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Wednesday May 27, 2015

19:57 [LINK] "Kaliningrad: ‘Just Another Russian Region’" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Transitions Online featured at the beginning of April suggesting that talk the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, last remnant of German East Prussia, has an especially notable regional identity is fundamentally flawed. Kaliningrad is as Russian, I would suggest, as Alaska is American, or for that matter as East Prussia was German.

The topic of a “Kaliningrad identity” has been played up before. A recent article in New Eastern Europe magazine focuses on the “Riddle of Kaliningrad.” The author credits Kaliningraders with “a strong regional identity” which, he says, can become a framework for political mobilization, namely when the inhabitants feel that the interest of their Oblast have been disregarded. One may wonder to what extent this analysis is accurate.

There is no doubt that the Kaliningrad Oblast has always been somehow special. The German Ostpreussen was split up between Poland and the Soviet Union in the wake of World War II. The renaming of its former capital, Koenigsberg, to Kaliningrad was only one of myriad toponymic purges in the Oblast, all meant to minimize the previous cultural presence. Massive resettlement from several Soviet republics worked to set up a Soviet melting pot. And what could be called a local version of the Benes decrees rid the land of the remnants of German inhabitants, ensuring there was no societal continuity between populations. During the Soviet era interest in the German past was generally discouraged, though it could not be erased completely. Buildings, cobblestone roads, orchards, and even household items remained behind as numb witnesses of the city’s “other” past. Everyday observations on whether, for example, one lived in a “German” brick house or a Soviet concrete apartment block were (and still are) commonplace.
The post-Soviet period saw a resurgence of interest in the Koenigsberg identity, owing in no small part to the influx of German tourists. Many of them came to see the ancestral land they may have left as small children. They were prepared to consume the Koenigsberg narrative in the form of souvenirs and tourist services. And immediately the specters of both German revisionism and a sort of Kaliningrad independentism arose. Political ideas of a “Baltic republic” existing separately from the Russian Federation remained utterly marginal. But the specific “Europeanness” that made Kaliningrad somehow distinct from the rest of Russia was a theme played on multiple sides. Vladimir Putin's engagement of the “Old Europe” in 2005 included a triple visit, together with Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac, to Kaliningrad. It was apparently for this occasion that the Kaliningrad State University was officially renamed after the philosopher Immanuel Kant, thus emphasizing continuity with the European heritage of Koenigsberg through the name of one of its most famous citizens.

[. . . A]pparently, importing European goods was not the same as importing European values – or the EU's stance on political issues of the day, for that matter. A poll taken in April 2014 by the Kaliningrad Monitoring group indicates that 88 percent in the Oblast supported the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol. The same poll revealed that the number of those who admit separating in any way from Russia as a possibility fell to the historical minimum of 3 percent. The fanciful idea of a joint EU-Russia jurisdiction over Kaliningrad has also been marginalized (2 percent compared with 12 percent in a similar poll taken in 2003). As the sociologist Aleksei Vysotskiy argued, the Kaliningraders finally admitted that Kaliningrad Oblast was “an ordinary administrative unit of the Russian Federation” which according to him has always been the situation anyway.
19:54 [LINK] "The transformative visions of William Blake" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Christopher Rowland has a stirring essay at Open Democracy about the importance of William Blake, as a philosopher of politics and as a literary figure (if, admittedly, after his death). I wish I engaged more with him; I wish I was more like him.

William Blake (1757-1827) lived most of his life in London, with a short spell on the Sussex coast, during which he was charged with sedition because of what he said to a soldier and for which he was put on trial. His life spanned the turbulent years that saw the independence of the American colonies and the French Revolution, both of which inform his prophetic understanding of history.

Blake’s two prophecies, America and Europe, were ‘prophetic’ not because Blake sought to predict what was going on—indeed they were written following these events. Rather, he sought to plumb the depths of the historical and social dynamics which were at work in them. He was part of a tradition of radical non-conformity in English religion, with different ways of reading the Bible.

In many ways Blake is an obvious choice of someone whose life’s work was to link ‘the personal and the political,’ but his work for justice and equality in the world was less through political activism or a practice which seeks to bring about societal transformation, and more about the intellectual task of changing hearts and minds. His Descriptive Catalogue of 1809 indicates that he wanted to make a pitch for a role as a public artist. But his exhibition met with the derision of the only reviewer of the exhibition (Robert Hunt), who disdainfully dismissed it as a “farrago of nonsense ... the wild effusions of a distempered brain,” and Blake as “an unfortunate lunatic.”

