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Tuesday October 21, 2014

08:39 Summerside holding municipal election night and mayoral debate »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE –Letting people have their say is a fundamental edict of the democratic process and The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce wants to foster that in Summerside.
08:31 Feds quash joint plans for Charlottetown Experimental Farm »Journal-Pioneer Local
A prime area of real estate in the heart of Charlottetown will remain in the hands of the federal government despite a proposal that would have seen it gifted to the city in honour of 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference.
08:17 More than 300 buoys recovered during clean up of Blooming Point »Journal-Pioneer Local
BLOOMING POINT — A remote section of shoreline in the Prince Edward Island National Park is much cleaner now, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Parks Canada, the Island Nature Trust and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
07:35 Feds quash plans to gift Experimental Farm to Charlottetown for 150th anniversary »The Guardian - Local News
A prime area of real estate in the heart of Charlottetown will remain in the hands of the federal government despite a proposal that would have seen it gifted to the city in honour of 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference. The proposal was a joint one, put together by the Friends of ...
07:30 Scotia McLeod Retirment Farewell or Public Hanging? »
Shame can encourage early retirement but there does not seem to be any sense of shame at Scotia McLeod, particularly in Charlottetown. Industry insiders are suggesting they would prefer a public hanging of culprits bringing disdain and mistrust in the … Continue reading
07:13 Moody’s Points Canada In Direction of Higher Interest and Bank Profits »
Naturally the balanced budget and world “leader” banking system wins some token mention but Moody’s Bond Rating Service review of Canada points Harper toward higher interest rates. Moody’s is fearing overvalued real-estate in Canada and high levels of personal debt … Continue reading
05:41 SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) Corporate Legal Attacks@ PEI »
SLAPP suits are being used more readily and regularly by corporate interests and particularly Brand Managers throughout North America. There is a legal term for such action; a ‘vexatious lawsuit’, which you have little prospect of winning and you really … Continue reading
01:04 [NEWS] Some Monday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Al Jazeera notes the Iraqi desire for foreign intervention, the problems with sex-offender registries, and the plight of former nuclear workers at Hanford in the United States.

  • Bloomberg observes Russian resistance to Western pressure and Ukrainian alliance-seeking, notes that Senegal was declared Ebola-free, looks at the terrible job market in Spain, observes competition in East Asia for wealthy Chinese immigrants, suggests that China's one-child policy will be relaxed, and examines Turkey's quiet border with the Islamic State.

  • Bloomberg View compares Russia and Germany in not prioritizing economic growth, looks at how Brookyln is the only borough of New York City to see its housing market recover, notes Turkey's issues in the Arab world, and examines with problems of Petrobras with expensive deep-sea oil at a time of falling oli prices.
  • The Inter Press Service notes the critical role of mangroves in mitigating disasters and protecting fisheries, looks at ethnic conflict in China, finds hope for civil society in Cuba, suggests that HIV/AIDS can be controlled worldwide, and fears for Iraq's minorities.

  • National Geographic notes North America's threatened monarch butterfly migrations and examines Ebola as a zoonosis.

  • Open Democracy notes issues of British Jews with Israeli policy and looks at Russian economic policy.

Monday October 20, 2014

23:50 [URBAN NOTE] "Rob Ford might not be a slam dunk for city council" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
blogTO's Chris Bateman reports.

Rob Ford might have thought it would be easy to slip back into his old Ward 2 council seat, but it appears his closest rival, Andray Domise, is making up ground, possibly even leading, in the race to succeed incumbent Doug Ford.

An internal poll conducted by the Domise campaign earlier this month put their candidate on 53 percent, eight points ahead of Ford. However, Andrew Young, Domise's campaign manager, says the figures should be taken with more than a pinch of salt.

The informal, live-caller telephone poll was conducted between the October 7th and 10th with "about 4,000" decided voters, he says, as part of regular canvassing. Voters were asked how they would cast their ballot after some "persuasion and discussion."

"We had a fundraiser coming up, which we were inviting people to, and so we initially gauged support to figure out if we should be offering the invitation."

