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Friday May 27, 2016

19:00 The Meddler at Friday, May 27, 2016 at 7:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 8 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance (Mature Theme)
Runs: 100 minutes
Director: Lorene Scafaria
Country: US
Starring: Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, J.K. Simmons

“The Meddler follows a retired widow, Marnie (a fantastic Susan Sarandon), who moves to Los Angeles to be closer to her only daughter, Lori, as writer who is trying to get her first TV series off the ground. As you can guess by the title and much to Lori’s dismay, Marlie isn’t good at understanding boundaries. The film’s secret weapon is Scafaria’s skill at conveying Marnie’s loneliness and keeping things entertaining at the same time... A fantastic cast help transform into a true crowd pleaser.” - Gregory Ellwood, HitFix. “Adorable and incorrigible. In Lorene Scafaria’s crowd-pleasing bicoastal comedy, Sarandon is a well-meaning widow who fends off her grief and procrastinates in getting on with life by meddling in the lives of her daughter and various pseudo-offspring. J.K. Simmons gently excels as a patient ex-cop, chicken-farming suitor.” - Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail. “The Meddler is Susan Sarandon’s best performance in 20-plus years... Sarandon’s performance as a middle aged, eccentric, neurotic, Jersey mom that moves to L.A. is hilariously spot on.” - Jordan Ruimy, Awards Daily

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

17:44 [URBAN NOTE] Four links on the Toronto police raids on marijuana dispensaries yesterday »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's David Rider and and Christopher Reynolds covered the raids yesterday in "Toronto police and drug squad raid marijuana dispensaries"

Toronto police raided dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries Thursday, sometimes kicking in glass doors, after condemnation from Mayor John Tory and written warnings from city staff about adhering to current laws failed to halt the free flow of pot.

Officers swooped down with warrants on locations from Kensington Market to the Danforth, laying charges and leaving with bags of drugs, iPads and other seized items.

Some residents passing the storefronts thanked police, while others called it a waste of time as Ottawa prepares to legalize recreational marijuana next year.

Police, who worked with city licensing staff, refused to say how many shops were raided, how many people were charged, whether the charges involve city bylaw infractions or Criminal Code offences, or how much marijuana was seized, in what was dubbed “Project Claudia.” The city said licensing officials visited 45 storefronts.

Chief Mark Saunders will disclose details Friday morning, Const. Caroline de Kloet said, adding that the raids “targeted various locations that have been identified as trafficking in marijuana outside of the marijuana-for-medical-use regulations.”

Vice's Manisha Krishnan reported from the scene of one of the raids.

VICE witnessed two plain-clothed officers raiding Eden dispensary on Queen Street West at around 1 PM Thursday.

Inside, at least eight employees sat in handcuffs while cops went through the product inside, placing large quantities of bud into large plastic bags. They were also using scales and cameras to conduct the raid.

Read More: With Trudeau About to Legalize Pot, Why are We Still Arresting People?

An employee with the city's licensing department also showed up, but said he could not comment on the situation. Speaking to an officer and an employee in cuffs, he said he would need a "declaration."

Eden customer "Pastel Supernova" who stopped by to pick up some weed was surprised when she realized a raid was taking place. She told VICE the dispensary is clean, friendly, and knowledgeable. "I just think it's lame, there are bigger crimes," she said of the crackdown.

NOW Toronto's Michelle Da Silva spoke with the manager of one dispensary on the Danforth.

We have a number of products, not only cannabis. We have oils, tinctures, edibles, other alternatives when patients can’t smoke or don’t want to get high but still need the healing powers of medicinal marijuana. The only thing we’re being charged for is anything with marijuana in it.

I’ve been answering the phone calls today, I’ve been informing all of our customers what has happened. It’s unfortunate that we had to tell them that temporarily, they’ll have to find medicine at a different location. Most likely they would run to the streets, which is very harmful and scary for me. I’m quite sad. When they took all of our products, they were mixing the bags. I can’t sell that no more. When people are looking for a specific type to treat a specific treatment or condition, now I’m unable to offer our services until we reassess and buy new products.

Global News was one of the many sources reporting on the appearance of protesters at Toronto police chief Mark Saunders' press conference today.

