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Monday August 31, 2015

20:05 Season finale in Brackley Beach features Richard Wood »Journal-Pioneer Living
Although quickly approaching, summer isn’t over yet at the Brackley Beach Community Centre as the Fiddle and Song concert series welcomes P.E.I. fiddling superstar Richard Wood this Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 7:30 p.m. for their season finale.
19:18 Prince County under severe thunderstorm watch »The Guardian - Local News
A severe thunderstorm watch is in place for Prince County. Environment Canada issued the alert shortly after 6 p.m. The national weather service says conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and heavy ...
19:18 Prince County under severe thunderstorm watch »Journal-Pioneer Local
A severe thunderstorm watch is in place for Prince County. Environment Canada issued the alert shortly after 6 p.m. The national weather service says conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and heavy ...
18:06 Clammin n’Jammin culinary event will offer four events with delicious bar clams »Journal-Pioneer Local
Don’t consider yourself “shellfish” for wanting to experience more of the popular culinary event “Clammin n’Jammin.”
16:29 We’ve released new templates – Brand new full screen image pack »ScreenScape Official News
We’ve just released new templates. Now you can se […]
16:23 [LINK] "The Federation and the Telescopic Haze of Violence" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Over at Reddit's Daystrom Institute forum, one poster made an unsettling post relating to the Fermi paradox in the Star Trek setting.

We know it's possible, even with 21st century technology, to make observations of worlds on the far side of the galaxy. By the 24th century, it would stand to figure that any number of expansive interstellar civilizations, including the Federation, would be able to make far more detailed observations of the galaxy's world and beyond. We also know that any number of devastating events, including the destruction of planets and the detonation of stars, occur with some frequency in the setting. If we can potentially detect catastrophic events like these with foreseeable technology, what about the Star Trek universe? What does knowing of these catastrophes do to even optimists?

[I]t's interesting to consider that a big space faring culture, like the Federation, with its MIDAS Array and all the rest, in addition to spying on questionable Romulans and observing the weirdnesses of negative space wedgies, is also, apparently, receiving a steady static crackle composed of acts of ancient and distant violence, frequently of genocidal proportions. A starship heading into an unexplored sector might not know much beyond the locations of its constituent stars and planets- and that a hundred years ago, there was a fierce exchange of torpedo fire that resulted in the warp core breaches of a dozen ships- a fact made clear when the light from those incidents finally crossed the Federation frontier. A star on the opposing rim of the galaxy goes supernova, and bears the telltale spectral marks of trilithium- what happens to the public mood when the first thing the Federation learns about a distant civilization is that it died badly? Does it further their commitment to peace, when the wages of violence are so apparent across the galaxy? Are they afraid of assailants wholly unknown but for the echoes of their weapons across the ages- echoes that Starfleet might seek to copy, or prepare against, or seek to legislate with its antagonists to ban before they "exist"? What does it mean for a Federation crew to go seeking out what they know to be the graveyard of a species that died to the last soul within hours of each other from mutagenic weapons? Is there a wreath-laying ceremony for the cultures they never got to know, save for their final spectroscopic scream?

My comment there suggested that, perhaps, this might be one critical factor encouraging known civilizations to behave responsibly and not use metaweapons. No one wants their civilization to become a long-range telescopic footnote in some distant civilization's explanation of the Fermi paradox.