The comments seem dominated by an unpleasant debate as to whether the constituents of Ward 2 are stupid for allowing Ford to have represented them for so long. Fairer comments point out that the particular demographics of the neighbourhood are often disengaged from politics for reasons of poverty and/or alienation.
22:52 Twelve left homeless after suspected arson fire in Summerside »The Guardian - Local News
SUMMERSIDE - Summerside police are investigating a suspected arson at a five-unit apartment on South Drive.Summerside fire Chief Jim Peters said crews were called out to the apartment building at 501 South Drive at 9:30 p.m., Sunday night."When we got there, there was fire in one apartment in ...
22:06 [OBSCURA] "Who knew voting in Toronto could be so beautiful?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Neighbourhood blog Little Bits Big had a lovely photo post celebrating her participatuion in the advance polling at Ward 18 for the Toronto mayoral election. The poster has some nice pictures of my neighbourhood, like the below.

22:03 Crossing Manitoba » - Need peace? Go East!
Crossing Manitoba will be much faster than crossing Ontario. But there are still some nice sites to experience.
22:00 The Morning Dew »justpictureit
photo - The Morning Dew

Just a spider shot and not a good one at that but I was amazed at the little rainbow caused by the morning dew.

20:57 Montague hockey, ringette numbers down, leaving gaps in ice rental »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE — Ice time use at the Cavendish Farms Wellness Centre here is down this fall and raising concern on how to fill a seven hour a week gap. “It’s a concern for sure,’’ said Scott Bell, chair of the volunteer board of operations. “It’s a bit of a chunk of time to have open at the start of ...
20:43 Blooming Point gets cleanup as more than 330 bouys picked up »The Guardian - Local News
BLOOMING POINT — A remote section of shoreline in the Prince Edward Island National Park is much cleaner now, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Parks Canada, the Island Nature Trust and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Through a beach clean-up, fishing gear, including approximately 330 ...
20:33 Caps axe Schurman »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Western Capitals relieve coach of his duties
20:04 Charlottetown man likes blowing things up with pipe bombs, court hears »The Guardian - Local News
Arlo William Callaghan, 35, appears before judge Orr on charges under Explosives Act
19:39 Fire that destroyed Green Park building believed deliberately set »Journal-Pioneer Local
PORT HILL -- The executive director of the P.E.I. Museums and Heritage Foundation, Dr. David Keenlyside, terms Sunday’s loss to fire of a building on the Green Park Shipbuilding Museum’s complex “very disappointing indeed.”
19:17 Dickieson the wildcard »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
If it were up to Tom Mulcair voters in the federal riding of Egmont wouldn’t even have to show up to the polls next year when Canadians elect their next government.
18:53 [LINK] "Montreal’s French invasion: Why immigrants from France are moving in en masse" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Benjamin Shingler's Canadian Press article, published in The Globe and Mail, describes the notable phenomenon of French immigration to Canada, particularly to Québec. This migration is a very recent phenomenon. It's safe to say that, until a couple of generations ago, although French immigrants to Canada might have been influential in terms of actual numbers there was little migration from France to Canada, certainly nothing comparing to British migration to Canada. This is a change.

When Christian Faure moved to Montreal last summer, the renowned chef saw a chance to start fresh in a new city, freed from the constraints of his native France.

Faure opened a pastry shop and cooking school in a renovated 300-year-old greystone on a busy street in Old Montreal.

“It would be totally impossible to open a similar patisserie in a historic quarter in Paris and Lyon,” said Faure, who had a stint as director of the Cordon Bleu chef school in Ottawa before moving to the city. “In Montreal, it’s still possible. It’s a city of arts and theatre, and it encourages young people.”

Faure isn’t alone. Faced with a slumping economy and high unemployment rate back home, the number of French citizens in Montreal has soared in recent years, particularly among the 25-40 age demographic.

These days, the unmistakable accent of the Old Country echoes through the bars and cafés of the city’s trendy Plateau district. Specialty stores offering made-in-France delicacies and pubs that televise French rugby and soccer matches have also recently popped up.

[. . .]