Saunders was repeatedly interrupted by protesters who questioned the motivation for police to shut down the dispensaries and the evidence behind the claims the chief made.

“Is that an assumption or do you actually have documentation from hospitals and stuff?” one protester shouted.

“These clubs have literally been around for 20 years and literally the medical marijuana has been around for hundreds of years and have literally never killed anybody. So how do you justify that there’s a health concern when really it’s the most benign substance you can ingest?”

Saunders attempted to respond to the barrage of questions as protesters, including marijuana legalization advocate Jodie Emery, shouted over him.

“You have 54, 55 complaints but what about the thousands of people that these clubs are helping? Where do you suggest that these people go today?” the unidentified protester said.
17:42 Police see success with National Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day  »Journal-Pioneer Local
The National Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day helped reduce the risk of negative impact in Island communities.
17:35 [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s new Cycling Network Plan: What’s in store for Scarborough?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Spacing Toronto describes the benefits of Toronto's planned bike networks for east-end Scarborough.

On May 16th, the City of Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) recommended that City Council increase annual capital funding to $16 million for the proposed Ten Year Cycling Network Plan. This figure was recommended by Transportation Services staff and roughly doubles the City’s annual spending on cycling infrastructure. The plan calls for a total of 525 km of new cycling infrastructure throughout the city, including 280 km of bicycle lanes or cycle tracks on what the staff report refers to as ”Fast, Busy Streets”, 55 km of sidewalk-level boulevard trails also along ”Fast, Busy Streets”, and 190 km of cycling routes on ”Quiet Streets”.

In a previous post, I highlighted what Scarborough residents could expect from this new plan. To re-cap, building cycling infrastructure on major corridors like Kingston Rd., Danforth Ave., and Midland Ave. would improve transportation options, especially in southwest Scarborough, which has the highest levels of cycling mode share.

Therefore, it is promising that sections of both Danforth Ave. (between Broadview Ave. and Danforth Rd.) and Kingston Rd. (between Danforth Ave. and Eglinton Ave. E.) are slated for major corridor studies during the first three years of the plan in 2017 and 2019 respectively. A major corridor study is used in locations that would achieve an important cycling network link but where the streets are already intensely used for a wide range of existing activities. As part of the study, traffic impacts are assessed and affected stakeholders, such as residents and business owners, are consulted before new cycling infrastructure is introduced.
17:32 [URBAN NOTE] "'Waterfront reset' examines way to extend transit to new neighbourhoods along the lake »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Ben Spurr writes about proposals to extend rapid transit networks to the booming neighbourhoods on the Toronto waterfront.

In the next 25 years, the lakeshore area south of Queen St. is expected to add nearly 280,000 residents and 190,000 new jobs.

The number of public transit projects being built along the waterfront to serve them? Zero.

It’s a future city planners hope to avoid. That’s why on Wednesday night, the city launched public consultations on the “Waterfront Transit Reset,” a joint effort between the TTC, Waterfront Toronto and the city planning office to jump-start transportation expansion along the lake.

Consultation documents obtained by the Star in advance of their release online show the options being considered include an LRT in its own right-of-way on Lake Shore Blvd. West and a pedestrian tunnel from Queens Quay to Union Station that could include underground bike lanes and public art.

The goal of the reset, approved by council last November, is to provide options for a continuous east-west connection to serve areas such as Liberty Village, South Etobicoke, Fort York and CityPlace, all of which have seen unprecedented waves of development in recent years but no transit to match.
17:29 [URBAN NOTE] "No sign of High Park capybaras as search continues" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
First, a capybara update from the Toronto Star:

Today is day three of the citywide hunt for two “timid” rodents that escaped High Park Zoo Tuesday morning.

A bait, consisting of corn, fruit and the recording of low clicking sounds capybaras are known to make, was “unsuccessful in luring the escapees back into their pen,” said Megan Price, a spokesperson for the Parks, Forestry and Recreation department.

The capybaras, described as “skittish” by the zoo keepers were born in Texas six months ago and had not yet been named. They were being brought to the zoo to replace a male capybara, Chewy, when they managed to slip out of the pen.

According to Price, many people from all over the city reported of seeing what seemed to be capybaras, but they were mostly groundhogs.

