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Monday April 20, 2015

23:43 Oilers must build around McDavid »The Guardian - Sports
Chiarelli firing a power play by Bruins' management
22:29 Did Anyone Witness A Car Crash on Hillsborough Bridge Last Tuesday Night? »
Evidently, the whole accident is being covered up and kept out of the Public view, Chris LeClair smashed his Lincoln Navigator into another car, both vehicles totalled. No word on injuries or involvement of alcohol, LeClair may be under the care of doctor in an emergency, charges are being delayed till after the election. LeClair … Continue reading Did Anyone Witness A Car Crash on Hillsborough Bridge Last Tuesday Night?
21:56 City of Summerside looking into solar power possibilities »Journal-Pioneer Local
The City of Summerside hopes to harness the sun’s power.
21:15 Maybe The RCMP Should Look Into This PNP Nominee »
There is a need for a whistle blower service and Red Like Me has acted as one, care is taken to connect the dots and follow the money, we work with what we have. Many people are relating stories which we cannot really investigate, there is however, issues which should be investigated by the RCMP. … Continue reading Maybe The RCMP Should Look Into This PNP Nominee
21:06 Duffy shoves Senate "towards greater transparency and accountability" »The Guardian - Local News
Senate Speaker Pierre Claude Nolin promises change as Duffy trial enters third week
21:02 [URBAN NOTE] "Anchored in hope: How Toronto is learning from Cleveland’s return to prosperity" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Sara Mojtehedzadeh's Toronto Star article suggesting that Toronto can prepare for the worst by learning from the example of Cleveland is hopeful. It even has a certain degree of superficial plausibility to it. It's just that, as she concludes, this does not transform underlying issues significantly, that while hundreds might benefit from Cleveland's example in specific neighbourhoods tens of thousands would be left untouched. There's hope here, but it's thin on the water.

If you’ve ever imagined a worst-case scenario for Toronto, it probably looks something like this: a burst housing bubble, massive job losses, crumbling roads, rapid economic decline and spiralling inequality.

That’s the nightmare that Cleveland has already lived in spectacular style.

The silver lining? It survived, thanks in part to an ambitious undertaking known as the anchor mission, which harnesses the massive spending power of a city’s so-called “anchor” institutions, such as universities and hospitals, to keep business and opportunity closer to home.

Think of it as a live, buy and hire local project on a grand scale.

The strategy has been so successful at reviving the Rust Belt town, now affectionately known as Comeback City, that Toronto is taking notice.

The city has begun a yearlong partnership with leaders at some of Toronto’s largest public employers to explore what an anchor mission might look like in a Canadian context.

“People had all these big dreams,” says Denise Andrea Campbell, director of social policy for the City of Toronto, who is heading up the city’s efforts. “I was very inspired by that.”
21:00 Soon a Soaking »justpictureit
photo - Soon a Soaking

From the summer of 2010. I have been exploring in an old hard drive.

20:41 Alberta and PEI Ruling Parties Headlong to Third Party Status »
How the mighty may fall. The Conservatives have been ruling in Alberta for decades, only Communist China, Cuba and North Korea have longer sitting ruling parties than Alberta. The PEI Liberals have come and go, now both of the Provinces will see the ruling party relegated to third party status. Just watch. Surrogate Premier of … Continue reading Alberta and PEI Ruling Parties Headlong to Third Party Status
20:35 Water action »Journal-Pioneer Local
Workshop educates participants on public involvement in planning water management legislation
20:19 Double gold for Jinks family »The Guardian - Sports
Stratford family returns home with two national squash titles and a consolation final victory
20:03 Red Wings ready »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Host team opens Don Johnson Memorial Cup vs. Kensington on Tuesday
19:42 Ice situation in Western P.E.I. improving quickly »Journal-Pioneer Local
But uncertainty surrounds opening of fishing seasons
19:29 Chaisson leads P.E.I. runners in marathon »Journal-Pioneer Sports
BOSTON -- Stan Chaisson of Charlottetown logged the fastest time among Prince Edward Island athletes during the 119th running of the Boston Marathon on Monday.
18:56 [LINK] "Russian dissidents seek asylum in Kyiv" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At Open Democracy, Anna Yalovkina suggests that as Russia shifts towards totalitarianism, a broad array of Russian dissidents are fleeing towards a friendly, largely Russophone, post-revolutionary Ukraine.

