href="" title="Riding the Skyride at the CNE by Randy McDonald, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="500" alt="Riding the Skyride at the CNE"></a></center>

The <a href="><u>CNE's Skyride</u></a> was <a href=""><U>introduced in 2012</u></a> with no small amount of controversy. (Apparently the ride it replaced was longer.) The gondolas looked nice in the setting sun, regardless.
10:04 Beware of Rental Housing Scams! »Charlottetown Police Public Announcements
Fraudsters are posing as a landlord on websites such as Craigslist or Kijiji and stating they are out of the country and require a deposit on the rental apartment. Once the money is paid, usually through a money transfer, the new tenant discovers there isn’t actually a rental home available, and their money is lost. Tips for tenants; Google the contact email or the telephone number - you can be surprised by your findings. Google a sentence or part of a sentence used in the e-mail. Is the price too good to be true? Check rental rates in the same area. Often fraudsters will try to entice their victims with unbelievably low prices to elicit multiple victims.
09:59 Journey's end »The Guardian - Local News
09:51 Theft From Motor Vehicle - Apple Mac Book Pro »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint Sunday night at 10:03pm regarding the theft of a silver Apple Mac Book Pro serial # CO2FLG1TDF8B from a motor vehicle parked on Sydney St., near Queen St. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Charlottetown Police Services 629-4172 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.
09:37 Break and Enter - Tools Stolen »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint last Friday regarding a break and enter into a garage on Passmore St. Once inside thieves stole assorted tools including a Delta 10 inch block saw, Hitachi 11 amp reciprocating saw, mitre saw and a orbital jigsaw and sander. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Charlottetown Police Services 629-4172 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.
09:35 Robert Morrissey enters Egmont race »The Guardian - Local News
Morrissey joins Gilles Arsenault and Robert Gallant in running for Liberal nomination for Prince County riding
09:15 Patronage Appointees Navel Gaze in PEI “Learning Wasteland” »
Some combination of terrible factors has reduced the quality of Education in PEI to be the worst in North America. Everywhere in Canada students are back in the classes and people are back to work, not in PEI however. The … Continue reading
08:42 Young adults imagine Canada over next 50 years »Journal-Pioneer Local
The face of Canada’s future fills the Charlottetown building.
08:41 Where Did Truth Escape Testimony »
In ancient Rome, two men taking an oath of allegiance held each other’s testicles, and men held their own testicles as a sign of truthfulness while bearing witness in a public forum. The Romans found a word to describe this … Continue reading
08:23 Chance of showers this morning for PEI.. »peistormchaser
Tuesday Sept 2nd 8:20am..The cold front that crossed the region yesterday is now located east-west across southern NS/NB and should push back north as a warm front today The are a few showers falling with this system mainly over northern … Continue reading
08:07 UPEI works to avoid orientation problems »The Guardian - Local News
Alcohol forbidden at sanctioned orientation week events as administration works to keep out of trouble other schools have faced
07:27 Young adults imagine Canada's future »The Guardian - Local News
One hundred delegates aged 19 to 24 in P.E.I. capital for conference
07:24 Shania Twain spends time with fans »The Guardian - Local News
01:11 UPEI teams see pre-season action in soccer, rugby, field hockey »The Guardian - Sports
The UPEI Panthers women’s soccer team won its two exhibition games during the weekend in the Mulligan Cup. The Panthers defeated the Holland College Hurricanes 1-0 on Saturday with Melissa Richardson scoring the lone goal. On Sunday they defeated Moncton 2-0 behind goals by Emilie Pelletier and ...
01:10 Mingrone joins UPEI Panthers' coaching staff »The Guardian - Sports
Jay Mingrone has joined the UPEI Panthers men’s basketball coaching staff for the upcoming season.Head coach Tim Kendrick announced the move on Monday.“We’re just real ecstatic to have him on board,” he said. “He’s a very knowledgeable coach, but it’s the work he does with the players ...
01:07 Rower from P.E.I., Canadian teammates finish sixth at worlds »The Guardian - Sports
Emily Cameron and her Canadian teammates finished sixth in the women’s quadruple sculls final at the world rowing championships in Amsterdam on Saturday. Racing in the last race of the day, Cameron, a native of Wimot Valley, Kate Goodfellow of Perth, Ont., Carling Zeeman of Cambridge, Ont., and ...
01:06 Ontario team wins masters men's fast pitch crown »The Guardian - Sports
The Rusty Jiggers from Ontario defeated the Chant Funeral Home Cardinals from Cape Breton 8-1 Sunday in the final of the Canadian masters men’s fast pitch championship.The game was tied 1-1 when the Jiggers scored four runs in the bottom of the third inning en route to the five-inning victory ...
00:53 [FORUM] What do you do when the world is getting you down? »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Broadsides' Caitlin Kelly had a post up asking her readers what they did when the news got them down.