“The difference is when a capybara walks you can see their legs,” said a Facebook post by High Park Zoo.
17:16 Lawn, garden equipment stolen »Journal-Pioneer Local
Police seeking public’s assistance
15:49 HOT CORNER: Needed renovations for VIV Field »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Lots of P.E.I. fans cheering for Ward in Cup final
15:46 AT THE TRACK: Stakes highlight SRW card »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Three-year-old colts, fillies featured Sunday
15:23 P.E.I. F.C.'s weekend games postponed »The Guardian - Sports
Saturday’s SoccerStop P.E.I. F.C. home opener has been postponed. The defending McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League champs were supposed to host Fundy United today and Sunday, but the Saint John-based squad is unable to field a team. The games will be made up at a later date. P.E.I. ...
15:21 The politics of fisheries decisions »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
With just about any political decision there are winners and there are losers. A tax break helps some while others pay through a reduction in service somewhere else.
15:11 Charlottetown Fire Department closes Exhibition Drive after fire call »The Guardian - Local News
No smoke but firefighters have Exhibition Drive closed off, asking people to stay back
15:07 Booze brouhaha: If New Brunswick leaders want to keep liquor sales within the province, they'll have to lower the taxes »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
"The law is still the law," said New Brunswick Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman recently. He was commenting on whether police would continue to enforce the province's prohibition on individuals bringing more than a nominal amount of beer, wine or liquor into New Brunswick from ...
15:00 Fire destroys cottage in western P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
BROOKLYN – Weekend plans and a summer of renovations ended terribly for a Cascumpec couple Friday morning. Leigh Smallman said he had just turned the power on at his Lyman Leard Lane cottage in Brooklyn Thursday and had planned to move in this weekend. At 7:59 a.m. the Alberton Volunteer Fire ...
15:00 You know what they say: Big hands, small horse. »Acts of Volition
15:00 My departure from Technology. »Shizamo FEED
I’ve worked in the IT field for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve seen incredible developments in web technology and design. I’ve even been a part of a scappy little startup for the past 8 years that has just recently really solidified its roots as a more at
14:31 Impaired, suspended drivers keep Summerside police busy »The Guardian - Local News
Invalid plate attracts police to drunk driver from Alberton, then later, another car tries avoiding police
14:15 CAPITAL BEAT: P.E.I. hurt by two DFO decisions »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
When Gail Shea was fisheries and oceans minister in the Stephen Harper government there was a perception among fishermen in other areas that P.E.I. was getting more than its share of breaks.
13:48 PEI Weekend Events May 27 & 28! »onrpei
Friday May 27 Rock n Rock all night: Aron Scott Earthquake + Angry Chair + Alice in Chains Tribute + Big Huge Hot Shots Lounge – 10:00pm   Green Day Tribute Dookie Hunter’s Ale House –  11:00pm   Raglan Road King’s Playhouse – Georgetown 09:00pm   Kim Albert & Faces Charlottetown Legion –   Walrus […]
13:29 Grant joining Axemen after two years with Hurricanes »The Guardian - Sports
Holland College Hurricanes graduate Trevone Grant has committed to playing hoops for the Acadia Axemen in the fall. The six-foot-one combo guard was the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) player of the year and a Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) first team ...
13:16 [NEWS] Some Friday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • Bloomberg notes Saudi Arabia's efforts to cut Iran off from trade with its neighoburs, looks at how population growth in London will outpace--and be different from--population change in the rest of the United Kingdom, and reports on the plight of child labourers in Indonesia's tobacco fields.

  • Bloomberg View argues Uber is no match for mass transit in the European Union and suggests that any negative consequences of immigration for native workers are overblown.

  • CBS News and BBC talk about the use of old technology like floppy disks in key software programs, the BBC being kinder than CBS.

  • Gizmodo describes the current heat wave in the Arctic, something literally off the charts.

  • IPS News notes the politics o mapping Kashmir, notes the chaos in Venezuela, and looks at water shortages in Burma.

  • Kotaku notes how the Ghibli museum in Japan is getting a catbus.

  • MacLean's looks at the political potential of Kevin O'Leary.

