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Friday October 9, 2015

00:44 Leaders lead Panthers to comeback victory »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The UPEI Panthers received 20 or more points from three players Thursday to defeat the Wilfrid Laurier Hawks 101-93 at the Concordia men's basketball tournament in Montreal.Tyler Scott had 22 points and nine rebounds while Lorenzo Parker scored 21 and hauled in seven boards and Brad States had ...

Thursday October 8, 2015

23:42 Caps' penalty killers deliver »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Bridges records four points; McIntyre scores winning goal
23:30 Outside The Wire captures feature while Barrieau has another big night »The Guardian - Sports
Outside The Wire was put right on the point by driver Gilles Barrieau and the duo held off challengers to win the Thursday night feature in 1:57.1 at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. Oh To Be Me (Gary Chappell) was second with Perfect Escape (Marc Campbell) rallying for ...
23:30 Outside The Wire captures feature while Barrieau has another big night »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Outside The Wire was put right on the point by driver Gilles Barrieau and the duo held off challengers to win the Thursday night feature in 1:57.1 at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. Oh To Be Me (Gary Chappell) was second with Perfect Escape (Marc Campbell) rallying for ...
22:19 Woman dead after two-vehicle collision in York »Journal-Pioneer Local
A 66-year-old woman is dead following a two-vehicle collision Thursday evening.
21:45 This week’s Fallback to rock ‘n’ roll dance welcomes Nathan Condon »Journal-Pioneer Local
FallBack to '50s, '60s, and '70s Rock 'n Roll dances take place upstairs at the Kensington Legion every Thursday during October, from 8 to 11 p.m.
21:29 Female dead following collision in Pleasant Grove »The Guardian - Local News
Route 25 now closed after two-vehicle crash near intersection with Hardy Mill Road.
21:29 Female dead following collision in York »The Guardian - Local News
Two-vehicle crash on Rt. 25 near intersection with Hardy Mill / Pleasant Grove road sends two others to hospital
20:52 Man who stole car, dragged Mountie found not criminally responsible »Journal-Pioneer Local
A Borden–Carleton man who stole a vehicle then dragged a Mountie with it on the Confederation Bridge is being sent to hospital rather than jail.
20:43 Price, Blue Jays defeated 5-3 by Rangers in Game 1 of ALDS »The Guardian - Sports
TORONTO - Robinson Chirinos and Rougned Odor homered off ace David Price as the Texas Rangers defeated the Blue Jays 5-3 in Game 1 of the American League Division Series on Thursday, spoiling Toronto's long-awaited return to the post-season. A sellout crowd of 43,894, waving rally towels, lived ...
20:43 Price, Blue Jays defeated 5-3 by Rangers in Game 1 of ALDS »Journal-Pioneer Sports
TORONTO - Robinson Chirinos and Rougned Odor hit home runs off Toronto ace David Price as the Texas Rangers opened their American League Division Series against the Blue Jays with a 5-3 victory. The return of post-season baseball to Toronto after a 22-year absence left a lot to be desired for ...
20:42 300 runners from 11 western P.E.I. schools »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Zone One Cross Country ch'ships held
20:32 Credit Union Place evacuated briefly  »Journal-Pioneer Local
20:25 Premier says feedback positive over his role in video ad »The Guardian - Local News
Wade MacLauchlan makes no apologies for going to bat for Trout River Industries
20:12 [LINK] "America’s First Satellite… Almost" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At his blog Drew Ex Machina, Andrew Lepage writes about how, if things had gone differently, the United States might well have launched a satellite into orbit before the Soviet Union. This would have required, among other things, a reorganization of space research programs and perhaps also a perception in the US military of advantages to space travel like satellite surveillance.

In September 1954 the joint Army-Navy Project Orbiter proposal to launch a single satellite was submitted to the Department of Defense (DoD) for consideration. At about this same time, there was a building effort in scientific circles to organize the International Geophysical Year – an international scientific cooperative effort to study the Earth and its interaction with the Sun that would run from July 1, 1957 to December 31, 1958. With the US considering a commitment to launch a satellite during the IGY, the US Air Force (USAF) and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) submitted their own satellite proposals as well. With three choices before him, Assistant Secretary of Defense Donald A. Quarles deferred the decision to an Advisory Group on Special Capabilities.