A consulate spokesman estimates only about half of the French in Canada register, putting the estimated number of French citizens in Montreal at about 110,000. Toronto and Quebec City are the next most popular destinations, each home to about 10,000 registered French citizens.
18:48 [LINK] "Czech Roma Under the Swastika" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Sylvie Lauder's article describing the near-complete genocide of the Roma of what is now the Czech Republic, published at Transitions Online, makes for chilling reading.

Seventy years ago Czech and Slovak Roma embarked on a grim path to nearly complete annihilation. In the spring and summer of 1943, 4,500 Roma were shipped off to the so-called Gypsy camp in Auschwitz: one-third were from camps in Lety and Hodonin, in the south and southwest of the country, and two-thirds were taken from their homes. The fates of local Roma remain one of the least investigated chapters of the war, and one part of this story is completely unknown – that some Roma survived the Nazi attempt at extermination thanks to the help of “white people.”

Even after decades 87-year-old Emilie Machalkova’s voice shakes and tears fill her eyes when she recalls those scenes. The spring sun was not yet very warm when one Monday afternoon she stood, a 16-year-old girl, at the railway station in Nesovice, a village 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Brno. She, her parents, two brothers, grandmother, and 3-year-old cousin were waiting for a train to take them to the stables of the protectorate police in Masna Street in Brno, where they had been told to report. Nearly all their neighbors accompanied them to the station, Machalkova recalls: all her childhood friends and family friends came. Someone brought a traditional Czech pork dish, others bread. “All of us were crying a lot because we thought that we wouldn’t come back.”

They were right to be afraid. A few weeks earlier much of Machalkova’s extended family in Moravia had been summoned to Masna Street. Lugging a suitcase, her grandfather Pavel had left, along with three of her uncles, some cousins, and other relatives – all together 33 members of the large Holomek family, a known clan of Moravian Roma. Even though it was not until after the war that they found out the whole truth, at the time everyone suspected that Roma, just like Jews, were being sent to their deaths. “In ’42 they took away the entire Jewish Fischer family, who had an estate and a restaurant in Nesovice. We knew our time was coming too,” Machalkova says.

Last year Machalkova and her husband, Jan, celebrated their 50th anniversary in a comfortable apartment in Brno. On the walls and shelves is a flood of smiling photographs of their three daughters, son, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – reminders that thanks to the bravery of some, they were among the few protectorate Roma who escaped the extermination machine.
18:45 [LINK] "Why high schools still shut down during harvest in Maine" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
David Sharp's Associated Press article describing how upstate Maine's potato harvest, traditionally relying on the work of students given weeks off of school, is changing with the time evoked Atlantic Canada for me. Potato culture is common to people on both sides of the border.

In the gentle hills of northern Maine, far from the rocky coastline and lighthouses, teenagers trade warm classrooms for cold potato fields every fall, just as they have for generations.

Schools shut down — sometimes for weeks at a time — while their students haul in the harvest or monitor conveyor belts for potatoes that don’t measure up as farmers rush to fill their stores before the ground freezes.

But as farm operations consolidate and heavy machinery make them more efficient, farmers wonder how much longer there will be a place for the harvest breaks that as little as 20 years ago saw kids hand-picking potatoes for 50 cents a barrel.

“Eventually it’ll probably fade away,” said Wayne Garrison, the 72-year-old co-owner of Garrison Farms, which hired eight high school students to help harvest its 280 hectares of potatoes. “I’d hate to see it go, I really would.”

Up until the 1940s, Maine was the United States’s potato capital and Aroostook County — a place so vast that it’s more than double the size of Greater Toronto — is still home to roughly 20,000 hectares of potato farms. Nearly a dozen high schools here emptied for this year’s harvest — fewer than the old days, when virtually all schools shut down.

This year, only a handful of high schools have closed for the entire three-week harvest. And school boards are continually grappling with whether or not to continue the tradition as modern farming reduces the need for large numbers of labourers.
18:40 [LINK] "Amish scout new community in P.E.I." »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I am intrigued by this report, from the CBC. It's a bit surprising that there hasn't been more migration like this, taking advantage of low-cost farmland.

Two Amish families are heading back to southern Ontario Friday morning after spending most of the week on P.E.I., looking for a new place to live.