  • The National Post notes the serious concerns over the Rio Olympics.

  • Open Democracy looks at the Moscow consensus for autocracy in the former Soviet Union and proposes a new security policy for Ukraine.

  • The Toronto Star and MacLean's report from the sentencing of James Forcillo for the murder of Sammy Yatim.

  • Wired wonders if scientists can engineer coral resistant to climate change.

13:06 Health P.E.I. board adds new faces »The Guardian - Local News
The Health P.E.I. board has four new faces. Former UPEI dean of nursing Rosemary Herbert, Coleman businesswoman Sally Lockhart, former Cavendish Farms vice-president Blaine MacPherson and Summerside businessman Warren Ellis will fill positions previously held by Dr. Marvin Clark, Gordon MacKay, ...
13:03 Island junior ball team takes to diamond Saturday for opening games »The Guardian - Sports
The P.E.I. Junior Baseball Team kicks off its season on Saturday in Cornwall. P.E.I., which competes in the New Brunswick Junior Baseball League, hosts the Fredericton Royals in a doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m. at Terry Fox Sports Complex. The P.E.I. coaching staff of Dave MacIsaac and Chris ...
13:03 Island junior ball team takes to diamond Saturday for opening games »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The P.E.I. Junior Baseball Team kicks off its season on Saturday in Cornwall. P.E.I., which competes in the New Brunswick Junior Baseball League, hosts the Fredericton Royals in a doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m. at Terry Fox Sports Complex. The P.E.I. coaching staff of Dave MacIsaac and Chris ...
12:52 Bay de Verde, Newfoundland is a place that redeems, recharges you »The Guardian - Opinion
Left the car on Newfoundland’s Route 70 before the turn toward Grate’s Cove, before the long stretch of Breeches Pond, and I cut under the power lines that angle for Bay de Verde. On the power pole nearest to my route, a tin pole identifier shivered in the wind, flickering with Morse messages ...
12:52 [BLOG] Some Friday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • The Big Picture shares photos from the eruption of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia.

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly writes about the importance of colleagues for solitary writers.

  • D-Brief notes the rediscovery of the Blue-Eyed Ground Dove in Brazil, once believed extinct.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes reports of the discovery of massive planets via gaps in the protoplanetary disks of HL Tauri and HD 135344B.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes a paper making specific projections about the shape of the Kuiper Belt if Planet Nine was around.

  • A Fistful of Euros speculates as to the severity of the United Kingdom's post-Brexit recession.

  • Language Log considers writing Shanghainese.

  • The LRB Blog remembers Madeleine Lebeau, last survivor of the cast of Casablanca.

  • Marginal Revolution engages with Peter Thiel's funding of Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker.

  • The Planetary Society Blog notes sterling work reclaiming distorted images from the Voyager probes.

  • pollotenchegg reports on the origins of migrants to Kyiv.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer reports on Puerto Rico.

  • Seriously Science notes that wild boar apparently wash their food before eating.

  • Window on Eurasia looks at Putin's traditionalism, wonders if there might be a Russian Olympics boycott to spare the country the shame of being excluded, speculates about the North Caucasus' future within Russia, and reports Ukrainian worries of being isolated versus Russia.

12:51 Two impaired drivers receive jail sentences, fines, and prohibitions  »Journal-Pioneer Local
Two men appeared in Summerside Provincial Court Thursday to answer to charges of impaired driving.
12:35 Fire destroys cottage »Journal-Pioneer Local
Cause believed to be electrical
12:25 Province supports Association of Exhibitions through funding agreement  »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will support the P.E.I. Association of Exhibitions (PEIAE) through a funding agreement, said Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac.
12:16 P.E.I. must stress inclusiveness in future »The Guardian - Opinion
Rather than dwell on past, today’s society needs a debate on what it wants our future to look like
12:04 [PHOTO] Two photos of HTO Park »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
HTO Park is officially spelled HTO. This is, as Wikipedia notes, "a play on H2O, the chemical formula for water, since "TO" is commonly used to refer to Toronto and it is a waterfront park." Since most people don't use subscript, I'll stick with HTO.