On September 9, 1955 this group choose the NRL proposal which was eventually called Vanguard (see “Vintage Micro: The Original Standardized Microsatellite”). While Project Orbiter made the greatest use of off-the-shelf hardware and had the best chance to get a satellite into orbit first, the Eisenhower administration made it clear that they wanted to use as little military hardware as possible to launch America’s IGY satellite. This was to give the project as civilian a look as possible to ease establishment of the concept of overflight rights for Earth-orbiting satellites (making it easier for later military satellites, then secretly under study, to fly their missions). The Eisenhower Administration also wanted to minimize any potential interference between the satellite program and vital defense projects like the Army’s Redstone or the USAF proposed use of their Atlas ICBM then under development (see “The First Atlas Test Flights”). Another perceived weakness in the Project Orbiter proposal was that it would launch only a single satellite with no follow up. Of course this could have been easily remedied with additional resources to build hardware for more flights but it was felt that this could have had deleterious consequences for the Redstone development program.

With Project Orbiter officially shelved, development of von Braun’s proposed satellite launch vehicle was redirected in September of 1955 in an attempt to keep it alive in another guise. In addition to the Redstone, the ABMA, under the command of Major General Bruce Medaris, was developing the Jupiter IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile). With a range of 2,800 kilometers, Jupiter’s warhead would have to withstand much more extreme conditions upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere than the payloads of earlier, shorter range missiles. In-flight testing of this new warhead-laden entry vehicle was needed to verify its design but a purpose-built rocket for this task was not yet available. As a stop gap measure, a modified version of von Braun’s satellite launcher was proposed. While it was not powerful enough to loft the actual warhead, the rocket would be capable of accelerating a one-third scale RTV (Reentry Test Vehicle) with a mass of 140 kilograms to hypersonic velocities. The only major change required to von Braun’s satellite launcher was the removal of the fourth stage and the installation of an adapter for the RTV.

From the start, the development of this modified Redstone proceeded so that the satellite launch option would be preserved. This rocket was designated Jupiter C (“C” standing for “Composite”) to help disguise its heritage under the Jupiter program umbrella. This would not be the first Redstone to fly in support of Jupiter development, however. Starting in March 1956, modified Redstone missiles designated “Jupiter A” commenced flight testing key Jupiter IRBM components such as the guidance system in preparation of the first actual Jupiter test flights a year later. As development of the Jupiter C proceeded ostensibly to support the IRBM project, Medaris and von Braun continued to lobby civilian and military leaders in Washington to allow them to launch a satellite.
20:01 Breeder’s Crown weekend has arrived »The Guardian - Sports
State Treasurer’s remarkable season continues
19:14 Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary hosting PEIAHA annual »Journal-Pioneer Living
19:11 Golfer sharing $10,000 hole-in-one prize »Journal-Pioneer Sports
18:33 Harper’s Record on Syrian Refugees »PEI Curmudgeon's Blog
The situation in Syria has developed into the worst refugee crisis in recent memory, with approximately ½ of the population displaced from their homes. Out of a total population of 23 million in 2014, there are now over 4,000,000 who have … Continue reading
17:50 [LINK] "Reconstructing the Lifestyles of Three Pre-Historic Amazonian Tribes" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
This brief post by Asya Perelstvaig at her Languages of the World constitutes still more evidence, this time linguistic, suggesting that current Amazonian cultures are survivors of a much larger and more complex society that collapsed, likely as a result of the post-colonial exchanges.