This initiative on Blake’s part not only shows his sense of vocation but also the difficulties which attended the reception of his work. His illuminated books are as challenging today for the reader or viewer as they were when they were first published, and there will be many who continue to react like Hunt. But this complexity only underlines the difficulty of the interpretative tasks Blake undertook as he explored relationships to the past, and the cul-de-sacs which can so easily attend the journey of personal and political transformation.

Throughout his work he remained committed to the following task as expressed in the Marriage of Heaven and Hell: “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite.” Arguably, all of Blake’s works are designed to facilitate the process of change in the individual and in society. Transformation is key to everything he undertook.
19:51 [LINK] "Marriage Equality Comes to Greenland" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Towleroad and Joe. My. God. let me know that Greenland is the latest jurisdiction to approve same-sex marriage. From EDGE Boston:

Ever think of Greenland as a wedding destination? After today you can add it to your list.

Depending on which statistics you believe, between 2,000 and 5,000 Greenlanders are now free to marry whomever they love. JoeMyGod reports that Greenland's parliament voted unanimously Tuesday to approve same-sex marriage in the arctic nation.

"Google Translate has a bit of difficulty with Danish," JoeMyGod notes. "But our resident international expert, JMG reader Luis, advises us that Greenland's Parliament has just voted unanimously to adopt Danish laws legalizing same-sex marriage and gay adoption. "

Located in North America, Greenland, which has a population of roughly 57,000, is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Denmark since 2012, but until Tuesday it had yet to reach Greenland. While the Danish government controls Greenland's foreign affairs and defense, the country has been self-governing on domestic policy since 2009.
19:15 Comparable to Olympic podium »Journal-Pioneer Local
Heather Moyse describes weekend project building a house for a Mexican family
19:00 The Young and Prodigious T. S. Spivet at Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 7:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance (Language May Offend)
Runs: 106 minutes
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Country: Canada/France
Released: 2014
Starring: Kyle Catlett, Callum Keith Rennie, Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis

“Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is the perfect fit for The Young And Prodigious TS Spivet, a sentimental, visually stunning adaptation of the Reif Larsen novel... Spivet is a 10-year-old scientific genius who lives on a ranch in the wilds of Montana with his parents, melodramatic sister and twin brother... A family death leaves them all frozen in individual grief. When TS invents a perpetual motion machine he wins the prestigious Baird Award and sets off on an epic solo journey to receive his prize at the Smithsonian in Washington. Jeunet tells the tale with beautiful visions of the American heartland, a sharp eye for detail and a dry comic touch. At the core is the story of an eccentric family struck by tragedy and trying to find a way to heal their wounds. Very whimsical but also sweetly endearing.” - Allan Hunter, The Daily Express. “The quirky charm, visual wit and melancholy undertow of the book translate joyously to the screen, a rare example of source and adaptation making a perfect match. This unlikely but involving tale of a child prodigy making his way across the United States to collect a reward for his brilliance has been designed to be delightful for parents and children alike, and is full of surprises on all levels.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

18:05 Suspicious fire destroys barn in Blooming Point »The Guardian - Local News
BLOOMING POINT — The RCMP is investigating a fire that destroyed a barn at Blooming Point early Wednesday.A spokesman for the RCMP said the fire is being viewed as a possible case of arson. The exact cause of the fire has yet to be pinpointed.Members of the East River Fire Department responded ...
17:18 warm and muggy tonight, cloud and showers tomorrow for PEI.. »peistormchaser
Wednesday May 27th 5:15pm..  A strong sub-tropical high pressure system will remain anchored off the east coast through the remainder of the work week pumping in hot muggy air into the Maritimes again tomorrow.. A cold front will be dropping … Continue reading
16:37 Atlantic Presenters Association announces showcasing artists for Contact East 2015 »City of Charlottetown
2015-05-27 APA is pleased to announce the selection of showcasing artists for Contact East
16:32 [LINK] On the Buzludzha Monument, the abandoned Communist headquarters in the Bulgarian mountains »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Facebook's Darina is to thank for sharing this article about the Buzludzha Monument, an abandoned Communist-era edifice located on top of the historically important Bulgarian mountain of the same name.