The HTO Park is a lovely one, a carefully designed and popular urban beach park built on reclaimed industrial land. I really like the yellow umbrellas planted in the sand below the condos. I can see this being a huge hub in summer, even if Lake Ontario is not accessible for swimmers.

The below photo is one of my favourite from Victoria Day. (I even managed to catch a seagull mid-flight.)

Umbrellas of HTO Park #toronto #lakeontario #harbourfront #htopark #umbrellas #beach #cntower

Looking down from the CN Tower's Skypod, the HTO Park's layout, beach in the front and grassy area in the back, is clear.

HTO Park from the Skypod #toronto #cntower #htopark #parks #lakeontario #skypod

Sean Marshall's June 2007 "Toronto’s Waterfront takes a big step forward", published very soon after the HTO Park opened, provides what I think is the canonical Toronto take on the park.

HtO is billed as “Toronto’s Urban Beach” – its centrepiece is a long sand pit extending along the water’s edge, with metal yellow beach umbrellas providing shade, and Muskoka chairs pitched in the sand. On the edge is part of the new wooden boardwalk that will front the lake throughout the waterfront, with only a short metal rail separating it from the water’s edge.

The Toronto Star’s architecture critic, Christopher Hume, praised the park, but in a separate article, also highlighted the glacial pace of redevelopment (funding was promised while Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister) and all the bureaucratic red tape and modifications made to the urban beach. Apprently the metal umbrellas were considered a safety risk should children decide to climb on them, and modifications were made to eliminate the steps leading into the water.