From the moment the Maidan started in Ukraine, Russian authorities rushed to pass judgement on the emergent revolution, supporting President Viktor Yanukovych in any way they could. Russia’s leadership feared that the revolution could spread to Russia. Accordingly, Russian state media responded with a massive information campaign against the Maidan, convincing citizens that Ukraine had suffered an illegitimate coup and that all members of the opposition are 'fifth columnists' and 'agents of the West.'

The Russian government’s apprehensions were, in a certain sense, justified. Despite mass propaganda, some citizens in Russia began calling for a Maidan in their own country. After the change of leadership in Kyiv and the outbreak of conflict, the majority of the Russian opposition came out in favour of Ukraine in its war against separatist forces in the country’s Donbas region.

But in a country where writing a provocative Facebook post, attending a protest action or making a public declaration out of line with the government’s position are potential grounds for criminal prosecution, individuals and groups have started to make their way to Ukraine.

A certain ‘clique’ of Russian émigrés has emerged in Kyiv. Despite their ideological differences, they’re all one degree of separation or less from one another, and they gather at a certain cafe in the old city centre to discuss politics and their plans for the future of Ukraine and Russia. One wants to simply split up Russia into independent republics, another wants to make Russia part of Europe, and the third is anxious for reform.

But they are united, at least, by a shared dissatisfaction with Putin’s government and an inability to return to their homeland.
18:53 [LINK] " »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

Army lieutenant accused of killing popular singer in wake of 1973 military coup faces a civil suit in Florida court

April 16, 201512:23PM ET

by Alfonso Serrano-@serfer6

More than four decades after Chilean folk singer Victor Jara was tortured and executed in Santiago’s Chile Stadium, in the wake of the military coup that brought dictator Augusto Pinochet to power in 1973, an army lieutenant accused of killing the musician will face a civil lawsuit in the United States.

A U.S. district court in Florida agreed this week to hear the case against Pedro Barrientos Nuñez, the former lieutenant now residing in south Florida, who is alleged to have assassinated Jara, the poet and songwriter who became an iconic symbol of the struggle against Pinochet’s regime and one of Latin America’s most prominent protest singers.

The U.S.-based Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), which filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jara’s wife and daughters, reacted with mixed emotions after the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida agreed to hear the case.

“We are delighted with the news that our case will move forward for torture and extrajudicial killing," Almudena Bernabeu, a CJA attorney, said in a statement. "It is nonetheless disappointing for our clients and all of us, that the court dismissed the crimes against humanity claim, because the killing of Víctor Jara — and thousands of crimes committed under the Pinochet regime — should be called what it is: a crime against humanity."

Jara was assassinated five days after the U.S.-backed Sept. 11, 1973, coup ousted democratically elected Salvador Allende from power. Jara, a member of Chile’s Communist Party, had served as Cultural Ambassador under Allende. He was also a professor and theater director at Santiago’s State Technical University when it was overrun by military troops a day after the coup.

Jara, along with hundreds of other university teachers and students, was loaded onto a bus and transported to Chile Stadium (subsequently renamed Victor Jara Stadium) before he was recognized by military personnel and separated from other prisoners.

In 2009, former soldiers told a Chilean court that Jara was placed in Barrientos’ custody. Soldiers under the lieutenant’s command tortured Jara before Barrientos allegedly shot Jara to death. A Chilean appeals court in 2009 determined that Jara was killed on Sept. 16 as a result of 44 gunshot wounds.

That same year, Chilean prosecutors indicted Barrientos and seven other men for Jara’s death. Barrientos, however, fled Chile in 1989 and currently resides in Deltona, Florida, and is beyond Chilean court reach. However, Chile’s Supreme Court in 2012 approved an extradition request for Barrientos, and the former lieutenant could one day face a criminal trial in his native country.

More than 3,200 people were killed or disappeared by the Pinochet regime between 1973 and 1990, and more than 40,000 people survived imprisonment and torture. Amnesty International estimates that 260 people have been sentenced in Chile for human rights violations under Pinochet.
18:51 [LINK] "The Drought Isn’t California’s Only Water Problem" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Wired's Nick Stockton reports on yet another aspect of California's worsening and apparently structural drought.