In my class on October 5, 2015, we talked about how ancestral languages can be reconstructed on the basis of their present-day descendants and how such linguistic reconstructions (particularly reconstructions of the vocabulary) can be used to reimagine the lives of the speakers of such ancestral languages. While most of our examples in class dealt with Indo-European languages (with a brief foray into the Polynesian world), here I would like to present another example where the same sort of socio-cultural reconstruction can be done on the basis of unwritten languages who offer us a rare glimpse into the lives of the their speakers’ linguistic ancestors. This example concerns three indigenous South American language families: Arawakan, Tukanoan, and Nadahup. These languages are spoken in the Upper Rio Negro region, on the border of Columbia and Brazil (see the map on the left adapted from The present-day Arawak languages are shown in pale-green, Tukanoan languages are shown in yellow, and Nadahup languages in brown. (The best-known language in the Nadahup family—at least in linguistic circles—is Nadëb, which exhibits the rarest Object-Subject-Verb order, found only in a handful of languages around the world, 4 in the WALS sample.) Of the three families, only the Nadahup is limited to this region, while Tukanoan languages are also spoken elsewhere through South America and Arawakan languages are found from Brazil to the Caribbean.

Epps (2015: 581) describes the present-day speakers of the languages in these three families who live in the region as follows:

“within the Upper Rio Negro region, the contemporary Arawak and Tukanoan peoples are settled river-dwellers who rely predominantly on fishing and bitter manioc cultivation for subsistence; the Nadahup are semi-nomadic forest-dwellers who prioritize hunting and gathering but also cultivate small garden plots.”

But did their ancestors live the same way? Since there is no indigenous form of writing, we must turn to contemporary languages and reconstruct the ancestral tongues. Such reconstructions were made by Payne (1991) for Proto-Arawakan, Chacon (2013) for Proto-Tukanoan, and Martins (2005) and Epps (forthcoming) for Proto-Nadahup. The relevant reconstructed words are given in the table below (adapted from Epps 2015: 582). The exact pronunciation of these reconstructed forms is not relevant for our present purposes; what matters is whether or not a given word reconstructs for a particular proto-language. A dash in a given table cell indicates that the word does not reconstruct for that family.

[. . .]

Since the only language for which the entire lexical set reconstructs is Proto-Arawakan, Epps concludes that its speakers “lived in settled villages, probably along larger rivers, and made use of ceramics, diverse domesticated plants… and animals … — consistent with archaeologists’ conception of early Arawak peoples as settled agriculturalists, much as they are today” (p. 581). In contrast, speakers of Proto-Tukanoan and Proto-Nadahup must have had very different lifestyles from those found among their descendants today. As can be seen from the table above, in Proto-Tukanoan a word for ‘canoe’ cannot be reconstructed. Similarly absent from the reconstructed Proto-Tukanoan vocabulary are “words for animals typical of larger rivers, as well as words for ‘canoe’, ‘paddle’, or ‘fish-trap’” (ibid). From this lexical gap, it has been concluded that speakers of Proto-Tukanoan were “less river-oriented than they are today” (ibid). However, the presence of a broad range of words for domesticated plants suggests that they engaged in agriculture. Likewise, the reconstruction of ceramic-related words means that speakers of Proto-Tukanoan manufactured ceramic goods.

As for speakers of Proto-Nadahup, they too must have had a different lifestyle from that of their present-day descendants. As mentioned above, today’s Nadahup peoples are “semi-nomadic forest dwellers who prioritize hunting and gathering but also cultivate small garden plots… [and] manufacture … ceramics” (ibid). Their ancestors, in contrast, appear to have neither “relied on domesticated plants, with the apparent exception of tobacco” (pp. 581-582) nor engaged in manufacturing ceramics since words for such objects are not reconstructed for the ancestral tongue.

Much more detail at the site.
17:49 Charlottetown curlers ready to go »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Curling Club, founded in 1887, starts a new season Saturday, Oct. 17, with an open house and manager's party starting at 6 p.m. The open house including information sessions for all leagues, including junior and senior programs. A funspiel is set for Saturday, Oct. 24, while ...
17:46 [LINK] "The silences of Argentina’s election" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Daniel Voskoboynik at Open Democracy is critical of the model of economic development in Argentina particularly, concentrated on the extraction of natural resources. As a Canadian, this sounds altogether too familiar.

Over the last two decades, Argentina and much of Latin America have seen the entrenchment of extractivism, a particular economic model based on the intensive exploitation of natural resources to be sold on the global markets. Under extractivist policies, the economy centres on the production of primary exports, and on the location of new sources of natural wealth.