Anthony Wallbank is a friend of several members of Ontario's Amish community, and drove some of them to the Island to look at farm properties. Wallbank said many younger Amish men are looking to start up their own farms, but affordable, fertile farmland is scarce in Ontario.

On P.E.I., he said, there's lots of land at a tenth of the price.

"Twenty or 30 or any number of Amish families could come here and they could find farms the size that they're looking for," said Wallbank.

"The farmland is nicely sloped, well drained. They could come here and they could farm the way they're used to farming in southern Ontario."
18:32 [LINK] "Canadian soldiers run down in possible Quebec terror attack" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I do not like this at all. From the Toronto Star:

The suspect in a hit-and-run that injured two Canadian soldiers in Quebec — an incident identified as a possible terror attack — is fighting for his life in hospital after being shot several times by police.

The shocking incident, which occurred at about noon Monday in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, also sent the two Canadian Armed Forces personnel to hospital with one fighting for his life and the other having suffered minor injuries, according to the Quebec provincial police.

The two soldiers were reportedly walking through the parking lot of a shopping centre located less than three kilometres from the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, the French-language university run by the Department of National Defence, when they were run down by a driver.

A police chase ensued and the car drove into a ditch after the driver lost control of the vehicle, police said.

Witnesses who spoke with the TVA network Monday afternoon said they saw a man emerge from the flipped vehicle that was lying in a ditch on the side of the road. The man had his hands in the air and was walking toward police when at least one officer opened fire on the suspect. The witnesses said they heard up to seven gunshots.

TVA also showed images of a knife with an elaborate handle lodged into the ground near where the incident occurred.
18:06 Pope Road resident frustrated with ambulance reposnse »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – A Pope Road resident’s frustration with ambulance services continued Sunday night, after an Island EMS Services ambulance went the wrong way.
18:06 More than $2,000 in prizes to be won at casino for food bank »Journal-Pioneer Business
Co-op Order of Merit to be awarded
18:00 No surprises in race for mayor in Alberton »Journal-Pioneer Local
10 seeking seats at the council table
17:42 How Much Pay for Geoff Townsend To Return As Premiers Spin “Doctor” »
Premier Robert Ghiz has been at odds with his team as most have left or quit, now Geoff Townsend is returning to help Ghiz win another election? There has been no announcement here but it would have cost a lot … Continue reading
17:32 Two running for chairman's position, eight for council »Journal-Pioneer Local
TIGNISH -- Residents of Tignish will get to choose between two Allans to chair the next Tignish Community Council.
17:20 MacDonald getting four more years as mayor »Journal-Pioneer Local
Eight seeking six council seats
16:56 Twelve left homeless after suspected arson »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - Summerside police are investigating a suspected arson at a five-unit apartment on South Drive.
16:31 [BLOG] Some Monday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly describes the collapse of an online community she quite liked.

  • Cody Delistraty links to his article in The Atlantic about the benefits of multilingualism.

  • The Everyday Sociology Blog considers the numbers and implications of low-wage earners.

  • The Frailest Things' Michael Sacasas links to articles about big data, suggesting ways in which it undermines our sense of self-control.

  • Geocurrents considers alternate history maps.

  • Marginal Revolution notes that West Germany had high inflation in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Otto Pohl thinks pan-Africanism can start by creating uniform electrical plugs.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer considers alternate histories for Mexico, paying particular attention to the idea of a smaller Mexico after 1848.

  • Spacing Toronto's John Lorinc argues John Tory bested Olivia Chow by not being over-specific.

  • Torontoist notes the travails of a girl who became an amateur hockey player in the mid-1950s.

  • Window on Eurasia considers how Russian liberals could return Crimea, deconstructs the alleged Chinese threat, and notes a startlingly anti-Russian press conference delivered by Belarus' Lukashenko.