(I shudder to think of real-world applications of this.)
15:48 Summerside business, HMS Office Supplies Ltd., opening location in capital »Journal-Pioneer Local
HMS Office Supplies Ltd. is expanding, opening a Charlottetown location in October.
15:32 Michael Gallant is one artist with work featured at the Eptek Centre for its Celebration of Crafts Exhibit »Journal-Pioneer Local
Michael Gallant has an affinity for building guitars.
15:02 Ontario man dead after accident Sunday night in Stanhope »Journal-Pioneer Local
An Ontario man is dead after a collision late Sunday night in Stanhope.
15:01 Ontario man dies after vehicle hits pole in Stanhope »The Guardian - Local News
An Ontario man died Sunday after his vehicle hit a utility pole in Stanhope. In a news release, the RCMP said the crash happened around 11 p.m. Sunday night on Route 25. A 56-year-old Ontario man was the vehicle’s lone occupant. The RCMP said the vehicle left the road, hit a utility pole and ...
15:00 Pursuing her passion for P.E.I. sea glass »The Guardian - Living
Fortune artist leaves career to follow a sea glass path
14:45 P.E.I. RCMP arrest two men for impaired driving »The Guardian - Local News
Kings District RCMP were busy with liquor related offences on the weekend after arresting two people for impaired driving. On Friday at around 7 pm. the RCMP arrested a 55-year-old Morell man after a traffic stop in West St. Peters. The driver failed the roadside screening test and later ...
14:36 Now THERE is a national issue »Island Musings
From the Globe and Mail: Stephen Harper says laws that prohibit people from taking alcohol across provincial borders are “ridiculous.” He says that’s why the Conservative government brought in legislation allowing the practice – a private member’s bill nicknamed “Free My Grapes” became law in 2012.
14:15 Health P.E.I. tells students to notify if studying off-Island »The Guardian - Local News
Health P.E.I. is asking Island students to notify them if they are leaving the province to attend college or university. Island students are covered for medical and hospital services in emergency and sudden illness situations. In non-emergency cases students need prior approval from Health ...
14:08 Hunter River pitch busy as champions crowned in seven divisions »The Guardian - Sports
Jesse Cameron scored twice Saturday as Summerside United doubled Sam's 4-2 to win the Subway P.E.I. first division men's soccer championship at the Central Queens Clippers Soccer Complex in Hunter River. Nick Cameron's second-half goal made it 3-0, and stood up as the winner. Andrew Hayes and ...
14:03 Camera found on North Royalty Road (2 Words) » | New Topics
14:00 Charlottetown man found guilty of assaulting former girlfriend »The Guardian - Local News
A 34-year-old Charlottetown man was convicted Friday in provincial court of committing multiple violent assaults against his former girlfriend. Lawrence Johnathan Ellis had pleaded not guilty to four counts of assault, two counts of assault with a weapon and one count of assault causing bodily ...
13:24 Vehicle hits cyclist in Charlottetown during GranFondo P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
A Stratford woman got banged up but not seriously injured after colliding with a motorist in Charlottetown Saturday during a cycling event. Mark Bowlan, project manager of GranFondo P.E.I., says the woman has been released from hospital and is home nursing some bruising. Police say the motorist ...
13:06 Open house Tuesday for proposed IWMC expansion of East Prince Waste Management facility »Journal-Pioneer Local
Island Waste Management Corporation is looking to amend to its existing environmental approval in order to increase the height and expand the life of its East Prince landfill.
13:05 Kings District RCMP arrest two drunk drivers over the weekend »Journal-Pioneer Local
Liquor-related offences and complaints kept Kings District RCMP busy over the weekend, with two people charged with impaired driving and another for a Liquour Control Act offence.
13:00 P.E.I. man involved in violent home invasion granted day parole »The Guardian - Local News
A P.E.I. man who was involved in a violent home invasion in Emyvale in 2012 has been granted day parole. Chase James Roper, 25, was sentenced in 2013 and has been serving time for a variety of offences, including armed robbery, assault with a weapon, drug trafficking and perjury. In a recent ...
12:52 Seaside V'ball Camp hosting one-day setters' camp »Journal-Pioneer Sports
12:51 Operation Backpack extends donation deadline to Sept. 4 »Journal-Pioneer Local
There’s still time to help local boys and girls be ready for their first day back-to-school.
12:30 Artistic director fills in for final two weeks of 'Bittergirl' »Journal-Pioneer Living
Adam Brazier is used to being a jack-of-all-trades from his days running Toronto’s Theatre 20, but he didn’t expect to return to the stage quite so soon in Charlottetown. Now, the artistic director of the Charlottetown Festival has traded his office hours for rehearsal time as he steps in as ...
12:30 Summerside hoping to recover HST dollars »The Guardian - Local News
The City of Summerside is looking to recover more tax dollars. Its finance department has issued a request for proposals looking for a firm that will look at city expenditures and the taxes it pays on those goods and services in order to recover more tax money. “On average, as a city, we ...
12:21 Eastern Passages: Hail to the Chief »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
For months, he called me Wendel because he couldn’t be bothered to remember my first name. He insisted that “Wendel Wangersky” sounded better anyway, and that my parents should have named me that. When I got my first boots and firefighting turnout gear, he made fun of me because I had the ...
11:56 Cheers & Jeers »The Guardian - Opinion
Cheers to “Anne of Green Gables-The Musical” as it wrapped up its 51st season at the Charlottetown Festival on Saturday. Starring P.E.I.’s Jessica Gallant as the Avonlea orphan, this summer mainstay and the world’s longest-running annual production played to “many packed houses,” according to a ...
11:53 Embraced by chosen community »The Guardian - Opinion
By Maggie Morrison (guest opinion)
11:51 Students studying out of province should notify Health P.E.I. to ensure coverage   »Journal-Pioneer Local