While this model can bring vast windfalls when commodity prices are high, many social movements and scholars have raised significant questions about the impact, sustainability and social value of extractivist projects in the medium term. Such scrutiny, however, has hardly penetrated the mainstream media discussions or the political chatter mill.

Extractivism is no new phenomenon in the region. Under the colonial dominion, Latin American territories were essentially the object of plundering of raw materials. Contemporary extractivism, however (also known as progressive extractivism), tends to be wrapped in beneficial alibis: governments assert that the revenues accrued through commodity royalties and taxes will be distributed and devoted to social projects. In other words: the more they can extract, the more money they raise; and the more money they raise, the more they can fund.

During the twelve years of Kirchnerista rule, extractivism has become the prevailing feature of Argentina’s economic development. Prompted by global commodity prices and government policies, the country has experienced a major boom in extractive sectors such as agribusiness, mining, and hydrocarbon extraction.
17:43 [LINK] "Why Ukraine needs its own Harvey Milk" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Open Democracy's Anton Dmytriiev argues that, to start to make headway, LGBT Ukrainians need to start engaging with wider civil society.

Let’s start with copying: during Gay Pride in Kyiv this summer, there was a lot of talk about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be appointed to public office in the USA in 1977. But what's important here is that this only happened eight years after the Stonewall Riots in New York. During those years, the American public had gradually become aware of LGBT rights.

Milk served just 11 months in office in San Francisco, but in that time he sponsored an important anti-LGBT discrimination law for the city, and prevented the passing of a discriminatory amendment to Californian state law. This campaigning led to the assassination of Milk along with San Francisco’s mayor George Moscone in 1978.

Now here’s a question: how many Ukrainian and Russian gay activists – not just ordinary guys but the ones that give media interviews, lead organisations and spend grant money – were assassinated in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed? The answer is: none.

Do you know why? Because none of these gay activists and their organisations present any threat whatsoever to public life, the government or the ethical values of any part of the population, and nor do they bring anything new to the political or everyday life of their fellow Ukrainians.

None of our gay activists or organisations present any threat to our public life or government.

This is not to say that people should aim for martyrdom,. But it’s all very simple – not one gay rights organisation represents the interests and hopes of even 1,000 people. It can aspire to this, but in Ukraine, more often than not, NGOs (including LGBT ones) are like Potemkin villages – pure facades, set up to satisfy somebody’s own personal interests.</blockqutoe>

It's an interesting argument.
17:41 [URBAN NOTE] "Australia's New Cities Minister Sounds Warning as Sydney Sprawls" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's Jason Scott notes severe real estate pressures in urban Australia.

The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are set to almost double by 2060, Australia’s new Cities Minister Jamie Briggs said, sounding a warning that ailing infrastructure and surging house prices must be tackled to ensure they remain livable.

“For a country that brags about the fact we’re a big, wide land we live in very small urban spaces,” Briggs, who was appointed last month by new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, said in an interview in Canberra Wednesday. “That trend is only going to continue.”

The nation’s major cities are coming under increasing pressure as public transport and roads fail to keep up with population growth. The inclusion of a cities minister in Cabinet indicates Turnbull’s commitment to urban planning and its importance to unlocking productivity and economic expansion.

Turnbull, a self-made millionaire who ousted Tony Abbott last month in a ballot of governing party lawmakers, is renowned for using public transport in his home city of Sydney and last week was pictured riding a tram in Melbourne.</blcokquote>
17:39 [LINK] "Linguist documents dying languages still spoken in Toronto" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Verity Stevenson describes how Toronto, as a destination for migrants from around the world, can play a useful role as a place where dying languages can be documented.

[Linguist and director of Queen’s University’s Strathy Language Unit, Anastasia] Riehl began the Alliance in Toronto after her Cornell University grad school colleague, Daniel Kaufman, launched one in New York. After years of documenting languages overseas, she discovered the last fluent speaker of a dying Latvian language, Livonian, lived outside Toronto from a relative vacationing in Argentina in 2011. The woman, Grizelda Kristina, was 101 and ailing.

“That’s when I was like, ‘OK, let’s just say we’re going to do this,’” she said of the day in 2011 which prompted Kaufman to fly to Toronto to interview the woman who died two years later.