16:05 Another needle found in P.E.I. potato »Journal-Pioneer Local
Prince Edward Island RCMP have been informed that yet another potato originating from the Summerside area has been found with a sewing needle shoved inside it.
15:52 Yet another potato found with metal inside »The Guardian - Local News
Number seven found Sunday by consumer in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador
15:47 Summerside, RCMP police combine to nab daylight robber »The Guardian - Local News
KINKORA — The keen eye of a Summerside police officer was instrumental in the arrest Monday afternoon of a 34-year-old Abram-Village man who allegedly robbed a Kinkora convenience store less than an hour earlier. Police take a man into custody around 2 p.m. on the Dekker Road in Sherbrooke. The ...
15:47 Unconfirmed reports of robbery at Kinkora convenience store »The Guardian - Local News
KINKORA — An arrest on the Dekker Road Monday afternoon, which resulted in a man being taken into custody by RCMP, is believed to be connected to an alleged robbery a short time earlier at a Kinkora convenience store. Police would not confirm the reports of a robbery at the Kinkora Irving, ...
15:31 UPDATED: Abram-Village man arrested in connection with Kinkora robbery »Journal-Pioneer Local
Man arrested less than an hour later outside of Summerside
15:31 UPDATED: RCMP investigating robbery at Kinkora convenience store »Journal-Pioneer Local
KINKORA — An arrest on the Dekker Road Monday afternoon, which resulted in a man being taken into custody by RCMP, is believed to be connected to a robbery a short time earlier at a Kinkora convenience store.
15:27 Irish Mythen welcomes autumn season with award and two shows in P.E.I. »Journal-Pioneer Living
CHARLOTTETOWN – Irish Mythen welcomes the autumn season with the honour of being voted the 2014 Showcase Artist of the Year at this month’s Showcase P.E.I. event held at various venues throughout P.E.I.
15:15 Pianist Heather Taves presents ‘Come From Away’ at UPEI Oct. 24 »Journal-Pioneer Living
CHARLOTTETOWN –Heather Tavesreturns home to P.E.I. and the UPEI Music Department on Friday, Oct. 24, at 7:30 p.m. when she will present her solo piano recital “Come From Away.”
15:08 Small-scale brewmasters have to be crafty »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Walk into a converted storefront on Main Street in Tatamagouche, N.S., and you can come out with a tasty growler of Butcher Block Red from Tatamagouche Brewing, a brewery that happily cites its connection to a two-headed calf.
14:38 Ignoring facts doesn’t change them »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
To the Editor, I am somewhat concerned over the education minister’s recent comments.Class size is definitely a contributing factor to what many perceive as the demise of our education system; however, it is misleading to think that class size is the main underlying issue of what is happening ...
14:27 Citizenship ceremony welcomes 50 new Canadians »The Guardian - Local News
To leave behind the country of your birth and start life anew in another part of the world where the customs, the culture, the language, the politics and so many other aspects of life are so very different is a bold and courageous move. But every year many thousands of people do just that. Some ...
14:04 PEI gov and fees on fines (166 Words) » | New Topics
Does anyone know if there is a law that allows them to place service fees on fines.

I got a ticket last year and it was for 100 bucks. My inspection ran out. OOPPS...

after the service fees the charge was for 185 bucks. Now I know I was in the wrong but where does it state in the law that they can charge a service fee and what is it used for. I cant see it costing 75-85 bucks to write a ticket and have it processed.

Also not to put cops down cause I know the job sucks but the police as a whole are acting like government organized fund raisers. Not their fault they are just doing what they are told. I would think they would be out doing something important like getting drunk drivers and stuff instead of random checks to see what they can catch u with....
13:58 Trick or treating in the downtown »Journal-Pioneer Local
Downtown Summerside Inc.’s Witches on Water set for Saturday
13:07 [PHOTO] Wallace Emerson Community Centre, evening of 19 October 2014 »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, evening of 19 October 2014

I took this picture of a corner of the Wallace Emerson Community Centre last night, after I cast my vote in the advance polling.