[A]llow me to divert your attention to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, a massive estuary to the east of the San Francisco Bay that is the heart of a story that will at least explain why you’ll never get a satisfying explanation.

Actually, it’s not about the Delta, exactly; the real story is 200 feet below it, where the governor of the Golden State wants to dig huge tunnels that will make it easier for southern California to get northern California’s water.

Officially known as Conservation Measure 1 of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan—but commonly known as the Delta Tunnels—the idea is to dig two 35-mile tunnels, each 40 feet in diameter and capable of pumping 67,000 gallons of water per second from the Sacramento River to the California Aqueduct. The tunnels are supposed to fix the plumbing that delivers water to two-thirds of the state: every coastal city from San Francisco to San Diego, and millions of farms along the way. The plan is controversial, and has been in talks for a decade. If approved, the tunnels would take about ten years and an estimated $25 billion dollars to build.

[. . . C]onsider that this massive public works project—which will be paid for by all who drink from it—is not a response to the four-years-and-running drought. It’s just the latest attempt to solve a problem that has vexed the state for well over a century: how to move water so it satisfies all of California’s demands and desires.

Here’s where things get interesting. In an effort to push forward, last week Governor Jerry Brown announced that he was scuttling key environmental provisions that would have guaranteed that the tunnels and works associated with them would improve the Delta for 50 years into the future. “We can’t accurately model what things are going to look like in 50 years,” says Richard Stapler, a spokesman for the California Natural Resources Agency.
18:49 [LINK] "Canadian-backed telescope construction delayed as Hawaiians defend Mauna Kea’s sacred summit »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The National Post's Lauren Strapagiel looks at how a Canadian-backed telescope on Hawaii's Mauna Kea has become a major issue for indigenous Hawaiian activists.

The construction of what will be one of the world’s largest observatories — a project to which Canada has pledged $243 million — is on hold amid passionate protest by indigenous Hawaiians.

The $1.5 billion Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will sit on top of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island and the highest peak in the state. At 4,205 metres above sea level, scientists say its summit provides unrivalled conditions for cosmic observation from TMT’s 30-metre wide primary mirror.

For some Native Hawaiians, however, Mauna a Wākea is a sacred place — a home to deities and buried ancestors. Traditionally, access to its summit is forbidden to all but chiefs and spiritual leaders.

Though the volcano is already home to 13 observatories, protesters have said TMT crosses a line, citing concerns for Mauna Kea’s unique flora and fauna as well as the peak’s cultural significance. Protesters have clashed with construction crews since they broke ground on the observatory last fall and 31 protesters opposing the project were arrested earlier this month.

Lawsuits have been filed by indigenous groups and an online petition opposing TMT has surpassed 51,000 signatures. On April 11, Hawaii’s governor David Ige announced the non-profit building the telescope has placed a moratorium on construction until at least April 20.
18:45 [LINK] "Ontario legal aid vows to ‘weed out’ bad refugee lawyers" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Metro Toronto carries a Torstar News Service on the subject of the much-belated need to save refugees in Ontario from incompetent lawyers. I've read elsewhere that this is particularly a problem for Roma fleeing central Europe, but I'm sure other groups are also vulnerable.

Torstar News Service Raoul Boulakia of the Refugee Lawyers Association of Ontario says his members have been asking for years that "the minority who represent people negligently be removed from Legal Aid."

Ontario legal aid is set to launch a new system to “vet and weed out” bad refugee lawyers in order to ensure asylum seekers receive quality representation.

After two years of consultations, the body that administers the province’s legal aid program will start screening lawyers representing refugee claimants based on their experience, expertise and records if they want to get paid to do asylum cases.

The reform — part of an initiative to assure the quality of government-funded legal services that will extend to other areas of law practices — arises from ongoing concerns over poor representation of the most vulnerable by some lawyers in jeopardizing legitimate refugees’ claims for protection.

“We are going to have a new set of quality standards for refugee lawyers. It’s going to be a more rigorous system to police and monitor compliance standards,” said Andrew Brouwer, acting senior counsel of legal aid’s immigration and refugee law section.
18:43 [LINK] "Jian Ghomeshi scandal exposes workplace markers" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
MacLean's carries the CBC's internal report investigating why Jian Ghomeshi was allowed to get away with so much. The corporation's internal "culture of fear" is key.