Tucked away in the Bulgarian mountains lies a rather strange sight, which at first glance could even be mistaken for a UFO.

It’s actually the Buzludzha Monument, an iconic symbol of the communist world that has sadly been forgotten about and left to crumble.

Located approximately 200 kilometres from the capital city of Sofia, it was built in the 1970s as a tribute to the creation of the socialist movement in Bulgaria. It was quite the construction feat, costing approximately $11 million and involving 600 workers over seven years.

It was used as the headquarters for the Bulgarian Communist party for eight years, before being abandoned and left to languish.

But in the decay comes a haunting beauty, making it an intriguing site for adventurous travellers.

There are more photos of this site at the article, and plenty of YouTube videos. The Economist had a good five-minute clip.

16:26 International Children's Memorial Place site at Scales Pond now marked by powerful symbol of purpose »Journal-Pioneer Local
The International Children's Memorial Place (ICMP) has added 36 new memorials to its Everliving Forest.
16:22 Roller derby growing, with new league established in Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Local
Teresa Gallant is what’s considered fresh meat.
16:17 Artist showcase coming to Charlottetown, Indian River »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown and Indian River will serve as host sites to an international music showcase. The Atlantic Presenters Association calls it Contact East. It takes place Sept. 17-20 in Charlottetown at The Mack and The Guild at in Indian River at St. Mary’s Church, site of the annual Indian River ...
15:40 Tractor-trailer goes off the road in Mount Pleasant in western P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Route 2 west of Summerside is closed and may stay closed for up to four hours
15:37 Close feature expected at CDP on Thursday »Journal-Pioneer Sports
15:13 Tractor-trailer rollover »Journal-Pioneer Local
A tractor-trailer has rolled over on Highway 2 in Mount Pleasent.
15:10 Building may go, but Legion’s role must continue »The Guardian - Opinion
A Canadian institution covered in glory is facing challenging days, both on Prince Edward Island and across Canada. The latest sign that things aren’t healthy is news that the three-storey Pownal Street building in Charlottetown, that is home to Branch No. 1 of the Royal Canadian Legion, is up ...
15:07 P.E.I. missing out on benefits of gas »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: Tucked in the upper right corner of Saturday’s paper on the 16th of May was an article advising that the airport was deferring their natural gas project because of recent increases in the price of natural gas? I was somewhat encouraged that the province is thinking about natural gas but ...
15:05 Allow our children to make choices »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I agree with Dale Gallagher (May 21, Parents deserve full information) that it is important for parents to be aware of the kinds of values and beliefs that their children are being exposed to in school, but I disagree with his criticism of exposing children to gender diversity at a ...
14:58 Tina Mundy a big loss to cabinet »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I find it to be a very sad situation when a financially-struggling single mom is forced to step out of cabinet. If Tina Mundy had been able to stay, then the cabinet would better reflect the diversity of the Island's population — we aren't all rich men in stable homes.Maybe she could ...
14:54 A fitting closure for Baby Albion »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I am sorry I can’t attend the May 30 funeral for “Baby Albion” but after losing a baby myself, it would just bring back so many unwanted memories. This is so true, the Island Way. Rest in peace. While “Baby Albion” may not have family to organize and conduct a fitting closure, the ...
14:52 Please Mom, don’t wear that “thing” »The Guardian - Opinion
Editor: I laughed so hard at Russell Wangersky's column (“Beyond embarrassment; thanks mom”, May 26). I have always tried to embarrass my children and grandchildren, believing it was necessary for them to learn to deal with life’s embarrassments. My favourite one was wearing a yellow-knitted ...
14:45 Requirement of English test for English-speaking doctor bewildering »The Guardian - Opinion
By Dr. Des Colohan (guest opinion)
14:38 MacDonald joins Axemen coaching staff »The Guardian - Sports
Orwell native spent last season with Acadie-Bathurst
14:31 No injuries after Travellers Rest car crash »Journal-Pioneer Local
An early morning car crash near Summerside Wednesday sent one person to hospital and resulted in charges being laid against another.
14:30 O'Leay council agrees on dog park location »The Guardian - Local News
O'Leary town council has agreed on a potential location for a bark park, it just needs to come up with the funding to make it work. O'Leary mayoralty candidate, Tashia Maynard, pitched a dog park during the April council meeting. During the May meeting she proposed the former Harry and Elsie ...
13:57 REMINDER: Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 2 at 7pm! »sawig
13:30 Murray Harbour man facing drunk driving charge »The Guardian - Local News
A 25-year-old Murray Harbour man is facing impaired driving-related charges after RCMP responded to an incident on Sunday. In the early morning hours, Kings District RCMP responded to a disturbance at a home on Route 325 in Montague. The investigation resulted in the arrest of the man who was ...
13:01 [PHOTO] Some of my books on some of my shelves »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Some of my books on some of my shelves #books #bookshelf