I've taken a few pictures of this complex before: this extended 2009 photo post of the complex, another post that year of the tiles at the end of the long corridor, and still another post from 2012 looking at the complex from the north.
13:00 Island Nature Trust holding fundraiser to buy land »The Guardian - Local News
A little slice of forested heaven on Prince Edward Island will soon be under the protection of the Island Nature Trust. On cloud nine on this particular day’s drive to the 80-acre hardwood forest site on Peter’s Road in Emyvale are two retrievers eager to check out what carrying sticks the new ...
12:54 Operation Christmas Child shoebox season is underway »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - Another season of filling Christmas shoeboxes to send off to children in developing countries has begun. The Summerside Church of Nazarene is leading the charge in the Summerside area, encouraging the public to pick up and fill a shoebox for a child in need.
12:25 The NDP’s child care gamble »The Guardian - Opinion
Its plan would spend less — but smarter — on families than the Conservatives
12:15 Person-centred approach lacking with flu shots »The Guardian - Opinion
By Desmond Colohan (guest opinion)
12:11 Boys and Girls Club project advances to Aviva semi-finals »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside’s The Youth Engagement Centre for At-risk Youth qualified for the Aviva Community Fund semi-finals.
12:11 Boys and Girls Club project advances to Aviva semifinals »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside’s Youth Engagement Centre for At-risk Youth qualified for the Aviva Community Fund semifinals.
12:09 We’re acting like scared children »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: The editorial says the risk of Ebola coming to P.E.I. is low but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen here so it’s good for our chief medical health officer to have an Ebola strategy which is to transfer the infected person to Halifax. Islanders love to get excited and energetic about events ...
12:04 Trade deal already secure »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: In a recent Guardian opinion piece, Cleve Myers defends Stephen Harper’s attempts to play in the big leagues by flying the European trade delegates home after a big party on the Canadian people’s Airbus (it’s not Harper’s, Cleve). He says, “The $300,000 costs us each less than one penny ...
12:03 Adapter (33 Words) » | New Topics
I am wondering if anybody can help me. I am looking for an adapter for a thinkpad. The laptop works fine but the adapter doesn't work and the battery run out