Despite all the setbacks, the incomplete park (the western half is still under construction) is a huge success. On the first Saturday night, the park was full of families, children were playing the sand pit, Afro music playing and gathering a crowd, others people walking along the water. There were at least three or four different uses that I saw at one time. Apart from not being able to swim (swimming in the inner harbour is both illegal and dangerous with all the boaters), it really feels like a beach.
12:03 Comedian Heather Jordan Ross tackling the tough subject of rape »The Guardian - Living
P.E.I.'s Heather Jordan Ross headlines Rape is Real, a comedy show at Florence Simmons Hall, Holland College June 5 For many, rape is a difficult subject to talk about. That's because the victim often experiences guilt and shame and doesn't want to make waves. Rape survivor Heather Jordan Ross ...
12:03 Comedian Heather Jordan Ross tackling the tough subject or rape »The Guardian - Living
P.E.I.'s Heather Jordan Ross headlines Rape is Real, a comedy show at Florence Simmons Hall, Holland College June 5 For many, rape is a difficult subject to talk about. That's because the victim often experiences guilt and shame and doesn't want to make waves. Rape survivor Heather Jordan Ross ...
12:00 May Run Music Festival makes for a fun night out on the town »The Guardian - Living
In a lounge full of folks enjoying a relaxing beginning to the May long weekend last Friday evening at 7 p.m., the sounds of fiddle music soared around the Olde Dublin Pub - brought forth by the flying fingers of Jenna Cyr on the fiddle. Accompanied by Jennifer Garrity on piano, the 13 ...
11:59 Harbourfront Theatre fiddle concert gets short shrift »The Guardian - Opinion
Saturday, May 21st, there was a fiddle concert at Harbourfront Theatre in Summerside. Unless I missed something, I saw no mention of this concert in either of our major dailies. The concert was comprised of fiddlers from all over the Island, all three counties. The theatre was three quarters ...
11:54 Postal service a key culprit in global warming »The Guardian - Opinion
In the unlikely event that any Canadian or provincial leaders were to ask me for what I would guess to be the most effective immediate action they could take to reduce global warning, my answer would be to immediately reinstate and expand postal service to the homes and businesses in Canada. In ...
11:49 Busy Thursday night for Summerside police »Journal-Pioneer Local
Summerside Police Service was kept busy Thursday night and Friday morning, responding to a handful of motor vehicle calls.
11:27 Cyclist injured in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
A 38-year-old male cyclist from Charlottetown was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with non-life threatening injuries Thursday after being struck by a motor vehicle on Queen Street near Belvedere Avenue. A spokesman for the police say the accident occurred late in the ...
11:06 Atlantic provinces should join western trade deal »The Guardian - Opinion
By Marco Navarro-Génie (guest opinion)
11:04 Risen: A slap in face for Christians »The Guardian - Opinion
May 24 2016 on CTV News they reviewed new DVD releases. Risen was described as a movie about the search for the body ofa crucified man. What a major slap in the face for all Christians. The movie was about the search for the crucifiedbody of Jesus Christ by a Roman detective who becomes a ...
11:01 What’s on tap for Just Trudeau's comeback? »The Guardian - Opinion
For several months the world has watched our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking, hugging, travelling worldwide and offering condolences and financial assistance more recently in the wake of the Fort McMurray tragedy. I have always been a fan of Pierre Trudeau and as well, Margaret ...
10:27 Inspring a P.E.I. thriller »The Guardian - Living
A Toronto woman used Prince Edward Island as inspiration for her first novel. Amy Stuart, who released the psychological thriller, “Still Mine” on March 1, may not have grown up in P.E.I. bit her roots are planted firmly in the Island soil. Her father, Richard Flynn, grew up in St. Peters and ...
09:52 Cyclist Struck By Vehicle - Queen Street »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint late yesterday afternoon regarding a motor vehicle colliding with a cyclist on Queen St., near Belvedere Ave. Cyclist, a 38 year old male resident of Charlottetown, was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with non life threatening injuries; police are continuing with their investigation.
09:42 Protection, at long last »The Guardian - Opinion
Legislation was introduced in the Commons last week to protect Canadians against discrimination and violence. You’re forgiven if you feel it necessary to read that sentence again. In Canada, you ask? It’s 2016; we have our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Humans Rights Act, various ...
09:38 Disney cruise ship coming to Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Disney Magic to make inaugural visit in October of next year
09:33 “Gonna Knock You Right In The Head”, Karma Is A Bitch for McInnes Cooper? »
Careers, firms and parties will be trashed in E Gaming, just watch. karma is a bitch, indeed……………
08:48 Probation reduced for air force officer »The Guardian - Local News
A Royal Canadian Air Force officer who needs to be able to leave the province if he gets a new posting was in court Wednesday to get a probation order that kept him in P.E.I. changed. David Charles Knight appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where the ...
08:17 Islanders heavy users of hospital beds »Journal-Pioneer Local
More patients are high users of hospital beds in Prince Edward Island than the national average, according to new data released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. The study measures how many patients have been admitted to acute care hospitals three or more times in one year, with ...
08:02 Storm player appears in court on assault charge »Journal-Pioneer Local
An Island Storm player who was suspended from the team in April was in court Thursday after he was charged with assault causing bodily harm. Brent Jennings, 27, made a brief appearance before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where his case was adjourned until Aug. 18. The ...
07:50 More showers expected later today/tonight across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday May 27th 7:50am..  Cold enough for ya eh !!!  A trough of low pressure located over the eastern Maritimes this morning will continue to drift away to the east, meanwhile a ridge of high pressure is approaching from the … Continue reading
07:35 Daily Specials for Friday, May 27, 2016 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Friday, May 27, 2016 are:

  • Butternut Squash Soup $4.99
  • Chicken Havarti Wrap $12.99 Sauteed chicken in a whole wheat tortilla with shredded carrot, cucumber, havarti cheese and avocado sauce. Served with side house salad.

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

07:15 Islanders heavy users of hospital beds »The Guardian - Local News
More patients are high users of hospital beds in Prince Edward Island than the national average, according to new data released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. The study measures how many patients have been admitted to acute care hospitals three or more times in one year, with ...
06:40 Storm player appears in court on assault charge »The Guardian - Local News
An Island Storm player who was suspended from the team in April was in court Thursday after he was charged with assault causing bodily harm. Brent Jennings, 27, made a brief appearance before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where his case was adjourned until Aug. 18. The ...
02:00 Contemplating the spirit of life »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
By John A.C. Wilson (Rev.) One thing I learned from working on my family genealogy is that my own personal existence was dependent on the decisions my ancestors made or had to make in circumstances beyond their control. Had any one of those decisions or events been different, I would not exist.
00:58 [MUSIC] The Tragically Hip, "Ahead by a Century" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The 1996 song "Ahead by a Century" is the song I most closely associate with the Tragically Hip, perhaps because its video was released soon after I began my career as a watcher of MuchMusic.