A damning report detailing CBC management missteps in stopping alleged inappropriate behaviour by former radio host Jian Ghomeshi reinforces the need for safe work environments and mechanisms for employees to freely voice concerns, experts say.

The probe by outside investigator Janice Rubin found several of the allegations levelled against Ghomeshi initially went unpunished, most of them non-sexual in nature such as chronic lateness, being “moody and temperamental” and “critical and mean” to co-workers.

The report also included allegations that managers who worked with the former “Q” host failed to investigate his behaviour or take steps to stop it, describing any actions they did take as “ineffective, infrequent, and inconsistent.”

Employment lawyer Catherine Milne of Toronto-based firm Turnpenney Milne LLP said a key takeaway for human resources departments is the need for greater proactivity in addressing workplace issues that arise.

Other signs HR should be on the lookout for are increases in absenteeism or turnover in a particular work unit or a drop in performance standards, she noted.

“Those are the sorts of markers that HR should be thinking to themselves: ‘Is there something else going on there that we need to think about? Are there interpersonal workplace issues that we should look at?’” said Milne, whose firm conducts workplace investigations and represents employers and employees in workplace matters.
18:27 Former Maclauchlan-Ghiz Chief of Staff Vehicle Complete Write Off After Crash »
Former Premiers Ghiz-Maclauchlan Chief of Staff, Chris LeClair is now operating a restaurant in Charlottetown, he had difficulty making it home the other night and totally wrecked his SUV. LeClair is deeply embroiled in the Maclauchlan-Ghiz Gaming coverup, he’s probably got a lot on his mind. There has been no reports on this matter in … Continue reading Former Maclauchlan-Ghiz Chief of Staff Vehicle Complete Write Off After Crash
17:40 How They Built Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Companion App »NJN Network
The Times…They Are a-Mazin’! By Stephen Pate – If you bought Bob DylanAnother Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 and owned an Apple iPad or iPhone, you could get the free Bootleg Series Companion App. The app is a multi-media wonderland of pictures, articles, videos and memorabilia related to the each of the … Continue reading How They Built Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Companion App
17:34 P.E.I. terrorism case a 'tragic misunderstanding,' lawyer says »The Guardian - Local News
The lawyer for a Prince Edward Island man who was arrested after police said they feared he would commit a terrorism offence says the case is a “tragic misunderstanding.” Amir Raisolsadat was arrested last month after a peace bond was ordered under Section 810.01 of the Criminal Code of ...
17:34 Terrorism case adjourned to May 22 »The Guardian - Local News
The case of a UPEI student facing a terrorism charge has been adjourned to May 22. Brandon Forbes, defence counsel for Amir Raisolsadat, requested the adjournment in provincial court Monday to review the large amount of disclosure by the Crown. Federal Crown David Scherwbrucker of Halifax ...
17:22 Twenty years since P.E.I. legislature bombing »The Guardian - Local News
Monday marked a dark anniversary for Prince Edward Island. It was 20 years ago on April 20, 1995, at 3:15 p.m., that abombexploded outside of historic Province House in Charlottetown. Roger Bell planted the pipebomb. Debris from the explosion imploded 10 windows of the historic chamber and ...
16:10 Teen contradicts grandfather's testimony in murder case »The Guardian - Local News
A teenager Monday contradicted the stunning testimony of her grandfather last week that she told him she saw a man stab a murder victim on the lawn where he died. The witness, called by the court, says she never told any person that she saw a man stab Kent David Gallant on July 11, 2014. A ...
16:08 Drug awareness presentation at Three Oaks »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – Knowing what to look for and how to talk to youth about it are two critical issues in dealing with drug abuse in the community.
15:51 Miscouche Fire Department scores new vehicle  »Journal-Pioneer Local
MISCOUCHE –The Miscouche Volunteer Fire Department has added a new ride to its arsenal of life-saving gear.
15:26 [PHOTO] Everybody's looking for something at College Park »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Seen downtown, an ad of my youth.  #boom97.3 #toronto #eurythmics #radio #collegepark

The lyric "Everybody's looking for something", taken from the Eurythmics' breakout hit "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", adorned this streetcar shelter ad outside College Park for Boom 97.3, also known as CHBM-FM.

As the station's website notes, it plays "rock hits mainly from the 1970s, 80s and 90s". It is an oldies station, in other words. This song of my youth now features prominently in the advertising of an oldies station.