12:03 A Little Pink and Whimsy for Tea Time »Rose Chintz Cottage
12:02 Solution: Stop contamination »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Although most people cannot survive without money, it is obvious that money causes greed far beyond being the root of all evil.No amount of dollars collected for research is going to stop diseases, until the underlying factors that cause the diseases are faced and fixed. Food, water and ...
12:00 Stratford man buys food, credit card with stolen gift cards »The Guardian - Local News
A Stratford man who spent $442 from cash and gift cards he stole has been sentenced to 30 days in jail. Michael Edward Perry, 23, appeared before Chief Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown recently after previously pleading guilty to theft. The court heard that in September ...
11:41 Higher standards for construction »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Everywhere we go here on P.E.I., more often downtown than countryside, it is quite difficult to not be held up by construction. Think about how often you tell someone “Sorry I’m running late, I got held up in traffic.” Construction is taking too much time, with not enough ...
11:38 Public worship to be held in open air during renovations at St. John’s Church, Belfast »The Guardian - Living
The Protestant, Oct. 15ST. JOHN’S CHURCH, BELFAST. This Church, one of the oldest buildings among our places of worship, is now undergoing a thorough renovation. This Church, when originally built about forty years ago, was one of the best of the Protestant Churches in the Island. It is now ...
11:24 Man Arrested For Driving While Impaired By Drugs »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint Sunday at 5:12pm regarding a possible impaired driver in the vicinity of Exhibition Drive. Police patrolled area and arrested a 53 year old Montague area male for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by a drug. Police determined accused was impaired by utilizing the Charlottetown Police Services Drug Recognition Expert, an officer who has been specially trained to conduct an examination on a person to determine if the person is impaired and, if so, whether the impairment is caused by drug. Charlottetown Police officers receive this special drug recognition training in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Charlottetown Police would like to thank the public for their assistance in keeping our roads safe. Charlottetown Police Services encourage the public to report any instances of impaired driving...Call 911.
11:01 Road work underway in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Motorists are being advised that milling and paving will take place at the intersection of University Avenue and Buchanan Drive in Charlottetown beginning today, weather permitting. The mill work is expected to begin today with the paving taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 21. When possible, the ...
11:00 Alberton raises concern after farm applies fumigant »The Guardian - Local News
ALBERTON — The Town of Alberton is raising concern with the P.E.I. Department of Environment after learning a farm in the town might have applied a fumigant containing chloropicrin in some of its fields. “Westech Agriculture Ltd., located within the Alberton town limits, is currently using ...
10:39 Kings RCMP busy with weekend checkpoints »Journal-Pioneer Local
MONTAGUE —One man received a seven-day driving suspension and another charged with impaired driving after being stopped at Kings District RCMP checkpoints over the weekend.
10:17 CHANCES adopts nurse practitioner model »The Guardian - Local News
Medavie Health Foundation is spending almost $592,000 to fund CHANCES as part of a five-year partnership to support a community-based health clinic using a nurse practitioner model at the organization’s new Charlottetown location. The clinic will provide basic healthcare to children of families ...
10:16 Impaired Driving - Male Arrested »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services were conducting routine patrols early Saturday morning at 3:27am on Grafton St., and observed a vehicle operating with no headlights. Police checked operator of vehicle and determined the driver was impaired. Accused male, a 22 year old male resident of Charlottetown, was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Accused male had twice the legal amount of alcohol in his blood and will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
10:09 Cool and blustery today across PEI… »peistormchaser
Monday October 20th 10:00am.. An area of low pressure developed on a cold front crossed the Maritimes yesterday. This front rippled northward along the front and is now located over Cape Breton. Left over showers from this system will be … Continue reading
10:02 Mother praises CHANCES programs »The Guardian - Local News
A couple years back, Mary MacGillivray was facing “a demanding time.’’ She was parenting her two children. At the time, May was two and a half years old and Xavier was one. Like any loving and caring parent, MacGillivray wanted what was best for her children. She wanted to be equipped to do her ...
10:01 Man and Women Arrested For Marijuana Trafficking »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services seized a quantity of Marijuana and cash after executing a search warrant at a residence on Passmore St., last friday evening. Police also arrested a 52 year old Charlottetown area male, and a 40 year old Charlottetown area female, with possession of Marijuana for the purposes of trafficking. Both accused individuals were jailed and will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
09:52 Tignish council asks for increased RCMP presence »The Guardian - Local News
TIGNISH -- Tignish Community Council plans to discuss with the RCMP’s commanding officers in P.E.I. the level of police protection the community has been receiving. The community’s contract provides for 40 hours of service per week, but the West Prince detachment’s monthly report to council for ...
09:52 Charlottetown Mayor May Not Want Your Vote »NJN Network
Out-of-date information is posted on City website for November 3, 2014 election By Stephen Pate – The City of Charlottetown has not updated its Elections Information website page since 2010. I was checking out when the election was being held- actually November 3, 2014 – and the page was dated November 2010. Note the page in […]
09:28 Why Are CBC British Columbia So Advanced Compared to CBC Charlottetown »
CBC PEI has served as a press release publishing clearing house for anything positive about Liberals. The CBC local team has been withheld from pursuit on many obvious questions ignoring some critical matters entirely. Below is pasted from CBC BC…. … Continue reading


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Buy, sell, trade, personals, discussion forums, jobs, gigs, services, for sale, wanted, resums, community notices, lost and found, ride share, childcare.
Comedy-Satire (5)
Funny, bizarre, politically incorrect, satirical, fun!
Education (18) new
Blogs discussing education or used in schools, universities, and colleges.
General Blogs (48)
Blogs which cover the gamut of subjects, from technical, to political, to personal
Islanders Away (62)
Expatriot Islanders, who continue to blog, and to mention PEI.
Lifestyle (37) new
Food, health, fitness, exercise, wellness, spiritual well-being, religion.
News and Views (59)
News-related blogs and news feeds. Also includes editorials and opinions on the news (op-ed), and politically-oriented sites.
Other blogrolls and aggregators (20)
Other blogrolls, lists and aggregations of blogs from PEI and other places.
Personal (35)
Day to day journals of a person's life
Personal with RSS-ATOM syndication (225)
These personal blogs use syndication, which allows PEI Blogs to display recent posts.
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Photo Galleries
Podcasts-Music-Web Radio-Video-Voice (19)
A multimedia feast of podcasts, video blogs (vlogs), web radio, and other audio and video content.
Product reviews (2)
Blogs containing reviews of products
Sports and Leisure (25)
Sports, leisure activities, and hobby-related blogs and feeds.
Technical - Computer (14)
Technical tips and advice
Travel (15)
Blogs describing their author's world travels
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Hurricane warnings, weather feeds

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