The world is, obviously, filled with beauty and grace and joy, with people who get up every morning and give their best to those around them.

But, really, my dears, this wears me down.

Then what?

Tune out? Become more politically active? Stop caring? Care more? Write a letter to the editor? Blog it? Blog it again…and again…and again…?

Write a check to a charity?
Rant to others on social media?

Or just…not care?

I'd have posted my answer there if I had any idea. I'm hoping you'll do me better, in posting here or there. What do you do?
00:00 PEI Liquor Control Commission continues to support Canadian Cancer Society's daffodil pin campaign »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
The PEI Liquor Control Commission generated over $17,000 in customer donations in support of the Canadian Cancer Society through the 2nd annual daffodil pin campaign. 'Our customers and staff continue to show their support for the work of the Canadian Cancer Society on Prince Edward Island through this campaign,' said Hon. Robert Henderson, minister responsible for the PEI Liquor Control Commission. 'The PEI Liquor Control Commission is very proud...

Monday September 1, 2014

23:41 [BLOG] Five blog links about the Canadian National Exhibition »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • At blogTO, Chris Bateman shared photos of vintage acts at the CNE while Rick McGinnis shared photos of the Exhibition at night.

  • Spacing Toronto shared a history of the CNE, coming up to its first ride.

  • Transit Toronto described the various bus and streetcar routes that CNE users would likely take, and how they would change.

  • Torontoist |shared vintage CNE posters.

23:04 Outlaner (101 Words) » | New Topics
I'll let the link explain the series. At episode 4. Anyone who likes period movies will like this series.
As described by 'starz'
"Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire's heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives."
22:24 [PHOTO] A lobster roll and more at Bakin' Donuts, Summerside »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Visiting Summerside on my vacation felt odd. The last time I was in Summerside, Prince Edward Island's second and smaller city in the western portion of the Island, I was 17 and being trained to work for PEI Tourism. Before that, I had scarcely seen Summerside at all.

Bakin' Donuts, 48 Water Street, Summerside #princeedwardisland #pei #summerside #restaurants #bakindonuts

But, it was the end of the Summerside Lobster Festival, and the Summerside Bakin' Donuts at 48 Water Street was one of the places advertised as offering a lobster roll for sale, so why not? I went with my parents.

Lobster roll and sides at Bakin' Donuts #princeedwardisland #pei #summerside #lobster #restaurants #bakindonuts

The coffee of Bakin' Donuts #pei #princeedwardisland #summerside #restaurants #bakindonuts #coffee

The food and coffee were decent. The lobster rolls, with their sides of potato salad and coleslaw, were tasty, and the coffee good. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a decent small-town Maritimes coffee shop.