Since then, she’s interviewed more than a dozen speakers of eight endangered languages from around the world. She’s working on a short documentary detailing the stories of three speakers. Riehl has cut back on some work obligation to devote more time to the project.

Toronto’s position as one of the most diverse cities in the world — more than 30 per cent of its residents speak a language other than English or French — makes it an “as good if not better” place to document endangered languages.

The city’s website pegs the number of languages and dialects spoken in the city at more than 140, but Riehl estimates there are “dozens” that don’t appear in census figures. Any language becomes endangered, according to the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), when its speakers cease to use it and when it is no longer passed on to the next generation.
17:34 [LINK] "Heroin, U.S.A.: How the middle class got addicted" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale wrote about the devastating growth of heroin usage by middle-class Americans, looking at small-town New England.

More than 1,200 people in Massachusetts died from overdoses of heroin or prescription opioids last year. That is double the number who died four years ago, four times the number who died in car crashes.

The picture is just as ugly in the postcard towns of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The killer drug once associated with urban poverty is more popular in the United States than ever before — especially among white people, women and the middle class, especially in the suburbs and the country, especially in the Midwest and northeast.

A weeklong tour of the Massachusetts wreckage revealed glimmers of hope: families starting to speak out without shame, once-oblivious political and medical leaders innovating to save lives, a small-town police chief putting addicts in treatment rather than handcuffs.

But the body count is staggering and rising. Haverhill, an unremarkable town of 60,000, had three overdose deaths in 2011, more than 20 deaths in 2014. In most of the state, this year will be just as bad as last. Thousands of families, many of them prosperous, have been left to puzzle out how they ended up here.
17:31 [LINK] "Manufacturing Moved South, Then Moved Out" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg View's Justin Fox reacts to Paul Theroux's screed on Southern deindustrialization by taking a look at the statistics.

What seems to have happened is that the lowest-value Southern manufacturing jobs have gone to China and elsewhere, leaving behind fewer but higher-value, higher-skill jobs. Also, the union/nonunion pay gap has been shrinking in some industries, most notably automaking. The most highly compensated autoworkers in the U.S. are now those at Mercedes-Benz, who all work at a nonunion plant in Alabama.

Put these various pieces of evidence together, and the story I see is this: Manufacturing employment has taken it on the chin everywhere in the U.S., including the South. Worst-hit have been lower-value manufacturing operations of the sort often found in the small-town South that Theroux spent most of his time visiting -- although small towns and rural areas are also struggling all over the country, for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, makers of higher-value products such as cars and airplanes have actually shifted some operations to the South, but they’re generally located near mid-size or bigger cities such as Spartanburg, South Carolina, or Birmingham, Alabama. And the most successful Southern metropolitan areas -- Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, the Research Triangle -- haven't built their economies around manufacturing. The parts of the South that industrialized did so just as industrialization was going out of style.
17:11 City asked to step in to address abandoned mobile home »Journal-Pioneer Local
It was the first new home Deputy Mayor Bruce MacDougall had purchased.
15:47 Fines set to climb for Summerside city parking infractions »Journal-Pioneer Local
Parking fines could soon double in Summerside.
15:47 Fines set to climb for Summerside parking infractions »Journal-Pioneer Local
Parking fines could soon double in Summerside.
15:44 1915 in the USA »Island Musings
Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the counter at local corner drugstores. Back then pharmacists said, “Heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the mind, regulates the stomach, bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian of health!” (Shocking?) Eighteen percent of households had at least one full-time servant or domestic help. There&ellipsis;Read the full post »
15:43 Community Notices »Women's Equality PEI
Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, October 8, 2015 New listings this week: 1) Honouring our Feminist Forebears ~ a Women’s History Month Celebration 2) Women’s Institute – Active Like A Girl Fun Walk Run Event 3) CANO (PEI) Education Session – Registration deadline Oct 9 4) Family Fun Day! 5) […]
15:42 Charlottetown asking for special treatment under water act »The Guardian - Local News
City says legislation needs to protect huge demands, challenges put on its water resources
15:36 ‘Fall Colours’ Trali Walk — Saturday, October 17 from 10am-12pm »sawig
15:15 Free flowing Water Act »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
For decades, the issue of water has been a topic of concern for most Islanders. The long list of problems includes ongoing fishkills, excessive nitrates and multiple pesticides in drinking water, anoxic conditions in bays and estuaries, sections of the Winter River running dry, excessive ...
15:01 Shea has best round »Journal-Pioneer Sports
PEISAA senior championships held at Mill River
14:53 MHL announces schedule change for Caps »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Home game scheduled for Oct. 22 moved to Jan. 21
14:49 White Spartans head to Sackville »Journal-Pioneer Sports
To take on Titans in exhibition atom tackle football game Saturday
14:39 Applications Being Accepted for Charlottetown Christmas Parade »City of Charlottetown
2015-10-08 The City of Charlottetown is accepting applications for the 17th annual
14:37 NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Raising niqab stakes is not a risk-free strategy »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Against the expectations of many - including some of his own strategists - Stephen Harper has thrown the niqab issue back into the mix in the last stretch of the election campaign.
14:22 Honouring our Feminist Forebears ~ a Women’s History Month Celebration »Women's Equality PEI
Join the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the PEI Interministerial Women’s Secretariat in celebrating Women’s History Month. We will be remembering women leaders no longer with us, who’s legacy lives on in our lives and work. You are welcome to bring a photo, memento, or memory of one of your feminist […]
14:20 [BLOG] Some Thursday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO looks at atypically-named TTC subway stations, the ones named not after streets.