I am trying not to feel old.
15:19 Available for adoption »Island Musings
CKC registered Caitlin is an 8 month old female German Shepherd. Caitlin was the pick of the litter from Timberline Kennels. She is strong willed, full of mischief and energy and shows all the traits of the German Shepherd breed. Sheps are blindly loving and loyal to their people and are one of the most&ellipsis;Read the full post »
15:05 EASTERN PASSAGES: Subsidy bashers should look before they leap »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Better writers than I have already pointed out that hypocrisy is alive and well in Nova Scotia.
15:00 World War 1 - Sailing the Atlantic Part 1 - Martha Allan makes the crossing - Aunt M closes up her homes »Robert Paterson's Weblog
On April 21st, 100 years ago today, my cousin Martha Allan sets sail across the Atlantic on the Adriatic. She is the advanced guard. Her mother my great Aunt Marguerite Lady Allan will leave on May 1st also from New...
14:58 The cycle of violence »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
We hear much discussion in news reports about breaking the cycle of violence.
14:57 What’s in a name? »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
With election day on P.E.I. getting ever closer, I cannot help but wonder about the significance of Premier Wade MacLauchlan inviting the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to Summerside.
14:56 We must vote »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
When you are one of the 99 per cent of Islanders who have no political power and no large bank account to find those with political power, reading the newspaper is an exercise in frustration these days.
14:37 Diversity key to job growth »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
An area widely known for tourism, fishing and farming has made a name for itself as a major exporting province in Atlantic Canada for other reasons.
13:58 Mike Duffy's first cousin was paid after clipping, scanning articles from paper »The Guardian - Local News
OTTAWA — Mike Duffy's first cousin in Prince Edward Island was paid after sending him scanned copies of news articles from the local papers, the suspended senator's trial heard today.David McCabe's testimony kicked off the third week of Duffy's trial on 31 charges of breach of trust, fraud and ...
13:00 World War 1 - 2nd Battle of Ypres - Guy Drummond Dies Saving the Apex »Robert Paterson's Weblog
April 22 begins quietly for the Canadians on the Ypres front. The action had been in the rear. The Germans had been shelling Ypres for days and one of these shells had killed Guy's friend and brother in law, Trum...
12:54 Cheers & Jeers »The Guardian - Opinion
Cheers: To the Eastern P.E.I. Chamber of Commerce for hosting public debates in all ridings within its jurisdiction. The debates involve candidates running in the May 4 provincial election. Three riding debates were held Friday and three more take place this evening. The chamber says these ...
12:50 The P.E.I. election: three views »The Guardian - Opinion
By Jeffrey Collins, Jackson Doughart and Henry Srebrnik (guest opinion)
12:49 Friends before, strangers after »The Guardian - Opinion
This is an answer to Mr. Wayne Pound who is cynical of politicians at election time. A cousin of mine that I suppose some people here know, name Félix Leclerc made a song long time age and in that song he said: “The day before the election he call you my son, the day after, he couldn’t remember ...
12:48 Hungry children a very sad truth »The Guardian - Opinion
To many of us, the idea that children right here on P.E.I. are experiencing hunger is unbelievable. This happens all the time in Third World countries, but not here in our little corner of the world. The sad truth is that, yes, it is happening here, and it is time to take action to do something ...
12:45 Time to enact tax fairness »The Guardian - Opinion
Now is certainly the time for both taxation reform and to start cracking down on wealthy tax evaders. But I don't really have the confidence in this federal government to take on either of these important tasks. First of all, they appear too busy self-congratulating themselves on slaying the ...
12:44 Canadian Coast Guard doing maintenance work on Summerside lighthouses »Journal-Pioneer Local
Members of the Canadian Coast Guard are in Summerside today, doing maintenance work on the four lighthouses that help guide ships into the harbour.
12:43 Where is the ombudsman when you need one? »The Guardian - Opinion