I'm not looking forward to the next purge, I admit.
12:48 Pass the muffins, please »The Guardian - Living
On a busy day last week, my daughter gave us a gift, a big jar of red lentil soup and two rolls for her dad and me to have for dinner. It was well-timed, delicious and appreciated. It showed that she wanted to make our day a little easier, and it made me think of the times that we give and ...
12:32 Meeting a pressing need »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
The majority of patients who require health care in the Maritime provinces receive the care they need. However, the complex scenario of an aging population and rising health care costs are leading to growing concern about the ability of to retain a high performance health care system.
12:30 P.E.I. advocacy group critical of new agriculture deputy minister »The Guardian - Local News
The new deputy minister of agriculture is a “poster boy” for industrial agriculture, claims a new advocacy group featuring some high profile Islanders. Vision P.E.I. says the appointment of John Jamieson, former executive director for the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture, is a sure fire way to ...
12:18 EASTERN PASSAGES: Paying the price for self-service »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
This takes volunteering to a whole new level
12:03 TJ Movers (39 Words) » | New Topics
**asking for a family member**

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with TJ Movers, for demolition/removal of old buildings, barns etc. Just looking to see what kind of reputation they have, good or bad... Thanks!...
11:30 P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture promoting farm safety »The Guardian - Local News
With the number of children who live on, or visit Island farms, it is essential that they are educated in farm safety, says the farm safety co-ordinator with the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture Charlotte Crooks says the Federation of Agriculture tries to keep safety in the forefront for Island ...
10:59 Junior mayor and council ought to be granted extension »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Summerside’s junior mayor and council want a permanent gig.
10:30 HIV/AIDS relay crosses P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
Brad Rodo decided to help attack the stigma around HIV and AIDS by lacing up his sneakers. By day, the Toronto native is P.E.I.’s sales representative for Mylan Pharmaceuticals ULC in Canada. On Tuesday, he was part of a three-man relay team running across Prince Edward Island in the Mylan ...
10:04 Choosing Homeschool Curriculum & Planning for the Year Ahead »Life on a Canadian Island
09:46 Theft of Tires and Rims »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a report yesterday regarding the theft of four Mickey Thompson tires and chrome rims from the parking lot of Coadys Auto and Cycle on Mt. Edward Road. Anyone with information regarding this theft may contact police at 9026294172 or PEI Crime Stoppers at 1800222TIPS.
09:04 English Language School Board adopts appeals policy »The Guardian - Local News
The P.E.I. English Language School Board adopted a new set of rules Tuesday night regarding when a parent can make an appeal directly to its trustees. The new policy is the culmination of several months of work and replaces a similar policy that Superintendent Cynthia Fleet said needed to be ...
07:59 P.E.I. welcomes new Canadian citizens in special ceremony »Journal-Pioneer Local
Anil Puttaswamy wanted a safe place to raise a family. Canada fit the bill. “The main thing for me it is a very peaceful country,’’ said Puttaswamy, one of 74 people sworn in as a new Canadian citizen during an upbeat special Asian Heritage Month themed ceremony in Charlottetown Tuesday. He and ...


07:45 Montague council angry over health services in eastern P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE - Armed with a bedpan full of empty promises, town council lit the fuse here Monday night, demanding the province wake up and smell the deterioration of health services in eastern P.E.I. “I’m tired of tiptoeing through the tulips,’’ said Mayor Richard Collins. “We have been totally ...
07:35 Charlottetown looking for company to install water meters »The Guardian - Local News
The City of Charlottetown is in the process of hiring a firm to install water meters on homes. A request for proposals has been issued for the universal water meter program, with the deadline for submissions June 15. All flat-rate customers have to switch over to metered service by Dec. 31, ...
02:00 East Prince music students perform on piano »Journal-Pioneer Living
Provincial Music Festival happening this Friday in Charlottetown
02:00 Run for Diabetes coming up on Sunday »Journal-Pioneer Local
Walk and Run for Diabetes is coming up this Sunday, May 31, in Charlottetown.
00:46 [LINK] "Vatican calls Irish referendum a ‘defeat for humanity’" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
As I said on Facebook when I shared this Irish Times report, it may be worth noting that the Irish people I do know lean strongly towards anti-clerical radicalism.

The Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has called the result of the Irish same-sex marriage equality referendum a “defeat for humanity”.

Until Tuesday night, there had been no official Holy See reaction to the Yes vote in the referendum.
When that reaction finally came from Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican equivalent of prime minister, it was nothing if not hardline and outspoken:

“This result left me feeling very sad but as the Archbishop of Dublin [Diarmuid Martin] pointed out, the Church will have to take this reality on board in the sense of a renewed and strengthened evangelisation. I believe that we are talking here not just about a defeat for Christian principles but also about a defeat for humanity,” Cardinal Parolin told reporters on the margins of a Centesimus Annus conference in the Vatican.


00:00 Trout and Atlantic Salmon Stocking »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Thousands of young trout and Atlantic salmon raised at the Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery in Scotchfort are being released into streams and rivers across the Island this week, says Communities, Land and Environment Minister Robert Mitchell.'My department is pleased to work with local watershed groups, anglers, First Nations and the Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery to stock selected Island rivers and support our recreational...

Tuesday May 26, 2015

23:07 English Language School Board adopts new student appeals process »Journal-Pioneer Local
The P.E.I. English Language School Board adopted a new set of rules regarding when a parent can make an appeal directly to its trustees, Tuesday night.
22:39 [LINK] "Ursula Halligan: Referendum led me to tell truth about myself" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
On Saturday on Facebook, after news of the success of the "Yes" side in the Irish Irish referendum on same-sex marriage, I shared Irish politics journalist Ursula Halligan's heartbreaking article about her generation of life in the closet. So sad, so real. May she be able to find happiness now.

I loved a girl and I knew that what wasn’t right; my mind was constantly plagued with the fear that I was a lesbian. I hated myself. I felt useless and worthless and very small and stupid. I had one option, and only one option. I would be “normal”, and that meant locking myself in the closet and throwing away the key.

I played the dating game. I feigned interest in men. I invented boyfriends. I listened silently to snide remarks about homosexuals. Tried to smile at mimicry of stereotypical gay behaviour.

In the 1970s, homophobia was rampant and uninhibited. Political correctness had yet to arrive. Homosexuals were faggots, queers, poofs, freaks, deviants, unclean, unnatural, mentally ill, second class and defective humans. They were society’s defects. Biological errors. They were other people. I couldn’t possibly be one of them.

Over the years I watched each of my siblings date, party, get engaged, get married and take for granted all the joys and privileges of their State-acknowledged relationship.

My coping strategy was to pour myself into my studies and later into my work. I didn’t socialise much because I had this horrible secret that must never come out. It was a strategy that worked until I’d fall in love again with a woman and the whole emotional rollercoaster of bliss, pain, withdrawal and denial resumed. It was a pattern that would repeat itself over the years.</blockquoe>
22:30 Smith one of the Islanders top prospects pushing for a spot »The Guardian - Sports
It's hard for Andrew Smith to fly under the radar. At six-foot-six and 203 pounds, the 17-year-old Smith is a prospect the Charlottetown Islanders are excited to see in August at training camp. "When you're that big, and you move as well as he does, there's tremendous upside for him," general ...
22:28 Prospect watch: In the Charlottetown Islanders pipeline »The Guardian - Sports
A look at some of the Charlottetown Islanders prospects with general manager Grant Sonier. Goalies Luke House Acquired- Third-round pick in 2014. Birthdate - Oct. 30, 1998. 2014-15 team - Western Kings (Newfoundland and Labrador major midget AAA). Sonier says - "Lucas House had a great season. ...
22:00 Watery Wednesday »justpictureit
21:42 Senate names high profile referee to deal with fallout of expenses audit »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA – Auditor general Michael Ferguson says there are about 30 senators who will be found to have dubious expense claims, including close to 10 who may be referred to the RCMP. Ferguson confirmed the numbers Tuesday in a television interview with CBC's Power and Politics. Senate sources with ...


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