  • Centauri Dreams examines the protoplanetary disk of AU Microscopii.

  • The Dragon's Tales looks at China's nuclear submarine issues.

  • The Everyday Sociology Blog examines the intersections between game theory and water shortages.

  • Far Outliers notes the travails of Buddhism in Buryatia and the decline of Russia's Old Believers.

  • Geocurrents looks at rural-urban--potentially ethnic--divides in Catalonia.

  • Savage Minds examines controversies over tantra in contemporary Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Torontoist notes that the TCHC is only now investing in energy-saving repairs.

  • Window on Eurasia suggests contemporary Syria could have been Ukraine had Yanukovich been stronger, notes Belarusian opposition to a Russian military base, and notes discontent among Russia's largely Sunni Muslims with the alliance with Iran and Syria.

14:14 Canadian newspapers alive and well »The Guardian - Opinion
Newspapers are credited with containing the first rough draft of history. Newspapers in communities large and small preserve the chronicles of history of many nations. Back issues contain an untold wealth of information on the people, events and issues of the day. No medium can tell a story ...
14:09 Charlottetown Mall owners focused on filling vacant space, not selling »The Guardian - Local News
P.E.I.'s largest shopping mall is not for sale. Reports have circulated recently that the Charlottetown Mall was for sale after RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns the mall, announced less than two weeks ago that it was ending its partnership with Kimco, another real estate ...
14:08 More accountability needed in P.E.I. education »The Guardian - Opinion
The issue of accountability often arises when speaking of education, so I decided to see what the Department of Education website says about what key decision-makers do; here is what I found:- The Minister defines, provides, assesses, establishes, approves and even prohibits – all actions are ...
14:05 Change coming in different political colour »The Guardian - Opinion
It’s interesting to read the paper and watch the news these days, what with all the ‘expert’ political opinions, trends and, hmm, what would Rex Murphy say, prognostications on the coming federal election. Everybody seems to have the answer, but we won’t know until the 19th.As someone once said ...
14:02 Warnings, threats affront to political reality of Canada »The Guardian - Opinion
As the Canadian election nears, it seems wise to establish certain personal rules of thumb to aid us in our decision making at the ballot box. This time around, I am on the lookout for the stock phrase threat to democracy from party leaders. This lazy term is an affront to the political reality ...
13:55 Every Canadian’s Favourite Warrior Princess Doesn’t Care for Steve »PEI Curmudgeon's Blog
It’s just amazes me the number of Canadians who accept the racism and misogyny and general nastyness of the CPC’s campaign. Marg Delahunty Warrior Princess certainly has no use for it.  
13:49 Hughes has one-win lead on Campbell in CDP driver standings »The Guardian - Sports
The battle for top driver continues tonight at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. The capital oval has a 13-dash card slated for a 7 p.m. start. Jason Hughes continues to lead the driver’s colony in Charlottetown with 76 victories while Marc Campbell sits in second place with 75. The ...
13:30 Veteran riding horse across Canada visits P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Since April, Canadian military veteran Paul Nichols has been riding across Canada on his horse, Zoe, on behalf of the Communities for Veterans Foundation. The ride started in British Columbia in April and will make its way through Prince Edward Island between Oct. 9 and 14. At stops along the ...
13:00 Kensington area man arrested on drug charge »The Guardian - Local News