Rain falls in real time
And rain fell through the night
No dress rehearsal, this is our life

What can I say but that the band, perhaps for me particularly with its cerebral lyrics, is iconically Canadian for good reason?
00:57 Penguins top Lightning to advance to Stanley Cup final »The Guardian - Sports
Bryan Rust scored a pair of second-period goals and Matt Murray stopped 16 shots to lift the Pittsburgh Penguins to a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday night to send the franchise to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since ...
00:00 'Tourism Week in PEI' is May 29 to June 4 »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Next week is designated 'Tourism Week in PEI' in celebration of one of Prince Edward Island's primary industries, Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath MacDonald says. 'Whether you're dining at the West Point Lighthouse or seeing a play at the Kings Playhouse, tourism touches every aspect of life from one tip of our province to the other,' Minister MacDonald said. 'While every week should be tourism week in PEI, this particular week is...
00:00 Province supports Association of Exhibitions through three-year funding agreement »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will support the Prince Edward Island Association of Exhibitions (PEIAE) through a three-year funding agreement, said Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac. 'The Government of Prince Edward Island is a proud supporter of the PEIAE and their promotion of our province's rich history and culture,' said Minister McIsaac. 'Many of the fairs and exhibitions held throughout the year showcase P.EI.'...

Thursday May 26, 2016

23:50 Traffic disruption Friday affecting major Charlottetown intersection »The Guardian - Local News
Final phase of Charlottetown’s sewer project moves into University, Belvedere intersection
23:21 Eagle Jolt, Campbell take top class in 1:58.2 at CDP »The Guardian - Sports
Eagle Jolt came three-wide down the backstretch and was able to out gun race leader Idealic Life in the lane to win the Thursday feature in 1:58.2 at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. The victory was Marc Campbell’s third of the night. McJestic completed the triactor. Eagle Jolt is ...
23:21 Eagle Jolt, Campbell take top class in 1:58.2 at CDP »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Eagle Jolt came three-wide down the backstretch and was able to out gun race leader Idealic Life in the lane to win the Thursday feature in 1:58.2 at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. The victory was Marc Campbell’s third of the night. McJestic completed the triactor. Eagle Jolt is ...
23:15 Event to mark one-year anniversary of Truth, Reconciliation report »The Guardian - Local News
Native Council inviting public to special event Saturday, 12:30-5 p.m., at Coles Building in Charlottetown
22:54 Nearly $3,500 collected for suicide prevention in memory of DeeJay Gallant »The Guardian - Local News
Goal was initially to raise $2,000 for Island Helpline, Canadian Mental Health Association
22:36 Montague welcomes major permit »The Guardian - Local News
New provincial manor coming to town
21:15 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS »Journal-Pioneer Living
See more Community Happenings listings in Events section at the bottom of the right-hand column of this page.
21:14 Summerside school oil spill could take weeks to clean up »The Guardian - Local News
Removing tank, diesel from groundbefore extensive remediation begins at Three Oaks high school
21:09 Weather Network says warmer than normal for half of P.E.I.’s summer »The Guardian - Local News
Chances that region could be looking at a more active hurricane season
21:02 DOWN THE BACKSTRETCH: State Treasurer seeks fourth straight Molson Pace win »The Guardian - Sports
The Molson Pace has become State Treasurer's race and Friday night he has a chance to remain undefeated in the prestigious event. Owned by Sally MacDonald of Souris and Paul MacDonald of Toronto, State Treasurer has drawn the rail position in the $150,000 Molson Pace final at Western Fair ...
21:00 Red Rock Love »justpictureit
photo - Red Rock Love

A last look at my new favorite rocky beach. I have boat music instead of a boat shot today, an incredible a capella performance by Stan Rogers, a singer I have featured here before.

19:10 Summerside woman finds overwhelming support after Fort McMurray fires »Journal-Pioneer Local
“If anything comes of out this article … it (should be) that we’ve been cloaked with security and generosity –and it has made us so much better and so much more able to get through this and see a future,” said Melissa MacDonald.
19:01 Morrissey supports carapace increase »Journal-Pioneer Local
Would like DFO to adjust the schedule


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