My family and I travelled from Montreal to P.E.I. every summer to enjoy our 89 acre oceanfront property in Clear Springs. I purchased the undeveloped property in 1986, intending to eventually subdivide and fund my retirement. Soon after my subdivision plan was approved by one department, it was ...
11:47 CUP up for award »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE - Summerside’s Credit Union Place has been nominated by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) for its “Air Canada Centre Major Facility of the Year Award - Under 8,000 Capacity”.
10:53 Why I Thrived at P&G despite never selling out my PASSION and how YOU CAN too! »Doug Hall's Innovation Engineering Leadership blog
  I have always had a passion, no make that a fanatical compulsion, to innovate.  To some this spirit is inspiring. To others it’s their worst nightmare. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine I went to work for Procter & Gamble in their Brand Management department in Cincinnati.  […]
10:48 Charlottetown intersection to change »The Guardian - Local News
Changes are coming to a number of intersections in Charlottetown.The city’s public works department has a list of projects it wants to get to but not all of them will happen this year.The city is prepared to spent a little north of $5 million on things like traffic and pedestrian signal ...
10:41 Atlantic Salmon group spending $100,000 in Prince Edward Island »The Guardian - Local News
It’s been a milestone year for the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation, as the group designates more than $100,000 to support six conservation projects on P.E.I. This marks the first time the foundation has ever had more than $100,000 in funding for projects in P.E.I. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ...
10:15 Another CBC Journalist Charged or Convicted of Sexual Harassment »NJN Network
CBC policy re-victimizes female reporter despite criminal conviction of colleague and union shop steward.
09:50 A prolonged period of wet weather ahead for PEI.. »peistormchaser
Monday April 20th 9:45am.. A north-south ridge of high pressure is currently crossing the Maritimes giving sunshine and very light winds. Clouds will begin to roll in later this evening as a large cut-off area of low pressure located in … Continue reading
09:19 Prayers at P.E.I. legislature likely to continue »Journal-Pioneer Local
While municipalities across the country might have to stop saying prayers before meetings, that tradition will continue for P.E.I.’s legislative assembly.
09:04 A Gracious Space: Spring Edition ~ My Review »Life on a Canadian Island
08:49 Empty home destroyed by fire in Westmoreland »Journal-Pioneer Local
WESTMORELAND – An abandoned home was completely destroyed during a fire here last night.
08:46 Charlottetown seeks input on pesticides »The Guardian - Local News
Capital city will present draft bylaw and provide overview April 27
08:44 Coast Guard building new service centre »Journal-Pioneer Local
All of the Canadian Coast Guard’s 22 Island employees are soon going to have a new integrated service centre to call home.
08:40 $100,000 lottery win on P.E.I. »Journal-Pioneer Local
Moncton, (NB) – Gary McCourt of Kensington just recently started making many of his lottery purchases online
08:18 Duffy Is Nothing, PMO And Parties Impose Expenses On Senators »
The PMO and the Conservative Party are taking prominence over Mike Duffy in his trial, expenses are routinely dumped on Senators by the Party and the Prime Ministers Office. The Toronto Star is connecting the dots, follow the money. The Auditor Generals report is heaping up abuses in the Senate that show Senator Mike … Continue reading Duffy Is Nothing, PMO And Parties Impose Expenses On Senators
07:40 B.J. Willis heads to Boston Marathon »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE — She likes to run, but it’s the company that keeps her going. And that company has motivated a former teacher and educator here to take on the prestigious Boston marathon. It’s never been on her bucket list, but for B.J. Willis it’s a challenge worth taking. “I never, ever wanted to ...
07:35 Stratford council approves $150,000 for skateboard park »The Guardian - Local News
Skateboard park steering committee members include: Jody MacLeod, Pam Forrester, Adam Ramsay, Monty Gautreau, Alex Stokes, Daniel Larter, an RCMP officer, Heather Brown, and Duane Pineau.
07:27 Daily Specials for Monday, April 20, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Monday, April 20, 2015 are:

  • Cream of Potato-Leek Soup...4.99
  • Casa Mia Toro Burger...14.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

07:08 As Suggested Maclauchlan-Ghiz Watch Their Caucus »
While attending the PEI Provincial Legislature I developed an operatic delivery of advice for Robert Ghiz, “Public Inquiry, Watch Your Caucus”, Wade Maclauchlan has so far ignored the warning, Ghiz-Maclauchlan days are numbered. Watch the caucus of Maclauchlan-Ghiz in the ‘end game’. The end game of Ghiz-Maclauchlan rule is nearing, collapse is underway and a … Continue reading As Suggested Maclauchlan-Ghiz Watch Their Caucus
06:35 Maclauchlan-Ghiz Gaming Coverup Body Count; Jenkins,Dow,Coady,Roach, Who Else? »
Check the scoresheet on the Gaming Corruption Coverup, the Maclauchlan-Ghiz team carnage and body count climb steadily, Red Like Me asks “Who Else”? Robert Ghiz, Wade Maclauchlan, Paul Jenkins, Bill Dow, Jonathon Coady, McInnes Cooper LLC, Al Roach Minister of Innovation PEI, Wes Sheridan Minister of Finance, Mark Rodd, Eddie Curran, Yousef Hashmi, Scotiabank, Scotia … Continue reading Maclauchlan-Ghiz Gaming Coverup Body Count; Jenkins,Dow,Coady,Roach, Who Else?
06:31 Taylor to wrestle for Canada in Romania, Spain, Mexico, Bosnia »The Guardian - Sports
Hannah Taylor's passport is in for a workout during the next four months. The Summerside native and Charlottetown resident earned a spot on the Fila cadet national wrestling team following a competition earlier this month in Fredericton, N.B. She went 4-0 and did not concede a point in the ...
06:31 Taylor to wrestle for Canada in Romania, Spain, Mexico, Bosnia »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Hannah Taylor's passport is in for a workout during the next four months. The Summerside native and Charlottetown resident earned a spot on the Fila cadet national wrestling team following a competition earlier this month in Fredericton, N.B. She went 4-0 and did not concede a point in the ...
06:00 Pushing Daisies | The Missfits | Geek Girls Podcast »Misfortune Cookie

The Missfits Episode 41: Pushing Daisies Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link Finally the time has come to talk about one of the best shows to ever hit television waves… the short-lived tale of Ned the Pie Maker in Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies. Zoë Gulliksen, guest Missfit extraordinaire joins Mara for a one on one […]

The post Pushing Daisies | The Missfits | Geek Girls Podcast appeared first on Stephanie Cooke.

05:56 Maclauchlan-Ghiz Team Deny 2014 Celebrations Reports in Election Bid »
Over 29 million dollars was spent on 2014 Celebrations, a huge amount of money for partying, over the top by any measure. Federal contribution was 5 million, the rest was borrowed money, heaped onto the Maclauchlan-Ghiz debt pile. There are a number of reasons why the 2014 accounts are not made Public. 2014 Celebrations money … Continue reading Maclauchlan-Ghiz Team Deny 2014 Celebrations Reports in Election Bid
05:13 Senator Percy Downe Speaks No Evil on Maclauchlan-Ghiz Tax Evasion Promotion »
Liberal Senator Percy Downe spends a lot of his time barking about tax evasion and offshore trusts owned by Canadians, who do not pay taxes. Percy has friends at the Gentlemens Club in Charlottetown who are also Liberal ‘Party’ hacks, they actually advise companies to set up offshore holdings and avoid taxes in PEI. To … Continue reading Senator Percy Downe Speaks No Evil on Maclauchlan-Ghiz Tax Evasion Promotion


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Education (18) new
Blogs discussing education or used in schools, universities, and colleges.
General Blogs (48)
Blogs which cover the gamut of subjects, from technical, to political, to personal
Islanders Away (62)
Expatriot Islanders, who continue to blog, and to mention PEI.
Lifestyle (37) new
Food, health, fitness, exercise, wellness, spiritual well-being, religion.
News and Views (59)
News-related blogs and news feeds. Also includes editorials and opinions on the news (op-ed), and politically-oriented sites.
Other blogrolls and aggregators (20)
Other blogrolls, lists and aggregations of blogs from PEI and other places.
Personal (35)
Day to day journals of a person's life
Personal with RSS-ATOM syndication (225)
These personal blogs use syndication, which allows PEI Blogs to display recent posts.
Photos (69) new
Photo Galleries
Podcasts-Music-Web Radio-Video-Voice (19)
A multimedia feast of podcasts, video blogs (vlogs), web radio, and other audio and video content.
Product reviews (2)
Blogs containing reviews of products
Sports and Leisure (25)
Sports, leisure activities, and hobby-related blogs and feeds.
Technical - Computer (14)
Technical tips and advice
Travel (15)
Blogs describing their author's world travels
Weather (5)
Hurricane warnings, weather feeds

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