KENSINGTON - A 21-year-old man from the Kensington area was arrested for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking in Summerside. The Prince County drug unit, with assistance from Summerside police, arrested the man on Saturday. As a result, police seized two cellphones, cash, a ...
12:48 Trust issue with Egmont Liberal candidate Bobby Morrissey irks voter »The Guardian - Opinion
This week I went to our mailbox and found that Bobby Morrissey distributed a pamphlet with false information. He had a list of promises that only a Trudeau government would offer and another column under NDP x’d out, indicating the NDP government would not be offering these promises. This is an ...
12:46 Avoiding debate helps in decision »The Guardian - Opinion
So Tom Mulcair and Stephen Harper both want to be Prime Minister. However, neither one would show up if a debate was televised live nationally on the CBC or CTV. On the other hand, Justin Trudeau is more than happy to be in the public eye and meet one on one with voters. He’s been in Summerside ...
12:45 NDP Atlantic platform in Charlottetown targets community mailboxes »The Guardian - Local News
A Charlottetown resident is concerned that a community mailbox located near the foot of his driveway will create a safety issue. David MacDonald lives on Mount Edward Road, close to where it intersects Fairview Drive. A community mailbox has been placed close to where his driveway meets the ...
12:45 NDP unveils Atlantic platform in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
The NDP is vowing to restore door-to-door mail delivery, spend more money on municipalities and make child care more affordable. Those were among the promises Charlottetown candidate Joe Byrne made at a press conference this morning as the party announced its platform for the Atlantic ...
12:45 NDP unveils Atlantic platform in Charlottetown targets community mailboxes »The Guardian - Local News
A Charlottetown resident is concerned that a community mailbox located near the foot of his driveway will create a safety issue. David MacDonald lives on Mount Edward Road, close to where it intersects Fairview Drive. A community mailbox has been placed close to where his driveway meets the ...
12:44 Health cuts resemble Kyoto »The Guardian - Opinion
Mr. Stephen Harper, why do you keep cutting your share of health care costs each budget? Is it your aim to get out of Medicare like you did Kyoto?Charles Clarkson,Charlottetown
12:43 Eagles tend to be loners? »The Guardian - Opinion
I quote from the front page of Wednesday’s Guardian. “they may all flock together, but the release of an injured bald eagle into the wild here certainly ruffled some feathers”.Hello! Eagles don’t flock. No one has ever seen a flock of eagles. Check it out, the next time you see an eagle, it ...
12:39 Joe Byrne sees leadership "from below" »The Guardian - Opinion
By Rev. Phil Callaghan (guest opinion)
12:35 The danger of feeling safe »The Guardian - Opinion
By David Weale (guest opinion)
12:31 Restoring watersheds to historic conditions »The Guardian - Opinion
12:23 P.E.I. Coalition for Proportional Representation questions timetable »The Guardian - Opinion
By Brenda Oslawsky and Marie Burge (guest opinion)
12:13 Group of employees at Key Murray Law wins $100,000 on TAG »Journal-Pioneer Local
A group of employees from a Summerside law firm are a little bit richer today.
12:09 P.E.I. fish plant wants review of temporary foreign workers program »The Guardian - Local News
SUMMERSIDE - Whoever wins the federal election on Oct. 19, Jeff Malloy hopes they will agree to take a second look at the temporary foreign workers program. Malloy, CEO of the Acadian Fishermen’s Co-op in Abram Village, said his company and other Island seafood processors continue to struggle ...
12:01 [PHOTO] 7/11 at 1:54 am, Queen Street West, Toronto »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
7/11 at 1:54 am #toronto #711 #queenstreetwest #trinitybellwoods