The Bakin' Donuts chain #princeedwardisland #pei #summerside #restaurants #bakindonuts

I found the place most enjoyable for its social environment. The Water Street Bakin' Donuts is part of a chain covering western Prince Edward Island, from Tignish to Kensington. It's a small-town Maritimes coffee shop, and the locals who were in the shop with me and my parents were small-town Maritimes, too. I missed that kind of environment.
21:49 Carrera Angel wins feature »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Just A Professor records fastest mile
21:00 Shania Twain PEI 2014 Photo Gallery »NJN Network
Thousands of smartphones and a few great photos of Shania Twain in Charlottetown August 30, 2014
21:00 Mystery Drops »justpictureit
photo - Mystery Drops

Neither my sister or I could imagine where these water drops came from on a deserted beach. There were no footprints to be found. Perhaps I could maket them as Tears From God or something like that and make a fortune!

20:30 Carrera Angel upsets field to win Labour Day feature in Summerside »The Guardian - Sports
Carrera Angel, under the command of owner-driver Rocky Schurman, converted a pocket ride into a winning score when they claimed the Labour Day pace in a dazzling 1:57.2 Monday at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway.Leaving from Post 5, Schurman placed the nine-year-old gelding behind ...
20:28 Spirit of Chautauqua coming to three Island communities »Journal-Pioneer Living
For one week this past July the community of Summerside once again experienced the excitement of a Chautauqua in its midst. In celebration of 2014, Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. and La Belle Alliance presented In the Spirit of Chautauqua, a five-day festival of diverse entertainment under the ...
19:44 Robert Morrissey wants Egmont Liberal nomination »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- An 18-year veteran of P.E.I. provincial politics, Robert Morrissey, has confirmed he has submitted his papers seeking to be a candidate for the Egmont Liberal nomination.
19:39 Dunn wants to be Mayor of Alberton »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- The mayoralty race in the Town of Alberton is unofficially underway. Incumbent councilor Natasha Dunn announced Monday that in the November municipal election she will be seeking the seat currently held by Mayor Michael Murphy.
19:39 A little long weekend home improvement: new duvet/pillow covers,... »

A little long weekend home improvement: new duvet/pillow covers, a new lamp I’ve rigged from the ceiling over the table, and two new floor lamps flanking the couch. Not pictured: my new bedside table lamp, and the mountain of Ikea boxes whence all this new decor sprang. (at 26 Nepean)

19:25 Keeping the ball game alive »Journal-Pioneer Local
Monument and renamed field honour legends of baseball in Summerside
19:11 [PHOTO] Three photos from Let's Your Fandom Flag Fly, CNE »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I went to the Canadian National Exhibition for the first time yesterday evening. It was an amusing outing, though I'm not sure I'd pay $C 18 again.

One of the exhibitions I liked was Let's Your Fandom Flag Fly!, an exhibition of fan art from all kinds of different fandoms, in all kinds of different media. The three below stuck with me.

Game of Thrones character postcards, Vanessa Stefaniuk #toronto #torontophotos #cne #cneblogto #postcards #grofthr#

Vanessa Stefaniuk's postcards of characters from Game of Thrones were effective.

Helm's Deep, by Eric Leis #cne #cneblogto #toronto #Torontophotos #lego #ericleis #thelordoftherings #helmsdeep

Eric Leis had assembled from Lego a very nice Helm's Deep.

"You Maniacs", by Sean Jensen #toronto #Torontophotos #cne #youmaniacs #planetoftheapes #seanjensen #cneblogto

Sean Jensen's recreation in Lego of the iconic final scene from Planet of the Apes is amazing.
19:05 Chevies defeat Royals in KCBL playoff opener »The Guardian - Sports
The Morell Chevies drew first blood in their first round Kings County Baseball League playoff series with the Freetown Royals on Monday, picking up an 11-1 win behind the four-hit pitching of Grant Doyle. Doyle also struck out 10 batters in the five inning contest. Kyle Doucette took the loss, ...
19:00 World War 1 - Harold E Cooper, Driver 41058 - Alec's Groom »Robert Paterson's Weblog
The men riding in this picture are called "Drivers". They would have to be excellent horsemen. They are guiding the 6 horses as they pull tons of steel. I mentioned earlier that many of the grooms of Montreal followed the...
18:36 Provincial governments to blame for P.E.I.'s reliance on EI »Journal-Pioneer Opinion


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