Students heading back to college or university off Island are asked to let Health P.E.I. know that they are leaving the province.
11:48 Taxes forced on religions? »The Guardian - Opinion
With reference to Richard Deaton’s question (Guardian, 27 August, 2015) as to why “No one can force a Catholic to have an abortion, so why does the Church feel free to prevent others (such as non-Catholics) on P.E.I. from having an abortion”?I suppose it’s the same reason why all Catholics will ...
11:48 Bottle drive being held by Brain Injury Association  »Journal-Pioneer Living
The Brain Injury Association of P.E.I. is going back to basics in fundraising, partnering with Aubrey's Bottle Exchange Recycling Ltd. to do a month-long bottle drive in September.
11:46 Traffic restrictions coming in Tignish »Journal-Pioneer Local
From Aug. 31 until Sept. 16, road resurfacing will be underway on Route 2 in Tignish.
11:45 Electricity usage on P.E.I. remains elusive »The Guardian - Opinion
On June 12 this year I asked a very simple question to the government of this province. The issue of electricity usage on this province is an issue without question, as with most problems this breaks down to either supply or demand, yet the government and Maritime Electric only seemed ...
11:44 Halibut season delayed »Journal-Pioneer Local
The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association says that the opening of the halibut season will be postponed until Thursday, at the earliest.
11:42 Victim surcharge debate »The Guardian - Opinion
It’s unclear whether failure to order mandatory surcharge means offender doesn’t pay
11:30 Charlottetown buying new snow clearing equipment »The Guardian - Local News
In the heat of summer, the City of Charlottetown is busy preparing for the wrath of winter. That's probably a good idea after the record winter of 2014-15. City council recently gave the nod for the purchase of a new rubber tire wheel loader from Maritime Case Ltd. at a cost just north of ...
11:23 Simmons Pool in Charlottetown closed for the day »The Guardian - Local News
Charlottetown's parks and recreation department has closed the Simmons Pool for the day. The closure is required due to unscheduled maintenance and the pool will reopen tomorrow with regular hours.
10:52 A friend is gone »Island Musings
Many years ago and for the first and only occasion I called my MP office to ask for advice.  Wayne Easter is my MP and I spoke to Linda Lunardi.  Linda was one of those rare people who understood what a public servant is all about.  She had true empathy for the constituents and was&ellipsis;Read the full post »
10:46 Community Orchard Planting Event – Saturday, September 12 from 10am-12pm »sawig
10:30 Lane closure planned during gasoline spill cleanup in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
There will be intermittent lane closures on one of the Riverside Drive roundabouts in Charlottetown this week. Beginning today, testing and remediation work will begin on the roundabout (Riverside Drive and Garfield Street) where a tanker truck carrying gasoline flipped over, spilling thousands ...
10:17 Simmons Pool Closed for the Day »City of Charlottetown
2015-08-31 The Charlottetown Parks and Recreation Department wishes to advise the public
10:11 Fall Tree Giveaway – Saturday, September 12 from 10am-12pm »sawig
10:02 Several factors turn water red in Andrew's Pond in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
Andrew's Pond in Charlottetown is running red these days due to a number of factors. Heavy rains in recent weeks, efforts by the local watershed group to continue constructing a trail system and put in place a rock-lining system, and construction in the area all combined to create murky water ...
08:33 P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue Association holds training exercise »Journal-Pioneer Local
Two Island teenagers head out for a canoe ride on a summer evening and don't return home. When the families wake up the next morning and realize the two teens are missing, one of the first calls is usually to police. And while RCMP are integral in locating missing persons, the police agency ...
08:25 Montague council voting on Boys and Girls club issue tonight »Journal-Pioneer Local
MONTAGUE - A “change of use” application regarding the location of a proposed youth club will be reviewed at a special town council meeting tonight. But, with a planning board gag order in place, no one is saying whether this will translate into a green light for the club. “There’s to be no ...
08:18 Montague council voting on Boys and Girls Club issue tonight »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE - A “change of use” application regarding the location of a proposed youth club will be reviewed at a special town council meeting tonight. But, with a planning board gag order in place, no one is saying whether this will translate into a green light for the club. “There’s to be no ...
08:12 How Wall Street Chaos Killed Innovation Courage Last Week »Doug Hall's Innovation Engineering Leadership blog
Good Morning Pioneers, For 30 years we’ve measured the mindset of business leaders as they prepared to innovate in Eureka! Inventing or Innovation Engineering CREATE sessions. Each time the stock market took a big dive – 1990, 2000, 2008 the data showed significant declines in “courage to take action” on innovations.  I fully expect that […]
07:57 Bluefield student represents P.E.I. at bilingualism forum »The Guardian - Local News
Sixteen-year-old Katie Toole of Bonshaw, hopes to inspire fellow students at Bluefield High School to speak French outside of the classroom after she recently attended the National Ambassador Youth Forum. The forum was held at the Université de Moncton from Aug. 13-18 with 30 students in ...
07:49 Tenant loses IRAC appeal, still gets partial rent refund »The Guardian - Local News
The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission cannot adjust rent on the basis of fairness, but it helped a tenant nevertheless. "The (legislation) does not provide the director or the commission with any authority to reduce monthly rent based on a comparison between rental units," said a ...
07:20 Daily Specials for Monday, August 31, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Monday, August 31, 2015 are:

  • Chicken Vegetable and Rice Soup...4.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

06:57 Caps make cuts »Journal-Pioneer Sports
06:45 Cloud and showers today, sunny and cooler tomorrow across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Monday August 31st 6:45am... A very weak cold front crossed the region yesterday and basically just brought some clouds. A second cold front will cross the region later today bringing more clouds and a chance of showers. Cooler high pressure … Continue reading
06:41 Islanders look to D-up as playoffs start tonight »The Guardian - Sports
Charlottetown hits road for Chatham to begin semifinal
01:03 Jake Arrieta pitches no hitter as Cubs shut out Dodgers 2-0 »The Guardian - Sports
LOS ANGELES - Jake Arrieta pitched the sixth no-hitter in the majors this season and second against the Los Angeles Dodgers in 10 days, leading the Chicago Cubs to a 2-0 victory Sunday night. Arrieta (17-6) became the first 17-game winner in the big leagues by throwing baseball's third ...
00:12 Roberts drives in winning run as Jays win KCBL quarter-final »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Jays are moving on to face the defending Kings County Baseball League champion Stratford P.E.I. Brewing Company Athletics. The Jays defeated the Northside Brewers 6-4 Sunday to take the best-of-three series 2-1. The Jays offence started the game by scoring twice in the first ...
00:00 Students studying out of province should notify Health PEI to ensure coverage »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Students heading back to college or university off Island are asked to let Health PEI know that they are leaving the province.Island students who study out of province are insured by Health PEI for medical and hospital services in emergency and sudden illness situations. Students seeking non-emergency hospital or medical services outside of the province need prior approval from Health PEI to receive coverage. Students can notify Health PEI by contacting...
00:00 Tutoring program wraps up another successful summer season »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
A total of 720 students honed their literacy skills this past summer through the Summer Tutoring Program for Kids, says Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Hal Perry. 'The aim of the program is to maintain or improve students' reading, writing and literacy skills and encourage a positive attitude towards learning,' said Minister Perry. 'Literacy skills are vital for all students, and with the Public Library Service hosting these tutoring...

Sunday August 30, 2015

23:58 Henley scores winner for Islanders »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Islanders defeated the Quebec Remparts 4-3 Sunday in the Magdalen Islands. It completed a perfect 5-0 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League exhibition schedule for the team. The Isles also had a game with the Halifax Mooseheads cancelled in the first period due to fog at the rink ...
23:58 Henley scores winner for Islanders »Journal-Pioneer Sports
The Charlottetown Islanders defeated the Quebec Remparts 4-3 Sunday in the Magdalen Islands. It completed a perfect 5-0 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League exhibition schedule for the team. The Isles also had a game with the Halifax Mooseheads cancelled in the first period due to fog at the rink ...
20:50 P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue always prepared »The Guardian - Local News
P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue Association holds exercise with N.S., N.B. partners


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