This is proof I walked Queen from Yonge to Dufferin Nuit Blanche night. How many other people have seen this?
12:00 Charlottetown man gets jail time for luring minor »The Guardian - Local News
A 40-year-old Charlottetown man was sentenced in provincial court Wednesday for attempting to lure a minor through Facebook. Christopher Joseph Beaton was sentenced to 90 days at the provincial correction centre after requesting photos and engaging in inappropriate conversation with a ...
11:32 P.E.I. F.C. players recognize the importance of early games »The Guardian - Sports
SoccerStop P.E.I. F.C.’s quest for a national title begins today in Calgary. The Island’s senior men’s team starts with a 3 p.m. (Atlantic) game with Quebec, which lost 1-0 to Ontario on Wednesday. The three teams make up their pool. “We’re going to come out Thursday looking for a big win,” ...
10:03 Junk Cars in NY (218 Words) » | New Topics
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10:00 P.E.I. government says lower spending, higher revenues shrunk deficit »The Guardian - Local News
The province recorded a deficit of $20.3 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 - and that has the Liberal government patting itself on the back. The government heralded in a statement Wednesday that the deficit is an improvement from fiscal 2013-14’s deficit of $45.9 million, and ...
09:45 Lawrence MacAulay Has Been Riding On Islanders Backs For To Long »
27 Years, 4.5 Million Richer, MacAualay Is a ‘Party’ Parasite In Cardigan, the people have had the same man represent them for the past 27 years. And during all that time, he has portrayed himself as the noble crusader for the common man. Your fight was his fight, your misfortune was his and your wishes … Continue reading Lawrence MacAulay Has Been Riding On Islanders Backs For To Long
09:20 P.E.I. Home and School Federation wants input on changes to system »The Guardian - Local News
The president of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation hopes decisions on potential changes in Charlottetown’s school system don’t come too quickly. Peter Rukavina said he understands there are challenges that need to be addressed and that the process can’t drag out but he wants to see more ...
09:17 Sunny, breezy and cool conditions expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Thursday Oct 8th 9:15am..  Good morning.. A weak cold front crossed the island overnight giving just some cloudy periods. The big change will be in the temperature dept as much cooler seasonal values along with a brisk NW wind on … Continue reading
08:18 Number of fatalities on P.E.I. roads up in 2015 »Journal-Pioneer Local
Charlottetown resident Piero Campanaro knows his late wife would want him to get on with his life. He is doing so. Yet the loss following 72-year-old Carole Campanaro’s fatal motor vehicle collision April 10 near North Wiltshire still looms large for the widower. Says Piero: “How do you ...
08:03 Website Development Services (250 Words) » | New Topics
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08:03 P.E.I. Crown appeals sentence for man who molested girl during break in »The Guardian - Local News
The P.E.I. Court of Appeal has been asked to increase the sentence imposed on a 22-year-old Charlottetown man who broke into a city residence last January to commit a theft and subsequently molested a 12-year-old girl sleeping in her own bed. Travis Mehmoodi was sentenced to two years in a ...
06:05 Sprong set to realize dream by playing first NHL game »The Guardian - Sports
Charlottetown Islanders teammates, coaches happy for 18-year-old rookie
06:03 Home Security in Vancouver (180 Words) » | New Topics
Since it is a truth for each individuals their house is a major resource, and the general population who lives in it are valuable and crucial. So it is imperative to give assurance to both capably and for that making certain contemplation with respect to home security is extremely vital. Robberies and break-ins are extremely visit in groups and in private neighborhoods. Indeed, even the most family-forward advancements are not secure from the careless unlawful acts. Culprits running from confused young people to inconvenience grown-ups are breaking into autos, carports, and homes looking for anything worth quality. The general population ought to comprehend that security is for their advantages as well as for their friends and family Because of this reason, home security ought to be need for every mortgage holder. A large portion of the general population are begun to have CCTV cameras in their home and business simply because of security reasons as they saw that the wrongdoing rates are expanded in nowadays. CCTV camera is extremely useful in securing your advantages and your family from the crooks....


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